Lady Gaga on Oscar Win & Being “In Love” with Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga on Oscar Win & Being “In Love” with Bradley Cooper

100 thoughts on “Lady Gaga on Oscar Win & Being “In Love” with Bradley Cooper

  1. I have always loved and respected this woman and her art ever since but, WOW! She speaks so eloquently! Huhu. You can tell that she's really smart because she never fails to give the answer/s REQURED by the questions while also really giving detailed answers at the same time! With those detailed answers, we get little views of their world (music/acting/film) and the technicalities that come with it. From those answers, you can also tell that she's not that type of selfish celebrity because celebrities like that tend to only give vague and general answers — gaga doesn't. I kinda wish I was like her…

  2. Amazing she makes it clear who needs recognition "Bradley did it" I'm sooo surprised n ashamed I didn't like her she a real sweet n humbling person.

  3. I loved the movie and the music was phenomenal,but her acting was not Oscar worthy I have seen better. Now Bradley was Oscar worthy.

  4. Just realised when gaga was taking the stuff out of her bag couldn’t she have made a great Mary poppins in the new Disney!!

  5. hear that? "if you work had and don't give up you can do anything" stop the victim mentality..count your blessings and work hard

  6. She IS beautiful. Love the hair style and make up. Wow. What a dress. She is awesome. Congrats on the Oscar. You deserved it Steph. 🌹🌹👏👏💓😭

  7. Hard work? Come on we all know you wrote some of your big hits in 5-10 minutes. You're just one talented Lady Gaga!😁😂

  8. she is one of the best artists on our planet.
    maybe even the best.
    she can sing, she can act… is there something she cannot do?

  9. I absolutely love lady Gaga but I love Stefani even more! She is such a wonderful beautiful soul! She is timeless!

  10. Never been crazy about her songs, but she's an undeniable talent full of warmth and wisdom. This version of her is so much better than the pop Madonna wannabe she started out as.

  11. When you see the real her she is absolutely stunning inside and out! I’ve grown to love this girl she doesn’t seem like such a freak since her beginning days ! I think she has grown and matured from those early days way to go princess👸💝

  12. thx to god lady gaga stopped helloween. i hope she noticed that she dont need to wear crazy stuff anymore. Just be natural and be kind you are now going to be what you always were… no need t o eyecatch anymore, give a f** about ppl who dont like you ok?!

  13. It’s crazy how lady Gaga can change her looks SO MUCH! I never would have known Ally was Lady Gaga!! This is an amazing women!

  14. In love with her since I was 14, I remember memorizing all the choreography of her songs and now I'm 24 and she is still the same amazing woman we know.

  15. If you work hard and don't give up, you can do anything! Could you please add: and you're well connected and lucky and accept anything and lack some morals. In 30 years from now: we'll hear on the news: LG the great star was a sex trafficker or has bullied/ intimidated beginners in music industry. Show biz is the toilet of all the industries 😂

  16. I guess these 2 lovebirds are just became rabbits they have sex 5 times a day it’s nice , but they will hate each other very soon because it’s all about sexual immorality and idolatry , they think they Kings and Queens

  17. I like that she changed! 1 movie knocked some sense in her! HOPEFULLY! Can we call her Stefani now!? Her fans have grown up and HOPEFULLY she does to! Finally comes on a show looking decent without some weird outdated Jerry Springer BS drama that convinces something she is not! This is the real Stefani Germanotta… About dam time! Fooled you all didn't she LOL

  18. If Stephanie and Bradley are single and are such good friends, maybe they should consider dating. They seemed to have the chemistry. Maybe their afraid of losing friendship if it doesn't. With that, maybe we can't blame them.

  19. I think she is "in love" with him and he with her…….it's not just acting when you have that connection, and why not, who wouldn't fall in love with him?!!

  20. What a movie!! Talk about a beautiful lady, inside and out. I do see her totally different now. It's like she is a regular person and not as eccentric as I first thought. She was also awesome in American Horror story Hotel.

  21. I love you now Lady Gaga after watching the film… So stucked with it and can't do other things… Superb. Movie!

  22. Miss Gaga is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is "that friend" we all dream about having. she not only has your back and is protective over her friends and family…. but she genuinely wants to make everyone feel loved for who we are. I believe she is the person she is today, because of her humbleness outweighs her her talents and stardom.

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