Motivation to Sustain the Efforts Needed for Civil Service Examination | Akshat Jain, AIR 2

Motivation to Sustain the Efforts Needed for Civil Service Examination | Akshat Jain, AIR 2

What was the true motivation in life which
always pushed you to study? That is a very good question….. Actually what happens is that whenever your
motivation is strong then you can sustain the efforts which are needed for this particular
examination. My personal journey is like, I decided to
pursue this particular stream in my third year internship…you can say at the start
of fourth year only. But then I realized that…there are certain things
that go beyond money…which private sector job cannot give me. Both of my parents are civil servants and
they have always told me that there is this particular sense of satisfaction which you
get, when you use your authority to help others…and there is! Trust me… I am not saying this kind of a pre-prepared
answer…that is something which really motivated me. And I believed that…In return for that…if
you are getting that much respect and prestige then what could be better than this. You are helping people and in return people
are giving you so much respect…that is absolutely amazing for me…that was my priority. Apart from that, personally I know that if
i become an officer then my parents would be very proud of me …personally that was
a very big motivating factor for me. That gave me lot of power during this entire
journey…so whatever is your motivation…everyone has their motivation…that can be anything. That should be strong enough to continue burning
the fire inside you all the time…because sustaining efforts is the difficult…the
most difficult part of this examination. Students…they get burnout…for few days
you are enthusiastic, listening to songs like lakshya…(it’s your aim) लक्ष्य है तेरा… and studying for 14 hours… but after one week, you are lost and
tensed…I am unable to read. In these situations, motivation helps…that
the entire journey, that entire process…relish it… I too used to relish it… Before sleep,
I used to think…today I have worked hard.. I have enjoyed it… So when you start enjoying the hard work…that
can be very very helpful in this journey…

97 thoughts on “Motivation to Sustain the Efforts Needed for Civil Service Examination | Akshat Jain, AIR 2

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  2. whatever he said about motivation its always been the first thought of me for preparing for the service , he said my heart out line by line.

  3. U are IIT student then start Civil Service preparation. Why had you been wasted government investment. Mug up and foolish student

  4. It's easy for people with parents civil servants… But still I respect him for hard work … But too much of attitude, which is a bad attribute for a civil SERVANT.

  5. Sorry Akshat sir now a days IAS officer's are cleaning shoes of Mayawati and Mulayam singh.but there are some exception
    like : Ashok Khemka sir got 52 transfer In 27 year services.

  6. He is sooo honest….he didn't lie ki logo ki help krna hi motivation tha….of course there are some other motivations too

  7. Apki umr km hai but Zindagi ka tajurba bht hai.. jo ki hr kisimai nhi hota.. salute to one of the youngest officer..

  8. Vision team, Suggest people to ask doubts in English, so that people like me who don't know much of Hindi could understand from them

  9. What is that sentence… Both of my parents are civil servants πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.only parents will be enough….. no offense just for fun

  10. 7 months I studied like mad but motivation reduced,Mehnat reduced, wasted time with wrong friends n I just couldn't realize now I say what I have done with my life😭

  11. Both his parents are civil servants what more guidance/motivation would anyone need. It's easy to do something when your parents can support your efforts for a competition. But it's an entirely different ballgame when they're from a totally different field from your graduation, as well as from civil service.

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