Important news from Speaking of Chemistry

Important news from Speaking of Chemistry

Matt: You may want to sit down for this. These things are never easy. I’m just going to come right out and let
this disembodied voice say it: Disembodied Reactions Voice: Speaking of Chemistry
is leaving the Reactions channel. Manny: But we are excited to announce that
you’ll be able catch us over on the new and improved C&EN channel starting this August. Disembodied Reactions Voice: Ooh. That sounds fancy. Matt: This started out like sad news, but
now it’s fun news. I like that. Manny Morone, C&EN Washington: For nearly
a century, Chemical & Engineering News has been covering every angle of the molecular
world. We’re talking research breakthroughs, business
intrigue, policy debates. And now we’re bringing our award-winning journalism
to YouTube like never before, featuring Speaking of Chemistry’s hosts and C&EN reporters breaking down the central science’s biggest stories. Sarah Everts, C&EN Berlin: The C&EN channel
will be your window into chemistry labs around the globe, as well as the place to see how chemists are
shaping the world today. If it matters to chemistry, C&EN’s got it
covered. So subscribe now to stay connected. Matt: Now, it’s been a blast being on the Reactions
channel and you’ll probably still see our mugs popping up from time to time in their
awesome videos about how chemistry shapes our everyday lives. Manny: We’re just moving Speaking to the
revamped C&EN channel so we can dive deeper into chemistry news. We’ll be there giving you the stories affecting
chemistry as they develop. We’ll be sharing clips published by chemists
showing breakthroughs in the lab and featuring interviews with the movers and shakers of
the chemistry community. Matt: Yeah, and you’ll also be hearing more
in-depth analysis from C&EN’s staff around the world. Right, Sarah? Sarah: Right. So let us know about the chemistry news videos
you want to see by leaving a comment here. Or email your tips and ideas to [email protected] Matt: You can also follow us on facebook for
updates in the meantime. Thanks for watching. Manny: And we’ll see you in August.

13 thoughts on “Important news from Speaking of Chemistry

  1. Ok, you're going there, already subed btw, but…
    What is going to pop up in this channel from now on? weren't you with PBS?

  2. What is the affiliation between Dr Zhenan Bao and C&EN? What are her interest in promoting the C&EN channel?

  3. We're seeing some confusion in the comments, so just to clear things up, here's some background: Speaking of Chemistry is an (awesome) chemistry news show from our friends at C&EN magazine that joined the Reactions channel in January 2016. They're moving the Speaking of Chemistry series to C&EN's YouTube channel starting this August. They're really great, and you should go subscribe to them for in-depth videos on chemistry news and research:

    The Reactions team will continue releasing videos here on this channel, focusing on the chemistry of everyday life. So now, instead of one big chemistry-themed YouTube channel, you get two even better, more focused channels. If science YouTube channels were like ice cream, it would be like having two delicious ice cream flavors available, instead of just one. Mmmmm ice cream metaphors.

  4. So just to be clear it is not like you are going to close this channel right? But you will not have support from acs or what exactly?

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