Intensive Dairy Farming – Is this the way to do it? (BBC Countryfile)

Intensive Dairy Farming – Is this the way to do it? (BBC Countryfile)

The Midwest. Farming on an industrial scale here is a way of life. Back home there are controversial plans to copy the American model to build the biggest dairy we’ve ever seen in the UK, where thousands of cows will be milked around the clock. I’ve come to the States to see what’s in store for us. The first leg of my road trip is to Wisconsin, to a super dairy, home to 4,000 cows. They’re housed in barns each the length of 5 football pitches, and is managed by vet, Dr Gordie Jones. These cows never go outside? eh… I’m afraid these cows never go outside. And the cows here, are walking along in alleyway… so they can come and graze, they stick their heads through the windows here, and then they go and lie in their beds. and that’s all they do? That’s all a cow does. A cow is truly a couch potato. A milking cow will eat 3-5 meals of 15… 18… 25 minute meals, She’ll milk for 3 hours. 1 hour, 3 times a day. and then she’ll spend 16… 14… 18 hours a
day laying in her cubicle, chewing her cud, so she’s truly a couch potato. if she had a TV and a remote control, she’ll be in heaven. (laugh) Next stop, the maternity unit. So looks like this one just calved, Gordie? This one just had her baby. and, she’s one of 10 calves that will be born today. That’s amazing, isn’t it? These 3 cows behind us, just had their babies. (Yea.) so within the last 2-4 hours, they’ve had their babies. We’ve taken babies away. We’ve given baby colostrum. and then they move on to the role in the milking-hood. and obviously, to produce milk, these cows have got to be giving birth. Every cow and every dairy industry has to give her birth every year. so it’s the same as the deer in the
woods, the same as the robins. The object of life is to have more life. (laugh) so our cows have to have babies. If she’s a baby girl… and we’ll go
take a little look. Let’s take a look. If she’s a baby girl, she’ll be raised and then she’ll become a replacement. And, she’s a little girl. so she will be milking in this parlor what, in 2 years time? 2 years. (Yeah.) But for mom, the maternity leave doesn’t last that long. They are back at work the next day. They stand on here really quiet, don’t they? They do. They don’t vocalize. They don’t make any
manure. They… they vote with their behavior. They’ll tell you they are happy, or not happy. Each one of these girls get milked 3 times a day. That’s 9,000 milkings at a farm for Gordie and his team. Every cow here produces up to 60 pints of milk a day. which is 1.5 times the average of a cow from the UK. Oh I see, so they are just walking in
from the shed. (They are walking in here) We’ll milk 500 cows an hour on this parlour with 4 people. So, our efficiency is pretty incredible. And I know, as a farmer, a cow
chewing her cud, she’s regurgitating her food. and they only do that when they are relaxed, don’t they? yeah, if they have anything else to think about they won’t bring that up. (yeah) they won’t bring it up. but they need to bring it up to chew it, to reduce its size. but if you… if I start making loud
noises, or wave my hands a lot, they’ll all swallow their cud and now look at
us to decide what’s going to happen. I call this the zoo view. This is the view at the zoo, only now
you are the animal at the zoo. (laughing) She’s looking down at you and I as the captive. Gordie has been a key advisor to the company behind
the mega dairy plants in Lincolnshire in the UK. a style of farming that not every one will be happy about. But what about public perception? Have you had much opposition? Well certainly… yes. America has lost touch with agriculture. They think dairy farming is a Fisher Price toy. Little red barn, 12 cows, 2 chickens, a pig, and whatever. and that model is not sustainable anymore. One of the challenges in the next 40 years:
We’ll have 9 billion people on this planet. In the next 40 years, we have to make as much food as
