Martian Tripod wreaks havoc on Woking! | War of the Worlds – BBC

Martian Tripod wreaks havoc on Woking! | War of the Worlds – BBC

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We can’t help her. She’s dead. Amy, come on! We can’t leave her. Get on the bloody horse! Come on. We’ll go to the Admiralty.
What? You’re joking! Look, if anyone’s doing anything
about this, it’ll be my brother. If we get separated, we meet there,
all right? All right. Ah, come on! NEIGHING BARKING George, it’s Benny. Stop, please! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Benny! Wait there. Benny! Benny, come here! George! Benny! GEORGE! EXPLOSION AND HORSE NEIGHS SHE SCREAMS AMY! NEIGHING METALLIC CREAKING METALLIC CREAKING METALLIC GROANING METALLIC ROARING METALLIC GROANING George! Amy, go! GEORGE! Amy, go to my brother!

100 thoughts on “Martian Tripod wreaks havoc on Woking! | War of the Worlds – BBC

  1. Would a Victorian man really put a lady in danger to rescue a dog? I'm a great animal lover but I think people forget just how tough people were back then.

  2. Awful production, all over the bloody place with no consistent narrative, people wandering around a tent city I guess after the Martian Invasion is defeated, I will never complain about the Tom Cruise version again. It was at least more faithful to the books. I thought I stumbled into a soap opera with concerns over divorce papers not signed, WTF does that matter with a genocide of humanity going on. Special effects appalling. Who ever directed this mess deserves a good slap.

  3. Finally, the original one. But the main character in the H.G. Wells book never goes on horseback! Instead, he rent the pub owner's barrow. This scene is completely invented, even if it seems that the historical period coincides …

  4. Spoilers: The ending is the main protagonist found drinking double vodka redbulls in Bank Bar while the rest of Woking is destroyed.

  5. I thought this was a remake of the movie war of the worlds but then i looked at how unrelated and bad the alien were like the aliens from war of the worlds they look like childs play compared to the movie aliens and they would not stop because of some lovey dovey moment

    Its like Doctor Who it use to have scary things in it now its not.

  6. A certain Prince probably saw this in Woking whilst collecting a pizza 🍕,
    but can’t tell us because he can’t recall ever seeing the honeypot monster.

  7. Actually this is WOKING being wreaked by Martian Tripods. Unfortunately YouTube decided to remove the actual film (12 Episodes) due to copyright issues with the soundtrack.

  8. Before I even watched this I knew what it was going to be like…..Cultural Marxist nonsense shoehorned into every element of the story…yawn…

    Strong women
    Gay men good
    War bad
    Imperalism bad
    Men dumb
    Britain's fear of losing its power…etc etc…YAWN

    I could have written this garbage myself……

    WOKE IN WOKING….Yawn…………strong female independent/Suffragette styleee character on a horse…Yawn….hapless violent greedy 'imperialistic' men…yawn….Britain's fear of the 'enemy' post Brexit….yawn …..the actual Martians are almost an after thought!!!…..

    A great book destroyed by the BBC's endless 'political correctness'.I would rather watch the excellent TV Movies of Catherine Cookson novels from 25 years ago!!…with REAL characters and a MORAL to the story…..

    The BBC is just BILGE…………..

  9. How did the BBC manage to mess up such a beloved book?  I completely understand how the Americans are constantly adapting this story so badly, but this is the BBC for heavens sake!  For some unknown reason everything aired nowadays on the BBC has to be in some way politically correct, or have references to contemporary politics and gender issues… They can't just say "Oh Look! A story everyone loves, let's make a TV show faithful to the story"..No… they have to bring in elements of a strong female lead, gender motivations, immigrant themes…  Just make the book!  It's what everyone has been waiting for all this time  .Just another example of how far the BBC has fallen since it's heyday…  Kind of sad really.

  10. I just finished the book a day ago. I don't want to spoil how the unnamed protagonist saves America by blowing up the mothership with his inferior technology.

  11. If you missed episode 1 and want to know if it's for you then you can watch my review of it here:

  12. What is with the HORRID BLUE TINT ! LOOKS SHIT ! Whos idea was to use a dark pallet like this ! totally makes it un watchable for me.

  13. i am already terrified by the tripods and now they make a GOD DAM NEW MOVIE IN MY CITY THAT I LIVE IN. i am gonna have nightmares…

  14. I found this to have a very 'docudrama' kind of vibe waiting for some historian or scientist to pop up with a hot fire and book on the table 'the first wave was devastating but at this moment we had no idea what was to come' as though this really happened some time in the past 🤣 sadly we aren't that lucky! 😂


  16. I just watched the first episode and I am incredibly impressed! I love the fighting machine design and that they use details from the book that aren’t seen in the 1953 or 2005 films. Love it and can’t wait for the next episode!

  17. where did the dog go in episode 1? why are special effects so poor? It was badly edited! How did Rafe Spall(George) survive under those beams,he was like superman.

  18. Couldn't leave the dog behind, but left her husband? Dude was able to stand there and scream for his wife to run for 3 minutes, but could have had a better scene the same of the same duration with him running through a single side road around the building. What shit writing

  19. So this huge tripod alien thingie just trampled through the village but when he emerged from the debris with nary a tear or rip in his clothes, the buildings around him were still intact. Them Martians are either pretty polite or they are really pants.

  20. Another disappointing adaptation. The excavation scene is laughable, George’s escape from a pile of rubble which seems to have arrived from nowhere as the house and wall next to it are intact. Borrowed ideas and a mind numbing diversion from the book. Such a shame.
    Jeff Wayne is obviously still the version to beat since Orson Welles

  21. Our 2005 Steven Spielberg Tripods versus your 2019 BBC Tripods. Which version would win? My money's always on the 2005 Tripods.

  22. When are they going to put out the actual film – what I saw on Sunday must have been the bits that some clown picked off the cutting room floor – surely no one would put this stuff out as a representation of such a classic story.

  23. 2:28 – Uh oh! There's a massive definitely hostile tripod looming over me! Better just stand here and die rather than run as fast as I can!

  24. I’m surprised Prince Andrew couldn’t recall the coming of the martians, but he does remember Woking’s killer Pizza Express….

  25. Christ. The BBC can't even do Science fiction without making it a bloody period drama! ( NOTE: The destruction of a Christian Church is OK, this is just an observation, read into it what you will )

  26. The BBC are way off the mark with this adaptation, they could have really pushed the boundaries, but looks like they've played safe!? Should have kept the original music too…

  27. "George, all the time you're using to yell at me could be spent running to me. You literally have plenty of time" "I can't, the script says I wait here for… well, a while… then die!"

  28. The thing is it's about an invasion by Martians and the utter hopelessness the humans struggle to fight against. I think the BBC have read the wrong book and have gone for anything by Jane Austen instead.

  29. Another sad remake. The editing was sloppy. Horse running to a horse just standing there and girl going to get on the horse to oh! already sitting on it. I can see if I was to watch this. I would be laughing at the poor production of yet another bad remake.

  30. In terms of timeline this movie stays true. In terms of Tripod Design, closest is in the Tom Cruise version minus the shield. The tripod drawings being illustrated in classic H.G. Wells books had some steam-punk centric to it and tentacles moving like Dr. Octopus. This one is too futuristic to my taste. Its like too saturated with Marvelist-MIB-Independence-Day tech design.

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