JUST IN: The White House Removes CNN’s April Ryan From The Christmas Invitation!!!

JUST IN: The White House Removes CNN’s April Ryan From The Christmas Invitation!!!

The White House removes CNN’s April Ryan
from the christmas invitation. CNN’s April Ryan claims for the first time in 20 years
she was not invited to the annual White House Christmas Party. Ryan believes the Trump administration
has a disdain for her. One of the reasons Ryan’s non-invitation could be due to the
feud between her and Press Secretary Sanders. Last month Ryan accused the Trump administration
of being pro-slavery, and Secretary Sanders said it was a disgusting accusation. Among those not invited this year is April
Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks and a CNN contributor.
Ryan doesn’t know why she didn’t get a golden ticket this year, but she suspects
it may be payback for her various run-ins with Trump, and his press secretary Sarah
Huckabee Sanders during the past year. For example, Over the Thanksgiving weekend Ryan
questioned Sanders’s claim to having baked a magazine-perfect chocolate pecan pie. Ryan
tweeted: Show it to us on a table, which sparked piegate, a debate about presidential credibility. In an interview, Ryan said, I’ve given up
trying to figure out why she wasn’t invited to this year’s soiree. “He has the right
to invite whoever he wants. He chose not to invite me. I’m good. Well, not that good.
I don’t think I was overlooked, she continued. I think they don’t like me. For whatever
reason, they have disdain for me.” Ryan noted that this is first time in 20 years
of covering the White House, that she hasn’t been welcome at the annual party. She’s
attended parties hosted by presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
She said no, one time during the Bush years because she was pregnant. And that includes
years in which she’s tangled with other press secretaries, including Obama’s first,
Robert Gibbs.

100 thoughts on “JUST IN: The White House Removes CNN’s April Ryan From The Christmas Invitation!!!

  1. I feel that there are numerous other MSM reporters that need to be "uninvited" to WH functions starting with pressroom briefings. When one of these "reporters" go rogue during the briefing or Q&A session, collect their press pass on the way out the door. Posing a fair, legitimate question or statement is one thing, but what these "journalists" have been doing to this presidency has been utterly and totally disgraceful! They have no limits to the depths they will lower themselves to and they simply have no shame.

  2. Poor April can't figure out why she's not going to the party? She's smarter than that! I think she's fibbing! She knows!


  4. She's a RACE BAITER. why does she seem so worried what the White House thinks about slavery. Typical Clinton News Network. You need to get a life Miss Piggy. Get a life.

  5. What a racist stupid woman. And just who pays her to write anything ????? She thinks they have disdain for her but just can't fathom why. Low I Q right there…just sayin….in addition to her never having gotten a grip on 5th grade history lessons…

  6. Maybe he didn't want a racist at his table! They accuse the president of being racist, and excuse their racism as being righteous! What Hippocratic bull! I am a African American and I'm tired of the drama, I was never a slave! African Americans should forgive and move forward. No man can hold us back, its all in the heart, because you won't forgive!!!

  7. Many US citizens were not in the briefing room during these incidents. The public simply watches April Ryan's behavior on TV and it is not comfortable. She shouldn't be invited to any party if she doesn't like the party's hosts. She wasn't overlooked. She wasn't invited because she is caustic. The public doesn't like her behavior either. Jim Acosta and April Ryan should be removed from the press briefings. The country is not going to suffer in any way if those two bitter people are not there. In fact, watching the briefings would likely be more pleasant and comfortable.

  8. Look at the mob in the news room. They're like liberal mobs on the streets gathered into one. They assemble to attack Sanders. It's their job. Attack. Attack. Attack. They attack Trump through Sanders like the mobs on the streets attack him by property destruction, beating up Trump supporters, screaming and yelling, bullying, showing hate to civil people and law enforcement. All while crying free speech.

  9. This Frog Faced racist black woman should not even have a platform.. I compare her to Hitler…. and CNN as the Third Reich..!

  10. April still lives in the "grotto", very slow moving snail, does not know in which direction she must go. Been living in totlal darkness for too long. Help her find the way out of the swamp.

  11. She is such a Snot Nosed bigot about Trump I’m surprised they even let her in to the news conferences let alone invite her for Xmas. Good decision not to invite her.

  12. Miss Black Piggy at it again, we do not hate her cause she's black , just because she's a Racist bitch
    The bias she has shown, it's amazing how she gets away with it. She needs to be barred from WH press room.

  13. April Ryan you are a pain in the neck, Sarah has to listen to your dumb questions I would have to ignore you.

  14. Can't stand this Troll. It's about time they kick her Fat tail out. All CNN should be kicked out. She should not be working. She will stop at nothing to ask the dumbest Questions.

  15. It's quite the opposite….April Ryan is the one who has disdain…she is rude and doesn't know how to to behave. If you want to be invited….then behave in a civil way when you are amongst people, who wants an anarchist at a Christmas Party!

