100 thoughts on “Iowa voter: Trump’s lies don’t change my vote for him

  1. The FBI were aware that Abdulhamid (and the subsequent pretenders) would use trickery and lies to carry out their conspiracies. They knew how committed he was to burning down everything, he was planning conspiracies up to the day he died. That's why America knows to be on the alert when the same pattern of events occurs. Back in the 19th century, Europe was aware that his conspiracies were behind many of the assassinations, that's why the Great War turned out to be such a disaster for the Ottoman Empire. People knew to be ready. He was too full of himself, thinking that he's smarter than everybody else.

  2. Like Trump said b4 " People are so stupid that they will believe anything i say " lots of stupid trumpets.

  3. Depraved racist degenerates who have no integrity/honor/courage/sense of right and wrong.

    I wore a US uniform for 23 years. I wish I could get my 23 years back and move to some other country.

  4. But it's okay to grab a woman's private area, really. Choose the guy that grabs female crotch and forget the hair smelling candidate. ….idiots. People with mothers, daughters and sisters should disgusted by T's nasty remarks and actions. I would rather have my locks smelled than my V grabbed!

  5. Question to Trump voters…..Republican Alan Keyes defeated Obama in the 2004 debates for Illinois U.S. Senator but Obama won the election. To the Trump voter who wanted an honest and capable alternative to Trump you have your candidate.

  6. what does one need to do to convince the dum-dum deplorables?

    pussy grabbing, raping – A Ok.
    hair smelling – Not Ok.

    and then they wonder why they are called deplorables?

  7. He has a supermodel on his arm. That’s just his lifestyle. It’s irrelevant.

    What the bloody hell is that dunderhead talking about? Look at him sitting there with his arms crossed. He’s fuming. I bet he went home to his wife and beat the s**t out of her.

    And that girl sitting next to him. What exactly are those values that you have that Trump is fighting for? Ripping children from their families and storing them in concrete and chain link kennels? Getting rid of all those pesky non-white, non evangelical folks so you can live in White Wonderland? Supporting despots and dictators? Using The Presidency as a way to turn a quick buck?

    And Poindexter in the back. The economy is booming? For whom? For apparently educated white guys? This is new? No, you just want to keep what you got and you’re terrified that some brown person is gonna come take it.

    It’s an interesting mix of ignorance, stupidity, delusion, and malicious intent you get when you’re dealing with Trump supporters.

  8. Let's ALL get together and do a slap-by on these people! How gullible they are! They love Trump, but Trump doesn't give two live fleas and a dead roach about our country in America.

  9. 1:05 News flash: https://www.npr.org/2018/09/12/646708799/fact-check-who-gets-credit-for-the-booming-u-s-economy and still record deficits. Using deficits to pay for tax cuts for the rich. LAME!

  10. Iowans are stupid fucking assholes, why else would they keep electing a self promoting white supremacist Steve King, and a senile old dickehead Chuck Grassley. FUCK IOWA

  11. Grabbing a woman's pussy is ok, but smelling her hair is Criminal, Republicans are fucking assholes.

  12. So you support Trump grabbing by the pussy , then 22 woman accused him of rape . Then you support lying , then wipes his ass on American constitution . Then all Putin / love affairs and Trump love Kim. So you rather have rapist pussy grabber over Biden you are bunch sick delussional people.

  13. Democrats= Tax. tax. tax me more. I live in California. Every time I turn around I'm getting taxed for something else. Gas tax. emissions tax. Property tax are going up. Car registration going up. Water tax. Now the governor wants to tax me to pay for illegal immigrants getting free healthcare. When will it ever end. Next year. I'm moving out of California.

  14. "Trump lies don't change my vote for him". Basically said: I like to be lied to because I am an idiot.

  15. If 1 more person credits Trump for the economy booming, I’m going to SCREAM!! It’s because of OBAMA! Give credit where credit is due.

  16. Strange that they selected not one that mentioned Bernie Sanders. Did they go out of their way not to find one person? After all he is number two in the polls soon I hope to be the number one..

  17. These are the people who come back to this planet time and time again to repeat being stupid as fuck… in the hopes that they will finally evolve and grow spiritually…

  18. Isn't it amazing??!! It's all about who can beat trump! No real substance on economy, external affairs, illegal immigration or accountability, all they can talk about it who can beat Trump. As circle racers say, "These guys are so far behind, they think they're first".

  19. Morally bankrupt people shameless to put their moral bankruptcy on display on national television memorialized.

  20. I believe that another republican should run now that can be conservative and defend the constitution as well as other countries that have communist government like Venezuela and Nicaragua. It's being going longer to oust out those gov.. Mr. Trump has abandon Venezuela to its own risk to continue killing innocent people as well as in Nicaragua with Ortega as president and giving them more time to continue  them in power.

  21. Yes Trump 2020 , I’m not for socialism and free Healthcare there is nothing free in this world 🌎 only people that really don’t realize what socialism is will vote Democrat people need to do research on Socialism, they will never get our Hispanic vote , many Hispanic ran from socialism we know what that really means it starts with everything free and then they take over the country and hear comes No Freedom, No free speech, No more voting 🗳 it takes time like a decade or two decades for the government to take over America but the day comes don’t want that for my grandchildren o and no food no money 💰 no private property so he’ll 👎 no , Trump 2020 MAGA 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴Hispanic for Donald Trump 🙏🙏🙏🙏God Bless our President

  22. U dumb racist, as long as he can keep the status quo as it is. I bet each one of u prefers 1957, don’t u. But The Most High got something for u all and Donald Trump. Let my ppl go or u gon have “ Him “ to deal with, and u women r not of the “ me to “ movement when his statement abt grabbing women by the pussy doesn’t bother u.

