Inspiring and emotional 🎤🎄 Michael’s Unexpected Star is a Christmas smash! – BBC

Inspiring and emotional 🎤🎄 Michael’s Unexpected Star is a Christmas smash! – BBC

But first, it is time to find out
who will be our Christmas Unexpected Star of the show! It’s a fun one! So, this is Paige. Paige… ALL: Wooooh! 22 years old,
she is originally from Nottingham, and is studying at
the Royal Academy of Music. Tonight, Paige thinks she is here
because she has been selected to be a continuity announcer
for the BBC Christmas schedules. So this is the bit between
the programmes, where somebody comes on and says, “Now on BBC One,
it’s time for the news, “read by Huw Edwards.”
That kind of thing, OK? So we have transformed
the room round the corner into a BBC voiceover studio, and hopefully,
she should be in there now. So, that is Paige. Sarah is on the left.
Sarah is her godmother, and, if we look around the room,
you can see we have decked the place out a bit. There’s Mrs Brown and Strictly
and Morecambe and Wise, and she really isn’t
interested in any of it! So… But she has no idea, as she sits
there looking at her phone, that she is going to be the star
of tonight’s show. So, before we have this
incredible surprise with Paige, we’re going to find out a little bit
more about her from her biggest fans, who are of course her family,
they’re sitting down here, so I’m going to meet
Monica, Paige’s grandmother. APPLAUSE
Big hand for Paige’s family. Oh, yeah, Monica! Monica, darling, how are you? I’m fine, thank you. You look like a very
nice person, Monica. You actually raised Paige,
is that right? I did, yes, from the
age of seven, because, sadly, her mother passed away from cancer
when she was seven so, yeah. I understand her mum sang a bit
as well, is that right? Yes, she sang with her friends. Sarah was one of them. Right. Oh, Sarah,
her godmother in that room? Yes, she was one of them. So she comes from a singing
background. That’s right. When did Paige discover
she could sing herself? Well, her mum used
to take her to rehearsals, you know, in a pushchair, in a pram,
when she was very young. She was always
in the nativity plays, everyone always complimented
her on her lovely voice, so, you know,
it started there, really. OK. Well, we’re pleased and excited
to give her this opportunity. Thank you, Monica. It’s Paige’s grandma, Monica! So lovely to meet you. That is Paige’s family. OK. This present, it’s for Paige, and… There, there! And I’m going to show you inside it,
so wait here. A camera’s going to pick me up, and
I’ll show you what this looks like. All right, bear with, bear with. Hello. Can you see me? CHEERING Nice. So, Paige is going to be taken here,
it all looks very official, it says “BBC voiceovers” up here. These are people pretending
to work for the BBC. So, she’s going to be taken
along this corridor, where we’ve got
other BBC pictures, so all the branding…
Oh, that’s me! Can I have that when we’re done? So along here, that’s a fake door,
that’s Mary Berry. Right, then, this is where
she is going to be taken. So, she will have absolutely
no idea that this sound booth is actually in the middle of the
stage of the Theatre Royal. She’s going to pop her
headphones on, and we’re going to be watching her, you have to be incredibly quiet,
and she is going to say, “But who will be the
Unexpected Star “of Michael McIntyre’s
Christmas Show?” And then all these walls
will collapse, and it’ll be her! I can’t wait for that moment! I’ll come back round. APPLAUSE Yay! All right. Any minute now,
we’re going to bring her up, but we’re going to have some fun
with Paige in that prank room. Waiting outside,
I have the legendary Alan Dedicoat. Alan, you might not know of,
but you certainly know his voice. He is the voice of
Strictly Come Dancing, and the voice of the Lottery. He’s coming in to do some
voiceovers as well as Paige. So, Alan, if you can hear me,
will you please head in and say, “Hi, I’m Alan Dedicoat, “the voice of the balls
and Strictly Come Dancing.” Hi! I’m Alan Dedicoat, the voice
of the balls and the voice of Strictly Come Dancing! OK, nice. Pop your finger to your
ear, and say, “I’m sorry, “I’m just paying for parking.” I’m sorry, I’ve just got
to sort out my parking. It’s numberplate AD27. 45. 32. And the bonus number, 4. Parking zone 18. Bay 33. That’s the fifth time
I’ve used that bay this year. OK, now take a seat,
and then just shout, “Bruno Tonioli!” Bruno Tonioli! Now, also outside,
we have Marcus Bentley. Now, Marcus is also
a very famous voice. He is the voice of Big Brother. So, Marcus, if you could
just head in and say, “Hi, I’m Marcus,
the voice of Big Brother, “until it ended this autumn.” Hi, I’m Marcus,
