KILLING EVE Official Trailer (HD) Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer Thriller BBC Series

KILLING EVE Official Trailer (HD) Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer Thriller BBC Series

[Scream] I know you are an extraordinary person. Exceptionally bright. Determined. I know something happened to you. I know you’re a psychopath. You should never tell a psychopath they are a psychopath. It upsets them. Are you upset?

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  1. this shit sux,  they suck,  fucking garbage 2 fucking wack jobs,  2 blowhards british fucking garbage made for little girls makes me sick..ya Jodie cum job shit heads..if this is a hit it shows one where the mentality is in this world …two douche bags hags

  2. ugh, if it's about strong independent women then of course every male character has to be stupid and unlikable and every female character has to be a lesbian

  3. if you're wondering about watching this show you HAVE TO! it's the most original, well made show ever. go watch it NOW!!

  4. This is a postmodern series. "Beyond the good and evil", like Nietzsche could said, the main character is a killer with no moral. That's what people love about her. There's no moral facts, just only moral interpretations.

  5. I know i am like the one person on earth who feels this way, but this show was really overrated. I could only make it through 3 episodes and when the old guy died i quit. These people were morons. I don't know what show these other people are watching, but it wasn't this one.

  6. Baddest Bitches Everrrr!
    Villainelle forced her alcoholic dad to ingest a bottle of pills. He took them down like a old G with a swig of brandy. When finished the last drop he threw the empty glass n2 her chest which took Villainelle by surprise, then he clocked her upside the head with a log & he then ran out the front door onto the boating dock.
    As he jetted off on his speedboat, father & daughter gave each other the Bird…HILARIOUS!
    That scene alone got me hooked.
    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  7. this is is the kind of trailer I'm talking about!!! 1 min in still not sure what it's about really 😂😂 but I'm already intrigued😍😍#sandraoh !!!!

  8. This show is absolutely amazing!!!💕 I know the blonde from "doctor foster" and in this show her role is very fascinating!

  9. Another “woman who wants to act like a man by beating up men penis envy” show. Don’t TV execs get it? Men want to watch chicks with curves and T & A, not women with pathological penis envy

  10. Outstanding show. I am into season 2 now. This show has a strangeness to it that I can't describe. The soundtrack is great. Sandra Oh is out doing herself.

  11. When I heard Rihanna's song Russian Roulette and Te Amo, I can't help but think of Killing Eve haha soo good and I hope someone makes a fanvid of it. I just can't get out of my head, thinking of Villanelle and montage of her kills in this song! It fits though since Villanelle is Russian.

  12. i like it so much

  13. Is this show worth binge watching? Or is it just fake hype just 'cause Tswift said it's her favorite show

  14. When a psychopath loves a psychopath (I watch this promo and am humming the tune of Percy Sledge, when a man loves a woman").

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  16. I am in hangover of Jodie Comer after watching this series. Her performance is phenomenal in every kill she made.

  17. Started watching and finished the second episode. So far less than impressed, and no huge cliffhangers as the comments here suggest. Eve and her co-workers all seem to have the exact same personality (of . . . sulky teenagers?) and humour sense. So someone they have worked with (presumably for many years) recently lost his wife, and they actually giggle about it behind his back. Villanelle is more interesting, even though the acting in the ice-cream scene came across a bit forced – the kid's acting was more natural. Hope I like the show better as it progresses; don't have anything else to watch right now 🙁

  18. Stop whatever you’re doing in your life and go watch this show. The best decision you’ll ever make. You’re welcome 😊. Jodie Comer is an absolute Gem

  19. First 3 episodes were brilliant, from 4th episode on rather disappointing, like your average stupid american action series.

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  21. If a woman has a reputation as a femme fatale hired killer, she is considered to be very attractive sexually, and likely to cause problems for any men or woman who are attracted to her.She is wel educated. Speaks multi languages.And has a many ways to kill somebody!

  22. Jodie Comer is the most erotic, beautiful killer and psychopath in history ! And the smile oh ! Her famous smile ! Terrifying !!

  23. this is such a controlled explosion of talent . . . : acting, writing, directing, music. The British do it best. . . "Your a romantic . . . and a good person too I think". Bang!

  24. Not all psychopaths are like that

    I know it’s a tv show, but I just wanna bring it up in case people starts thinking every killers are psychopaths
    Every psychopaths are killers

  25. I watched a news rating show with good ratings about this new Killing Of Eve, What A Load Of Shit it is after season 1 Episode 5 i deleted All Future Episodes off this most Ridiculous show Ever to put on mainstream TV.Do Not Waste Your Time as i can never get back the 3 or so Hours back added to my LIFE after watching this CRAP.

  26. A good story, in the staging some gross mistakes, mainly the stupid – overconfirmed – misstep "Sandra Oh", which occurs uncontrollably, without discipline and from one blunder to the next. As an agent or investigator, it is as good as a cow in a swimming competition. Let them die, then the story can go on credible! Jodie Comer is outstanding! LG Heinz

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