Is PHYSICAL MEDIA DOOMED? How will it affect GAME COLLECTING? – MJR Crew Answers!

Is PHYSICAL MEDIA DOOMED? How will it affect GAME COLLECTING? – MJR Crew Answers!

– All right guys, time for
another Patreon question. This one comes from The
Able Geek and they ask, “What are your thoughts on digital games, will we see less physical
media in the near future and if so, how would
this effect collecting?” All right, great question,
and to help me answer this, I have assembled the Metal Jesus crew, but we’re gonna start with Kelsey, because as many of you know, she is the co-owner of Pink
Gorilla Games here in Seattle. That’s a retro gaming store
that sells physical games. So, is digital the future? – 100%, yes, absolutely. There’s not a whole lot we can do to just change people’s
minds about technology and stop the flow of time, but I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. I think yes, of course, stuff
is trending towards digital, but I think there’s always gonna be some vocal minority of people who are really, really attached to physical media. And so, there’s always gonna be companies that are catering to that. You see that even with vinyls right now, you’ve got all these modern artists who do fun colored vinyls, and
interesting packaging, and cool collectors editions,
and that sort of thing. And we’re getting that with gaming too, with all these limited run type companies, and cool collectors editions, so I think there’s always
gonna be some level of that, and collecting in general
is just gonna kinda trend towards things that are made
specifically for collectors. There’s gonna be less of
the sort of off the shelf collecting normal retail games, if you’re talking about keeping up with modern consoles
and that sort of thing. But we know we’re already
seeing this sort of, weird in between with empty switch cases that just have a code in them. They’ve done that on
the Vita and stuff too. So yeah, I mean, I think that’s certainly the way it’s going, not
much we can do about that. But I think the silver lining
on that, is in the future, all these companies are
gonna cater specifically to people who like to collect, and everything’s gonna
look really cool at least. – How you feeling, tou
got John Riggs here, and I love digital games. Now, if a physical version exists, I’ll get the physical 100% of the time. However, I’m not going to
wait for maybe or maybe not a physical version of a digital game only to be released, like
“Untitled Goose Game”, hey, I got the digital, day one. If it comes out physical. (groans) If it comes out physical later on, then yeah, I’ll pick that up too. Thanks to people who
like limited run games, super rare games, special
edition games, more power to ’em. I love the fact that they’re doing that to keep the preservation alive
for physical collections. However, I’m not going to,
I gotta support the digitals at the end of the day, ’cause
if nobody buys the digital, there may never be a physical. You know what I mean? So, support digital when you can, I do. I don’t count it as part of my collection, but I love playing those games. And there are some, some
of my favorite games in recent years have been
kind of digital indie titles that have been $10, $15, in the PlayStation store,
the eShop on Switch. You gotta keep that dream alive. You’re doing great, buddy. (groans) – As far as digital games, I feel like they are pushing
them more to be into the, they are the future, but
there’s enough people out there that like physical copies of games that they just can’t push it
out and like, push them out. I think there should be a price difference between both physical and digital games. So, digital should be cheaper, of course physical should
be a little bit more. But as far as it
affecting physical market, I don’t think so, because
there’s just enough out there that loves the physical media. – So, what are my
thoughts on digital games? Well, my first thought is, I love them. They make it so indie studios can release a game way cheaper. Think of all the awesome indie games that you’ve played lately,
they’re pretty much all digital, and maybe physical with things like limited run and super rare. You might be able to get
them physical at some point. But, digital games also are a little bit of a double edged sword, ’cause
they could go the way of PT. Do you really own them? Can they disappear with a patch? That, I don’t love, but
they’re also very convenient, when you don’t have to
carry a bajillion cartridges with you on an airplane,
so there’s that as well. Do I think we’re gonna see
less of them in the future? I think so, I think, especially seeing how things like Google Stadia does. I’m really interested
to see how this goes, because personally, I don’t have good enough internet for it, but, (laughs) that might really
be telling of the future. But I think, of course we’re
gonna see less physical media. I don’t think we’re
quite there yet though. Soonish, soonish, (laughs)
and I think eventually, it will effect collecting. But, a lot of collecting
