Jump Force Announcement Trailer

Jump Force Announcement Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] There are worlds that exist, separate from our own. Where the impossible is reality. They consist of both good and evil. These worlds were never meant to meet, But things have changed. Now they have begun to merge as one. And our last hope are the heroes we could only imagine, uniting to fight for our survival. [XBOX SOUND]

100 thoughts on “Jump Force Announcement Trailer

  1. Hey aren't we forgetting about our orange haired manga hero Ichigo this game won't be complete without him

  2. How y'all going to give goku he's First Transformation but give Frieza his last transformation we need goku bule

  3. I like how they put goku i there when goku alone could defeat frieza XD (Same with stamina all it would take is one punch)

  4. Let’s take it back to ‘99, Universes collide. This person, sakurai, would be the first to combine a fighter with a roster we never would have thought of, all stars from each department involved in one installment.

  5. HOPEFULLY it's not only those series right? And if they pick one piece I better be able to play as Franky chopper or usopp for memes hahah

  6. Watch as all the characters are wildly mis-leveled so that any of these fights could even happen!

    Seriously like there are so few characters who would honestly be able to fight anyone in the Dragonball universe

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