we’ve made since the beginning of time, on a planet-wide scale. But, is this the way to do it? As much as it goes against the grain for me, Gordie is very convincing, and I’m starting to think it might be. And surely with the dairy this scale, what you are
doing is setting the precedent for cheap milk. Well, we are certainly an efficient business. That’s why we got to this size. The problem with that is people who say, Well we need to maintain the 40-cow dairy. Well, those people want cheap cars, cheap televisions. They want everything in their life cheap. Well, they want their food cheap. and even though they may say, they want to save that 40-cow dairy, nobody is willing to vote with their wallet, to keep that dairy in existence. Back home I keep rare breed cows, and they wander around the Coltswald hills, and i think, have a pretty happy life. so, as a farmer, to come and see so many
dairy cattle under one roof, that never go outdoors, it’s a pretty alien environment for me. But I have to say, they seem to be
very well looked after and very content. and Gordie’s enthusiasm was infectious. But seeing cows kept indoors like that on such a
grand scale really makes you wonder, you know… Is their life a pretty sorry existence? In the UK, some of the most vocal opponents
of the proposed mega dairy in Lincolnshire, are the small dairy farmers who are convinced
they will be driven out of business. so, are they right? Is that what’s happened here in the States? Next stop on my road trip across the Midwest, is
to Sarah Lloyd’s farm in the heart of Wisconsin. She has 300 cows, a far cry from Central Sands. You must be Sarah. (Yeah, Hello!) So, all girl here? Yeah, 28,000 pounds of milk off the door. Fantastic. Some lovely calves. Yeah, and I’m just feeding them right now. (C’mon sweetie…) The mommy help feeding stuff. (Yeah) I like doing a bit of farming when I’m away from home. (Yeah.) I’m keen! (laugh) Some farmers feel that big dairy farms get unfair tax breaks and government support, and that the large concentration of animals put huge pressure on the countryside. There’s plans in England for a very big dairy in Lincolnshire. (Yeah) What words of caution would you give to us back home? Well, I just think we all need to be asking a lot of questions, and I would tell the folks in England, you know, What is this farm going to do? em… who’s going to work on this farm? What about all the smaller businesses as supply firms? Are they going to benefit from this larger firm? Or, is this just going to push them out of
business because they can’t compete on a large scale? so I just think people really need to ask a lot of questions. What’s going to happen with all the manure? Are they going to spread all that manure? What about all the water resources? Can you support all the cows in what they need? so I think that those are the questions we really need to be asking. And I’m asking those questions myself. Can the mega dairy and the smaller scale traditional farms both thrive together? I’m off now to see a farm with 100 times more cows than Sarah’s, and there’s only way to really see the true scale of it. And it’s not long before I see only part of,
one of the biggest dairy farms on the planet. The scale of this farming operation is absolutely enormous. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Each of these sheds has got about 3,000 cows in it, and there’s 10 units spread out across this farm. And you can’t any of their cows, because they
are all indoors and never go outside. and then, in the surrounding farmland, there’s 17,000 acres that
brings in all the food for all these cows… makes my farmland look like an allotment. So everything is just on a massive scale. I feel quite shocked, and it stinks up here, really smells. Massive slurry lagoon down there bubbling away. This is factory dairy farming at the absolute extreme. If you want efficiencies of scale and cheap milk, this is what you get. I am heading down there to see how it works on the ground. First though, it’s back to Ellie in the UK. She’s in Monmouth finding out just how boars can
help when you’ve got a castle to keep.