is based on nostalgia, so once it becomes digital only, I think it’ll take a while to actually catch up with
the collecting scene. ‘Cause if you grew up
in a digital only era, what happens when you get nostalgia, and you wanna go back
and play what you did? You know, be really interesting
to see how this goes, but as of right now, I
feel like collecting, the games that are already out, not even thinking about the
new stuff that’s coming, there’s still a lot to collect, and a lot of really
awesome stuff to collect. So, I think it’ll take a
while to catch up with us, but eventually, we’ll see. – So, yeah, I think it’s
okay if you like that, like to get that instant
gratification, you got your dig, and if you wanna keep it
forever, you got your physical, and keep your disc clean. It’s just, it’s the way of the world, just the way of the world, man. (exhales) This aint digital, total analog. – I have no problem with
digital game releases, especially the Nintendo Switch. I have over 50 digital games
on the Nintendo Switch. I love playing that way. Physical media, when it comes to playing, especially with the Nintendo Switch, doesn’t really appeal to me
if I’m on the go somewhere. I just like having the game right there on the console, able to play. I think there is gonna be
less physical game releases, and it is gonna affect collecting, because if less people grow
up with physical media, they’re not gonna remember it. And really, collecting
comes down to nostalgia. People pursue things
that they grew up with. And so, if they grew up
with something digital, they’re gonna wanna play
that way versus physical. So, I think physical media
is already seeing a decline, and I think it’s just gonna
get worse moving forward. And what do I think about that? I don’t really have an opinion about that. It kinda makes me sad because
I grew up with physical media. Nobody likes their upbringing to go away, but it’s gonna happen,
and I think it’s gonna just increase moving forward. Digital gaming is here, it’s mainstream, but I think that physical gaming is still gonna be around, and collecting. I think there’ll be physical
game collectors around, but I think it is gonna dwindle in time. Only time will tell how fast that will be. – I guess the thing that I wanna add to this discussion is about archival. I remember in the late
’90s and the early 2000s, when I first stumbled
upon abandonware websites that were archiving
old Commodore 64 games, Amiga games, MS-DOS games. And at the time, actually, I
was very happy to see that, because a lot of those companies
had gone out of business. You couldn’t get the games anywhere else, unless you just happened
to find them at say, a pawn shop or a thrift store. And so, it was really cool to
see those sites at the time, even though they legally
did not have the right to actually distribute those online. And so, I guess what I wanna
bring to this conversation is that yes, I absolutely love
and prefer physical media, but there is a place for digital, and that is archival purposes. Because software and video
games are fairly unique in that they can be
perfectly digitally archived, and archived for the future, where a CD, or a floppy disk, they’re susceptible to wear and tear, they can fail over time. And so, you hear about disc rot in CDs, or you’ll hear about floppy
disks that maybe were damaged by moisture, or a magnet,
or something like that. And so, I do see the appeal of digital archival
purposes for the stuff. I guess the thing that I would love to see in the future though, is the game companies themselves, and the publishers, see the value of that, and make those available
to their customers. We’ve seen Nintendo do this a little bit on the Wii, back in the day. And that was really
cool, but I’d love to see more companies kind of see the
value of these older games, and potentially make them
available for purchase digitally. One company that I’ve
talked about in the past that does this, and does it really well in my opinion, is They take old PC games,
and they digitally archive the manuals, and the
boxes and all this stuff, and they also update them
to run on modern systems. I love a service like that, and I wish there were
definitely more of them. So, I know it’s kind of a touchy subject, but in my world, I see a both and. I do like physical, but also, I do like the fact that there is this digital option out there sometimes. As long as we, the gamers,
can get access to it, and in a legal and safe way. So, yeah, that’s my answer to that. So, thank you very much for the question. Thanks for subscribing. This question was asked by one
of my Patreon contributors, who help support my YouTube channel, and help shape the content of my videos. In addition to asking questions like this, they also get access to a private chat. You can also set the amount
you want to contribute, and you can leave, or
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100 thoughts on “Is PHYSICAL MEDIA DOOMED? How will it affect GAME COLLECTING? – MJR Crew Answers!

