MOST SURPRISING Auditions On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

MOST SURPRISING Auditions On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

I’m Benny companies over I’m Benicio Brian. I’m 14 years old and I’m a singer Literally no one in my family has any a musical background or ability? So I never in a million years, you know thought that I would be here on America’s Got Talent Are you excited to be performing in front of a huge crowd in the church? Oh my gosh I’m like kind of nervous, you know, like you just get that like jitters of just like oh, I can’t believe I’m doing this My issue is that was safe Particularly singer today, you’ve got to do something. We haven’t normally heard before I’ve heard this a million times I’m nervous about Simon just because I know that you know, he will say anything she did amazing When he decided he wanted to do America’s Got Talent, I was like, oh my god, can I handle Simon if he’s gonna be mean? Still think you’re singing in the wrong key Simon’s like responsible for a lot of famous people’s careers. He’s a big deal and if he doesn’t like me My biggest dream is to just make my parents proud and perform for the world Do you get to perform a lot? Yeah. Oh, yeah, just like around you know, a local coffee shop specific. Well, this is way bigger You are about to go out there right now. Go do your best Benny. I’m with you man. Thank you Hi, hey, what’s your name? My name is Benicio Brian How old are you? I’m 14. Are you singing for us? Yeah, I’ll be singing and what got you into music? My dad, I guess when he was like he turned 40 he was like, you know what? I think I’m gonna be a rock star. We were all like looking at him like okay. Yeah sure. So then I’ve just been you know singing ever since I was like two amazing. Well, why did you come on a GT? I’ve been watching this show for so long And I wanted to come here so that I could share my music with the world. And I just I’m so excited. Oh We’re excited too you ready? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Let’s do it You feel nervous aren’t you boy – five votes Didn’t echo co-star Don’t never let them steal your charm Can your gentle way Run away They can can turn your face dress it down and tell you that your places Behave They can Little scattered I’ve been to the moon Yeah How are you I’m great. Thank you. Nice to see you. Nice to be seen it is What is your name? My name is Adeline Bates. I’m from Arizona What is your job in Arizona for a number of years I was a vocal coach and now I’m a writer So let me ask you something. Why now? Are you coming back – singing what was going on? When I was a teenager I was in a group with my sister and a couple of other young ladies and after that group broke up I never had the confidence to be on stage by myself And then I had children and they had to come first Wow priority On the front burner and it’s about me well break a leg That is Unbelievable. I actually have to go and get ready Oh So I shall return. Thank you Yes, you did yes you did It’s going on now hello, it’s taking a while come on That’s that my Like a song of love that clings to me all the Things too Has someone been In every way Oh About Simon standing ovation. I love being surprised and Julie answered it am I supposed to laugh or is it good but it is both it’s funny but This so fun entertaining and what we’re looking for in this day and age is to to feel good And that’s what it’s meant to do your rad Gabrielle At 63 she came out here on this stage and did not one but two performances I Love that this is what your me time looks like Way to go This was so unexpected in such a surprise, and you do have great range you’re unique. So, thank you you are adorable The most amazing energy as much as you had a good time. We had a good time I Want to say to both of you as a yes Are unforgettable, it’s a yes. Thank you And you know what I hope you two stay together for years and years in the comments and for tips Welcome what’s your name? My name is Brandon cockroach. Do you know that Terry 2 is a flautist? aha Maybe something like that. I’ve heard in the flautist streets that We’ll see. There’s not too many of us boys playing the flute. So we got to represent I know that people like playing them. Does anyone like listening to them? You know the fruits are very beautiful and dynamic instrument there’s something for everybody in it Okay. Well, it’s all yours. All right. Thank you guys Moysha problem Since these guys liked it so much we hated it. I’m gonna say no you can do it again for them. Goodbye Wow How are you confessors teaching the ways you And your obviously the translator. Yes. Okay. Can I ask the guys