MotherFatherSon: Trailer – BBC

MotherFatherSon: Trailer – BBC

Are you here to pick a Prime Minister or deal
with your son? A rival paper are trying to embarrass our
family. I’m not embarrassed. Why do you wanna be the most powerful person
in the country? Prime Minister. She’s dangerous. Dangerous to you. Intercepted data, a hacked voicemail We go for the top. Why do you make it so hard? Your son’s brain suffered significant damage. Some families talk of loved ones seeming different. Indiscreet, when they were tactful. Indiscreet, what do you mean by that? Caden, what have you done? Your son can’t be trusted. He’s a threat, Max. We are all capable of disloyalty.

58 thoughts on “MotherFatherSon: Trailer – BBC

  1. I need to know what is up with Richard Gere, Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves and Sam L Jackson. I don't think they have changed in last 20 years 🤔😁😁

  2. What is going on in this trailer , whispering and massive freak out over acting ,looks boring , the BBC really is struggling to not slip into obscurity ,the people who make the one or two good shows they make every one or two years will soon just go and do what they are doing for Netflix or similar .

  3. MotherFatherSon Episode 1 review:

  4. WTF. Absolute rubbish and trust the BBC to land us with a black prime minister. Never happen in my lifetime. Total pants. Save yourself 7 more hours of bullshit!

  5. I liked the first episode. It had to introduce a lot of characters and did it well considering it only had 59 minutes. The cast is excellent. Word of advice to younger viewers: do not watch with parents because there is an incredibly uncomfortable sex scene.

  6. Richard Gere is a beautiful human being a strong animal activist who doesn’t eat meat no wonder he looks so gorgeous at nearly 70 years old.

  7. **MUST WATCH** not just because it has the gorgeous Richard Gere in it, but because there's an excellent cast that includes Sinead Cusak & Sarah Lancashire, a brilliant screenplay and excellent acting. I'm only on Episode 2 atm, watching on catchup, but its worth binge watching when you get time…and there's a number of underlying stories that I guess will come to a head at the end.

  8. Soy argentina, quiero ver esta serie protagonizada por Richard Gere, no puedo verla en español…como debo hacer???¡¡¡ gracias

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