Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

It’s all the way, the whole length. What is? Where they live. Inside the bridge, goes all the way. Inside the structure here? Yeah, right inside. FAINT VOICES This is extraordinary. There are voices coming from inside
it. Hello. So, erm… They’re friends from Great Britain
and they’re doing a video on the way some folks are living
here. Thank you so much. Shall we follow you in? Sure. Hey, Amy. Hi. Thank you for letting us in.
No problem. TRAIN RUMBLES OVERHEAD Well, these guys are. I’m like a
sort of really cheap, shoddy version. Yeah. You just haven’t gotten old yet. I know! I think I think it’s a bit
more than that, but thank you. Are you a big fan of David
Attenborough? I’m a huge fan of David
Attenborough. Do you get to see his documentaries
here? I don’t get to watch a lot
of video here. But power’s a problem. But I do listen to a lot
of podcasts here, so… Do you? Trying to take in the artwork, and I thought
it was a freeway, but actually, it’s the train above. The trains aren’t 24 hours, are
they? They stop for about three hours between midnight and four. TRAIN RUMBLING CONTINUES Are you a light sleeper? No! Ah, right. That’s probably, probably
for the best. Is it you who’s done much
of the painting here? I’ve done all of the paintings. I even call it the mansion. Just this place is giant and it gets
taller as you go back, so… There’s a couple rooms that, you
know, I think of as the ballroom and the room
where the pool will be in. That sort of thing. But, yeah,
that’s my joke with myself. TRAIN RUMBLING OVERHEAD Do you feel safe here? Yeah. You know, there’s really only
one way in. The dog scares people quite quickly. Would you want somewhere
conventional? If someone dropped in my hands the money to pay the
deposit in the first month when I found a place, the rent would still
be so very expensive and it’s not worth it to just work to be able to be alive. What the hell is going on, Amy? There’s tens of thousands of people
in Los Angeles living homelessly. Welfare is really not something
Americans understand any more. It’s a weird thing. There’s so much moral judgment
about people. I think it’s mostly fear, though,
like the closer they get, the more they want to distance
themselves from it. Somehow relating makes them
susceptible to it. Thanks for letting us in, Amy.
It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve seen a lot of stuff
around the world. I would never have thought
in the United States, I would see… ..I would see this.

100 thoughts on “Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

  1. The cost of living it’s ridiculous in certain countries real homeless people should be helped at all cost but people who live on the streets for drugs that’s a different matter people who have drug habits continuously get kick out of there homes because they love there needles so much and that’s a problem to other people especially children the influencing etc .

  2. What did this accomplish ?? Did you donate time ,money ,or resources to help Amy or any of the others in the "mansion" ?? Or were you just there for shits & giggles ??😐

  3. It's Kalifornia what's to be shocked about? Once the 3rd largest a economy now the 8th its only downhill from there. Liberals pretending that they have created a new utopian state but apparently it is not the same as the dream more like the nightmare.

  4. This. This is the problem with the American Dream. People believe that you have to work to make it. But the way "work" and "expenses" exist in the 21st century is insane. It's like we need another New Deal or something!

  5. So bridges are not completely filled with concrete…. I'm not civio engineer thou…#talking about here she just became to much wiser and in our world she is dressed/poor/homeless/nofamily/etc.

  6. Come to Colorado Springs,Co! We reached national headlines with our "Tent City" in 2016. Nothing has changed. It's gotten much worse. It doesn't help much that the city hoards the city's financial aid to fund city upgrades & new buildings instead of affordable housing.

  7. Welcome to America and the so called white privilege everyone keeps banging on about on CNN and msbc and American universities and all the other political identity filled places


  9. Welcome to the greatest country in the world. THE first world country, like all the Americans brag all around the world.


  11. Very sad and just like Tory UK where were had 10yrs Tory austerity.i hope one day all people in our world will have a roof over they heads in they own cosy homes.god bless you all and may you all get all you wish for one day.amen.x

  12. I live an hour North in Santa Barbara. The nice weather draws a large homeless population. It's a huge issue with so many reasons. Here, it is mostly mental health issues.

  13. I NEVER WOULD'VE GUESSED that that structure wasn't a SOLID PIECE OF CONCRETE. .. She's a SMART COOKIE for finding it out!

  14. Notice how its al the big citys with homeless people? Also notice what partys run those big citys? Wake up people and stop voting for democrats.

  15. We lurnt this homelssnis frum the British that came to tha Americas. In school they taught us old British fairy tails of trolls that lived under a bridge. We overthrew the British but those stupid tales hung around & brain washed tha childrens.

  16. Depiction of why liberal states are trash. This is why people leave places like California, and yet those same idiots vote for the same party that ruined their last state.