names and ages, please? This is Edson. He’s 54 years old and this is Leon. He’s 84 years old Wow Yes Julia and just said the movie up. She’s so right I keep astonishing to fill me up. Mm-hmm Doesn’t get it. Okay, and Where are you from, Brazil Rio? And Why had the guys decided to come on America’s Got Talent they met each other 14 years ago And they had a lifelong dream of performing so they decided to work to get in act together Okay. Well the stage guys is yours. Okay. Thank you guys I Don’t hi. Hi, welcome to America’s Got Talent. What is your name? I’m Jonathan burns. And where are you from? I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I saw how you arrived. You’re are you considered carrion? It is it is cheaper that way yes, yeah What’s the dream for you to do this and to travel around and and crawl it a luggage? Okay, so be believe this is worth a million dollars. I would say so yeah, I love it. All right Well, I cannot wait to see it best of luck young man. Okay? Son of floods are they Oh Nobody try this at home naturalist or monitor John the best Nice order Oh Those things that’s about okay Howie we’ve seen knife throwers, but not really with their feet I am a self-taught knife thrower Wow. Well, it’s interesting. It’s dangerous. It’s funny You deserve to go further than just tonight What point in the relationship did you say I’ve got an idea, honey And for every wife who’s wanted to throw sharp things at her husband I say, thank you When you turned around you had the knives in your hand there was like something kind of crazy in your eyes Okay, I was like I get it. This is why he fell in love with you I was thinking, you know our this is a great show when you get bad singers rather than buzzing them. We throw knives at them I’m a bad singer. I mean, I’ve been studying opera since I’m a child out. What did you like about my voice your voice? Corvus will take a boat Howie. I’m gonna give you a yes. I want to see you again Because if they’re singing I’m gonna say no You need three yeses, you’ve already got two so it’s up to one lady this is tough You know what? I will say that I actually really love your voice and I don’t actually think you should ever take what you love and Compromise it because somebody doesn’t like it. I Think you should own it and therefore it’s a yes Canal’s one question. Would you throw a knife at me with your feet? Yes, actually Oh my gosh, I really liked it This could go horribly wrong now and this will turn into a yes if you don’t kill me. Okay, okay That’s my boss. Take kill him. I love that. She also herself time Life changing And then you said throw knife at me oh yeah, I I’m so excited to perform here. Yeah My name is Patricia Otto and I’m a classical pianist from Italy so What do you do to prepare for your performance? Yeah, I’m When I go as a child I was very quiet and shy so my mother put me on piano class and I fell in love with it Yeah I’m inspired by the classical composer and one of my biggest inspiration is Beethoven When I hear is music, I feel so much emotion. You can be Angry, you can be said you can be happy you can be quiet you can be strong It’s everything for me Maybe’s because I’ve been here for ten years, but I bet you we have a piano player coming up next Whoopi I’m a little bit nervous, but I think this is a chance to show the judges to America my music and my passion What’s your name? My name is Patricio. Where are you from? I’m from Italy What are you doing here? What are you doing at America’s Got Talent? I start to play the piano when I was young and today I wanna share my music with you And with America Its classical music ok. I hope you like it You

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  1. Um I’m sorry but he has an amazing voice it was the violin playing that was off come on💁🏾‍♀️ they are amazing

  2. amo este curso de talento y este jurado tan bueno!!!! algunos me hacen reir, emocionar saludos desde buenos aires argentina

  3. Bennicio have a beautiful and great vocal..i'm in love with his voice..oh ya he have a pretty face also

  4. The contortionist Marina needs to go do acting. I know there is a horror movie out there waiting for her. Maybe Insidious or The Nun. Bet you she can climb a wall back way with no strings attached. She's remarkable.

  5. The Italian guy can have my babies if he likes
    He can marry me
    I’ll let him 😍especially after that performance

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  7. wow, that popping pianolist deserved a goden buzzer. Awesome techniques, freaking handsome, perfect song, perfect beats, ridiculously cool. Absolutely phenomenal!

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