Love Square | Life And Death Row: Love Triangle Part 6

You got into a conversation
with someone when you offered someone some money.
Oh, my God. Oh. Obviously, you know
what I’m talking about. Yeah, I’ve heard this rumour.
It’s a rumour? Yeah. How does more than
one person know about it? Because where we live,
if you know… Tell me about it. Let me guess, Jason Lotshaw.
Tell me about it. Why…Why is it…Why…? Why is it that I have to open
something up for you to say, “Oh”? And I’m going to sit up here
and I’m asking you… I’m asking you a question. Very specific questions
that I’m asking you. OK? If there’s anything
else that I need to know, you need to tell me. I think that
would be one that would come up. “Hey, somebody just said a rumour”
or “this bullshit rumour’s going on” or “this is going on”
or “that’s happening.” You’re going to walk yourself
into some shit that you can’t get out of. I’m telling you right now. This is your opportunity
and I only knock once. OK, well, what I’m telling you is, me and her got into it and I asked to leave. Well, after that, there were rumours
from Jamie, Jason, that I was, supposedly, trying to pay someone
to get rid of her, this and that. I’m not going to stoop to that
kind of a level over a man. I’m sorry, it’s not worth it. I have three kids
I’ve raised by myself. This is another one
I can raise by myself. I wouldn’t do that. Yes, they did. They took a lot of it seriously
even though everything was hearsay. There was no physical anything to
back up anything anybody was saying. There was no evidence to back up
anything. It was all hearsay
and it was held against me. I’m going to tell you the truth.
I’ve had a feeling the whole time, since that girl came up missing,
that I had a feeling that Emilia had something to do with it. The picture we’re getting of
Emilia at this point is that she does not want
Heather around. She wants to eliminate Heather
from this triangular relationship. When Josh is in jail
for pointing the shotgun at Heather in the early part of 2009, during that time
while he was in jail, she started living with Jamie Acome. Well, I mean,
I’ve known Jamie since I was 15. We have a child together and I actually met Heather
and Josh through him. We had learned about
this crazy relationship between all four of them. They were in relationships together
in kind of swap relationships and ended up with
each other’s partner. I am more than glad to give you
everything I know. This is what we’re here
to go back over. That’s all I can…
That’s all I can do. You can do that, right? Yes, sir,
I have no problem with that. When we interviewed Jamie,
at one point, he had told us there was an incident that occurred
between Heather and Emilia. Emilia had Heather’s hair wrapped
around her hand, and like this, and held a knife to her throat
while I had told her, “Don’t do that or whatever
you’re doing. You’re tripping out. “You’re overreacting.” So they both calmed down. She told me to get Emilia and get
her the hell out of her house. Jamie Acome’s description of
Emilia grabbing Heather’s hair and wrapping her hair in her hand
and pulling her head back and putting a knife to her throat and threatening to cut her throat, that was really important evidence
because she was pregnant, you know, seven months pregnant
at the time, so it let the jury see that, even though Emilia Carr
was a pregnant female, that she still had the personality
and the inclination to be violent with Heather. There was a lie that was told
by Jamie regarding a supposed incident between me and Heather and… that is what made them… That is what really
gave them motive. He tried to say that I held a knife
to her neck which, if that were true in any form, Heather
would have called the cops because she does not…
Ah-ah. No. She wouldn’t have tolerated that and
especially with her children there. Heather was frightened of her
because, you know, Emilia seems like a likeable person
but when…when it… when she snaps, she’ll do things like
pull a knife on you and that’s when we really started
seeing the other side of Emilia. Jason Lotshaw,
I didn’t feel was very credible. Um, and partially because of the
fact that he was facing charges, he had his own motivation
for fabrication, for exaggeration, um, for isolating Emilia from any other conversation
that went on. I believe Emilia is the one
that orchestrated the whole thing. She…she’s very smart. And like I said, very vindictive. I feel like she’s the one
that made everything happen. Cos Josh still loved… He still
loved Heather, you know, he… That’s his baby’s mother. He’s got
two children by her, you know. I feel like Emilia planted that seed and let it grow a while back
in Josh’s head. I’m…I’m telling you right now, Emilia’s trying to make herself
out to be an angel. Yeah. Emilia’s trying to make herself out
to be scared of Josh, scared of what he might do to her
after what he did to Heather. “I don’t know what he could have
done to me. “I saw what he did to Heather.
