100 thoughts on “Mark Levin on the media’s errors while covering the Russia investigation

  1. Why do the Americans allow the abuse of the Freedom of Press? Radicals lying is an affront to the American people.IOt is time to withdraw the broadcast licenses of the Fake News peddlers. I am trying to migrat eto start a business., My shareholders constntly get cold feet over the investment which I hope will employ a few hundred people. Americans please get with President Trumps program. I would never have raiused the $ 50 million that is required for this project without President Trump.

  2. i used to subscribe to TIME magazine, as did my parents and before them my grandparents, going back to the 1920's TIME used to have loyal subscribers. I canceled due to the lies and garbage TIME prints about our president, his family and his staff. As the last of my subscription was delivered, they piled up, I didn't read them. I tried to give them away but no one waned them. Lately, 18 months later, I am reading old issues. TIME is even worse than I realized. the lies they passed off as facts is disgusting. Like one example, the president did the leaking about mullers investigating!! That is actually in a TIME story. You see the president was at all of the muller mob of thugs meetings and he was suppose to keep it secret, but you know the president, he cannot keep a secret!! EVERY issue they slam the president dozens of times, and of course his kids and Jared.

  3. All these schills committed treason and they will be held accountable no matter how much they try to transfer and obfuscate their criminal acts and treason onto our President!!!!!!!!

  4. It's uncanny how each mainstream media is mouthing the same words everyday as if they had a script. Total group think propanda by the leftist communists to bring down our country. It's the Ministry of Truth spoken about in George Orwell's book "1984".

  5. Hannity is such a sophomore reporter. Give the people a break in bad news. Go back to highschool. Bring some of your paid guests with you. The Harvard study is biased. Trump will become a lame duck president soon. Help us get the Trump taxes. No one is audited on multiple years for multiple years. he is lying. you are complicit. oh, where did you get the "99.9" percent? Embellished?

  6. Closer to three years. And Obama was the treasonous trader, they are all Liars. What a shame and an embarrassment to Our Country.

  7. It's funny they want a man who's committed no crime impeached but also want America to ignore demoncunt treason. Smdh.

  8. They themselves „“Obstructed their own USA Laws & Constitutions „“ smearing their wrong doings to other Party … Shaming , despising , Dumpak .. they‘re the Dumpak / luicifer‘s followers/„“““why ? Coz all undertables receiving millions of dollars inside their pockets … all cut off .. that‘s the readings why get mad/ hate the reigning head of the State..USA. …. isn’t. It ???? Shame Politics in your Country. God Bless your President & his Cabinet .. ! ! ! Listeners/watcher’s Allemange 20thMai”19Deutschland…

  9. The far left media has called '' wolf '' to many times….Now very few believe them, their ratings have dropped and i don't feel one bit sorry.

  10. I'm tired of all the yelling and screaming. When are we going to stop the yelling and screaming and demand Trump declassify? Trump can make it all stop right now. Why doesn't he? Sean? Mark? Trump supporters? When are we going to say bring out he truth or we stop supporting Trump.

  11. sure we have freedom of speech but when it's lies to affect America someone should go to prison,,hold the Media for their lies

  12. It's sad that these people still get to keep their jobsafter 2 years of lying about this collusion crap.

  13. Levin is absolutely right. It’s been crystal clear for a very long time. E en during the Parkland shooting… there were kids who were for our 2nd amendment even though they went through the shooting with everyone else. – they shut down every kid who wouldn’t go along with their talking points

  14. The people have no shame, no ethics, they just spew lies, twist anything that makes their narrative work for the DNC. What a pathetic group…….how can they get up and look themselves in the mirrow?

  15. evil is as evil does. any bets they won't make Unfreedom of the Press required reading in Civics much less Journalism school

  16. Trojan horse in the party
    Is the Republican party aware of the infiltration of a Trojan horse within its ranks and of those inside it? Is not the time ripe for such Trojan horses to be kicked out of the party? Now it is very clear that there is a Trojan horse within the party, whose occupants must be smoked in it.

  17. 😀😁😂 looking like that Russian Cloud 🌥☁🌧 hangs 🌨 over 🌪 them🌫, then over our beloved ❤️ President 👑 Trump 🌞

  18. We were one Presidential term away from disaster for our country. A very smart man sat me down in 2011 and told me all of this would happen. Thank You Donald J. Trump for your sacrifice and service to our nation.

