Joe Biden Freaks Out On Reporter For Asking About Bernie

Joe Biden Freaks Out On Reporter For Asking About Bernie

Yesterday after an event, former vice president
Joe Biden, was approached by CBS news reporter Ed O’Keefe. O’Keefe wanted to ask about Bernie Sanders,
a apology to Biden and apology that Biden absolutely did not deserve and Bernie should
not have issued, but nonetheless had O’Keefe wanted to ask about it, and Biden for some
reason went off the rails and gave a response that put it this way. If Trump had done that, we’d be talking about
it nonstop for the next few weeks. Take a look at what Biden did here. Well, this debate yesterday, you said you
accepted Bernie’s a politician. You’re attacking him. Why are you doing that? Why wasn’t his apology enough? Why didn’t, why attacks? Why, why, why? Why? You’re getting nervous, man. Calm down. It’s okay. He apologized for saying that. He didn’t say anything about whether or not
I was telling the truth. Less social security. All right, let’s break that clip down for
just a minute. Ed O’Keefe. Yeah, he’s asking lots of questions and they
all do start with the word. Why? Why is he doing this? Well, because he’s a reporter and that’s his
job. This guy was just doing his job and Biden
had this freak out while by, by my mama, ma. Calm down, dude. No, Joe, you’re the one who needs to calm
down. You’re the one who just freaked the hell out
on this guy doing his job. It’s like if you walk into a Starbucks and
they start asking you like, Oh, well do you want whipped cream on this? Do you want sugar? Do you, I mean, do you go to them? Go, why my mom? Am I calm down? No, it’s a person just doing their job, but
you freak the hell out on this guy. And then you mocked him. You patronized him with the whole calm down. It’s okay. Then you gave him that weird little punch
at the end. And you know, the thing I find striking about
this is for Biden to come at him with that deranged face and that why blah, blah blah,
by making fun of him. Joe Biden’s, the guy who we found out a couple
months ago had a stutter, remember? And so it was, Oh God, you can’t, you can’t
talk about this with Biden now. You can’t talk about his missteps when he’s
speaking cause he has a stutter and he’s still even at his age, you know, trying to overcome
it. Yet here he is mocking someone else. That’s not okay. You can’t say that. Oh no, no, no, no, no please. He, he has a mild speech impediment and then
the guy with a mild speech impediment goes and makes fun of somebody else. Know that that makes you a jackass and that
opens you up for it. Joe Biden’s on hinged on, I’m not kidding
when I say that, if Donald Trump had reacted this way to a reporter, every, every, every
news outlet in this country would be talking about it for the next week straight. We’d be talking about, Oh my God, he’s so
close to physically assaulting the press. Look at this, look at this deranged behavior
from him. But because it’s coming from Biden, people
have already moved on from this story and that’s not how this works. Donald Trump is crazy. Yeah. But honestly, I don’t think personally that
Joe Biden is that far behind him. And I think Biden who is prone to missteps
like this, and this is lashing out at the press, which we all have attacked Trump for
relentlessly. We got to hold Biden to the same standard. We’re not going to give him a free pass just
because he’s a Democrat. You can be a bad person and still be a Democrat. You can go through horrible family trauma
and still be a bad person. And honestly, at this point, I think that’s
what we’re looking at with Joe Biden.

16 thoughts on “Joe Biden Freaks Out On Reporter For Asking About Bernie

  1. Biden wants to rage! 🤣

    He gots to stop already… let hunter go to trial with Robert Mueller lawyers and stoneway !

    Return their favor!!

  2. Why do you have a stick up your ass for Joe Biden? Not once have I ever heard you say a good word about him. You're always elevating Bernie the old goat, whom hopefully, will never become President. Saying Joe Biden is going off at that guy is bs… then you couldn't help but drag in his stuttering… What you see, I don't… You're a prick, Farron…. A nasty fucking prick with a tree on your shoulder… It's far too big to be a chip. And you proved it, by behaving like a lunatic in your video… Get rid of the beard, it's disgusting and makes you look like a goblin.

  3. Spot on as usual.

    Biden is not Presidential material. Trump is worse of course but they are both inappropriate, narcissistic, unstable old men who shout at clouds.

  4. Ridin with Biden!!!! He was fine…. I think all of you need to calm down… the reporters do their jobs but they can be annoying !! He is not a bad person and I am just dismayed at what you have against him.

  5. I'm starting to feel like Bernie's apology was him setting a bear trap for Biden. The instant Glass Joe started attacking again, he showed off more of his horribleness. And now he's paying for it.

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