Is ‘Great’ Britain false advertising? | Live At The Apollo – BBC

Is ‘Great’ Britain false advertising? | Live At The Apollo – BBC

My parents came to this country as refugees,
right. Refugees, right. That’s always a bit of a contentious topic, whenever you mention it in this country, the refugee crisis. But it’s like guys, nobody’s coming over here ’cause they like the idea of Nando’s and a Wetherspoons, right. Nobody’s coming over here on a dingy little boat going ‘Oh, I wonder what All Bar One is like.’ You know the funniest
part of that whole thing right? Is we call ourselves Great Britain, and then get surprised when people turn up to see how great it really is. Guys, there’s an adjective in the name.
No other country on earth has that. You don’t have banging Bangladesh. Now, my parents came over here for a safer life, back in 1990 as refugees. My dad was part of the resistance
fighting against Saddam Hussein’s regime. So they came over here for a safer life. They
were fleeing war and persecution. Came over here for a safer life and ended up moving
to Brixton, South London. I’m talking Brixton in the 90’s where you could buy weed in a patty in the same building. You know the kind of place that was just littered with one pound shops. Like, you’d go in there for sellotape, but somehow you end up leaving with chocolate,
shower gel and a brand new identity. It’s changed now though, man. It’s not as rough
as it used to be. I knew my area changed when we got a Starbucks. I thought to myself the last thing gangsters on council estates were crying out for was caramel frappuccinos. I just wanna see how that conversation would happen. One of these guys walking in there
like ‘Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, obviously.’ Cause everything’s obvious to
these guys right? Apart from the law.

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  1. Britain hasnโ€™t been great since the 1950, s. In the 60,s and 70,s the unions and constant strikes ruined it and today it has no control over its own borders so it has an immigration problem of large proportions

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  3. Thanks for watching guys if you liked this check out my 1 hour special on my channel called โ€œKurd you enthusiasmโ€ @kaekurd.

  4. Kaekurd is literally my favourite comedian. I laugh every time without fail and have been to a few of his live shows. Literally ruined my make up crying with laughter.

  5. Great is a geographical term describing the island of England, Scotland and Wales.

    It is separate from โ€˜lesserโ€™ Britain which is Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    That is why the United Kingdom is described as Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    Great does not mean great, wonderful.

    By the way I have no idea why British athletes at the Olympics etc have GB on their tracksuits and not UK.

    GB excludes Northern Ireland which is part of the UK/Britain

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