Jodie Comer and Rebel Wilson reveal their shocking fan experiences! – BBC The Graham Norton Show

Jodie Comer and Rebel Wilson reveal their shocking fan experiences! – BBC The Graham Norton Show

The whole thing with Villanelle, because she is quite an extreme
character, presumably you get extreme reactions
from fans and things when you meet people in the street? Yeah. I mean, a lot of people just
look at me and think, is it her? But I had one recently
that was really strange. Someone asked me for a photograph
and I was like, “Yeah, sure,” and was posing for a photograph, and then she quietly just whispered
in my ear, “Will you strangle me?” And I was like, um… And my publicist was with me at
the time, and she was like, “No.” “Miss Comer will not do that. No” Jodie, was that Betty?
She does that. But, Rebel, your fans,
they love you. I would say sometimes
love you too much. Here’s a picture of you with a fan.
Oh, yes. Who’s got… A Fat Amy tattoo
there on the torso. Yeah, that’s dedication. That is dedication, and, you know,
because he’d look good anyway. With or without tattoo,
he’d look fine. I am not sure your face
looks as good here. I feel like that’s the back of
somebody’s leg. No, cos that’s the pant line there. That’s the front obviously…
Well, not obviously. Yeah, is that back or front? I’m not sure you will have seen
these people. This is a man and woman from Poland and what bonds them
is a love of you. They have got matching Fat Amy
tattoos. Geez! What is it? What does it say?
“Make America eat again”. APPLAUSE That’s funny. It is funny. Yeah, I came up with
that for the third movie and I wore it on a hat, and they’ve
now got it on their bodies for life.

82 thoughts on “Jodie Comer and Rebel Wilson reveal their shocking fan experiences! – BBC The Graham Norton Show

  1. Ok so we have an American, and Australian, and two British people but they are a scouser and and a pommy! What a great mix!

  2. The request that Jodie got is not that weird… That is what her character does, right?
    Other actors known for being "bad guys" oblige their fans by posing in various ways.
    Just google images of Robert Englund for instance, and you will find him "strangling" a lot of people.

  3. Graham would have been nice for you to question rebel about her comments about black female comedians and how she went on to block every single black women that questioned her and responded to all the white women who asked the exact Same questions

  4. Earlier this year I did see Jodie on Hope Street in Liverpool and I utterly froze. I'd just watched the first series of Killing Eve and thought 'God, is she here to kill me?!' I wimped out of saying anything, besides she looked like she had places to be.

  5. 1:24 It's the only time my country is mentioned in Graham's show and it had to be something soo embarassing…

  6. Rebel W did NOT enjoy that Make America Eat again Tattoo, she was just holding in her annoyance like a balloon the whole time she was speaking

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