Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge CB Radio Mount Bracket (2007-2018 JK & JL) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge CB Radio Mount Bracket (2007-2018 JK & JL) Review & Install

This Rugged Ridge CB Radio Mount Bracket is
for those of you that have a 2007 to 2018 JK that are looking for a very convenient
spot to mount your CB radio. This is a bracket that’s going to be completely
bolt-on, making it a very simple one of three wrench install. We’ll talk a little bit more about that in
just a second. So with the CB radio, you really want it to
do two different things for you, you want it to be easily accessible within arm’s reach
and also so that you can hear it clearly when you are using it, and you want it to be out
of the way so you’re not bumping into it, and it’s not taking up valuable interior space
when you don’t need it. And that’s what this bracket is really going
to provide for you. It’s going to tuck the CB up, out of the way,
so it’s not taking up any other surfaces, any other storage areas inside of your JK,
but when you do need it, you can reach up and very easily access it from the driver
seat. It also puts a CB radio that has an internal
speaker a little bit closer to your head, so it is going to be a little bit louder and
a little bit easier to hear as well. As far as brackets go, I like the fact that
this one’s completely bolt-on, I like where it puts the CB Radio, but I also like the
price. This is going to be a very inexpensive bracket. This CB radio bracket is made out of steel
that’s covered in a black powder coat finish that’ll help it to blend right into the factory
trim that’s up there by the top of the windshield frame as well as most CB radios that you’ll
get will be black as well. Everything will just blend. It’s not going to stick out to the eye. As I mentioned before, it is a completely
bolt-on installation, which is a very nice feature. It has a little bit of padding built right
into it, so it’s not going to chafe the factory paint on your Jeep. And this hook up here is actually to keep
that dangling CB Radio mic wire up out of the way for you, so a really well-thought-out
piece and a very easy install. Now, I’ll have a member of our install team
show you how to get this bolted up your JK. First, position your sun visors against the
side windows. Remove the center portion of the plastic windshield
frame cover by gently pulling down until the clips release. Next, we will remove the center footman loop
by removing the two Torx screws. Use the factory Torx screws to install the
CB mount and footman loop with the CB mount on outside. Replace the center plastic windshield frame
cover. And lastly, install your CB radio. So if you’re looking for a CB radio bracket
to put that radio in an accessible spot when you need it but also out of the way when you
don’t, all with the very easy bolt-on bracket, I definitely recommend this option here from
Rugged Ridge. And you can find it right here at

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  3. Does not fit the 2018 JL Wrangler. Ordered part doesn’t work. Have 50 dollar paper weight now

  4. Nice.. But where do you hook up the wiring? Power line to the mirror is up there, but can it simply be tapped into?

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