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  1. Why do not you go outside. You are staying in voluntarily. The cows stay in cause they can't go out. You stay in to keep them company. What a sick thing to do.

  2. Tese comments are not about your farm. They are about this farm. Why are you getting so excited. Do you have a farrm? I doubt it.

  3. 123valtra1

    You need to learn to punctuate and your grammar is atrocious. You say you are the result of several generations of farmers? More like several generations of in-breeding, stop trying to justify the greed of the farmers at the expense of I'll-treatment of animals.

  4. well i do have a farm and it annoyies me when people talk shit about stuff they know anything about understand you didn't even know that it was sand the calf was born on not mud.and you didn't know what a cubic passage is yet you think that you have a greater understanding about this industry

  5. They cut udders off the dairy cows because the machines they use to extract the milk only has 4 nozzles and they pump the cows with hormones to provide a greater yield of milk absolutely disgusting practices.

  6. Valtra I do not know how much you know about farming? I was not talking about you. I was talking about you. Label your Video Valtra and I'll not comment on it.

  7. I do not believe it. You do not know what sand is. This place was not sandy. When the cow gives birth she puts out a lot of water and the dry soil will become mud. It will make the calf all that much dirtier and would need to be cleaned. They should have planted grass over this place.

  8. Most of the population doesn't understand that a happy cow makes money…so all the PETA people don't
    understand that these lady's are the most happy and satisfied. The better care for a dairy cow, the better milk and life a cow will have!

  9. are you retarded, grass it over ? because thats really viable. the sands not going to like a beach , the sand soaks in the moister. its alot better that straw, and what you say about grassing it over i hope you mean it should be a field because the cow would trash a small grass pen in minutes and would need to be cleaned out. are you stupid of course its cleaned out and re bedded maybe ever day or between each cow that goes in there.

  10. ha ok, apart from the fact that some of my family's in Spain, Australia, Ireland and Britain i struggle to see how they fuck each other. May i ask have you ever been on a dairy farm or do you just watch YouTube videos and assume that all farmers and farms are the same .

  11. Hi – You're comparing apples and lemons. Look at studies that line up cow's milk next to plant based milks for an accurate comparison. Time over again plant based nutrition exceeds dairy sources.

  12. Actually dairy is very inefficient and harmful to the environment causing land erosion and detrimental levels of methane into the atmosphere. Industrial farms also depend on GMO mono-cropping that requires extensive use of pesticides and herbicides. And this in turn compromises wild life.
    The almond milk I consume has 50% more calcium and vitamin D than cows milk and comes from non-GMO almonds.Trees grow up requiring little land – Plus they cleanse the atmosphere. You can't say that about cows.

  13. Cows don't graze?Or are all of them in confined concrete systems?
    My brand of almond milk IS industrially produced Almond Breeze is already an international company.
    It is the dairy industry that is pushing itself to find new Asian/Eastern markets.They don't consume milk the way westerners do.At this pace cow's milk is certainly unsustainable & the negative health issues will also increase for them.
    The China Study by T Colin Campbell.Animal products make blood acid & leech calcium from bones

  14. Your comment is incoherent.I don't understand your point.(sorry)
    A "fair price" doesn't require government bail outs. Or special exemptions from the EPA.A "fair price" considers the true costs of the ecologically compromised planet. It's inhabitants and of course the nonhuman victims that also suffer from our choices.
    We don't NEED cow's milk to thrive.There are better options.Responsible people are learning the "true costs" of animal agriculture. (finally)

  15. But you're not arguing any points here… You're just insisting (without evidence) that one cannot be plant strong. Do you know the damage that the SAD (standard American diet) has created? We are in a health care crisis.
    The guy with the best health care in the world has got to be Bill Clinton.His doctors recommended and totally approve of his plant based diet.Since eschewing animal products his weight, arteries &l vitals have greatly improved.He claims the best health since he was in his 20's.

  16. not all of this is truthful! im an Animal Science major, Pre-Vet, and Im now taking a dairy class. We have went to several dairy farms. It really pains me to hear this guy repeatedly say that the cows do not go outside. THAT IS NOT TRUE. they dont secerete milk for 365days/year. They have "dry perioods" where they get a break from milking and are outside in the pasture. some you guys need to do YOUR OWN research and stop relying on these so called "educational videos" to tell you EVERYTHING.

