So many oopsies, but so little time. {*Felix claps*} Good evening, my name is Gloria Borger. In Borga-Borga-Borga-Boo. {*music*} Let’s just jump into it guys. My name is Poppy Harlow, And welcome to PewNews. The most respected, trusted news sourse of all time. Especially here on YouTube. Thank you very much. Now, our first story comes from Goose Wayne. Last week, PewDiePie did a video. On Goose Wayne. Who appeared on Dr. Phil. (Goose Wayne) -People that are breaking the law and I try to bring them to justice. Now, it turns out, Goose Wayne has responded. In the most epic way possi- You’re not supposed to say that! (Goose Wayne) So Steve just sent me a reaction video- (Felix) Thumbs up from me. I’ll be watching. I’m a supporter now, I’ll protect you when you come to Florida. Well, considering all the Florida memes, it looks like I’m needed. Wait, he’s from Florida? It all make sense now! {*Felix laughs*} (Felix) Police say man with no hands and no legs is armed and on the run. In Florida! It all makes sense now! We need Goose Wayne in Florida! (Felix) Florida man dials nine-one-one and demands a ride home to change his underwear. We need Goose Wayne in Florida. {*Felix claps*} {*Goose Wayne sighs*} (Goose Wayne) Um, yeah, so, I have never subscribed to anyone before… And, uh, so yeah Butt 😏 It’s about time! I liked- I like it, I like the video! I thought the editing- the editing could’ve been better. (Felix) The editing! Some constructive criticism on the video. I appreciate that Goose [Wayne]. Uh, Brad 2 or Sive however, is in deep pain. (Felix) I hope you realize the pain and suffering you have brought upon Sive. I want to cry. (Goose Wayne) The first person I subscribed to. (Felix) The first person! {*Felix laughs*} (Goose Wayne) I’m already here. (Felix) Yes! {*Felix laughing*} (Goose Wayne) Just gonna. (Goose Wayne) Boom. (Felix) And he hit the notification bell! Thank you Goose Wayne. Very cool. On behalf on PewDiePie of course. I am just Poppy Gloria. Goose Wayne man, what a legend. Thank you very much. Namaste. (


  1. did anyone else notice then he showed the site name @3:09 it was purple, this means the site was opened? HMMMMMMMMMM

  2. Aren't we all opsies? I know I was born a opsie cause my mother told me in straight in my 8 year old eyes.

  3. So that AF guy says JC should go to prison for fraud but AF should be charged with sexual harassment for saying he would shag James Charles! Don't talk like a dirty perv in public and u won't encounter the public shaming that u are!

  4. I feel like any media website will rip into YouTube any way they can, like nobody cares if they recommend conspiracy theories

  5. ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽ ༼♥ل͜♥༽

  6. The guy investigating the pizza is a terrible investigator. Also, I'd argue that quite a few conspiracies are real but get labeled as conspiracies so people won't bother looking into it. Is recycling pizza even a conspiracy? Like with all the horrific shit going on in our world right now that we need to focus on and fix… these people are complaining about pizza? COME ON.

  7. So pewds undeniably ended Roblox and chucky cheese would still get in trouble cause false advertising, you promise fresh made pizza, ya legally can't cook a bunch and Frankenstein it with others regardless of if the pieces had been contaminated. Less legal trouble as it would then be two crimes, but still a shitstorm caused by a conspiracy video. Also Shane and Felix are mom and dad of YouTube taking care of all the offspring of the world, much love to both

  8. On the whole Chucky cheese pizza theory I'm either really lucky or they just don't do this where I live because, as far as I remember My pizza never had uneven slices.This could be real but maybe it's just some places that have this?

  9. The CIA dropping LSD on people unknowingly at one point was yes a conspiracy….. But now has literally been proven and even documents released by the US government have said that yes that was a thing,

  10. Before T series and pewdiepie had that fight people did not like pewds and a lot of people like pewds now I liked pewds since 2015

  11. Chuck E Cheese does the same thing Little Ceaser's does, it's hot n ready pizza. If you order a whole pizza it will probably be fresh. But you can thank vegetarians for this one. FDA prohibits food being prepared where it might be contaminated with meat products. Such as a half n' half pizzas, say a half cheese and half pepperoni. Yes they make two separate pizzas, save the halves that weren't used under heat lamps and serve it. But no they aren't taking old pizza that was unfinished by customers and feeding it to people as "fresh" that's straight up illegal.

    DAUGHSON. why did u have 2 do this 2 chucy cheese. they are recycling pizza. They are BENEFITING THE EARTH. #recyclePizza

  13. That guy playing the guilty character because he was trolled by the entire Twitter is the MOST stupid thing and it shows how fragile are the homofobics… Honestly, fuck them and their weak ego. I support James Charles.

  14. Roblox lied. They actually banned Pewds because someone botted Pewd's empty baseplate to the front page (in addition to the people from the stream filling it)

  15. 9:00 listen here pewdiepie if you have bad hand writtting itt doesnt mean you are stupid .. sttop making fun of people or i am going to vox to report your ass about hating..

    relax guys i am joking i fucking love pewdiepie i am rewatching all pew news at this mommentt 😛

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