the voice of Big Brother, until it ended this autumn. Say, “Unemployment, Day 53.” Unemployment, Day 53. OK, now sit down next to Alan, and say, “It’s 7:15pm, “and Marcus is on the sofa
with Alan Dedicoat.” It’s 7:15pm, and Marcus
is on the sofa with Alan Dedicoat. So, outside, we have the BBC
producer who is going to be running this. Max, if you can hear me,
head on in and introduce yourself as Max the producer. Hi, everyone, I’m Max, the producer. Good to see you, how are you? Hello, Marcus, hi. Hi, Max, hello. Hi, I’m Max. And you
must be Paige. Paige. Yes. Thanks so much for coming in.
That’s OK. So, you guys are here to be the
voices of the BBC this Christmas. You’re going to do your
voiceovers really soon, but let’s all get warmed up first. So can I get you three
to stand up, please, thank you. And just form a line here,
that would be great. Now let’s do some physical warm-ups to relax. I want to do a physical
warm-up to help you relax today. As it’s Christmas, can I ask
you to cluck like a turkey? cluck like a turkey?
OK? So, start clucking. That’s it! Yeah, lovely. OK, get into it with the arms a bit. Really get into the arms,
I want to see the wings. LAUGHTER Stop there. Stop there, OK. OK, now, imagine it’s June. I want you to imagine it’s June,
a sunny day, you’re free-range turkeys,
loads of space. Start clucking and moving.
Start clucking and moving, cluck and move, cluck and move. Free-range. Free-range,
it’s a big field, come on! That’s it! Really go for it. OK. OK. OK, stop you there. Stop you there. Now, it’s November…
Now it’s November… ..and you’ve just seen
the John Lewis Christmas advert.’ve just seen the John Lewis
Christmas advert. So you’re getting a bit tense.
You’re getting a bit tense. Start clucking. Start clucking. NERVOUS CLUCKING LAUGHTER That’s fantastic. OK, now it’s Christmas Eve.
Now it’s Christmas Eve. It’s full-on turkey panic.
It’s full-on turkey panic. THEY SCREECH LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE OK, perfect! OK, perfect. You all warmed up? Yeah. OK, so this year,
the BBC have decided… This year, the BBC have decided… have a bit of fun… to have a bit of fun with the
Christmas TV announcements, OK? So, I’m going to hand you
some scripts I’ve got. Take a script each. That’s
fantastic, there you are. Take one. So, this is the announcements
between programmes. So, this is going to be the
announcements between programmes. Start with you, Alan. Alan,
we’ll start with you, please. It’s time to find out
who’s been REALLY naughty this year. It’s Christmas Crimewatch! LAUGHTER Very nice. And you, Marcus…
And you, Marcus… It’s only 10:30am, so put down the Prosecco, it’s time for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Very good. And now, look at your
clipboard now and say, “This is an interesting fact.”
So, this is an interesting fact. What time on Christmas Day…
What time on Christmas Day… ..are over 90% of our viewers
asleep? ..are over 90% of our viewers
asleep? It’s actually six o’clock. So, Paige, we need to get
their attention. Paige, I really need you
to get their attention, OK? So, read yours really loudly…
Read yours really loudly… ..and then sing, “BBC One.”
..and then sing, “BBC One.” Wake up! Wake up! You’re missing Christmas! # On BBC One! # Amazing, thank you, well done.
That’s fantastic. Thank you, Paige. OK, I think we’re ready. OK. All
right, I think we’re warmed up. If you just take a seat, we’ll
run through some more lines, then we’ll take you through.
That was all right! Yeah, it was OK. Well done, everyone. Alan, point at the Christmas tree
and say, “Let’s release
those big-money baubles.” Let’s release
those big-money baubles! OK, let’s leave that. So we’re going to bring up Paige.
Let’s do it now, let’s bring her up. Yes? OK, let’s go and get her. Have you come a long way? No. Um, well, I’m originally
from Nottingham, but I’m living in London… OK, Paige, ready for you. Yay!
Do you want to come across? Yes. Hey, Paige, you’ve been evicted! You have five seconds
to say your goodbyes. Lovely meeting you. And you! Bye! Bye! OK, just watch your step here. MICHAL WHISPERS: She’s coming down. So we’ve got the studio
down the end. This is the control room
where the producer is. Yes. If you just want
to follow me in here. So just grab these, pop those on.
Thanks. Here’s your script, your mic, and you should be able to hear a
producer in a second. OK dokey. All right. No worries. Hi there, Paige, it’s the producer.
You OK? Hello. Yes, thank you. OK, can you just read the top line
for me? Thanks. A Christmas cracker for you now, it’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show. That’s absolutely perfect,
and now read the rest, thank you. Tonight, Chris Kamara bravely hands
over his phone in Send To All. There’s a spectacular performance
