100 thoughts on “Latest Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Comes Forward Amid Backlash Over Prince Andrew’s BBC Interview

  1. Andrew needs to go down but l can bet the Royal family hushes it all up. And Trump he was friends with Epstein, he's in photos with him.
    And yes l think someone got to Epstein …..

  2. I applaud these brave women coming out and speaking their truth to power. Keep exposing these pedophile devils! The rabbit hole is just starting.

  3. the royals the biggest welfare recipients in the world can get away with anything and they know it ,time for the world to change. randy andy did not get that name for nothing shame on him and those who protect him

  4. Another shining example of why Britain does not need the royal family, disgraceful. Worldwide, all royal families are extinct and should no longer exist. Their is no such thing as their divine right to rule. God gives people their human rights. Governments are always taking to take away your God given rights. Turn Andrew over to King Nebuchadnezzar. Heat the furnace 7 times hotter than normal. Throw Andrew in.

  5. This is really weird. I don't believe Andrew is telling the truth, but I don't believe Gloria Allred either. I think the masses should just get on with our lives because this could be a case of two rival gangs playing us all for fools. Probably an elite gang war since antiquity.

  6. he rapes underage girls and does not sweating about it! when royals do nothing for centuries they lose the ability to sweat – it's a condition!

  7. Where's the video and photos conveniently missing…So wrong and he might have power and money but he is a lying arrogant evil man
    Watch 69 minutes Australia shocking

  8. Andrew thinks because there isn't a made for tv video of him raping these underage girls, he is untouchable! There wasn't a video of Cosby neither, nor Monica and Pedo Bill, but they still got busted! 😂

  9. Whoever took the contract to off Epstein was stupid. Bad job to take cause you know they soon followed. Can't have any loose threads now. Anyone who even knew about the plan, even if paid, also ended up deceased…

  10. He’s untouchable just like the rest of these trash humans. Bunch of crap lives they live while lecturing us on proper living. They all disgust me and this puke prince Andrew should be Epsteined! Cuz we all KNOW Epstein DIDNT KILL HIMSELF

  11. These are the people who control our world and put people in jail for looking the wrong way, And this is why this planet is out of control becuase we have phedophiles running this world , they do what they please , makes me sick in the belly

  12. Um, it wasn't me, it was the one armed man! Snake! I've seen pictures of him sweating. He is obviously an accomplished liar. And that he would swear to tell the truth is a no brainer, these demons have no regard for God, His Word or humanity at large. they are elite and they have control, for now.

  13. Wonder how long will it be till Andy is found to have died in a tragic mishap? Omg, that is about the only way he is going to ''get away'' with the obvious guilty verdict..he will have to fake his own death like Epstein has.

  14. "I have a medical condition" pshh…this numbnuts is guilty.
    Dont know about the alien looking skinny blonde girl no eye contact

  15. And what about Prince Harry dancing naked in another ring scandal, but no one ask if there were underage girls??? Nobody said or ask much about this Hitler lover, why?

  16. Where were her parents? Why she looks suspicious some times? How old is she now? I think that there are canals to dress what happen to these girls, but it’s not a moment neither the place of a press conferences, other than go to the police and make legal accusations an ask for protections. Smell fishy all of these. Uujum

  17. The pizza joint might've been a call back. The globe and space hoax next, same cabal. John Thor's channel's posts lately makes it incredibly obvious

  18. Its a witch hunt. Leave Prince Andrew alone. These girls were complicit in their activities not the victims they claim to be. Her statement was obviously contrived. The big hug from the attorney at the end…..awwww…..how bloody dramatic.

  19. Why would any parent allow their 15 year old daughter to go to an island with a bunch of perverts?
    We barely let our kids out of our sight. And they damn sure aren't going to an island with a bunch of perverts

  20. nothing will happen .he will get away whith it.he will just go out of public life.we should kill the rest of them.like thay did in Russia.by the way that's who we owe are freedom to.

  21. You charge 5000 and now you want house…you took money thats a crime i believe its called prostitution…if you did not take money you would be victim how you get there and who got paid to drop you off…SKETCHY

  22. Fuck this ‘prince’, fuck the ‘royal’ family. The ‘Windsors’.. my fucking arse!.. Parasites. Self appointed privilege. Enough of this shit.

