A dress causes controversy! Kanye West said WHAT?! And my man, LP stops vlogging. I’m Gloriyah Burger and this is PEW NEWS! poopooopoopoo poopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoopoo StOp!! Brad or Brad 2, what the heck are you doing?? You’re supposed to edit the lasers so they come from my fingers. Instead you just blast them like all across the screen! What am I even paying you for? (pause) B2: Hello! B1: Brad 2, it’s Brad 1. This boy thinks we’ve got time to actually track the lasers coming out of each of his individual fingers (laughing) (Laugh continues) Like we ain’t- B2: He’s mental! B1: Like we ain’t got better sh*t to do with our day! (more laughing) B2: I know, right? Like he’s not paying us enough, man. What the hell? B1: He don’t pay us ANYTHING! On top of that, we’ve got an hour to edit each of these every day. B2: But he’s literally making us into slaves like this- this is ridiculous. Man this is ridiculous. *cue dope intro music* Good evening, I’m Gloriyah Burger Your favorite new- The most reputable news source in this entire world. Our first story comes from Twitter- and my god is everyone tweeting this at me. So apparently some guy got really mad and upset that some girl who is not Chinese wore a Chinese dress to prom and she’s not allowed to do that because that’s cultural appropriation and a ChInGa ChInGa ChInG cHoN- I’m not gonna do a racist Chinese accent for this. That would just be horrible and racist I’m not like Jeremy just dropping “n” bombs and other racist- derogatory terms left and right while calling other people out. Wait a minute disgusting hurtful language. getting in-culturally appropriated right now. someone is wearing something that they are not allowed to wear. And that’s just- that’s just mean and hurtful. I’m glad we have people like Jeremy Lam- Literal Saints (100%) calling these people out. after being called out for (laughs) for all this. Yes, I used to be more ignorant than I am now My youth was not perfect. It was problematic What? Can we all just have a round of applause for Jeremy? I think he’s got enough of it. He had a non-perfect youth everybody.
All right so to summarize, in case I didn’t explain it well enough- this guy just found this girl on Twitter, and she was wearing a Chinese dress and he made this tweet and it got a lot of retweets. to take it upon himself to speak for all Chinese people, or all Chinese women for that matter- It’s not like he’s worn the dress Just be honest and say what it is, you wanted retweets online. You wanted attention and you knew exactly how to get it. I’m sick of it. I don’t even want to waste any more time on it. Let’s move on! poPOpopoPOPoPpoPo (pause) (Pewds continues) Sorry. I forgot to tell you, if you guys want to stop cultural appropriation- Just buy the hat. This Cyka hat merch it’s got five days left on it before- before we never sell it again and we don’t ship to Russia (rip slavs) so that means anyone, but Russians can wear it. And today in awesome news guys Orange shirt kid finally was made into a dancing Fortnite. Remember orange shirt kid? *beautiful music thanku brads* He didn’t win the Fortnite boogie-down challenge, so he would be made into a dancing Fortnite, and everyone got really mad. *beautiful music again* And he should’ve- CLEARLY should’ve won! This is the best dance I have ever seen in my life. Well I got good news for you It’s made into a dance. How great! I’m sure he’s going to get part of the revenue of course. Now this is all thanks to- fabricated social media outrage. (swede laughs) That’s started by Dolan Dark Starting the hashtag #JusticeforOrangeShirtKid campaign. For real I think it’s cool that Epic Games finally listened. uhuuhuuhuh He deserved to win. It’s sort of not funny anymore. I feel like now, it’s the meme is dead, and I truly understand how people feel when I review a meme. I mean when PewDiePie reviews a meme on meme review. I get it now! Next News! PEw PewPew Today in awesome news A.S.S. is coming out of every single console ever, in May!! pOoo POoo poo POo pOo p00 pew And today an awesome news, Logan Paul stopped daily vlogging (finally!) Wait a minute Are you telling me someone that is making less ad revenue than ever and probably selling less merch than ever decided to go on another path of earning revenue. I don’t understand this I don’t understand it at all. (Help the broke child)
Please buy a hat in case you haven’t already. Honestly legit- I I am making more on selling these hats this month than I’m making on ad revenue despite uploading daily content. Do you understand how bad ad revenue is? I might as well not even call myself a youtuber. I’m a hat merch- I’m a hat salesman at this point. That is my profession. And really just- I want to thank YouTube for having such great way of monetizing on their platform. It’s it’s wonderful. I’m so thankful.
