Kellyanne loses it on reporter in fiery exchange over impeachment

Kellyanne loses it on reporter in fiery exchange over impeachment

Is Sondland a credible witness, Kellyanne? Is Sondland a credible witness? Uh, I guess. I don’t know. In other words, as opposed to who? The other ones you’re cherry picking? Is Volker a credible witness? I’m asking you. When Congressman Lee Zeldin is on the committee
and is in the room, says—he’s saying to ambassador Volker, “You’re saying in no
way shape or form was there no quid pro quo?” And Volker says, what you just said, “correct.” Is he a credible witness? So my question is—
Exactly. Next. Kellyanne, we’re not done. Kellyanne, we’re just finishing–
It takes two to tango and I’m over here now. Go ahead. The president said that those two individuals
were never-Trumpers, Alexander Vindman and Bill Taylor—
He does that to women all the time. –that those men are never-Trumpers. I didn’t even know what you’re asking
about. The president said that Alexander Vindman,
Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman— See here’s the evidence I’m looking for—
What evidence is there that they are never-Trumpers? I’m asking you—I’m asking a question
of you– I’m the reporter, so I’ll ask the questions. Why do you care– What evidence do you have
that the president should be impeached? Let’s start with what we’re talking about. If you’re gonna say “bombshell,” “White
House involved in crisis.” What evidence do you have that the president
of the United States, who was democratically elected, and I’m sure you didn’t vote
for him or predict he’d win—in fact I’m sure you didn’t predict he’d win. I know you’re not gonna vote for him next
time, respectfully. I’m not gonna call you a never-Trumper,
but what evidence do you have that the president of the United States should be thrown out
of office and removed, based on the testimony of people who you hadn’t even heard of weeks
ago? Answer me. Tell the country why you think—why you think—
On what basis does the president say he is a never-Trumper and Alexander Vindman is a
never-Trumper? So Alexander Vindman is a lieutenant colonel
who I stood here and said on TV several times is—I don’t question his patriotism at
all. What I question is him saying “my interpretation
is this.” Why does that matter? That’s like saying your interpretation matters. It doesn’t. So the president is calling him a never-Trumper
on the basis of what? That’s what this is about now? No, I’m just asking. The president made a declaration—
So is NBC covering that this is an impeachment inquiry or that we’re asking people how
they voted? I’m just trying to hold the president accountable
for his— No you’re not. You want the president impeached and you don’t
have the goods. Here, Kellyanne is clearly not satisfied with
a decidedly valid question from NBC News’ White House correspondent Peter Alexander,
and that is to know on what basis Trump calls Bill Taylor and Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman
“never Trumpers.” And so instead of answering the question,
she starts asking him questions instead. Because apparently that’s how accountability
works in the Trump era. Before he can even get his question out, Conway
starts off on a tirade about how she’s certain that the reporter didn’t vote for Trump,
which tells you everything you need to know about how this administration views the press. When other presidents got critical coverage,
which – despite this administration’s victimhood complex – they ALL did, INLCUDING
Obama, none complained that reporters didn’t vote for them in the last election or that
they weren’t receiving exclusively fawning coverage. But that’s all this administration cares
about; you’re either on the Trump train or you’re not, even if your job is simply
to report the news. And so because Kellyanne is convinced that
Peter Alexander isn’t working to advance Trump’s agenda, she took it upon herself
to start attacking him and having HIM answer questions. But here’s the thing—our tax dollars don’t
pay his salary, but they do pay hers. She is accountable to us and, in turn, she
answers the questions posed to her, because – and this might come as a surprise – we
don’t pay her to pretend to be a reporter. …We play her to pretend to be an adviser. Now, eventually, the NBC News reporter is
able to get to his question and asks what the basis is for Trump’s declaration that
Taylor and Vindman are “never-Trumpers.” And Kellyanne does the only thing she knows
how, which is to pivot to something else. She claims instead that it’s absurd for
the president to be thrown out of office and removed based on the testimony of people that
we hadn’t heard about weeks ago. In other words, because Alex Vindman and Bill
Taylor – and while we’re at it, Fiona Hill and Marie Yovanovitch and Gordon Sondland
– aren’t famous, that somehow their testimonies don’t count. But because they’re nonpartisan officials
and not scapegoats that the White House and Fox News can demonize, they’re having trouble
discounting their testimonies. And the reason for that is that there’s
nothing to discount. We’ve now heard from witness after witness,
read in complaint after complaint, that Trump attempted to extort Ukraine into smearing
his top political opponent by leveraging previously-allocated military aid. Trump even ADMITTED that his hope for the
call would be an investigation into Joe Biden. He even showed up on the White House lawn
and suggested, into the camera, that China should open a probe into Biden. It doesn’t make Bill Taylor and Alex Vindman
never-Trumpers because they can admit that, it makes them honest. Although when you think about it, honesty
does kind of disqualify you from this White House. So Trump and Kellyanne can continue to attack
everyone who doesn’t blindly do their bidding as being part of the Deep State or never-Trumpers
or some Hillary Clinton/George Soros-funded cabal in the basement of the Capitol, but
what it actually shows it just how desperate they’ve become.

