Jo Grant Returns | Season 10 Announcement Trailer | Doctor Who

Jo Grant Returns | Season 10 Announcement Trailer | Doctor Who

Jo, are you sure about this? Oh stop worrying Cliff, it’s gonna be fine. If anything goes wrong we haven’t got the
Doctor here to fix it for us. Well, technically the Doctor didn’t fix
it last time. I did! Bring the gear will you darling! Right then. This one’s for the Doctor. Hello boys! Continue your collection of classic Doctor
Who on Blu-Ray with the Season Ten limited edition box set. With newly restored pictures and sound Silence! Please ignore him. Brand new documentaries Optional updated special effects Surround sound Somewhere on this planet there are ten thousand
Daleks! Behind The Sofa Rare convention footage and much more! Well, there you are. All back to normal. You know, I really enjoyed that. I could really do with a hot bath, you
know. That was the trouble with the TARDIS. The
water was always freezing. The Doctor could never work out how to fix
those taps. I mean everything else, yes. But taps! Jo? It’s Mike Yates. He’s in a bit of
trouble in a place called Devil’s End? Here we go again. Yes! Doctor Who – The Collection. Season Ten. Available
to order now.

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  1. Great to see more of the classic Doctors on Blu-Ray; the only downside, it might be a while before we see any of Hartnell or Troughton seasons get the same treatment. Hartnell's first year, still has Marco Polo on the missing list, and who knows whether or not that one will get animated.

  2. My love of classic Doctor Who is counterbalanced with my absolute hatred of modern "Doctor Who" in all its sickening Marxist/feminist madness. In fact I refuse to even call the modern crap "Doctor Who". As with Star Wars, Doctor Who ended in the 80s. Everything after that is fan fiction and wannabe impostors.

  3. I know it’s been 40 years, but Jo wasn’t really acting like herself. She seemed like an entirely different character, played by Katy Manning.

  4. Brilliant! Still my favorite era of Dr Who – I wonder how much this little lot will cost though for those of us who have bought them all already…
    Great to see Jo & Cliff back though, & a nice nod to The Green Death 😊

  5. The last time Jo interacted with the Doctor (Matt Smith), he said "You look like somebody thanked you" and she got upset b/c he was calling her old. Is this like a British saying? Because it's been years and I still don't get the joke.

  6. I would be much more hyped to see a season with Jo Grant over anything with Whittaker in as the Doctor in all honesty. If handled with proper writing I’m sure that would be a spin-off more successful than the main show lol

  7. This was the Doctor and assistant when my local PBS station started showing Who. They'll always be The Doctor and assistant to me.

  8. I'm a DW.F since 1977 …. but this video is as bad as the Series has been in the reboot. Giant worms in a shack out in the Country and these 2 ole folks show up and squirt them with something, the past is the past and seeing 70's Jo at 70+ isn't SciFi, it's a Horror Trailer and listening to Doctor Who went out with the MP3 player.

  9. I've got a Bessie but unfortunately she isn't in a very pretty state. She requires a full restoration. If i ever get around to it.

  10. How would Jo Grant feel if she had found out that the Doctor regenerated into a woman long after meeting Sarah Jane Smith,who became the Doctor‘s assistant long after Jo left U.N.I.T. to get married?

  11. You know, that thing I call my wallet? Which I put all my money in? Yeah, how about you just take it. Please. Just shut up and take my money.

  12. It's good timing for this to be announced, what with the sequel to The Green Death coming out this month as a Torchwood episode.

  13. As soon as I saw the maggots I finally knew who the old man with jo is. Professor Clifford jones from the green death. Santiago’s grandad and jo’s Loyal husband

  14. You gave me hope then you took it away, that’s enough to make anyone dangerous. God knows what it’ll do to me. – 11

  15. It's good they're "special editioning" the real show because no one wants Doctor Woke.

  16. I'm trying to get to 160 subscribers by the end of the month! Can anyone help me out! I post regular Doctor Who content and I'm looking for more viewers! Thank you. 🙂

  17. As much as I love big finish there’s just something really special seeing them step in front of a camera again.

  18. Wonder how Episode 3 of "Planet of the Daleks" actually looks on Blu-ray as it's one of many Pertwee episodes that doesn't exist in its original videotape format, but rather a b&w film recording restored to colour with the chroma dot technique.

  19. hmmm
    i wonder if we're gonna get the full jon pertwee title sequence including the closing titles uploaded on this channel
    just like the season 18 collections one

  20. Thats it a spin off featuring Jo and Cliff kicking alien butt and solving eco near disasters! Let's do this 😛

  21. I love that car😂😂😂I loved Jo too💛It was sad when she turned around for a sec and the doctor who gone😢😢😢😢😢😰

  22. Katy Manning seems like a nice lady and all, but goodness me sometimes you have to grow old gracefully. It's some of the most uncanny valley and bizarre plastic surgery I've ever seen on a person.

  23. "This one is for the Doctor,"

    I think Pertwee would've been glad to know that he's still remembered up to this day.

  24. I think when BBC releases season 9 on Blu-ray, they should do this kind of a trailer: Have Richard Franklin and John Levene as Yates and Benton get together and do some look backs at their times or dedicate a landmark to their departed friend the Brigadier.

  25. why do we, in region 1 land, have to wait until October until this comes out, much like the Macra terror?

  26. fantastic remember watching all pertwees episodes first time round, love jo grant, jon pertwee IS THE DOCTOR

  27. Great that season 10 of Doctor Who is coming out on blu ray. Katy Manning still looks good these days. I met her at Doctor Who conventions years ago.

  28. Did Jo tell her husband that the Doctor is a Time Lord,though he apparently didn't mention to her that the Time Lords regenerate their bodies 12 times unless they're granted new regeneration cycles?

  29. Hah, already sold out on pre-order almost everywhere. Get it quick on sites where it's still available as this'll be the next season 12 on the secondary market.

    Season 19 is now starting to get expensive as well. Got to hop on the train quickly with these bad boys.

  30. Is "Jo Grant Returns" the title of the short scene featuring Jo and Clifford Jones or does it not have a title? (If it doesn't, what should it be?)

  31. Jo don't even know that the doctor is female know I bet she thinks that the doctor is still on her 11th incarnation

  32. Benedict: knock knock
    Loki: who is there
    Benedict: the doctor
    Loki: doctor who?
    Benedict: no doctor strange

    I’m sorry I had to do this

  33. Reason why people aren’t giving a dam about Doctor Who like they used to is because of another show that is science-fiction and it has grabbed the worlds Attention and that show is Stranger Things

  34. Me upon stumbling across this beauty:
    Running up and down my hallway, a-la Home Alone

  35. How is it that I am excited about this 2 minute video, yet I haven't been excited enough to watch the Jodie Whittaker Christmas Special since it came out? Note, I've only seen a handful of classic who episodes.

  36. So THAT'S what happened to Bessie!
    (Stray thought: Anyone else think when she whispered "This one's for the Doctor" she was talking about Jon Pertwee? Might just be me, but this was her last story with him and their goodbye is easily the saddest thing in the whole show-for me anyway, so maybe…)

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