My thoughts about SMOSH/Defy Media shutting down

My thoughts about SMOSH/Defy Media shutting down

Regretfully, Defy Media has ceased operations today We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished here at Defy and in particular want to thank all the employees who work here. We deeply regret the impact that this has had on them today. Unfortunately, “market conditions got any way” of us completing our mission That was posted in a statement five hours ago And… I am so… frustrated They didn’t warn any of their employees that this was gonna happen. They just… Shut down today For what did they say? “Market conditions got in the way” What does that mean market conditions? I’ve had so much to say about… Defy Media For a very long time, but I’ve avoided Saying all of it because I have so many friends that work Or I guess worked at Defy Media and I wanted to protect them, I didn’t want anything that I said to jeopardize their job security there but you know what, they screwed over my friends today. And, I feel like I can’t keep Faking like I’m totally cool with Defy Media as I’ve done for so long. In my “Why I left Smosh” video, for example, I beat around the bush because I want to protect my friends. But now that Defy Media isn’t a thing anymore *Clap* I just have to say everything that I’m feeling. I’ve been hiding it publicly for so long And I feel like I just have to get it off my chest and out into the world. So people really Understand what was really going on behind the scenes at Defy Media. I guess just to start back at the beginning Ian, and I sold Smosh in 2011 to what eventually became Defy Media And We “sold it” for stock in the company Which was great. We were both from us a small area outside of Sacramento. I grew up without much money, I was Pretty poor and I was like, you know what this is. This is great I would love to sell my brand so I sold it for zero dollars selling for stock Means that it’s completely valueless Unless that company goes public which it never did. I sold Smosh For zero dollars that’s- that’s on me. That’s on us We we had no representation. We didn’t understand. I don’t know if we were purposely taken advantage of but we were taken advantage of and That’s my bad. That’s my bad I really can’t complain about that Should have been a little bit smarter when selling a company considering it had millions of views and It was really popular. I should have really taken my time to figure out what selling really meant and what stocks really meant, but You live and you learn And you go to therapy. We were given salaries at this at this company, which was great. Super happy with that, but That company was drawing in millions of dollars every year and I was seeing a fraction of that I have no idea where all that money went that the company was making Which I also just read had millions of dollars invested into it last year. And now it’s gone. Where did all that money go? I The last few months that I worked there they started hiring new cast members and starting and stopping the shows without consulting me first, which You know, they had every right to they owned the company. I was just an employee but It hurt a little bit. I I felt like I you know, I created this thing with my buddy and we should kind of be consulted about these things But it was just a company Nothing more than that, and I was nothing more than an employee Oh, they convinced us to start an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to start an iOS game that hadn’t even been conceived. They just saw that some other YouTuber has started a Kickstarter to raise money and they’re like Oh, you can do that too! Get some money from people. There was no idea for that game They were just like but your face and reputation on the line beg people for For money for a game that has no concept whatsoever. And we’ll just figure it out later Let’s just see how much we could raise. Naive children who donated money to us for this game I think the game ended up being pretty fun I ended up liking it and I spent a lot of my time working on that. I made zero dollars from that I don’t know what the company did with that money. Why did they take that money in the first place? I don’t know. They owe a ton of money to a whole bunch of people. You can google it for yourself And to top it all off Today they announced they’re closing down without giving any kind of heads up to anyone just out of the blue Closing down and putting so many people’s livelihood On the line. There are people that have worked there at Smosh for nine years They have families. They’ve devoted so much of their life So making Smosh What it was what it is and They just completely betrayed them and that bums me out. That’s how they treat people They treat people like they’re not worth anything Other than the amount of money that they can make them. I just don’t know what happened. I don’t know, they were hiring people weeks ago and now they’re Shutting down because what did they say? They said “Market conditions got in the way” What does that mean? Why can’t they just be a little transparent? Maybe we would understand if they were transparent but that’s all they have to say. My issues with Smosh and Wanting to leave Smosh have never been about the people That I used to work with it. It’s it’s always been about Defy and What Defy Media Has become in the way that they treat their employees you know as frustrated and annoying as all that was It’s over now. Defy Media is no more. And all I really want at this point Is for my friends to not be completely screwed over That’s it. Thanks for listening to me ramble and complain for 10 minutes, but just had to get that off my chest Bye

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  1. Something people need to understand is that Ian and Anthony are older and they are not the same as they where when smosh first started, so they probably wouldn't enjoy making that type of content anymore. The "new" cast members (even though they aren't really new) are their friends they care about each other so I'm sure that Anthony isn't happy that people in the comments keep saying they hate the cast and how the cast ruined smosh. you guys just have to accept that they aren't the same as they where in they early 2000s and now they are making the content that they want to make the things that make them happy. they can't do the same stuff forever so you guys just have to accept that. So you can either keep watching smosh and Anthony or you can stop because complaining about how much you miss 2011 and how much you hate the "new" people isn't doing anything

  2. I am so tired of hearing people complaining about how " Smosh isn't the same " but if they were to be the same, they would have been a dead channel. I miss old smosh, but I don't think Anthony should just stop what he's doing just to make everyone happy. If Anthony wanted to join back he would've by now. It wasn't all Defy's fault why he left, it was YouTube's fault too. Him rejoining wouldn't end the lack of control. A reason why defy didn't let him do anything he wanted, was because YouTube would have Demonetized all of their video's.