  23. This is insane. The world needs to fund a dome around the usa so they can't infect the rest of the world.

  24. Trump is playing with american insecurities which crosses all moralities and scriptures
    When you are insecure you dont care about morality or christian values
    Just take my privacy and secure me please and finish off enemies at all cost and morality

  25. “I didn’t like how he could just come up smell some woman’s hair”
    But you’re ok with your guy grabbing ‘em by the p****?!
    Just admit you don’t really care about that, you just want your guy at all costs… morality or issues aside.

  26. Liberals just don't get it, never will. TRUMP is NOT a politician….We don't need politicians, we need people with a mind for business and getting things done. Politicians talk and talk and NOTHING ever gets accomplished. They do nothing for our country and everything they do is to get themselves re-elected PERIOD!!!

  27. Trump is about the Constitution OMG give me a brake he is destroying the Constitution are you people out of your minds people

  28. If the Democrats run a candidate further to the left than Biden, I’ll be forced to not vote Democrat for president. I refuse to vote for Trump though.
    For upper house legislative races, I’ll go Republican and for the lower house legislative races Democrat (regardless of the individuals running in order to not give either partisan group dominance. All other races, I’ll go with the candidate that has the strongest stance to fight global warming.

  29. Wait… the guy doesn't like the way Biden gets close and sniffs hair?
    And walking up, kissing them and grabbing them by the pussy is ok?
    Jesus these people are fucking stupid.

  30. Democrats: I think we should closely examine each candidate and make an informed decision


  31. what did he lie about and if he did what about all the lies the fake news say about
    him and demonrats say every day because there blowing smoke up the american
    people ass and for you cnn and msnbc you people suck for putting out your bullshit lies
    you people need to rot in hell TRUMP 2020

  32. My thoughts are that Americans are sick and tired of being Politically Correct ! As Bill Maher said recently…its like walking on eggshells! Who needs it? Trump represents that wave of thought and focuses on trying to get the job done as he promised.

  33. Trump is a true Patriot. The Dems are anti-American and hate this country. They’re socialist agenda costs $100,000,000,000,000. How are you going to pay for it? Ahh, tax the upper 1/10 of 1%.

  34. These people are all clueless morons CNN literally went out of their way to find nothing but older white people this panel looks nothing like America
    No black
    Native American


  36. Are they blind…
    Can't they see what Trump has done…
    To name a few..
    CNN oh man come on

  37. So it's ok to grab women by the pussy like Trump says he does, but to smell a woman's hair is so much worse?🤔,…………..yeah, these people are Fucking STUPID and brain dead liking and supporting a known liar, Con and racist Pedophile!👎🏻

  38. Idiot Trump Voter: “I like him because he tells the truth and how it is.” 😑

    Ummmm, what??? He has lied more times than Lindsay Lohan has gone to rehab. It is incredible the amount of stupidity his supporters poses. 🤦‍♂️

  39. Trump has never physically touch a woman like Mr Biden the creeper. Trump was just talking about Groupies let us touch them he was probably talking about what happened to Bill Clinton

  40. Female Trump voter "I would vote for a candidate that shares my personal morals and beliefs, so I'm gonna vote for trump."

    Trump grabs her by the poonani and says she's gonna make america great.

  41. You can’t possibly be this dense. It’s almost downright scary how out of touch they sound. Guy far left appreciates all the non pc truths from the biggest 🤥 habitual liar in America.

  42. Trump – "grab em by the pussy" – with DOZENS of actual sexual assault accusations against him in past several decades.

    Biden – smells women's hair – touches women on the shoulders or arms, without permission – then defends that poorly.

    MAGA Cult voters: we support Trump all the way. I don't like how Biden has been towards women & what he says about it.

    THAT is just ONE example of why their is NO HOPE for the MAGA Cult, OR for the GOP…. we just have to OUTVOTE them.

  43. Yeah isn't it funny, he says this crap and much worse and people still think he's great. How stupid can a person be to not see through all that bullshit.? The moron just speaks to hear himself talk. He loves the media attention and is simply happy to have the camera on him and just rambles on talking and talking and talking and talking and talking, but never SAYING a fucking thing. He has no fucking idea what he's talking about. EVER. About anything. Good God man.. How can be people be SOOOOO FUCKING STUPID ??? You self important pig.

  44. lets not talk about creepy joe biden. no no no lets shame trump. when will you people ever learn that this doesnt work! just because you shame the candidate, doesnt mean we wont vote for him. oh yeah cnn shamed trump lets not vote for him. lets vote for creepy joe biden instead. honestly you people flatter yourselves thinking that you have this kind of pull in our society. people like me who voted for trump WILL VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN THIS TIME AROUND no matter what kind of lies you tell. and i dont give a flying shit if he dates a super model. i dont care if he flirts. what i care about is his ability to keep his promises and refusal to buy into climate hype. he has old time views and ideas of our wonderful country. he believes that a country without boarders isnt a country at all. he also believes that the automatic citizenship granted to babies born in the united states is a misinterpreted right. it was granted to the newly freed slaves so that they wouldnt have trouble gaining citizenship after slavery. because democrats wanted to take away their right to become citizens and send them back to africa. THAT is why this right was added to the constitution. not to open the flood gates to anybody with a pregnant belly who manages to get here. so while youre dwelling on what trump said about women 20 years ago, we will be focusing on things that actually MATTER. so go ahead and cry about it ladies. cry like little greta thunberg and stop your feet. just leave the important matters up to the grown ups.

  45. Honestly, take a look at what has been dividing this country since the civil war and you tell me what stands out the most.

  46. Amazing how these fools sat around and listen to Trump talks about women private part, throw insult at women and yet they voted for him, but have the nerved to question Biden who has apologized I least to say. Where do they find these clown seriously

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