  19. Mark Levin blared on the radio in early 2016 "Don't bash the Republican candidates, don't bash the Republican candidates" when he supported Ted Cruz. When Cruz was beaten by POTUS the first thing Mark did was bash the Republican nominee. I will never forgive him for his shortsightedness and haven't listened to him on the radio since. If he offered a Mea Culpa, I never heard it. He should probably apologize every time he speaks publicly. He'll not be using me to sell his face creams.

  20. So FOX is the 2nd most trusted media source …I wonder which MSN is no.1 . FOX has it's fans ..n we all know whom they trust ..but in reality there r more main stream audiences , Nation wide , who trust the other sources n not FOX b cos like trump , its a rightwing misinformation news outlet !…period .

  21. OH PLEASE.


  22. It's just amazing how Cnn MSNBC CBS And are allowed to lie to the already low info Democrat base and they soak it up like a sponge rather than admit reality.

  23. I watched all 6 TV 's with ABC, NBC , CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC…all 6 reporting the news all reported the same scripted news..all about negativity of both Private citizen Donald Trump and President Trump. The release of tax returns 10 yrs before being President Trump….he used the tax code as private citizen Trump and btw guess who was President , you fussed it " Bill Clinton" his tax code his administration., not President Trump's tax code!

  24. Two shills zionist Israel firsters ..smh! Wake up America..MAGA means exactly that ..not electing a zionist shill..when you see the Zionist media pushing one candidate or the other that means you have no real AMERICAN CANDIDATES or POTUS! we have a real problem with our GOV being overrun by a fake ally who changes our laws for one goal, ISRAELS BETTERMENT! how this happened is beyond alot of us..the fact is it 's detrimental to our Republic's survival to fix this treasonous mess. They talk constitutional crisis.. NO, THIS IS A NATIONAL CRISIS! the sooner the common American can figure out we are being deceived and our nation is being occupied so we can unite to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC and hold the traitors and enemy usurpers to account the sooner we will all be Americans again. Listening to Hannity and any Zionist owned media is subversion ..its all propaganda THIS IS NOT NEWS! they created these debacles to divert the nation from their control over us. Judaeo Christian is an OXYMORON! start being critical thinkers and question every single thing they say and do!

  25. " FAKE NEWS " is now the "LYING NEWS" aaaaa these LYING NEWS PEOPLE saying "Constitutional Crisis" could not site one line of the Constitution if it was right in front of them AS THEY ARE UNABLE TO READ…SO.. they would have to LIE !!!!

  26. Reporters should have to carry credentials that represent their credibility with a rating open to the public view. A reporter who addresses the general public by way of radio, television, or internet has a potential to influence millions of people, a tremendous responsibility. When a reporter deliberately misleads the public there should be a jail sentence that follows. There has been a coup attempt by enemy combatants for which much of the press has been a part of and they too should be held accountable. The wealthy owners of the news stations who employ dishonest reporters should be charged with the same crimes for allowing dishonest reporting to be aired. Cooper Anderson of Cartoon News Network for example, would be in lots of trouble.


  28. RECALL that ALL of the major media outlets (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, etc.) met at Hillary's NY apartment days before she announced her campaign. What was discussed? Transparency my @$$. These are seditious bastards and they should ALL go down IMO.

  29. Transparency and disclosure Juan???? You work for WAPO, which is owned by Bezos, whose Amazon Cloud is a major contractor for CIA and NSA. Conflicted Juan? You betcha.

  30. hatred from MSNBC and CNN is so tiring these people need to get a life. these losers probably kick their dog every night name Trump.

  31. The Democrats problem with Trump is they can't buy him, they can't scare him, they can't impeach him, what's a useless bunch of corrupt Washington bureaucrats to do now? They are running out of lies and burning their house down!!!


  33. I have a good idea that would probably go a long way into stopping the WITCH hunt that has been going on for over two years.
    It would be a good idea to have AG investigate all the fools that have been on the back of president Ttump for over two years and, see if they can pass the smell test.
    I'd bet they would change their attitudes about all the things that have been SAID, without any proof to back up the remarks they have talked about for the past going on three years..
    The waste of time and money is way out of hand. INVESTIGATE THE ACCUSERS.

  34. Hi Mark, my Conservative Constitutionalist HERO!!! God Bless You! 🙏🏻 I have your BOOK!!! It just arrived! So Pleased 😀! I pleaded with my son to get it for me for Mother’s Day! (Pleaded cause I’m still reading your last book! Ha! I love it!) He has an Amazon Prime acct. & ordered it after I told him I heard you say on your radio show, we have to beat Michelle’s on NYT’s Best Seller’s List and some other ridiculous books rated highly which shouldn’t! Wow!!! It’s fabulous- it’s released today; ARRIVED TODAY! AND, NUMBER ONE, BUDDY!! YES!!! God is with YOU, with US!! Love You Brother! 🙏🏻🕊💜

  35. Shut down all media who were part of the lie, there won't be much left.
    Others have been shut down for telling the truth for gods sake.

