Is Netflix Killing Television? | Mashable Explains

Is Netflix Killing Television? | Mashable Explains

Streaming video services are now used by a
whopping 42% of American households – because we’re Americans, and we love binge-watching
episodes of House of Cards more than we love apple pie and low test scores. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video are considered
a form of over-the-top media, which means it is delivered directly to the consumer over
the Internet, bypassing any traditional cable or satellite providers. Netflix alone touts 69 million subscribers
worldwide, with more than 43 million coming from the U.S. That’s 36% of American households
that now have a Netflix subscription. Since video on-demand can be watched at any
time, viewers have succumbed to the guiltiest of all pleasures – binge watching. 87% of
people subscribed to a video-on-demand service admitted to binge-watching at least once a
week. Users that binge-watch with the commercial-free
Netflix have been saved from about 130 hours of advertising per year. That’s enough time
to squeeze in the entire series of Arrested Development, 30 Rock and Mad Men combined. Also, for pure SEO purposes, I am contractually
obligated to say “Netflix and Chill”. So it’s clear that with the rise of streaming
video, traditional cable television is becoming a thing of the past, right? Can’t we all
just cut our cords now? Not quite. A recent study found that 83% of american
households still use pay-tv services such as cable and satellite, and while Netflix
users continue to grow exponentially every year, pay-tv usage has remained steady. So sorry, cord-cutters, but Americans just
love TV so much that statistically they’re not only keeping their cable subscriptions,
they’re also adding streaming video into their viewing habits. This may change though as more traditional
channels make their way to a subscription à la carte format. Dish Network’s Sling
TV offers subscribers a package of television channels, including live television, without
a cable subscription. CBS and HBO have also been on the forefront of this movement with
CBS All-Access and HBO Now. But until more channels adopt this format,
cable, satellite and streaming television will continue to work together to feed our
voracious appetite for more and more Shondaland Mmm, this one’s for you Derek Shepherd. (gulping) Tastes like Thursday nights.

33 thoughts on “Is Netflix Killing Television? | Mashable Explains

  1. I wonder if these statistics vary based on age as well. Everyone I know in my age demographic (18-25ish) only watch Hulu and Netflix. I haven't watched tv from a regular tv network in a really long time. Also a lot of young people only get Netflix and Hulu when they move out because it's way cheaper and more relevant to them. I did a poll at my college last year and the majority of young adults only watched Netflix or videos through the Internet as opposed to traditionally channel surfing.

  2. I'm pretty sure very few younger people are signing up for new cable subscriptions. It's kind of like people still logging on to AOL to use the internet.

  3. I loath advertisement, but I also understand the need for it. I just wish they could create a better non intrusive, less time consuming manner to share with us.
    I don't watch tv, but I do have a subscription because when I want to watch the walking dead, or game of thrones online I don't have to take time finding a good quality version to stream. It's a love hate relationship.

  4. I do not have evidence for it, but my feeling is that TV and TV like entertainment is fading to give way to more interactive formats. Social networks, gaming and other computer based offerings are just more interesting than passive entertainment. In addition to that people move to larger cities so concerts lectures and other irl experiences are more easily available to a lager share of the population

  5. I haven't turned on my TV for 3 Months now. I just use Netflix, Prime and YouTube. I like picking what I want to watch.

  6. Many people maintain their cable service as there is no reliable non-cable way to get most major sports but eventually they will be come unteathered from network TV and then cable will either have to change or die.

  7. I don't want to watch Netflix, I want to watch traditional TV!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📀📼📀📀📀📀📀📀📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📼📼📼📼📼📼

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  9. The views of television have dropped drastically and Netflix subscriptions has more than doubled since the filming of this video.

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