100 thoughts on “John Heilemann & Alex Wagner On The Media’s Coverage Of Stormy Daniels

  1. I couldn't think of a better person for Heilemann to team up with. Glad to hear that "The Circus" will carry on.

  2. I don't follow them so when Stephen said she was a guy last time I thought, "ohhhh, I see it a bit." And then I found out Stephen meant another person. A roller coaster of an interview.

  3. do john & alex really believe they do that? they are paid haircuts, a little more truthful than others, please u want truth & perspective on the week catch john oliver, these 2 are owned by GE or someone

  4. Trump's silence regarding Ms. Daniels is a clear indicator that it would be trivial for someone with evidence against him to have him by the balls. I wonder what Putin has on him.

  5. Stormy Daniels story is funny, but irrelevant. MSNBC is lame.
    Poverty. Living wage. Medicare for all. DAPL. End the wars
    The Democratic leadership and the mainstream media are corporate puppets. They don't give a fuck about you or your problems.

    I love Colbert. Very funny. But hes a comedian not news.

    If you run a progressive agenda , you will get a blue Tsunami

  6. Everyone who wishes to participate in The Blue Wave please register to vote and this November get out and VOTE!

  7. Tax day. I guess America will see if the 99% asks for extensions to file or if they send welfare to the 1%. Serfs Up?

  8. Damn that 🐣 is hot! 🤔 hmmm I wonder if Bruce thought … nahhh. Not EVEN CLOSE 🤯. Hard to look away 🦄✌🏻

  9. Wow! Ms Wagner used that ancient term "facetious". That it hasn't morphed into "sarcastic" for her puts her on my That'sMyKind'O'Peeps list. (Or maybe she's just old and doesn't look it.) No matter, it made my day.

  10. yall pulled Musgraves' from your YT! It was a good performance…made me seek her out and subscribe to her channel. What's the deal Colbert?

  11. Trump is just like a black hole. As we are stretched beyond infinity with his vile, repulsive, disgusting lack of decency, the republican politicians & corrupt democrats rob us of our tax dollars & give it all to the criminal donors & 1%.

  12. Trumps keeping quite to try and distance himself from Stormy Daniels, it's clear that their both at the same level and he doesn't want to highlight that by engaging with her.

  13. RYAN has sold out every Republican voter in the US. He has proven the Republicans are just an Oligarchy of special interests and NOT for the people. Disgusting.

  14. There is nothing more stunningly attractive than a woman is both gorgeous and intelligent…….love me some Alex Wagner 😃

  15. Trump is the answer to every crisis management coach's search for a real world example of a clusterfuck. Think Shakespeare's ages of man. Our shared national shame is careening through the news cycle in perfect character with the pantaloon, the Pantalone of commedia dell'arte fame.

  16. The only really relevant aspects to this are the $130,000 hush money that may or may not be considered an illegal campaign contribution to the Trump campaign and the legality of the NDA. Just about everything else is nothing more than an excuse for male news personnel to show pictures of a woman with big breasts.

  17. Ok, I must have misheard what Stephen said. To be clear, there was NO sex change on the part of Alex Wagner. I paused the video and did a quick google search just to be sure since I’d never heard it and if it were the case, it would have been all over the news. All right, all right, no fake news here. I just misinterpreted the statement based on how Colbert delivered it.

    From the comments below, it looks like I wasn’t the only one who thought that’s what they heard. 🙃🙃
    On a positive note, I at least was diligent enough to do my own fact checking after hearing something that didn’t sound right. Wished more people did this on a daily basis for other news.

  18. From The New York Times:

    President Trump’s Lies, The ever expanding Definitive List

    We have catalogued nearly every outright lie the president has told publicly since taking the oath of office.


  19. Paul Ryan didn't think Trump would win. Who gives shit what he thinks. Tells you what kind of bullshit analysis you get out of that show.

  20. Dammit Colbert! You owe me an hour of my life! ("Am I gay now?…well…. it wouldn't be really gay though…but…P*nis")

  21. I was wondering what happened to Halperin. The sex change is an improvement. Pretty karma if Heilemann harassed him/her, though.

  22. Oooooh, yeah!!! Stormy Daniels IS the story. Imagine that she could bring down the most powerful man on the planet. This is RICH!!!

  23. Yeah everyone just can't seem to get through their day because Trump is president. What a crock of shit! This is so played out. When Obama was selling out our freedoms and giving billions in cash to a terrorist country (iran) life was just so peachy. Give me a flippin break!

  24. Oh great. They added this corporate neoliberal woman. Fuck. She's anti-outsider populists. She's rich and Status Quo in her politics like him.

  25. Michael: "It's Maaay……. March. March 29th."
    Alex on when The Circus begins: "April 15th, Sunday, 9pm."
    Michael, nearly simultaneously: "TAX DAY!!" :

    EVERYONE is on the same wavelength right now. what year is it?? TIME IS AN ILLUSION

  26. Thinking about it, we all know the Simpson's joke that they had this absurd future where Trump became president… but seriously the joke became reality. How demoralizing is that but also why I don't like absurdist humor because it's rooted in the notion that we'd never actually let things go THAT far and yet Trump's president, said Potus is using taunts instead detente N. Korea, we're letting kids get shot in school, cops executing black people for having a phone, tax cuts for billionaires etc

  27. PLEASE do NOT assume the ‘Blue Wave’ is a real thing. Is anybody taking the temperature of the voting electorate? I think the fear of a ‘Blue Wave’ will galvanize them into action

  28. i watched the whole interview thinking alex wagner was transsexual. then i googled her and had to watch that statement again.

  29. Was that you 5hat had Benicia del Toro or was that jimmy with the saint Bernard and Australian Shepard. The Biden 5hing didn't stand out when I researched it but Randy had a safari themed prom and brought home an elephant and at least once said let's talk about 5h3 elephant in the room and I felt like he was trying to get me to mention something

  30. The first contestant on i believe America's got talent was a comedian named nathan and after I complained about 5he buzzer in Arkansas one time an episode came on that was buzzer therapy

  31. "To cap the D or not to cap the D". Colbert is a legend. What a master of his craft. That is poetic brilliance.

  32. fake news! try covering America's illegal occupations and wars. try covering Israeli lobbyists and dual citizenship of the US Senate. stop creating stories that don't matter and focus on what is happening in the world and real peoples' lives.

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