  23. Drone video post-after -the supposed Epstein murder was taken on the infamous pedo island after the FBI did their search etc and drone catches a very alive Epstein!! He had videos of all the celebrities and politicians and royals and judges fking GIRLS!! The evidence to blackmail all of them is assuredly safely hidden in many places as his insurance policy NOT to be murdered!! The drone video shows him looking up at it and very much alive and worried. I looked up pics of his brother and his brother looks nothing like Epstein… so no mistake it’s him! Everything surrounding the fake murder is a lie to make Epstein disappear including the story!! Guess who Epstein left ALL his billion$ to — his brother!

  24. These are many women who were sex trafficked as CHILDREN to the elites including the fking Clinton’s who BOTH went to pedo island two dozen times!! Charged them all and let the victims confront their rapists in a very public court! My bet is Andrew will be made to disappear, I think he’s more frightened by the royal family offing him as this is not a crime they can cover up since it’s being brought in the states and not Britain!!

  25. Alot of musicians hollywood celebrities royalty and rich elites , MSM, bankers Professors Clergy do far worse.they talk about underage girls like its acceptable when its NOT! what about the CHILDREN and BABIES???no wonder they are pushing Islam . its normal practice to rape kids. The leftist filth needs to be purged!!!!!!!!

  26. Andrew maybe untouchable but what I’m proud about it, is the fact that he has an sword on his head 24 hours a day! Is he still the beloved son of his mom?

    He must regret Jeffrey; not because he is dead but simply that his pedophile game must be OFF and in danger!
    Poor P Andrew your life is about to crackdown under your foot!
    Shame on you!

    Victims dead or alive will hunt you until your last day’s on earth.

  27. Prince Andrew your a big liar and all the world can see that you are will the police arrest you I don’t think so because we all know the elite can get away with anything

  28. Her body language ???? Very questionable, she needs to be put under severe scrutiny and dates she claims this happened need to be investigated ( sitting down and making claims without any form of scrutiny taking place is not acceptable )

  29. Where is this woman, Maxwell?! Why isn't she in prison or at least raked over the coals in the public sphere like the others? She is a pimp and a kingpin and it's time for her to face the music but instead everyone is talking about a dead man, a Prince ambassador who can't be arrested and not going after the one who can actually be fharged.

  30. As a woman, that was a 15 year old before as well, I feel so ashamed seen those girls. Why they don't name others then? what are they playing? Why only the prince name is there? Why those girls hungry of money they get involved in this blackmail? You are poooo!!!! All!!!!

  31. All I got to say these people prayer Pray there is no God nerve Deathbed is very very scary I don't know what they going to do big God there is a God and God is God

  32. Yes he's guilty and Yes he's been thrown under the bus. Look Here Dont Look There !!!!!!! I hope that karma is true ………. an eye for an eye !!!!

  33. Anybody notice how MSM, Gloria Allred as well as all the girls that have come forward against JE have never mentioned the little children that were involved! They never mention the cages or the chains to keep those Children in place. They never mention the multiple men, women, and satanic associated individuals that showed up to purchase said children! Any time MSM promotes comfortably then you have to understand that there is more there! When it's all said and done, people are going to realize that Epstein was a serial pedophile YES, but what they're also going to realize is that the majority of the leaders around the world and their minions were also involved in pedophilia, child sacrifice, child bloodletting, torture, and organ harvesting! This is what connects all of them!

  34. Where were her parents when she accepted $5000 what Epstein did is disgusting but who allowed these girls near him .The teenagers all took the money.Parents need looking at for putting minors in harms way

  35. Off with his head how come these high flying pedos never seem to face justice.These creeps associated with Epstein are also linked to the Satan worshipping child sacrifice billionaires club and the shameless royals Rothschild etc are all linked. They all should be publicly exacuted so the rest can see knowone is immune from these horrendous crimes against children hang them all hang them high bring on the revolution.

  36. I think she is lying. Why write down a script if you experienced such an ordeal.
    Prince paedo is definitely lying. Do take a look at “body language “ about him.

  37. Suddeeenlyyyy… this woman and the others commits suicide or overdose or got hit by a falling plane … you know, to not make it that obvious.

    Mark my words.

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