Lightfoot crabs ambushed by eels and octopuses | Blue Planet II – BBC

Lightfoot crabs ambushed by eels and octopuses | Blue Planet II – BBC

The moray eel The chain moray is a specialist crab hunter It’s blunt teeth can easily grip and crush a crab’s shell It’s the crab’s deadliest enemy that was close, they should be safe now WaiTLOOKOUTAGAIN But the crabs’ feeding grounds are still a long way off They must press on Halfway But their enemy has other ideas Crossing the land To reset the ambush To feed, the crabs must keep going But nowhere is safe An octopus, also a crab-killer The crabs make a dash for it Made it! Risking life and limb to graze on these seaweed pastures But in two hours time, when the tide starts to turn They will have to run the gauntlet all over again

100 thoughts on “Lightfoot crabs ambushed by eels and octopuses | Blue Planet II – BBC

  1. I'm glad I dont have to go through all that to get some crab legs at the Chinese buffet. They're good, but they're not that good.

  2. Dam I would never leave the house if a eel or octopus was waiting to eat me . Everything would be delivered 😳

  3. iam sitting here and asking how the fk these guys film from such angels even from underwater wherewe can see the crab running like daaaaayummm

  4. This is literally Mr. Krabs trying to avoid being captured by the man who fishes from above the sea. The eel & octopus are that man.

  5. I was screaming for he crab the entire way and when the eel grabbed him I gripped my computer and just screamed NO, NO, NO. Fuckin tensest moment of my entire life.

  6. 😮😮😮😮 never seen a crab swiming before…and ren away to the alien….guy needs to get a credit…real survivor

  7. Who would give a thumbs down to informative videos about nature???

    So much we don't know about living things on earth. Very interesting! Thank you.

  8. when David Attenborough narrates you running late, you know for sure the situation is DIRE
    Unable to feed he runs off to school, though humans can live 3 weeks or more without food his tummy rumbles and his feet are just starting to skimp. If he doesn't finish his homework on the bus this will all be for nothing…

  9. Read the title as "Lightfoot crabs amused by eels and octopuses" clicked on the video and hey ho it's attempted crab murder. Just wanted some light crabby boi entertaiment.

  10. This kind of crab walks and runs forward and even jump 😱😱 unlike the typical crabs the we know which walk sidewards 🤔🤔 now i know 😬 thanks BBC 😬

  11. Imagine being one of the 560 idiots who thumbed down this – no wait; I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Lets hope David Attenborough is immortal…

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