  17. and stop saying "cheap milk" Every american knows the cost of living is increasing. that includes food. The biggest problem the dairy industry faces is the cost of Feed Management. Its VERY expensive to feed those cows all they do is eat all day and have to in order to maintain sufficient milk production. the "size" of the farm does not necessarily equal the COST of the milk. RESEARCH PEOPLE

  18. Consider how much indoctrination there is in regards to consuming/using animal products:From the time we're old enough to sing "Old MacDonald's" to the screaming burger ads on tv we're instructed that meat/dairy&eggs is critical to survival.That's not so.It's a myth perpetuated by the industries to keep us lulled into non-thinking habits.Sadly these habits are bad for health, destructive to the environment & tragic to innocent creatures.
    It's an open forum-The owner may delete as they see fit.

  19. Of course "feed" is very expensive! Growing crops is an intensive land, labor, fuel and water endeavor. And that's why it's SO ridiculous to grow food to fatten animals – Rather than use the resources to grow food directly for human consumption instead.
    Please consider how much waste there is in getting 1 gallon of cow's milk on the shelves! Plant based milks use a fraction of these resources.Don't forget the issue of where to unload tons of manure in the making of "cow's milk".It'sUNSUSTAINABLE

  20. A cow may be open for approximately 2 months – Depending on when that is (if the weather is bad) – Or how much grazing pasture land is (isn't) available – Indeed a dairy cow may spend years on concrete.
    I've been around the country – Visited the top 5 "dairy states" – Been to all the rural farm areas… I can count how many cows on pasture I've seen on one hand.
    The fact still remains that cow's milk is nutrition for baby calves… Not human adults.

  21. if youre a vegan/vegetarian good but dont lie to get people to follow you. that is your choice but dont lie to sway peoples opinion. im not saying that EVERY dairy farm practices good management. so why you go to them and tell them to treat them fairly and allow them more room to live their animal lives. my degree will be in animal science, i love animals and feel as though they should be treated fairly. we do need meat and their byproducts to survive if you disagree then thats YOUR choice.

  22. there is an alternitive to this system its called Daracel see the humanity n beauty of a true dairy concept

  23. Nope.Manure is a big problem around factory farms.When the ground freezes there's no where to spray it.When it is sprayed there's so much excess that the toxic amount contaminates the vegetables it saturates.How do you think ecoli & salmonella wind up on spinach, sprouts, tomatoes & peppers?These bacteria are only found in the intestines/excrement of mammals.
    So why would I eat an unhealthy, unhappy part of a killed cow if I can get all my nutrition in a satisfying plant based meal?Cheers! 😉

  24. Seems like all you can say is hostile, crass, juvenile and is entirely one-syllable word centered. Does intelligence and enlightenment anger you? Surely you don't think that "steak eating" makes you a big-shot.Quite the contrary.I imagine that's the very same diet you ate when you were a little kid under your parents guidance.Ever think of "leaving home" intellectually & investigating new ideas on your own?Try it sometime.You'll see that 99% of all vegans have had the courage to do just that!

  25. I believe I made myself very clear.I pointed out that repeatedly commenting "eat steak" as a solution to an ethical debate is an inadequate response..
    What I was attempting to do is challenge you to think beyond the "steak" or animal-based diet you grew up with. I'm assuming that you eat exactly the same way & same things you ate as a child. Intellectually it's called "leaving home" & growing in different directions.It takes courage to question food indoctrination.What don't you understand?

  26. What link could I possibly give to someone who only has the skills to click a mouse and watch movies on youtube. Read? What with? You appear too dense to even be cognitively aware. Go eat a piece of fruit – It might provide the nourishment your meat-fixated brain lacks.

  27. I must thank you for comments like the ones you leave. Between the hostility, profanity and lack of social grace it just furthers the evidence that you ought not to be taken seriously. You obviously have nothing meaningful to contribute to any debate let alone about the negative implications of our meat-dairy-egg centered food system. You've proved my point brilliantly that carnist opinions can't carry the discussion past their forks. Thank you for that! Cheers! 😉

  28. The sickeningly cruel dairy industry of the USA…They take the babies from their moms immediately. Why? To have more milk to make more money. Greed and love of money killed the American dairy farmer's soul. Only one thing counts for American dairy farmer: MONEY.

