100 thoughts on “Killer Mike Started ‘The Church Of Sleep’

  1. The great-great grandparents of many Atlanta Crip members were the black Atlanta aristocracy of 1900. They were the Black Scottish Lords and Black English Princes and Dukes of Atlanta that were the first born sons of the Blue-blood plantation Masters.

    The Black Scots and Black English of Atlanta ran the best businesses, were the best craftsmen, made the best scotch and bourbon, had the most productive farms, were the best horse trainers and had beautiful mansions all the way up Peachtree Street.
    What happened to that paradise?
    The Purge of 1906, September 22

    A two-week long slaughter, torture and holocaust of the Black Elites, their children, their servants, their customers, and their sharecroppers. Held in pens at the black-mule corral ( now 5points station), they were killed, burned and bones buried at the Gulch of Gahenna ( the Atlanta Gulch).
    (This location was the original collesium for the Master & Breeder's annual Slave Gladiator and torture games that occurred every September before the War.)

    Who organized and financed the Purge? Who hired thousands of white-militias and paid off railroad executives to shut down the trains, seal off the city roads, and start the killing?
    Their own half-siblings, the Master's pure-white children who were jealous of their black siblings' success. The oral history of certain longtime Atlanta people is that the Georgia Daughters of the Confederacy made up the kill lists and their male relatives in the Southern White Knights and the Knights of the White Camilla bought the gallows poles, the pine tar, the whipping posts, the lynching ropes, and even souvenir SWK ATL knives and silver coins. They planned the Purge for years before 1906. The Valdosta Purge of 1904 was one of their practice runs.

    Was this the Atlanta creation of the Crips? The tale goes like this, young black males from the Black Elites families who had escaped or had not been in Atlanta on that day were eventually rounded up by out-of-state militias and Pinkerton men and sent to the Cripple Creek gulag. They had their left tendons cut and were sentenced to be worked to death on the chain gangs. Some escaped and made their way to the West. Some survived for years longer than most men on the gangs.
    Poor-whites released from a term on the Georgia chain gangs would talk of seeing crippled black men in chains who were highly educated, "spoke the Bible languages" ( Latin, Greek) and had "high-class manners". Were these the original Atlanta Crips?
    Genesis 4:10
    Ezekiel 37, The Valley of the Bones

  2. Man I rock with Stephen Colbert. Real dude. And Killer Mike…..intellectual to the highest degree. Thanks for the series brother .

  3. True about atlanta treating white folks nice. Used to go with family to watch the braves as a kid. Often were only white people on the Marta and never experienced anything uncomfortable. Respect. Like what Mike is doing now, is on a true spiritual path

  4. He is soooo eloquent. Question Why did he wear sunglasses at his Breakfast club interview and his prescription glasses at every other interview?

  5. This mike is a clown. Im black and i didnt need a black spiderman to relate. Liberal propaganda. Jesus is truth. He has the devil in him and hes trying to confuse. Dont be fooled by the devils agent

  6. Atlanta is definitely the black Nashville. Nashville has country music, Atlanta has rap, hip hop and R&B. That's the best comparison I've heard yet

  7. Fellow white guy here lol. I got introduced to Killer Mike when he interviewed and had a discussion with Bernie. Man, Killer Mike has been the shit in my eyes ever since. His solo music and RTJ is just dope. His activism is on point. And honestly, I wish he would have a podcast. He's smart and entertaining as hell and it would go a long way in improving the black community and having stronger allies. I'll take him visiting other shows and creating music in the mean time lol.

  8. But the problem with this is Jesus wasn't white that's just what they put in our head there's no way Jesus was white coming from the origins he came from but the fact that you're laughing about a religion lets me know that it's all fun and games

  9. White and black drinking out of the same bottle is legendary 💯 reminds me of my friends back in high school we use to spend the night at each other houses.

  10. Peeped how Killer Mike tried to place the soda on his desk after drinking it? Free marketing on a primetime scale, smart dude.

  11. It's a matter of time before the seed of negativity as it pertains to his views are put in the laps of Black people. What better way to disempower his energy than to get those who look like him to stand against him?

  12. No real blood would've been apart of that..it's fucking crip a cola an is blue🖕 another rich guy gang banging next Drake will be pushing Su Woo sausage

  13. Respect to a lyricist & 1 who possesses great philosophies. The lecture he gives is important for all members of this planet. #SpeakOnIt

  14. What he said about the african nomads reminded me of something I heard;
    When the white man came we had the land and he had a book. Now we have the book and he has the land.

  15. He is not the smartest elephant in the room, whats is wrong if Jesus Christ was white, he preached peace, love and forgiveness….

    I knew he was an lunatic punk, when he approached crefol dollar to be the new so called cult leader😂😂😂

  16. Interesting that Killer Mike showed up right around the last Sanders campaign. Did Colbert know something? Is he going to be fair to Bernie? Most other networks have already started bashing Sanders. It's time to let the Bern glow bright.

  17. I've been to Atlanta… And Mike isn't wrong about that. But, he's dead wrong when comes to Jesus. Don't tell me that a perfect man, with a perfect mind and body, looks like an anorexic Jim Morrison! Sorry to tell you, but the way the Catholic Church depicted him, isn't even close. Why? Because they never did their math! And this fallacy that they created has backfired on them, and has turned people away from organized religion. But that's predicted in the bible too. Mark my words, organized religion will be outlawed in a few years.

  18. I really want the Book of Sleep, I need that slick robe, and I must meet Sleepy! I gotta go down to ATL and pay a visit to the Blue Flame (which 21 Savage mentioned)!

  19. Such a wholesome and articulate guy. It's impossible not to give him your full attention when he speaks about what he's passionate about.

  20. it is awsome when artists (ie musicians) such as bob marley, rtj, mca, krs, etc. use their profession to create a discourse about some serious societal problems while coming up with some positive solutions to the entrenched Babylon System.

  21. I enjoy and usually learn something from each and every interview with Killer Mike. He and Stephen Colbert are both awesome beyond belief! Both men are smart and funny!

  22. In the Bible, there is a piece that says the skin of copper and woolly black hair, look for it, and let's remember the Jews in the day of Jesus did not look like the Jewish do now, the Jewish in Jesus land are all immigrants.

  23. Price Paid by Bev Sellars, explains exactly how Christian colonization took the land (God) from them and put God in a small white house. I don't do it justice, it's a great read about what really happened in North America

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