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  1. So, Kellyanne is angry because she thinks a reporter doing his job asking questions is a "never Trumper" – so, what's the point in having a press conference when she could just have North Korean style news.

  2. She made herself look EXTRA insane and pathetic today….and she usually does an average job of that during interviews, BUT TODAY she really excelled. AMERICA DESERVES WAY BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!

  3. All of this being done in the name of not actually responding to the testimonies, but going on the attack instead. They have one move, and it's become stale. They can't attack what the witnesses said, so they call them never-Trumpers, and if you ask why, then you are a hater acting in bad faith. To ask a reporter to prove to you on the White House lawn why Trump should be impeached is just completely asinine, and I'm glad to see the reporters standing their ground and not letting her get away with that shit.

  4. She handled these treasonous enemy of the state "journos" perfectly. I will be voting for Trump no matter what He says or does. Trump is a god to me. He will remain POTUS. Period.

  5. I really hope her kids turn out like their dad! I thought my mom was bad, but boy, having a mother like this? Brrrrrrrrrrrr 🤥😵

  6. The sad thing is children around the US aspire to be president one day, but this orange and his minions is what our kids have to look up to. And I can't believe one day this presidency will be taught in school.

  7. They all need to go they all belong behind bars that whole Trump organization garbage the way overdue for the prison terms Kelly Conthe Russian troll

  8. I couldn’t hate this wretched witch anymore. If this is a witch hunt start preparing the stake please!

    Her hair is becoming more thin and brittle. She’s cracking like that skin.

  9. Wow shes a brave American iI bet youtube doesn't threatend to exterminate her account because of her comments that may offend other people who disagree with her views

  10. I wish they'd ask her what if Obama had done any of what Trump has done or what if the table was turned. What's inevitable, unless we get hit by a massive asteroid, is that Fuckface McClownstick is gonna get impeached by Congress. What happens in the Senate well…pray for Chief Judge John Roberts.

  11. It's clear as day, that, the Trump Administration, from day one, when, he said to his White House, that, they should treat each day, like, it's a new episode of a TV reality show, and that they should exaggerate, as much as possible, or words to that effect, was headed nowhere good…The leader of the free world, the most powerful man in the world, treats his presidency, like, a reality show, which, as far as TV shows go, reality shows are on the lower end of the TV totem pole.

    This is not a reality show, like, "Keeping up with the Kardashians" or "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"…On the contrary, because Donald Trump and some members of his staff, like, Kelleyanne Conway, Stephen Miller and Trump's new press secretary lie and spin so much, it's more, like, a chaotic, confusing, childish and cruel con show.