from Katherine Jenkins… ..and who will be the Unexpected
Star of the Christmas show? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Who could it be?! Hi, Paige! Oh, my gosh! Hi, Paige! Look, there’s your family
all down there! Can you hear this? What was that thing you just said?
“Who will be the Unexpected…” ..Star of the Christmas Show?! Who do you think that might be,
Paige? I guess it’s me! Yeah, it absolutely is! Oh, my gosh! We’ve been watching you with those crazy people, I’m so sorry! What were you thinking in the room, when the voice of the balls
came in… I thought… ..and started
just shouting, “Bruno Tonioli”? “This is quite strange.” I was like,
“Is this what the BBC does?” Yes. It’s worse than that,
I’m afraid! How are you feeling? I actually can’t believe it! No, I know, it’s absolutely crazy. So you thought you were here
to do the voiceover for the show. Yes. But actually, you are something
called the Unexpected Star of the show,
and this is because we know that you love to sing,
is that right, Paige? Yes. How much do you love to sing? A lot. What you have to understand
is that we are so behind you and rooting for you,
it’s an extraordinary surprise you went through, isn’t that right,
ladies and gentlemen? We’re all behind Paige tonight. CHEERING I’ve got to say, Paige,
after all that clucking like a turkey, you’ve really got
to pull this round tonight! I’m so, so pleased that you are
here, it is going to be amazing, you seem absolutely wonderful
and sweet, you deserve this opportunity. I have a question to ask you. Will you be tonight’s Christmas
Unexpected Star of the show, Paige? Yes! Yes, she’s up for it! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Paige,
our Unexpected Star! You’re going to be taken off now,
and we’re going to get you ready, and you’re going to be back
at the end of the show. One more time for our
Unexpected Star, it’s Paige! Woo! Ladies and gentlemen,
earlier tonight, we surprised student Paige on this very stage. She thought she was here to be one
of the BBC’s Christmas announcements, but instead,
she’s going to be our Unexpected Star of our Christmas show. Let’s have a little look at
how she’s been getting on since that huge surprise
earlier tonight. I can’t believe it! HE CLUCKS You’re going to be amazing, enjoy
it. Thank you so much. Thank you. I can’t believe it. Like, I did not expect this at all. Paige is actually super-smiley and one of the most calm
Unexpected Stars we’ve had. Paige is an absolute delight
to work with. She’s got a really lovely energy
in her vocal. This song is a Christmas classic. She gives a really good performance,
so I’ve got high hopes. I’d love to perform
on a West End stage. Today, it’s like making
that dream come true. I wish my mum could be here, but
I know that she’d be so proud of me and she’ll be on the stage
with me today as my little shining angel. Aw! CHEERING Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome our Unexpected Star of our Christmas show, it’s Paige! CHEERING # I don’t want a lot for Christmas # There is just one thing I need # I don’t care about the presents
underneath the Christmas tree # I just want you for my own # More than you could ever know # Make my wish come true # All I want for Christmas # Is you # I don’t want a lot for Christmas # There is just one thing I need # I don’t care about the presents # Underneath the Christmas tree # I don’t need to hang my stocking # There upon the fireplace # Santa Claus won’t make me happy # With a toy on Christmas Day # I just want you for my own # More than you could ever know # Make my wish come true # Baby, all I want for Christmas
is you # Ooh, baby
You, baby # Oh # All the lights are shining
so brightly everywhere # And the sound of children’s
laughter fills the air # And everyone is singing # I hear those sleigh bells ringing # Santa, won’t you bring me
the one I really need # Won’t you please bring my baby
to me # I just want you for my own # More than you could ever know # Make my wish come true # Baby, all I want for Christmas # Is you
You, baby # You! All I want for Christmas
is you, baby # All I want for Christmas # Is you. # CHEERING

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  1. That was a very decent performance. Not too hot, not too cold. Brilliant voice, brilliant smile and infectious energy that filled the theatre.

  2. This show should continue till it hit around the world. So amazing and inspiring to everyone. Good luck 🍀 from Malaysia 🇲🇾.

  3. i love how the fact everyone acts surprised and they then manage to look amazing and sing a song that they wasnt expecting with 10 minutes prep. Fuck it. put me on the show with a song like.. logic feat eminem – homicide.

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