  29. you are an idiot. These farms feed the cows corn based feed. The manure corn eating cows produce is full of methane gas. I bet you don't know factory dairy farms contribute to global warming and climate change more than all the world's cars, planes and trains. An idiot like you who lost his/her brain to the steak you chop on contributes to global warming more than a driver of an SUV.

  30. for all you city people that never saw a cow much less work with them u have to take the calf away its the best for the calf because the cows can and will lay on the calf and kill it… for all u that want small 50 cow dairy u go right on a ahead and do that something like 50 to 60% of Americans would have to dairy farm to make enough milk so get off ur lazy ass and do it yourself…

  31. you people should be hung…. and don't think I don't mean it;  you are insane; taking babies away from mom and force breeding… someone should arrest you and hang you…

  32. dam cow prison eat shit sleep milk that not a life for cows what cows need a paddock not a barn like they do in America and in the uk as that so dam wrong where im from our cows get freedom in the paddock  then milk then back to there paddock where they have freedom and fresh air

  33. I don't know, this doesn't seem to bad to me… I wouldn't mind drinking milk here. If the cows were suffering, why do they not protest at all? (Violent behavior, desperate "moo"ing ect.)
    To all the people who disagree with me I hope you will agree with me that we really can't say definitively how happy/unhappy the cows are, especially when typical signs of cow suffering appear to be completely absent. If facts come along to prove these animals are suffering, I'll never drink milk as long as I live, in a heartbeat. But until then, my instincts tell me nothing is wrong here. 

  34. ya he failed to mention that the male calves are immediately butchered for veal OR castrated and grown into beef….

  35. i love reading the comments on these sorts of videos and all the greenies having a cry over this and just laughing and saying "are you fucking kidding me?" and "where you on crack when you wrote this" hahahaha. they know fuck all about agriculture and think they have a valid opinion 😀

  36. 30 to 100 cow farms are the way to go you can give better loving care to your cows it's just a happier life in my opinion it breaks my heart to see mega dairies and see the old 50 cow barns with falling silos and all you can hear is the dead stiff silence of stantions clanking in the wind and the faded white was in the barns and the lack of life and activity it's a shame

  37. This is just what you see when factory farms and dairy farms advertising, business are always good at show cases and fool public people by the ways they try to make impressions. But if you people have any senses of logic and analyze skills to find the common sense, you should know the facts that these cows were milking three times a day, right after the first day when they were man made pregnant. They were not carry babies naturally, these are truly called being raped by human so that they were exhausted, all their milk were quizzed by these hoofing machines, tied to their nipples that supposed to be gently sucked by their own babies. These cows never tasted the taste of the times of TEA LOVE for 6 months, during that times, if they were naturally grown up in the field, their calves and mother cows enjoy licking to each other, any mother regardless, human or non human from a  cow, a pig, a bear, a horse or a chicken, they love their kids and love to look after them naturally. Human took that joys from them, exploited these innocent gentle animals to make their profit, basically, stole their male babies, ripped them a way from mother cows, a weak male calf were send to prison in a small crave, then were sent to be slaughtered. Obviously, thousands of cows you have seen, there must be at least more than 10 cows, got sick, do you think they got belly rubs before sending to the slaughter? use your common sense, these cows never taste a taste of love from human, they were mass produced to give you milk, you are all adults, why do you need to drink milk from these animals, they do not wish to be born to give you milk, to give you their meat. The earthlink documents revealed the reality of the fates of these live stocks. Human do any thing and get a way with it as long as they have money, regardless moral values. Even it is true that drinking cow milk make you strong and have good health, it is still wrong when these people exploit the animals, stole their milk and killed their babies. what ever done good for human as long as it is not harm for others, then you can do, but if you want your own benefit or human benefit built on the sacrifice and suffering from others, that is to say immoral. The whole idea, the whole system, from the farmers to consumers are totally immorally operated, it is a system of abuse these cows labour, cruelty killed their babies, stole their milk that they supposed to feed their own babies. They suppose to have at least 6 months to take care their babies, and got pregnant naturally for a few times in their lives to live for 20 years, now their life were cut short by 5 years, because their bodies were exhausted, they were rapped to get pregnant so many times, no love , no life, then once they are no longer to be used to be milk, they were sent to wait in line to cope their fate of being killed, and they know they got killed , and they know they do not want to stand inline to go into the chamber, you are all human are evils. Shut down your immoral business, shut down your ugly diet, leave these cows a lone. Do not advertise what you call exploitation. I am fed up with the whole heartless discussion here, and being selfish only want benefit for your own selfishness, no mercy for any living beings. Eat your vegetable and live these four legs animals alone, they are fully have nerve systems developed, they feel pains and emotions the same way human do. Stop being hypocrite to show only your sugar coat from these factory farms business to fool consumers, why didn't you make your moral show cases about humanely slaughter? until you can show people the bloodsheds, and blood stains when these cows were being behead, splitting their throats and screaming in painfuly horror, prove it, prove your show case of humanely slaughter then, I will change my diet from vegan to meat eater, do not fool all brainless and heartless people, they are too damn being selfish to rationalize your shows, only people have sympathy, compassionate people who can feel other suffering as theirs are the ones cannot be fool by dairy farms and factory farms business. Money made out of others sufferings are bad money, one day, God will take your money away.