(Flawless work YT) *more pews* You probably notice Kanye West has been tweeting a looot. Lately among things, what he tweeted was “I love the way Candace Owens thinks”. This got a lot of news coverage and it became sort of a controversial statement, let’s see why- why that is. “Victim mentality is not cool. I don’t know why people like being oppressed its the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard ‘I love oppression! We’re oppressed! 400 years of slavery! Jim Crow!’ Which by the way none of you guys lived through. Your grandparents didn’t. It’s embarrassing that you utilize- you utilize their history. You’re not living through anything right now. You’re overly privileged Americans!” then following up with “self victimization is a disease” “We have freedom of speech, but not freedom of thought” now I talked about ego a few videos back, and I realize now I I was wrong. Kanye has such a massive ego And he was so aware of it that he doesn’t back down of what other people are criticizing him for which is so rare these days, the fact that everyone just backs down is what has created this polarizing Climate of ideas where we all know in a public setting. What ideas are Allowed to be said and what ideas are just plainly not and a lot of times common Sense is forbidden because it doesn’t fall in the pool of thoughts that We’re allowed to say or allowed to think because they’re somewhat controversial and they they get attached to all these Extremist groups when really a lot of times We’re just talking common sense obviously Kanye thinks like this because he’s a very successful guy If anything it’s nice to see people staying true to their ideas because for too long everyone is bought into the same sort of mentality I’ve done that mistake myself for example here with the case of the dress I’m glad that keziah decided not to delete the the tweet and be proud of her dress just because this sparked public outrage Doesn’t mean that she thought she was wrong and she- in my opinion, she wasn’t next POOOOO what the fu- “Nice to see you Danny I’m going to take a nap” let’s talk about Avicii you guys probably heard of was it a few weeks ago Avicii he died and It sort of came as a surprise if you’ve seen photos of him near the the death You could tell something was wrong Avicii died of apparent suicide He really struggled with thoughts about meaning life happiness, and he could not go on any longer He wanted to find peace this whole story sort of Hit a bit too close home for me with Young Swedish guy. I think he was he was my age even From Sweden he described himself as an introvert. He just had a passion and it became successful obviously I’m nowhere near successful as Avicii, but it’s I It’s it’s too similar to me. I feel like you know in another universe this could have been me I obviously don’t know Tim. I never met him it’s not really fair on me to project a bunch of ideas around it in 2016 Tim Bergling had stopped touring because He had some health issues, but he also said “to me, It was something I had to do for my health the scene was not for me It was not the shows and not the music it was always the other Stuff surrounding it that never came natural to me all the other parts of being an artist I’m more of an introverted person in general. It was always very hard for me I took on board too much negative energy. I think” I can imagine Tim. Just wanting to create music. He’s a passionate guy that Became successful everything that came with it was just too much. I don’t know I’m just speculating I know it’s not really fair of me to do But I want to be able to discuss this at least or what I think about it because a lot of people look at people That are successful, and they just think how could they commit suicide They have everything and I’m not saying that so that I would get some sort of pity or like oh, it’s so hard It’s really that’s not it at all. I’m just saying it for you guys, so you understand that this whole idea of fetishizing Success in a way that it’s the ultimate goal that if you get popular then you’ve acquired everything and if you’ve acquired money then that’s all that matters because it really isn’t and We really need to stop thinking that way. I’ve talked about happiness a lot on this channel. It’s a topic I discussed a lot because I’ve seen so many people struggle with it you youtubers I mean because I think constantly being evaluated by numbers as soon as you make one mistake it will seem like the whole Your whole fan base and everyone has just turned against you. With a tragedy like this I feel like I want to do something about it. I feel like I can do something, but I don’t know what When I filmed scare PewDiePie I think that was the worst time for me when I did YouTube because I felt so trapped Doing something that I didn’t really want to do I was taken away from what I really wanted to do was to make videos but My network at the time had just put up so many projects and so many things on me I was stuck doing things that I didn’t want to do even though I had the dream laid out for me and as an introvert a lot of times things that seem, seem attractive and Amazing things is just a chore and and a pain and it’s not for everyone. I realize in a way now I’m talking about Tim’s suicide in a way that for me to talk about my own problems But I do think they correlate in a sense. I did like I said, I don’t know Tim I don’t know what he went through, but what from what I can gather at least I feel like I can at least understand it to some degree we’re so stuck on this idea that successful people have everything It makes it even harder to open up about these issues I’m just really really sorry and my thoughts go out to Tim’s family and His friends and his fans that was it for pew news everybody way to end it on a high note Thank you for leaving like thumbs this video check out the merch and all that stuff. I’m Gloriyah Burger, and this is Pew News! See you see you next You don’t get an outro you don’t deserve one thats it go away