    No wonder the whole world can't stand Donald Trump and his sham presidency!…No wonder the Dems won BIG, in the 2018 mid-terms, and gained 30 or more seats in the Lower House.

    Impeachment is good, but if the GOP wants to regain some of its massive supporter loss, some of its credibility and respect, and begin rebuilding the party, Mitch McConnell should urge the Trump Cabinet, Trump White House staffers, and GOP senators and GOP members of Congress, to, invoke the 25th Amendment!…Such a bold move would teach Trump an even bigger and better lesson, than, an impeachment can, because the 25th Amendment would have been invoked by members of his own Cabinet, his own WH staffers, and his own GOP senators and GOP members of the Congress.

  12. bout fukkin time reporters stop letting that dumb cunt side step questions she doesnt want to answer and calling out her bullshit

  13. Reporter: I have a question…
    Trumper: I have a question for you…
    Reporter: But, I'm a reporter asking you a question.
    How the fuck do people believe trump is an honest man? Dafaq?

  14. I would love to debate her all she does is lie .I can't wait to see her face on TV and Trump's face when they lose the election bad . disgraceful she can't even answer a question all she does is lie .even her own husband can't stand Trump .the worst administration ever .the founding fathers would be appalled .ask her why 3 deep Republican states voted democratic .again the worst administration ever

  15. "democratically elected" ? Who does she think she's talking about? Presidential elections are only a poll. The people don't actually elect the president (for those of you who don't know)

  16. Why do people still interview this lady? Are they hoping she'll make Trump look bad because that's all she's doing.

  17. This entire admin (and their supporters) has some kind of mental block against answering what seem to be even the simplest of questions about what they've been up to. It must be exhausting to spend your whole day ducking and dodging like that.

  18. Why is this lady part of our government?
    She is incompetent and she doesn't understand that she is supposed to answer questions, what a moron!

  19. Can you imagine the conversation with her husband: "Kellyanne, did you have an orgasm?" Kellyanne replies: "Husband, what do you mean by orgasm? Define orgasm. You don't know what an orgasm is so how can you ask me what an orgasm is?" Yeesh – you'd have to drink or do drugs to be with this woman!

  20. Bend over America, use your hands to spread them butt cheeks wide and leave a jar of axle grease between your nervous toes as you whimper and beg the Republicans to be gentle because Moscow Mitch is about to screw your ass to the floor of the House, burying any Intergrity or Honesty of the american dream, you elected this pussy grabber and he can stay in power with 24 % of the vote thanks to your Electrol College, …. and 2020 will prove once and for all Trump and the Republicans are nothing but rapists of your Constitution … we cannot believe in you anymore you lie you cheat your rape the dreams of a better future by being pale stale and old urine soaked males … your former ally and a country that knows how to an assault rifles after a public massacre

  21. Looking like she’s had her face ironed and pulled back by elastic bands so tight can barely move her jaws … sometimes think it’s like those snakes who can unhinge theirs to completely devour a cow or horse … wonder what she and her hubby talk about at home . She’s vile .

  22. Those Trumpenzees sound like flat earthers when they are asked questions they know they can't spin around to lick the orange cookie monster's butt.

  23. I don’t know why I watch her make a joke of interviews. She’s so vile, irritating & condescending. And the answer to her question is “Dump should be thrown out of office because he’s a pathological liar & a criminal who tried to blackmail another country into manufacturing investigations into Biden & his son to swing the election in his favour because he knows he can’t win honestly”.

  24. excellent work by peter alexander. this is how you do it, you stay on them, kellyanne was knocked off her talking points and staggered because she/they can't answer for trump's idiotic tweets. shades of sam donaldson.

  25. She should get a job in a orchard as she's the best cherry picker and deflector, simply never answers the questions because if she answered truthfully it would incriminate Trump.

  26. K Conway is a skeleton of person , the lying and wiping her bosses butt everyday has taken it's toll , couldn't happen to a more deserving trumpanzee

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