45 thoughts on “ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi believed to have been killed in a US military raid, sources say

  1. please help us to save Azerbaijan nation from dictator ilham aliyev regime, human tragedy is happening in Azerbaijan, thousands of innocent people are killed and jailed by dictator ilham aliyev who is in power for 26 years with his dad heydar aliyev.for the sake of God, for the sake of Human Rights please hear our voice, we want to get rid of this brutal nonAzeri dictator.Please deliver this message to your governments and human rights organisations

  2. The ISIS leader was supposed to be killed in 2017. Russia in June 2017 claimed to have killed Baghdadi in an airstrike on Raqqa, Syria. A month later reports of his death again surfaced, this time from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. So what was this 2019 operation really about?

  3. I sure fucking hope at least the dog got to snack on this murderous, scum sucking moron.
    Too bad we couldn't catch him, get him out of the vest and just let the dog eat on him a few hours
    Idiot Scum In Society (ISIS)

  4. Obama exterminated Ben laden with the approval of all of his staff, in spite of Biden’s objections! Fox aired video of Biden this morning saying how he opposed the Ben laden raid !

  5. Dose this Baghdad really exists, or it's n usa propaganda for control, who create thame how they got so many weapons n help.

  6. BREAKING NEWS : Pelosi and Schiff led US forces DIRECTLY to Al Baghdadi, when they MET WITH HIM on their Cover Up Crime tour last week …. https://youtu.be/DKQVniA7TUE

  7. NO NO HE ISNT DEAD HE IS GOING TO BE RESSURECTED IN THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT, also donald trump, I DONT LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE BOI, i support ISIS also he isnt the leader i am. Jk dont raid me military pls dont i didnt do it…

  8. Betrayed by another muslim. The reward money was bigger than alah.
    Funny what money will do to the most pious people.
    islam, the cult that loves subjugating and killing people.

  9. CNN admits Trump did the free world a favor…. Oh, he "earned a doctorate"…this makes his forming of the Islamic State a virtue? CNN sucks. FAKE NEWS.

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