I was so scared. “That’s why I didn’t call.
That’s why I didn’t say anything. “I saw what he was capable of.
You have to understand, “I have three little children
and another one on the way. “I was so scared.” But she’s already full of shit too.
But guess what? A lot of what she’s telling us
is the truth. Do I think she’s telling it all? No.
I don’t think she’s telling it all. Do I think that she is
probably evil? Probably. Do I think that she probably
is involved a lot more than she says she is? Yeah. But she’s
making herself out to be the angel. Oh, yeah. OK? She’s pinning it all on you.
Don’t let that happen. Guess where you spent the night
last night? In jail. OK. Guess where she spent the night
last night? I know. I talked to her. At home. All right.
Now, figure that out. And that’s what I told her.
She’s telling us part of the truth. You’ve got the other part
that you’re trying to just hide because you know you’re involved. The investigators came,
the Department of Children and Families came
and they took her children and that crushed Emilia. She had to do whatever
she needed to, at that point, to get her children back. I received a call
at my office from her and she was upset
and she was frantic and she was, basically, wanting me
to help her in keeping her kids. I was…I was mad. And I was hurt at the fact
that my kids were suffering because of all this mess because my kids were taken into
foster care that very next day, the second day of interrogations. Emilia started crying but she didn’t
want the kids to…to see her so she tried to be strong so the kids didn’t think
that anything was wrong. Not really. I’ve never seen Emilia cry. She barely cries. You know, your maternal instincts
kick in and, you know, take over. You don’t think with a logical mind. You think, “How do I get
my babies home? “How do I get them away
from strangers. “They’re separated,
they’re going through it.” That was my priority. The very next day, she called again and this time, I had the opportunity
to record the phone call. ‘What I’m telling you is
I know things ‘that only the coroner
or whoever does the autopsy… ‘I know things, Detective Stivey, ‘that happened ‘but I’m just saying, I can’t… ‘I’m not going to say anything
without immunity. ‘Because I’m telling you, with what
I know, I’ll go down with him, ‘not for murder because I didn’t
kill the girl.’ ‘What can you…What more can you
offer that’s going to ‘definitely send him away
to prison?’ ‘Nothing I can give you
without immunity.’ ‘All right. ‘Are you willing to talk to me back
in the hypothetical terms again? ‘I mean, because that’s
what I’m going to need. I’m…’ ‘Are we off the record?’ ‘We’re off
the record.’ ‘OK. Hypothetically… ‘..maybe I know a little bit more ‘about what happened
while he was back there. ‘But hypothetically, I’m not going
to say anything without immunity. ‘I’m just scared to take that step
without that little piece of paper ‘so I know I’m not going
to fall on my face ‘and lose my kids
for the rest of my life. ‘Maybe what could, hypothetically,
be said was maybe ‘I could be the state attorney’s
best eyewitness.’ ‘To?’ ‘To what happened.
Hypothetically.’ ‘OK. ‘So… ‘if possibly…
If immunity was given, ‘there’s possibly a witness out ‘there who actually
watched her die.’ ‘Possibly.’ I had suspicions all along
that she might know more or was involved more than she was saying and this
sort of confirmed those suspicions. This case was too fresh and it was
still too new to even consider giving someone immunity
when they might be the killer. And while Emilia is making
these calls back and forth, Josh is making a request to speak
to Detective Buie. Me and Josh had a connection. Me and Josh spoke for several hours. Couple of days,
we continued to speak. I remember Josh telling me
at one point that he couldn’t rest because he kept seeing
Heather’s face and he needed to get this
off of his chest. I wanted to know what happened and I think Josh wanted to
tell me what happened.

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