  38. No i don't think intensive is the way to go, please have a look at my video and description, "how to make money dairy farming" thank-you Sam

  39. The female cows are raped then get their Baby stolen from them (that's if their females) the males are sent off to slaughter houses.
    Just so people can enjoy five minutes of drinking a cow's breast milk and rotton milk that is formed into cheese?

  40. a cow is not a couch potato..that's not all they do. they are FORCED to do that. that have no where to go because stupid humans caged them

  41. so where's the part about forcibly impregnating the cows, taking their babies from them within 24 hours, de-budding so their horns don't grow, sending the male calve off to slaughter and sending their mamas off to slaughter at age 5 rather than age 20, this being their natural life span. the quicker all of the dairy farmers go broke, the quicker I can do the happy dance. There's a place in hell for all farmers who use animals to profit from.

  42. these farms  produce more f**king milk then small dairies ive been to a farm like this well smaller like 3,000 cows and they treat there cows fine from what I saw. these farms will make it farther.

  43. I do vote with my wallet. I only buy grass fed, grass finished, hormone free, antibiotic free beef. Loads of folks do, which is why CSA's near me sell out.

  44. The whole intensive farming industry is driven by profits made from the suffering of innocent animals for people who have no conscience or compassion. We do not need to eat animal products. We have been conditioned through mass advertising and systemic indoctrination to believe that we need to consume animal products. Inhumane acts of cruelty towards animals needs to be made illegal as its utterly immoral.

  45. go vegan. this is bullshit, they try to sugar coat everything and explain t in a way where it doesnt seem as bad. No. its horrendous. the cows never step foot outside, they never get to run around in the grass and taste it straight from the ground. They get their babies taken away, unable to form a relationship with them, unable to look after them and feed them. its a horrible feeling, and not only human mothers feel extreme sadness when separated from their babies. All animals feel it too. go vegan to stop animal cruelty.

  46. poor animals. they take away their babies straight away! they are all dehorned. some of their tails are cut off. whatch out!!!

  47. I've been on many small dairy farms, where the cows are out to pasture and these cows looks just as if not happier than any I've ever seen.. they don't fear being attacked by anything…they are cool in summer warm in winter..

  48. The scene from the maternity unit was most touching. Taking away the calves soon after birth is atrocious to say the least. At least give it a few days you a-holes! Also, why is birthing happening on sand? Isn't it harder for the mother to lick its baby clean?

  49. hey guys and girls im just starting up a new youtube channel offering my 16 years of continues dairy farming within new zealand,offering tips and tutorials .thanks all support is much welcomed.

