Man shines laser at police helicopter, gets arrested by officer on foot

Man shines laser at police helicopter, gets arrested by officer on foot

A man from Birmingham was left looking a bit
of a fool after he shone a laser at police helicopter pilots flying over his house. This video footage shows how dazzled pilots
and aircraft crew can become as a result of people shining lasers in their cockpits. But what this guy hadn’t banked upon was the
fact that the helicopter was actually watching him, whilst sending round officers on foot. The video shows a group of people in a garden
and what appears to be a woman offering bottles to the helicopter crew. But, the police had the last laugh when they
turned up in the garden. Yeah, the lad in front of you, not the one
with his hands in his pockets, to the left of him, bald head. Chris Vowles, from Sandwell, West Midlands,
was given a seven-month prison sentence, suspended for two years and ordered to carry out 250
hours of community service. He chucked something behind you into that
corner of the garden where the fence line meets the house.

14 thoughts on “Man shines laser at police helicopter, gets arrested by officer on foot

  1. The sentence was not enough he should have been put in prison. The morons don't think they are doing anything wrong. The pilot would have been wearing light intensifying glasses so the laser would have been amplified many times. I bet the idiot would have been the first to cry if the pilot crashed on his house and injured and maimed his family.
    It's time the idiotic youth of today were made to pay for there stupidity and drunken pranks.
    Orwellian or not grow up and take responsibility don't cry when you get your comeuppances.

  2. Police is investigating if this man is radicalised or a convert to a muslim. Looking into details if he is a Islamic state supporter.

  3. holy hell! child molesters get less time in prison. JUST FLY AWAY! you can't for a second make me believe that the police were worried they'd be blinded by the laser by hovering over the guy until the cops on foot arrived. If they were seriously worried, they would have just continued flying. 

  4. I got hit in the eye about a year ago with a laser.
    I literally fell out of my chair, I thought that I had had a Stroke.

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