  16. The question here is why someone that stupid works for CNN as a reporter. Now there's an investigation for you.

  17. FUCK TRUMP AND THE WHITE HOUSE. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO APRIL. THESE DESPICABLE piece of shyt don't deserve your presence. This bitch Trump says he loves babies but you cheated on Melenia with a porn star while she wss giving birth to your son you piece of shyt!! Your supporters ignore your trashy ass ways but I'll callyour bitch ass out Trump!!! FUCK you!!!

  18. 97% of blacks were killed by blacks in America 17250 people were killed in America in 2017! 8000 blacks were killed in 2017! Why are these black people wanting to get immigrants to come in and take over their welfare Social Security in housing! Vote the demo rats and Rino Republicans out of office

  19. I am curious why April would even want to go to the white house party she hates the president…Sarah and April do not like each other why would April want to go to the white house party…no stay home he really do not want you there….Bush did not invite her either….

  20. I think the whole of America should boycott all products advertised on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the rest of the left media corporations.

  21. Just like the President, I don’t invites bitches to my Christmas party either. Just shows you not only is President Trump, but he has excellent taste.

  22. April can possibly be the stupidest twat in all human history. I love that she does NOT have a question that involves race. Well, she got this far on it so why not? She swims in a victim culture.

  23. April:  he does have disdain for you  …. because you are a dimwitted fat slob who has not told the truth or asked a legitimate question since Trump has been President.  I don't remember you calling Barry the Scumbag Obama a liar for telling us over and over again, if you like your doc, you can keep your doc.  If you like your plan, you can keep your plan and the biggest lie of them all, everyone's insurance will go down $2,500 per year per family.  Where were you with the tough questions then fatso?

  24. Anyone saw that pig at the buffet last year knows why she aint invited this year.
    Looked like a one person food fight over there.
    Her ancestors caused the irish potato famine. Ask her fat ass about that.

  25. She's too stupid to live let alone be invited for Christmas. If you ever have a Civil War I sure would like to see her squealing on the ground like a stuck pig.

  26. You ignorant witch, WTF is this nutcase talking about slavery for?? What is it with these liberals and slavery and that we all, who have had NOTHING to do with slavery, i never owned or mistreated slaves and unless someone this idiot is talking about april or anyone else was alive 150 years ago either. Nobody alive now owes anyone squat. Take your idiotic questions and your ignorant attitude outta there and take acosta with you.

  27. i don't like her either. you can tell she's very racist and i wouldn't have her around me either !!! come into the the year 2018. you were NEVER a slave and You can Leave America anytime you want !!!! RACIST TROUBLE MAKER !!!

  28. April Ryan should be marched to the back of the White House, while passing by me, I would have FREAKIN' tossed handfuls of Skittles and Godiva White Chocolate Truffles, feigning a limp wrist, at her mouth and shouted out " Taste the rainbow and fungus, you activist! with Trump looking down from the Truman Balcony( the second-floor balcony of the Executive Residence of the White House, which overlooks the south lawn) shouting out, " Merry, Merry Christmas you lousy gilt!( A female pig is called a “gilt” if she hasn't had piglets yet and a “sow” if she has. like Oprah.) while her snout and ashy lips are placed against the wall(blindfold optional) & she is then flogged(just like the British Navy does … I mean did) and have it televised LIVE on C-SPAN, as a warning to ALL "fake news" reporters, like Acosta, her CNN co-worker, for impersonating a legitimate "correspondent". But unfortunately, the Eighth Amendment [(AmendmentVIII) of the United States Constitution PROHIBITS the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTS(Period)] prevents this from happening. Rats!
    Having to listen AND view April(and/or Acosta) IS a CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT for the American🇺🇸 people. I'm just saying. Let's see who's next on the "disgusting porcine" … maybe her co-worker Jim Acosta? I'm just asking.

  29. Is slavery wrong? Stupidest question ever figured it would he April Ryan .I wouldn't invite her anywhere despite what she days she's butt hurt bad about it. Jim Acosta should take her, birds of a feather

  30. I would not invite anyone, that might ruin my Christmas party. april ryan has only one agenda. hateful, rude, interrupting everyone, race baiting. etc… etc… etc…       BYE FELICIA

  31. Are these questions, accusations or grandstanding? Racist bitch!! You talk shit then question WHY your not invited to a party you’d blow off to impress your friends?? Amazing

  32. Ryan has become a political fake news a ss with her racially chargedstupid questions. Her and Jim should have dinner together! Just two seams in the same muddy lake fake news fakes !!!!

  33. i believe that this is a sigh Ms. Ryan needs more invitations but also "needs to look into what is her point"?
    if its a lye then she needs to "invite herself to church", so that blasphemy or Ill intent leaves her
    and she may become a more honest person……………. a truth seeking person. God help us all……… 😉

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