  17. В США бездомные только потому что не хотят работать! Нехрен их жалеть

  18. Homeless in LA this wouldn't happen if thier wasn't a overflow of people coming in.
    Welfare is for own not other's.
    All this for a vote now that shameful.
    Now it done and we allowed .
    We too blame voting wrong.

  19. It too reflect and change it around but were are foolish by nature .
    We don't see who we vote for the lesser of two evils.
    This not happening in LA it all over America.
    We need a civil war too make people understand what we gave too other's who just don't give a dam this Country too wake up respect.

  20. So the BBC can film Amy, will monetise and profit from the horrendous situation she’s trying to make the best of, but don’t appear to have offered to get help for her, help her in the right direction ?

  21. I would get the hell out of LA and go somewhere else. WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. Santa Monica will pay for a Greyhound bus ticket to leave LA. I know someone who was in LA homeless. They left and came to New York City and now they live in a brand new building and their rent is 30% of their income. They stayed in a homeIess shelter here until they got their place. I know LA is sexy but it is not that sexy if got to live under a bridge like a animal. This woman could get raped or something.

  22. if I was a 'refugee' the LAST place I'd want to come is CALI !!! 
    the politicians seem to NGAF about any one here but themselves….and THAT is their + side!!!

  23. Thank you for this dignified clip. I was homeless ( I am still technically but for now living with a sister). Please whom ever produced this look into targeted individuals. I met many individuals that were homeless like me that had college degrees, not on drugs, not alcoholics. It's an epidemic in the United States. Many homeless shelters and non profits are corrupt. The system (if you are on welfare or assistance) will break your health, make you sick and than send you to a health care system that makes it worse. This is all created…on purpose. Look carefully for the underlying stories. They are there and need to be written.

  24. Imagine the amount of heat in there… I wouldn’t think they’d last that long in there I feel so bad… going long lengths for shelter

  25. my lady friend and I would take her in , we have a very small apt in our cellar, which is a walk out, she could work in town ,make enough to help pay utility costs, no booze, no drugs, and she would get help,

  26. I saw a bridge like this being built once and when I realized the center was Hollow I always thought that would be a place someone could live, I agree with everything she said

  27. With politicians making millions of dollars and not dealing with this issue shows you they don't care about anything except money and power!

  28. I don’t understand, can somebody explain to me why between welfare, homeless shelters and unemployment they’re living in a bridge?

  29. California #1! 💪💪💪💪💪

    50% of all American homeless 🌁🌁🌁💪💪💪😎😎😎

    Love my state

  30. Thank you Amy for not giving up on life and being you and not being ashamed long enough for the world to see more of the truth that you and I know they desperately need. I love you and I hope if anything you’ve learned the value of the dollar bill because you are talented and a talented mind that has learned to use both its hands to create beauty for the eyes of others. That’s when the darkness in man puts a price on what’s beautiful to you. You and you’re things are priceless. Rage against the dying of the light. 💕

  31. I've been researching the homeless explosion out in CA for a few months now, it's like a train wreck I just cannot look away from it. Yesterday I stumbled across an article that helped make a lot of sense to me as to what is happening, at least with the mental illness aspect of the problem as well as the enablement of drug cultures.

  32. 2:43 That sums up a large number of homeless people.
    They actually want to be homeless.
    "I dont want a regular place to live because I'd have to pay rent and keep a job."
    Yeah. Welcome to being an adult 👏

  33. She seems coherent to me. I would give her a roof over her head just to take care of my animals. I see a valuable person.

  34. Nice spot. No rent, no mortgage to worry about. Just continue to collect Social Security Benefits and save up every month and you could have at least $6k by the end of each year for as long as nobody snitches on you with building inspectors who could deem your conditions uninhabitable and force you out.

  35. Let me guess. You got someone on the bus and had him brag Trump up then slowly switched the conversation sexually. That’s pretty crazy.

  36. She's got it nice, safe. We only have interstate overpasses here because I'm in the country in the state of Georgia. A 4 X 8 sheet of plywood laid between the I beams of the overpass is not nearly as quiet and solid, but it's the only place for us to go where they don't run you off. She's real lucky to have that much safe space. It's like a mansion. I hope she continues to be blessed.

  37. I was homeless for 21 years. I honestly don't know how I survived. I've been off the streets for about 7 weeks now. But I'm still homeless, I don't feel right here, I just don't belong. Im still in catastrophe mode, and I don't know if I'll ever get around it. And I understand that thing about perpetual labor just as a means to survive. The problem with being homeless is lack of stable income, now I have income but I'm still broke and chained to a thankless job. If I could, I would take the money and stay in a cave, or in my car. Better to be homeless and have kinda sorta some money than to be earning more than a thousand dollars a month and struggling to pay rent and bills and still not being able to afford food. Something is broken. We love you Amy ❤ and your dog is awesome.

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