  36. i bet this dude has a huge basement in his house stocked to the ceiling with Preperation H and Rolaids.

  37. One wonders when politically liberal Americans gave up on trying to find anyone intelligent to run for office as Democrats?

  38. You know, it is not possible that our liberty of expression has gone to an extreme in which people can insult anyone and accuse them of wrong doing or criminal activities without allowing them to defend themselves and much less without even verifying if it is true or not. This is exactly what is happening with the MEDIA these days and why they are creating so much DIVISION among all of us Americans. This is abuse of power since the media has the stage to bring the news that we have to watch but unfortunately are doing it for their own benefit and on those issues that they wish to go. We need to have the FCC shutting down all those media channels who are creating this horrible attempts towards good people.

  39. The democraps have no choice, now. If the Trump investigations stop, the attention turns on them & their treasonous corruption. Then, it's going to turn on the blatant treason from the media for their propaganda against this Republic & the American Citizens.

  40. Sean I have been watching you since Hannity and Combs and I have an issue with your intro when you announce Mark Levin you call him the great one well I am about 50 and when you do this I think of Jackie Gleason so because Mark is a national treasure you should maybe come out with a new name how about the brilliant Mark Levin😀

  41. Walter Duranty was a fraud, his story on Holodomor was a purposeful fabrication staged by Marxists to slander Stalin, in exactly the same way as the very same Marxists are slandering Trump right now.

    Duranty's article was proved to be a fake, including the pictures which he knowingly mislabeled as taken in Ukrainian famine, while factually they were taken in a Russian famine.

    Durant was openly Russophobic and claimed that Slavs are "Asiatic".

    Putting aside the holocaust, which literally means a ritual sacrificial offering by burning flesh, Mark Levin's take on Holodomor fraud can not be mere ignorance becasue any self respected author knows about it.

    I can only guess that Mark Levin is a right wing Zionist, and his role is a Hegelian dialectic fake opposition to left wing Marxists.

  42. thank you Shawn for letting Mark talk unexplained things he's a very intelligent man a very fair & honest!

  43. Hillary and the idiots need to be put in jail and made to pay back the american people then put on a scumbag list.

  44. You scumbags are SO PATHETIC!!! we all know obama, clinton and many other democrats have been in bed with Russia for years but we never hear a word about that. Clinton took MILLIONS from Russia but Trump i.d the criminal 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Love Mark Levin. Hannity you're a true patriot. Please try not to interrupt guests speaking. Thank you sir

  46. Hey heterosexual men is it me, or don't yall find Rublican women a hell of alot more attractive physically than the rough ugly looking democrat women. I think the general hate and their ugliness on the inside starts to surface some point physically. Just curious but Idk to me it seems like I'm way more attracted to women who are conservatives. Just a thought. Prob more a fact, but a thought of a fact nonetheless

  47. I def agree with Mark Levin on the fact of how it seems Hannity thinks the media got it wrong bc their dumb. Levin knows better. The media knew they were wrong. They got it wrong intentionally which is alot worse than getting it wrong on accident.

  48. Question? Who Is by Current Constitutional Law Able To Vote In Our USA Elections?
    Think Of What President Trump Could Accomplish If He Had Proper Support. America Should/NEEDS to have a Law in Place That (ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS Should Be Allowed To VOTE In Our USA ELECTIONS) That Would Stop A Lot Of The BS At Our Southern Border. (We All Know It’s About Getting More Democratic Votes so They Can Carry On With Their Illegal Schemes Of Making More Than Their Already Over The Top Salaries)

  49. The only constitutional crisis America faces is this constant illegitimant coup aginst a sitting President. If there is another Dem. President he will receive the Trump Treatment till the day he leaves office.

  50. Note the "Boots on the ground" narrative that the media used. To get Trump to attack Syria for the Chemical attack. The media and Democrat seemed to have wanted Boot on the ground to then use Body Bag politics to say Trump has sacrificed so many and then bring down Trumps presidency.

  51. the democrats are in front of a similar problem the german nazis had after WW2. very quickly nobody remembered nothing and (of course) was "never there"…

  52. What more Proof do you need that our Main Stream Media is Nothing more then a Bunch of LYING Treasonous Democrats !!!

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