  1. If you look at the background of all these youtubers you see a literal wall of games and that's not typical of gamers. They (we) are the exception, not the norm. Normal is most of your games on steam. Even most of the physical console games install files on startup. The biggest problem I see is the age old fear of change. Everyone hates it.

  2. I've been selling games in retail for 12+ years now, 7 years ago I opened my own store and in my experience people into retro games and collecting games has risen in that time considerably (thanks to people like yourselves sharing the love and interest of playing and collecting videogames and hardware!). But the sale of physical games is lower year on year and will get to a point where I won't be able to run a store anymore, there will be no need to see videogames on the highstreet.
    I've designed my store in a way that celebrates old to new and I based the feeling of it of seeing parents playing old arcades and seeing old games and showing their kids these games (I build arcades also) so its fantastic to see two generations playing pac-man but also then the kid explaining to the dad what roblox or fortnite is etc. It's nice to see the passion of games meet together like that and this is what I hope is sustained rather than going all digital.

    A few years ago you could buy the game and the memorabilia at the same time (minecraft for example on consoles). Today though I can't sell Fortnite, but I can sell the figures! So there is a demand for something physical for people who love games even if the game is digital only (or free to play). The problem with digital is that when parents (or partners) want to buy a gaming gift.. a digital code or a card is not considered a good present to the buyer! So theres this whole market out there that needs to be there imo, perhaps a physical case with nice book and artwork (like nintendo have done with the old pokemon silver and gold).

    I gradually sell and stock more merchandise and memorabilia and the store is slowly increasing with arcade machines the more people depend on subscription/streaming games or downloading digitally, the walls of games I had coming in are getting smaller because people aren't buying the games physically to trade in as much as they used to, subscription passes and memberships devalue certain games as well.

    Xbox one backwards compatibility is great because it brings life back to the old games, the values can go up and so the trading ecosystem returns and there is more of a need to visit stores and old games collections because the old games can be played on new hardware.
    The next generation of consoles however can try to embrace this, or sell out for game passes/streaming and then the trading ecosystem will just diminish and digital sales will be king.

    For me it is worrying the way it is going not just financially but I have kids, and my kids are growing up playing digital games on their tablets etc.
    In the future when they want to show their favourite childhood games to their kids, if the server is gone or the publisher went bust and the game is unavailable or compatible anymore then consider those games gone forever, nothing to share or feel nostalgic about.

    Games they grow up playing also can just be fully changed with updates so it's no longer the game you used to enjoy.
    I like that a game on a disc or cartridge is contained and sealed within that and the data there is yours to enjoy whenever you want, it was play tested for bugs etc pre-release too. I hate when they have just an "installer" on game discs (like spyro for example) and then releasing games with day one patches basically renders that physical copy unplayable as the game is sold with bugs.

    Digital stores can decide whether to host your game, or not, digital codes for games (like on steam, i bought ghostbusters for like £2 in a steam sale.. it got pulled from steam then code sites were selling the code for £20+!) so there is all this hard-earned money going on nothing physical so it all feels very disposable and there is nothing to put back into the ecosystem for others to enjoy!

    Heck even arcades today are mostly prize or ticket winning machines rather than just play for the fun and the experience. So I hope that the current generation of kids will be inspired by seeing collectors like yourselves and be inspired and excited about playing older games (as i believe a lot of games, like good films, are timeless) and so I am counting on this (and the next) generation to stand up against digital-only games and keep the spirit of gaming going forever 🙂

  3. I don't know about people collecting physical media only because of nostalgia. What about all the kids in their 20s collecting vinyl right now?

  4. Great topic, @metaljesusrocks

    And THANKS for the subtitles option! It was absent at the time of the release, but it’s back on. Looking forward to the next episode tomorrow!

    Oh, by the way, what are you playing on the Dreamcast?