  3. I wonder if the roles were reversed? What if Ian was the one who left Smosh?

    My simple assumption would be him quitting totally on youtube and and concentrate on becoming a businessman someday. I think he wants a normal life lol, but who knows?

  4. Restart smosh and don't make it a company.Just have Anthony , Ian , Olivia , shayne , Keith , Stevie , Ian's mom, and courtney , and other members like Mari and Damian

  5. It's so sad that those bastards just went there and f*** everything up, smosh is like your baby, you created it with Ian from the very start and the defy treat you like trash, you really should sue them

  6. Anthony there is a new smosh video that talks about how mythical or Rhett and Link bought smosh and they can now make whatever content they want.

  7. Can u do a collab with Smosh? I’m not asking to go back just can u collab with them.

  8. Since nobody can do it right…

    Ians Mom
    Peter Peter
    Random Black Buff Dude
    Food Battle Host

  9. Anthony and Ian were better in the very beginning and the "brand thing " ruins every thing. Why you dont make something new together? 'Smash' maybe with girls in bikini. …..dudes you make two movies and are pioneers in the Internet history! $$ they steal the money but you know what? Start once again. …..fuck money $$$ Do for fun, make parodies and dont ruin your friendship

  10. Market condition means your face is getting familiar and you have a stable count of view and fans that really love you, but there's no new viewers appearing.. So they closing this company and take all the money you worked hard to give to them, and start a new company with new name, and start hiring employees, to do the same with'em over and over again

  11. If you had stock within the company, weren't you supposed to be informed about business decisions before they were made?

  12. I guess Boze being hired was a Defy thing and nobody had any say. Sucks for her, since everyone resented her and didn't treat her very well.

  13. Every Youtuber who worked with Defy: Defy is great, we are so lucky that we get to have a fun job!

    Defy Media: We are closing

    Every Youtuber who worked with Defy: We were miserable, and it was a terrible experience

  14. You basically lived out the plot of Wayne's World, but without being able to give the corporate goons their comeuppance.

  15. Hello I Love Cheese


  16. It’s okay Anthony! Some people just aren’t equipped to sell things. Just like myself. You and I are purists who love creating things

  17. I remember back in the day seeing your Mortal Combat videos and all the early stuff. I normally don't give a shit about big youtubers but I honestly feel bad for you man. You guys got fucked. Most creative people when they get a contract get fucked over and it's sad they squashed that

  18. defy media was a god, made all these famous people their slaves, raking cash then bail damn good strat, damn great media company

  19. so in conclusion: they are evil but smart to scam young talented people, and you and your friends were so dumb to fall for their scam. sold your channel for nothing, become employee, make scammed videos, get money and know nothing about it. You can become so rich, with own company, do your own things that you like on the famous youtube channel that have so many fans and subs, yea u chose to give it away for free… the scammers are evil, but the idiots are worse.

  20. They thought: oh come on young adults these days don'tknow anything about business/marketing/laws or whatever, so lets get some benefit cause of this.

  21. It sounds like one of those shady companies that buy up stuff, milk it for all the profit in a certain amount of time and then jump ship even though more profit is still possible and the company “dissolves” and a year or two later you found out the same people who had that company and did all the damage and “dissolved” the prior company now have a “new” company under a completely different name and identity and are trying to do the same shit again. Tragic.

  22. Anthony I have watched your videos since I was in university. We are in the same age group. I am a November 1987 born woman. Hope all is well for you.

  23. Tbh. It’s a good thing that defy media shut down
    They were basically holding captive everyone who worked there
    Now everyone can get freedom to do whatever they want

  24. I bet defy media wanted to take home 1 mill in salary for it's defy owners… PS: Defy media will never rise again, cause future investors will know who was part of it and be like "well you guys ran defy media to the ground, so we can't invest in you guys." and they'll lose all opportunities they ever get…

  25. Now that he mentioned the game I looked in the app store and it's no longer there. I remember playing that game a lot and loving it. I'm disappointed the company took it out of the app store

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