Meet the Nation: Every political talk show ever

Meet the Nation: Every political talk show ever

Hello and welcome to Meet the Nation, I’m Kerry Broadbent. It’s a big week in Canberra, so let’s jump right in. Our expert panel today Harry Redding, Candice McDonald, and in a cynical grab for viewers, regular punter Michael Hing. Hey Hey, um. These lights are really bright. Alright, I’m sure you’re all across this but the Prime Minister has found himself in a little bit of hot water this week over that gaffe. And I don’t need to tell you, this is not good news for the government. Absolutely. How do you come back from something like that? Yes, and certain people will be very keen to capitalise on this come next Wednesday. Next Wednesday, very important day for the Government. Michael, thoughts? Sorry, what’s Wednesday? What’s the gaffe? You didn’t actually say what was happening. It’s the Prime Minister’s gaffe. You know the gaffe? Beangate. No, I must have missed it. No I didn’t. Moving on. Now, despite promising no sniping from the backbench You-Know-Who has been sharpening his knives. He’s got more blades out than Hewson did in ‘93! Yes, very good. Although I would say given the events in Senate Estimates last night perhaps ’89 is more accurate. I’m not following any of this. Sometimes I feel like this whole year has been the Summer of ‘89. Okay, you’re all saying words but not in a way that has any meaning. So am I missing something here? Levy deficit, trade immigration, accountability savings measure? Ok, that sentence didn’t even have a verb. Indeed, indeed. They will be loving this at Yarralumla. Ok, that. What he just did there. Why are you all laughing? That’s not a joke. The only reason that’s funny to you is because it proves you’re part of some sort of club. Caucus. Forward estimates. Oh, he has you there. No! What are you drinking? I know these mugs are empty. There’s nothing in there. Okay, let’s take a walk on the lighter side now. We’ve got a great take on the budgetary scandal that is rocking the Government, by Wilkins. You can see the caption there says “Advance Australia Pear” very good. I know two frontbenchers who will be feeling very uneasy about that fruity barb! No doubt while dining at a particular Kingston restaurant this evening. This is insane. You’re not saying anything. The only people following this circlejerk are insider navel gazers like you who already know what’s going. The whole thing’s pointless! You’re right. We are so inside the bubble that we’ve lost track of what people really care about and that’s not good for democracy. Thank you. You know who else isn’t good for democracy? What does that mean?! It’s a pear. What is the pear? What do you mean?

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  1. Perfectly executed version of the ambiguously executed real versions. You really “pickled the old hazing jar on that fookakus”. Sorry that’s an insider phrase. Love the videos keep em’ coming.

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