Iron Man is Coming Back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!? (Nerdist News w/ Markeia McCarty)

Iron Man is Coming Back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!? (Nerdist News w/ Markeia McCarty)

– Iron Man is coming back to
the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Hey, folks, I’m Markeia McCarty, and I’ll be hosting
Nerdist News this week. With Avengers: Endgame
becoming the biggest film of all time this year, there was one sad, irrefutable truth that
we must make peace with. The future of the Marvel
Cinematic Universe will have to move forward without the face of its founding member who made the entire over-a-decade spanning franchise possible, Tony Stark AKA Iron Man
AKA Robert Downey, Jr., because, let’s face it, he is Iron Man. – Yes, this is Tony Stank. – Or do we? Thanks to a report from Deadline, it seems that Tony Stark AKA RDJ still has at least one
appearance left to make in an upcoming MCU film, but
where could it happen and why? Let’s break it down right now. This past weekend was
the 45th Saturn Awards. The awards that recognize achievements in genre films and media,
such as science fiction, fantasy, and horror,
and it was a big night for the MCU in general. Tom Holland and Zendaya
won for their roles in Spider-man: Far From Home, R.I.P. Josh Brolin took home a
statue for playing Thanos in Infinity War, and Avengers:
Endgame led the night, winning six awards, but come on, did anyone expect anything different? And one of those six wins for Endgame was the Best Actor in a Film that went to Robert Downey, Jr.,
for his final appearance as Tony Stark, but wait. In Deadline’s breakdown of the event, they casually mention a little fact that seems to have huge
implications for the MCU. “Downey will be seen in the
role of Stark one more time, “however, in the Marvel prequel
Black Widow in May 2020.” (Markeia speaks in foreign language) Yeah, that was definitely unexpected. Now, despite the fact that she came down with a little case of death in Endgame, we’ve known for awhile now
that Scarlett Johansson would be reprising her
role as Natasha Romanoff for the upcoming Black Widow film, and that she would be
joined by such luminaries as Rachel Wise, David
Harbour, and Florence Pugh. But RDJ making an appearance
was definitely news to fans. So how could this come to be? Well, we know that Black Widow
will be a prequel of sorts to both Avengers: Infinity
War and Avengers: Endgame. Reportedly, it will take
place shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War, when the Avengers split into two teams for the world’s worst game of dodge ball. This means that the film will take place in 2016 in the MCU timeline. That also means that any
appearance of Robert Downey, Jr., as Iron Man, will most likely take place before his sacrifice at the
end of Avengers: Endgame, instead of Tony Stark coming back to life in some because-comics way. But will having Tony Stark show up on movie theater screens again so soon after his death lessen the
impact of the sacrifice he makes in Endgame, eh, probably not. Remember that this entire
film is about someone who sacrificed themselves
in Avengers: Endgame. Black Widow herself. So if this film doesn’t
lessen the sacrifice that Natasha made, then it
also doesn’t lessen Tony’s. Honestly, we can’t imagine Tony Stark having a huge role in the film. While having Stark show
up will help tie the film into the events of the greater MCU, this story should focus on Natasha. That said, even we will admit that it’s gonna be hard
to see both of them on the big screen one last final time. We’re not crying, you are. – Mr. Stark? Can you hear me?
– Anyway, we’ll just have to wait until Black Widow
comes out May of 2020 to see how this all plays out. But what do you folks think? Do you wanna see Tony Stark
show up in Black Widow, or is it hashtag too soon? Are you excited that Black Widow will finally have her
own standalone flick? Or is it hashtag too late? And do you wanna see anymore MCU films that serve as prequels like this one or is it hashtag too much? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. If you liked what you saw,
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51 thoughts on “Iron Man is Coming Back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!? (Nerdist News w/ Markeia McCarty)

  1. I was hoping the Black Widow movie would about her early career when she met Hawkeye and was doing assassinations and such.
    Why bother to make a movie that takes place in 2016?

  2. This doesn't surprise me but I do think the timing is weird. Captain Marvel made sense to get her into the MCU but then what's the purpose of this? #toolate indeed. Unless they are using this to introduce someone for phase 4?

    Also, your voice is soft. It was nice 😅

  3. Hey, I like McCarty. Shes calming and pleasant with just enuff personality for me to listen and not loud, over the top and corny like the other guest hosts. Good job.

  4. I'm guessing most likely Natasha got her stingers from somewhere. That might be worse dark will show up in the new movie.

  5. These two are def gonna be missed in the future mcu movies not having to see them interact with the xmen etc. Damn screenwriters had to kill off characters.

  6. Stop putting TelePrompter readers who do even care about what they are talking about, get someone who actually gets it or bring Jessica back come on!

  7. Like I said…him and I are so0o the same we never give up!!! If theres a way then theres a will YUSSS I need to see him back on the mcu again 💪🦍

  8. this looks like they are trying out new hosts the same way they did with Attack Of The Show. I really liked the Australian woman they had on during the first or second week. she seemed like the best fit for the channel. As far as RDJ coming back…i really dont like the idea. I cant imagine any circumstance where this doesnt come off as a shallow disingenuous use of the character. and dont get me started on the tasteless idea of having him do cameos in stan lee's place. Anyway, thats just my opinion and in the end my opinion means absolutely nothing.

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