March Current Affairs 2019 | In 10 minutes

March Current Affairs 2019 | In 10 minutes

Hey everybody! I am Priya. Come, quickly let now the current affairs of March. but don’t forget to check the end of this video and description box There is something special for you all. so regarding arms import Stockholm international peace research institute issues a report according to it, globally, the bigget importer of arms is Saudi Arabia while the on second position is India. For last 8 years, India was on the 1st position 2nd report is that of World Gold Council According to which US has the greates gold reserve while in gold reserve, India’s ranking is on the 11th spot International patent application said that int patent ranking, top position is hold by the US while India is on 4th rank. next in international Energy Agency it makes report of carbon dioxide emmission according to it the largest emmittor of carbon dioxide is USA, which shares 14% burden whileIndia is responsible for 7% of total emmission then we have world air qualilty repoprt Green peace has made by assessing air pollution in Indian cities according to it the air quality level is worst in Gurugram After this we have multi dimensional poverty index which says that in last 10 years there has been significant improvement in India’s poverty level. Falling from 55%, it is now 28% Then we have Swcch Sarvekhan Report in which Indore, for the 3rd time became India’s cleanest city Next is Global Energy Transition Index which studied the readiness of companies from 115 countries, regarding energy transition On the top, we have Sweden and India is on 76th position. same ranking has been followed worldwide in cost of living survey which studies security, sustainability & affordability. Next category is of Awards Croatia’s Highest civilian award has been awarded to President Ramnath Kovind Vyas Award which is a literary award has been awarded to Leeladhar Jagudi while Turing award, which is known as Nobel Award in Computing this has been given to it hs been shared by those who were petitioners against 377 and the GST council which is a literary award has been given to which is given in the feild of Bio medical research Lets check out the appointments Next category is sports which was held in Hong Kong has been won by India’s Bajrang Punia was this time organised in Abudhabi these games will be hosted by Sweden in 2021 next category is importanat events of March is celebrated on March 1 World Water Day theme: “Leaving Noone behind” in Xuzhou city of China India has opened 3rd IT corridor first 2 corridors aree Now we have reached to final section of this video Current affairs from MarchSo this was but this time, along with the video i have prepared a quiz too you will find its link in the description box I hope that you liked both this video and the quiz

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  1. Hello mama.. U r doing such a great job.. your videos has a clear point that clear all the related aspects.. Plz tell about the portions which help me to clear the entrance of DELHI UNIVERSITY's LAW entrance.. Plz

  2. Mam u r great and I m big fan of your way of teaching , my request to you is that plzz make current affairs video of the month April quickly so dt it become easier to revise !!… Again thank you mam for ur support and guidance

  3. @FinologyLegal the supreme court monitors the development in a case during the trial period and issues necessary order tb kya use judicial activism kahenge? Please say

  4. Mam, I have doubt regarding candidate contesting in MP election.
    If candidate dead after date of election before date of counting. When he belongs to some major party.
    What election commission will do in particular area.
    Please give explanation to other criteria too regarding this Mam.

  5. mam, ur presentation with smiling face is very excellent,I am from TN ,if the explanation is in English means it will be useful for competitive exam.

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    Which is the most important thing in your videos.. Cheers..

  11. Please make the video in English… I think I'm one among the many who understood it partially though the video was so full of content. Thank you πŸ™‚

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  13. Mam, you should take some objective test questions at the end of the video for revision…thank you

  14. Good evening mam mam I have one doubt in appointment section you told that current Navy Chief karambir Singh but ma'am I searched and found that current Navy Chief is Sunil Lanba .Mam it's my humble request to kindly clear my doubt as soon as possible INFINITE GRATITUDE, REGARDS , LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO YOU MA'AM❀

  15. Thank you so much mam for these current affairs these are one of the best current affairs I have ever seen beforeπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€

  16. I think Leaving No One Bihind is theme of World Water Day and Zero Discrimination Day is on 1st March.

  17. Mam ur video is a complete set for all competitive exams.. A well designed segmented and systematic approach in a short period of time, thanks for adding all impt segments in precise… Once again BIG THANK YOU!!!
    love from Nagaland.

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    i guess tht also a suitable topic for competitors .
    At last thnx fr these amazing videos . it realy works .
    thnak you

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    All the best
    Make More videos..

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    Because I wanted to enroll but it's too cost 400rs so that's why I wanted to check the presentation in PDF format…..
    Thank you
    All videos are amazing!

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