  1. I don't know if he has a point or not, but i just listened to Avicii's music for the first time, Levels and Wake Me Up, And there was something about it that really reminded me of watching young PewDiePie, it was surreal. Made me feel weirdly sad. It sounded exactly like what should have been the soundtrack of the PewDiePie vibe

  2. Thank you for this amazing videos I absolutely love them and they make my life better editors. Pewdiepie , please die

  3. I really like the way you talk about Aviici and the suicide deal, at the end we're all humans, being emphatic is something that is getting lost

  4. Watching a 5:40 ad (actually a complete tech review video) to contribute to your wedding Felix. Enjoy.

  5. Yh I recently began to see another side to pewds. He’s more articulate and self aware and unironically humble, luv him and the ways he talks about some topics are really mature and (in an Undescribable way) relatable

  6. Sry but why is it Gloria bUUUUUrger???? And not bUUUUUrger (you know the difference) you knwo like the burger 🍔

  7. The whole cultural appropriation thing is just silly. In that sense, Jeremy should stop wearing jeans because its "appropriating" western culture.

  8. Felix discussing how sometimes introvert people just want to be genuinely happy with there passion and that fame and fortune is not the answer really helps me as a fellow introvert. It's hard to understand life when you are an introvert and to address this I think would benefit a lot of people. Thank you Felix, much love from a fellow introvert. ✌️👊

  9. Wow pewds does help out small channels with the suggestion thx Felix just got to hit 1k subs and 4k hours of views on my channel.

  10. Lmaoo I used to go to school with that kimono dress chick, wish pew news would cover me like that.

  11. Do you ever notice how when these news people always come up with fake death stories for celebrities, they always follow this eerily specific narrative?

    Jacksepticeye’s death articles are always surrounding cars (Jack getting into a car crash, Jack jumping in front of a car to save someone)

    Felix’s death articles tend to surround the theme of suicide. It’s not something I like to think about, but it’s something I think he’s seriously considered even during periods of time before he started uploading videos. It gives me the chills.

    Goes to show people aren’t alone in going through scary shit like this. Anyone can get themselves into a bad mental place; some of the most caring, logical people have found themselves there. And it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Better things will come if you continue to keep fighting. I don’t think a world without pewdiepie is a world worth living in, and the same can be said for anyone who feels like they’re not worth themselves.

    A world without YOU isn’t a world worth living in. Never forget that.

  12. the background music changes at about 11:04–11:06, instead of being a beat it just became like pulse, threw me hella off the loop man

  13. I can relate to what you are saying in relation with Avicii's death… not because I am famous, or successful, but because I am also an introvert. I have a good job, yet, it feels like a chose, day by day, and I wouldn't mind having less money, or materials in my life to do what I really like doing. And that's where I can relate, I think most people, who are introverts doesn't give a shit about fame, or power, we just want to do what we like (i don't mean to generalize here, I am sure many extroverts are like this too), but in the moment it makes you also successful, or famous, and you are forced into situations you never wanted, it becomes a trap. And I think that is what Avicii felt, just in a such a scale because of his fame, that most of the introverts will – thankfully – never experience. And he realized probably, he will never get out of this… unless… and that is very sad. RIP Avicii, I hope you are at peace now.

  14. yo, Brad 1 and Brad 2 I f***ing love you guys even tho you may be working for nothing to supporting Felix not trolling just genuinely appreciate you guys thank you !!

  15. The fact that you get mad for a girl wearing something from your culture is sad, maybe, just maybe, she loved the dress because she admires China, and she didn't do it for no apparent reason.

  16. Pewdiepie is very smart and it's really cool to see someone with as much influence as him say these things because hes 100 percent right

  17. 10:42 I think he's trying to say that happiness isn't brought by money, it's brought by the people around you.

  18. This is an ancient time pewdiepie had when many shows like pewd news , lwiay and meme review not just a pewscraft lets player

  19. Dear Felix,
    When I first heard about you I thought you were just a popular guy in YouTube with no character, shallow. I started watching your videos and now I have to say that you are a genuinely good person. You talk to us with honesty, you treat us like we are no different and I really appreciate that. A lot of youtubers make me feel like to them I am just their audience and I have no mind of my own but that us not the case with you. I love how you want to talk with us about things like Avicii seriously and make so much effort for us to understand. I love how you have your opinion and you see through the hypocrisy of others . I love how your character is not influenced by the media's controversies and trends in a toxic way. Honestly I learn so much from you. I'm truly sorry about how the media treats you. But this is what happens with truly genuine people. If they can't change you they fight you. But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I understand you. And I'm glad you do what you do

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