  5. I think it be cool if you bought a game with a digital code inside you could link the code to your specific gamer tag/ psn so if you needed to move to a new console or something you can reenter the code and download again

  6. As long as digital games stay on the services and do not go down like the wii eshop i am all for digital as games gets bigger and disks cannot store that much on them. I care about the environment and collecting interests me but if every gamer got themselves 7000 physical copies our world would crumble due to the obscene demand. It is natural that gaming goes digital but it is going to be battle to preserve our games once ps3 xbox 360 servers will go down.

  7. If you are interested in MJR's recent tees please visit us at (We are also on etsy) and be weary of thieves who sell low resolution stolen preview images. Many places online do not have our permission to sell who you may find through google search. Rock on!

  8. There are alot of kids who didn't grow up with vinyl but buy and collect it, so it's not just about nostalgia! I think there still is some need for owning physical things even if it's a niche thing and mostly collectors…

  9. Hate digital and hate online games. I wish a law be issued that forces a company that wants to shut down its servers to release needed software that would allow ppl to run their own servers 😑

  10. I will always, always, ALWAYS choose physical media over digital in both games and movies. Not only because I love my collections, but I love seeing the artwork of the game/movie covers, and I like being able to actually SEE my collections… and most importantly, because I'll actually own it. Not leasing it. Digital media keeps you held hostage to the media you're watching it on/renting it from/downloading it from… on top of being held prisoner to WiFi access and availability… on top of possible buffering issues (for movies). I only buy digital games when it's the only version available, and if I really, really want it. Otherwise, I have no problem passing. For instance… just yesterday I was revisiting some indie games I purchased on my XB360 but my internet was tripping and I couldn't play the games, even though I bought them. Why? Because you have to be connected to Microsoft. So yeah, I paid to own the games, but I don't actually own them. THEY do. At least PlayStation doesn't do that. The games I've downloaded are actually on my consoles and I "own" them, except, as someone mentioned… if you have to delete a game/games for space, and it's not available when you want to re-download… again, you don't officially own it. THEY do. ~ Lady E

  11. I pretty much have gathered everything that made me happy as a kid as far as games go from Flea Markets and a couple year long eBay binge. It was to the point where I didn't even know what game was showing up each day or week. It was like providing my own Christmas. So I'm not worried one bit. The "N" word is true, it was all NOSTALGIA for me. Good topic guys

  12. It's the same as the car industry. They are trying to cut the independent dealers completely out of the loop, and have all the money go direct to the software house. Think of all the hands a physical game may have passed through since purchased new. All transactions the software house has no cut of. You won't be afforded the luxury of playing the previous generation console, and feasting on dozens of games for one pound for much longer. The poor people don't pay, soon they won't be allowed to play.

  13. they don't want us to really own the games…so basically is a rental until the contract runs out with the developers & then game over!! you have to find another way to get that game again on a different console or PC …just a wast of money & a way for developers make more money.

  14. Digital being the future is nothing we can do anything about but I still won't 100% like it, because games will contnue to disappear in time due to licenses running out etc, which sucks major balls.

  15. People have been asking this question for years and years. Trust me…you’re fine. As a matter a fact, Blu-ray and 4K sales are up more then they ever been, vinyl is bigger then it’s ever been and even cd sales have jumped in resent research. It’s going to be fine…

  16. I find this to be a double edged sword. You buy the physical media, you own it not so much where it can be taken away from an update :/ ..It does save space on where you don't have to carry the disk/cart around with you and possibly lose the cart in the process. Dilemmas all over the place, this will be a debate that will only generate a lot of discussion in the gaming community.

  17. Collecting has gotten STUPID. Poop Slinger showed me that.

    Metathesiophobia is the fear of change. And this comments section is chalk full of it!
    People dwelling on the past, drawing a hard line in the sand for some out dated tech?
    Refusing to budge from some archaic collection.
    Oh well, have fun NOT playing games? I mean so many good ones already come out with no physical version… And you'd just pass those up? Is your passion playing games or collecting plastic? sheesh.