  50. A long tradition of animal care enables dairy farmers to provide a healthy, safe and wholesome milk supply to the global consumer. Milk production is not just a profession; it is a way of life. Dairy farmers live and work on their farms and treat their cows with respect and care, knowing that this is the proper and humane thing to do for the animal and for their livelihood. Buy this ebook to put in your libary for only $2 USD it normally retails for $79 USD one day sale,get in quick only 30 copys at this price,then back to full retail price of $79 USD.

  51. that's why us small farmers suffer that want to be small and happy and do it the old fashion way letting the cows rome the pasture because big shots like this want flood the milk market doing it the factory way and they don't even work on the farm they just walk around in clean clothes with there hands in pockets and say im a farmer you aint no farmer unless you go out there your self and and milk the cows and do chores and get shit on you like me im small and do my own work and my cloths are always dirty

  52. Going Vegan is not the panacea people seem to think it is. It's so easy to say "go vegan" but, how that would be implemented or achieved is another thing all together!

  53. 90% of u lazy motherfuckers would do the same. Eat sleep shit and repeat. I bet that faggot from the mega dairy uses the milking machines on himself. 2 on his nips 1 on his short dick and 3 wide in the anus. While his fat gay troll boyfriend whips him and pisses on his back.

  54. The problem is not greed. This is price we pay for living with comfort in cities and not having to produce our own food.

  55. This is incredibly cruel. Why do you not show the bit where you forcibly impregnate the cow and then take her baby away from her? Do you think the mother cow wants to give her milk to a machine or to her baby? Do you think she wants you to steel her breast milk so that you can sell it to humans? And why don't you show the bit where you send the 'spent' mother to the slaughter house to have her throat slit? You are the one person those cows trust and you send them to be killed. Absolute betrayal. And we don't even need cows breast milk to be healthy. All studies that were not funded by the dairy industry clearly show this. So all this cruelty is for no necessity what so ever. Only so that dairy farmers can profit from the stolen breast milk of their slaves. Absolute disgrace to mislead the public like this.

    Please stop supporting this disgusting industry and buy alternatives instead.

    Breast milk is for babies. Cows milk is meant for baby cows, not adult humans. Remember this – not your mother, not your milk!

    Learn more here:

  56. will be glad when nature TAKES IT REVENGE……..THE DAY WE GET WIPED OUT….we dont deserve this planet this life its a great way to wipe out millions of humans…. we are fools

  57. First of all, a cow is not a true coach potato. You lock it in a cage, only allowing their heads to stick out and feed. They have no choice. Also, this guy justifies that fact that a growing human population would demand the need for a surge in dairy but how much of that milk is actually gone to waste in the supermarkets when they are not bought? This guy is so deep into it he actually is starting to believe what he's saying.

  58. The mother cow bonding with her calf, nothing but motherly love for her baby, and these are the same animals that people are violently abusing and killing!!!!? W!!? T!!? F!!!!?

  59. In the USA big corporations have high jacked the farm bill meant for crop farmers and ranchers getting millions of dollars from the government . And treating the hogs cattle and chickens like shit its just a business to them they could care less about the living things in their care .

  60. It should be love one and love the others too. All animals should have the same rights and have
    have the rights to live. Killing other animals just because they don’t consider it a pet such as
    a dog or cat. We actually should feel more for the cows since they are the ones getting tortured
    and killed while the cats and dogs are comfortable in a house and safe from danger while they
    get to play and walk with their owner and get served a nice plate of food and the food happens
    to be cows or other slaughtered animals.
    So we don’t just kill cows for people but for dogs and cats as well.

  61. You are draining her by milking her 7 days a week everyday. I am woman and I can tell you that I’ll bedridden if I do that every single day three times a day. So the farmer is wrong in saying that cow is a couch potato. The treatment you give is very wrong!

  62. I think even this place have lost touch with dairy farming too! The way they are milked three times a day and manually impregnated, it is all inhuman. So sad that people are so disconnected and self centered in thinking how they can benefit.

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