  18. if anything, discs/carts should come with a digital code like movies do.

    ive been so so on digital downloads. i bought black ops 4 and the game was total garbage. it was incomplete, blackout was basically unplayable, i could write a mile long list of issues. i uninstalled it in under an hour (after spending like 2 days downloading and installing the shit) i emailed/called psn and guess what? no refunds. i was just out 65.00. i cant even resell the copy cause it was a digital purchase. theres no reason to go digital other then being to0ofucking lazy to drive 10 mins an see actual humans.

    until the net is insainly fast to the point games instantly download, and refund/exchange policies are better, the gaming world will never go fully digital.

  19. Physical media will be available, so long as people demand it. End of story. No company is going to stop delivering games physically, if a noteworthy portion of people refuse to buy (woops did I say buy? i mean rent) games digitally.

    Now, that being said, the world is full of morons, so expect to go full digital by the end of the next generation. Who said the stupidity of others can't hurt you?

  20. I personally think digital games are a giant rip off that is being shoved down are throats to benefit the company‘s profit margin‘s. There’s nothing like paying $40 $50 $60 and receiving absolutely nothing. Just Obtain a digital copy you don’t actually own . And to the metal Jesus crew I love you all I will always watch your channel James but all of should have the denounced digital games completely. Instead it seems that you are just feeding the corporate beast.

  21. I Buy my favorites in physical and digital… others on digital sales. It is going to happen till enough people get ticked off when companies proove who owns digital media.

  22. Years ago I used to care about physical games. Don't really care anymore since the PS3 and beyond. The only thing I collect now is 4K UHD Movies.

  23. I thought digital downloads were awesome at first. Not having to drive to a shop and basically getting instant access through a download. Then I went to sell my switch and realised you can’t really increase the value of your console with digital games because the person you sell it to can’t use your account.
    So basically I brought 400$ worth of games, and couldn’t get any of my money back for them. It’s physical copies for me from now on.

  24. Buy disk game for 59.99. Done playing after 4 wks. Sell it for 30.

    Buy digital game for 59.99. done playing after 4 wks. Can do nothing.

  25. I think for console, cartridges may/should come back. Considering the vast amounts of GB in modern games, an on-chip SSD would make a lot of sense for eliminating the need for huge installations onto a built in storage device. It would also give developers more flexibility in terms of adding specialised hardware on the game-cartridge itself. That way consoles could be made cheaper, while ensuring maximum performance for each game

  26. I have game pass before it I rolled with onlive when it was a thing. I don’t really by new games other then for my switch . My issue with digital is the way. It’s being done on both Xbox and PlayStation. A lot of these electronics companies do not understand basic property rights. We should be able to share and sell digital copies. For example with my nook I can lend a book to my friend so he or she can read it. When they are done I get access to it again. I have a lot of games sitting on my 360 and Xbox one just waiting to be down loaded. I had a nice library of games with onlive but I lost them all . Yes they had a deal to get them with steam but my pc at the time could only run games like doom 3 . I feel the consumer does not have enough control over digital at the moment. Truth be told though I like new games but my hearts in the 16 bit era of gaming and in the arcade around the same time so I love old games mainly 16 and 32 bit time frame . I like new games being a service like game pass.

  27. yes, CDs can scratch and break, but the data is digital. So CDs and other optical formats are viable archival format, until you are considering the scale of centuries. Optical formats are perfect for archiving under controlled conditions 🙂

  28. I buy physical whenever possible. I buy digital mostly if digital store discounts or indie games, small releases like the recent Romancing Saga 3 etc.

  29. Won't lie…..if the game I want is digital only. I don't buy it. Same with Music. I only buy music that comes out on physical CD format even though I rip it and use the digital files for playback in the car/traveling. I like to have the physical copy because I feel like I paid and got something in return. Also physical collection grows and looks great. With digital only….it reminds me of just P2P and torrents and I don't see the point of buying them when I can just download for free. Why should I support a developer/studio that clearly doesn't care about me? ^__~

  30. Never doomed. Maybe will have less games be fully on physical but homebrew will always be a thing and then Limited Run/similar

  31. You guys do realize, that the next generation of game consoles, aren't even going to have any sort of disc drives or ports for external media, right? There's already an xbox one that's digital only… They're all cloud based… It's going to work like Steam does on PC now.. It's not just PC gaming that is going this route, it is ALL going this route.. I don't like it anymore than you guys do, but unfortunately, it's the future and it's what game companies are doing.. Main reason they are doing this, is because they want to eliminate the re-sale market.. They don't want people selling and trading in games after they buy them or re-selling them on the black video game market. Gamestop is already doomed, and most indie game shops will also be doomed.. Sorry to say.

  32. Tough digital media has it's positives, being storage space, de-clutter etc, Their has recently been a HUGE surgents for nostalgia, retro collecting, so to say that physical media will be doomed! No! I think it's coming back with a vengeance, with companies like Arcade 1UP, and many Toy companies, and others who are capitalizing off of our fond memories of youth, sales have went up! Yes! We are in a transitional phase where the future looks uncertain, but the reality that will materialize will be based off of us the consumer, and what we find favorable in our every day lives, so the options are unlimited.

  33. My own thoughts, coming from a PC gamer who came back into the console market.

    For PC: I am fully digital, not only because I have next to no choice really, but it's to do with how fragmented my desktop will become when loaded with each publisher's own program for every physical game I have, and from my youth, I have grown to hate physical media because of scratched discs, and the only real solution I have found is to use those discs as little as possible to preserve them. I take care of discs nowadays, but no matter how much I take care of them, wear and tear will always come knocking, so less times I use the discs, the better. But most importantly, PC platforms do not have generational barriers like consoles do, so you can't just shut down a Windows XP section of Steam in the same way that you can shut down say a PS3 part of the PSN, and you never really have to worry about losing your games when you upgrade windows or hardware, but not so with consoles. This is why I prefer PC version of games even when I have no access to physical copies, as PCs are not as in a great of a risk of losing games in the way consoles are.

    For consoles: physical if possible, but that's more for homebrewing consoles and collection purposes rather than preservation needs, and I really really don't like having to constantly swap out carts and discs, but considering console generational barriers exist, digital and physical pull me almost equally in both directions, with physical slightly winning out. If consoles went fully digital, I will most likely wait on how the consoles handle their digital platform in general. If generational barriers continue to exist on consoles, I may revert to be a dedicated PC gamer.

  34. Short answer nope. That what they said about many things. Although many things became obsolete, other are coexisting with each other. BUT THAT ITS MY OPINION.

  35. I personally think digital games are a giant rip off that is being shoved down are throats to benefit the company‘s profit margin‘s. There’s nothing like paying $40 $50 $60 and receiving absolutely nothing. Just Obtain a digital copy you don’t actually own . And to the metal Jesus crew I love you all I will always watch your channel James but all of should have the denounced digital games completely. Instead it seems that you are just feeding the corporate beast.

  36. Worse case as another option collectors can import from Japan. I think they will have physical media for many systems for a long time to come. Heck you ca still buy Famicoms and Master systems in Japan.

  37. As far as I'm concerned when it comes to this topic as long as we keep making games on CDs like we've been doing for yearsphysical media will eventually disappear if we continue to do things that way cuz he's always break after a while so for that reason we have to rely on the rom and digital-media to keep his games alive. but the only thing I don't like about it when you buy digital games from a big companies such as Nintendo you known exactly own it because of they wanted to they could print would find a way to take it away from you. which is almost why I would say rom are a little bit better for that reason. I don't know but it is pretty crazy topic and should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  38. You cant buy outrun 2 anymore because the Ferrari licence that Sega had has expired. That is indicative of the digital only future I'm afraid. Its inevitable, but not entirely bad as pointed out buy you guys on here. Anyway, I hope the house move goes well Metal Jesus! All the best from the UK 😎🤘

  39. To me digital is not the future, it is just an alternative filler realm so games wouldn't fill up space at store shelves. To me a game had to be physical for them to truly exist but I'm not putting the thumbs down on digital either. If it's a smaller game like an indie title, mobile port, low budget PC release, Kickstarter project title, or retro releases like the Sega, Disney, and Capcom collections and stuff then digital would do just fine but large triple A releases like Breath of the Wild 2, Red Dead Redemption 3, Halo 5, Grand Theft Auto 6, Final Fantasy XVI, Dragon Quest XII, Tekken 8, Monster Hunter 5 Ultimate, Metroid Prime 5, and Resident Evil 8 all needs to be physical, there's no way I'm wasting them spaces on my hard drive for all of them.

  40. You'll get better sound out of that Blue Yeti microphone if you don't talk into the top of it. It has several modes, none of which use the top. I suggest the default cardioid mode, mount that thing straight, and talk into the front. 🙂
    This will probably be lost in the sea of comments, but thought I'd try to help!

  41. I was asked this question from you about two years ago in private.I suggested it will be a good topic in your next video.I remember because your answer surprised me.You said you dont really worry about it and you sent me a link from your 2015 video what is not even about the subject.Here we are 2 years later :D.And you mentioned somebody else from you subscribed channel….

  42. I love digital. mostly. Its really nice to just boot up the game, and not worrying about the disc not working. I do like seeing the cases on the shelf. I hate not being able to just play the games on a different console though. stupid nintendo making things difficult when a console breaks…

  43. I'll buy digital if the price is quite a bit cheaper than physical, especially if it has more content. I just hope none of them get removed. If they don't that'll be better than physical if backwards compatibility doesn't go back far enough.

  44. I give it another generation or 2 before we're entirely digital. I'd be surprised if the Playstation 7 has physical, and not surprised if the Playstation 6 is digital only, with maybe a physical add on

  45. For the switch if i went digital only i would need a hell of a lot of memory cards. Witcher 3 would take up half. Then jeez constant changing because id forget what games downloaded on what. And then if memory card is corrupt. Years from now switch store will not be there like the wii store no longer there and the thing i paid for is gone. Physical for me

  46. I don't really play indie games so that reason for loving digital doesn't apply to me. I don't agree with Riggs at all and I guess I love physical media more than owning something that can be taken away like Kinsey said. Totally agree with Reggie and I wish they they did have a price difference for physical and digital and if I did choose to buy digital, I don't think it should be MORE expensive than physical. I was looking at Walmart and it was $20 cheaper for one game to buy it physical form than digital… Doesn't make sense to me

  47. Oh, I forgot to mention one of the only reasons I love digital is so I can play games that are ridiculously priced like Super Turrican 2, Pocky and Rocky 2, etc. I don't have to pay 200+ dollars to own it.

  48. I believe digital gaming is the future of gaming, but not for collectors. Even the digital gaming is evolving right now, with the upcoming streamings platforms, where you do not own games anymore but instead you have a subscription for a service. Regarding high speed connections you will be surprise how many areas of Europe, mainly rural areas, where they are still using dial up connection or in the best scenarios, DSL ( with limited speed). And that's an issue for digitals. Hopefully 4g will change that, but as today there is no other option but physical.

  49. I don't like digital anything anymore I also don't buy new video games much anymore I just believe a video game that is going to be sold for like 60 bucks that it should be finished When released.

  50. i hate digital games. Like what if you have hundreds of games digital and someone hacks ur account?! Then everything will be gone and u cant even share or resell them!-.- One thing tho, I wish we could have the option to install and play the physical games on our consoles without having to bring all the cartridges/discs with us. Im not gonna pay for something that that nintendo might shut down later on and blocks me from accessing the online service to install my digital games. I want games that belongs to me.

  51. I think physical media is going away, however until the crowd that grew up with physical media dies off I think we are always going continue to have physical media. Now as far as games being removed from servers etc, that crap was happening with physical media before digital copies were popular. The perfect example of this was DarkSpore with it's always online DRM, when they took down the DarkSpore servers you could no longer play the game because they never patched the DRM out. That kind of thing has happened many times.

  52. Nostalgia does play a part in collecting but I really don't think that's the Only reason to collect. It's nice to actually Own the thing. Ya digital is convenient but it's only available as long as whoever is in charge of distribution says it is or until the servers die. I don't like the idea that a game I paid for can be taken away from me at any moment and I REALLY don't like the idea of that turning into our Only option.

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