Na Chelli Friend || Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Na Chelli Friend || Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Hi, dad! – Hi, dear!
– Greetings, sir. – Greetings. What brings you here?
– I’m here to study with your daughter for exams, sir. Whose voice is this?
– Dad, I’ll be out for a while. – Alright. He is my brother.
– I don’t remember asking. Are you studying?
– Why? Can’t you see? ‘Screw her.’
Alright, carry on. Is he your brother?
– I do remember you said something a while ago. Come on! What does he do?
– He is done with B.Tech. Now, he is into writing stories. I like his beard.
– Brother, she says she likes.. Hell with you! What is her name?
– What! You want to know? Yeah, I do. What is her name?
– You never were interested in my friends. Well, she seems interesting.
– Her name is Goldie and she is.. And she is?
– I want a chocolate. – I’ll give you two. She is single.
– Single! So, I can try my luck. Dad, I want to go trekking.
– I won’t let you go alone. Ask him to tag along. You can go if he goes with you.
– I’m busy with my own stuff, dad. I want to go with Goldie, dad!
– Who is Goldie? The girl who came home the other day.
She stays in the next block and drives yellow 2534 Vespa! Oh, shit!
– Busted. ‘Bro, come online. We’ll play PubG.’
– I’m not interested. You guys carry on. Why is she coming alone?
Where is Goldie? Brother, you know what happened today?
– What happened? A guy proposed Goldie. He is over 6 feet tall,
and well built. Any girl would fall for him. Why are you telling me this?
Shall I tell dad you’ve got only guys in your mind? Please, don’t. Now, go out.
I want to sleep. Now, wait and watch. I shouldn’t have delayed it.
I should’ve confessed the day I saw her. Yes, Goldie? You said yes?
– She said yes? – Yes. Why do you care? What sort of a sister are you?
You’re happy some guy took away your brother’s crush? Oh! You should’ve told me, brother. Are you upset? It is only a prank.
– A prank? Hell with you. You almost killed me.
– Now, where is my chocolate? Fine, I’ll get you one.
But, never prank me again. I guess I slipped my tongue unnecessarily.
– I’d have known even if you hadn’t slipped. I rather be careful with here. Hello? Yeah, bro?
– ‘Let’s go out and play cricket, bro.’ I’m not interested.
You guys carry on. She is again coming home alone. Brother, I’ve a good news for you.
– What is it? – Goldie will be coming home tomorrow. Is it?
– Yeah, but only if she wants my notes. And what should I do
to make you make her want your notes? Convince dad to let me go out for trekking.
– Alright, I will. – Thank you! Why? I didn’t convince him yet.
– But I’m sure you will. What has happened?
– She’ll be here soon. – Cool. Dad, you remember sister was asking about trekking?
Why don’t you go with her? I’m too old for trekking.
– No, you aren’t. You’re as strong as the steel from Vizag. So, will you go?
– Alright. Have fun.
– Sure. Hey! It is all set!
– Yes! Dear, pack your luggage! – Yes, dad!
– We’ll go trekking! – We? What does we mean? Dad and you.
– I was planning on going with my boyfriend. With your boyfriend? I didn’t know.
– Oh, screw you! I’ll go get the book. Be seated here.
– Thank you. Shall I turn the TV on?
– Sure. ‘Hell with this girl.’ You’re getting late. So, get going.
– W-Well, I don’t get this channel on my TV. So, if I can..
– But, I’ve to go out. Okay, then. Bye!
– Bye! Bhavna, I’ll return this book to you tomorrow.
– But, I’m going trek.. Please, feel free. Here is Bhavna’s book.
– Bhavna has gone trekking. Didn’t she tell you? No, she didn’t.
– Maybe I didn’t let her tell you. Be seated. Want some water?
– No, I’m good. Shall we stand in the balcony. It is cool there.
– Okay. View is beautiful.
– You is beautiful. What?
– I mean, view is beautiful. Your name is Goldie, right?
– I’m sure Bhavna must’ve told you. Yes, but I didn’t know a better way to break the ice.
– Well, you should’ve let me break the ice then. Well, I’m sort of a confused guy.
– And I do have a lot of clarity. What plans do you have for future?
– Well, it’ll atleast be 5 years before I get married. So, I’ve to find a good job within 5 years.
– I’d like it if you find one in less than 5 years. You still didn’t buy me a chocolate.
– I will, once we talk with the viewers. Hey, guys! Do you have a sister?
And does your sister have a cute friend? Do you also get excited each time she visits your home?
If yes, let us know in the comments. And also, do like, share
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  1. Alanty chelli ledu πŸ˜’
    But goldy's performance was awesome nice smile and bgm takes act to next level πŸ‘

  2. Prathi entiki o Chelli vundali aa Chelli ki Goldie lanati frnd vundali😘😘 keep going wirally elanti Manchi videos chestundandi

  3. Nenu na brother ku help chestanu ( if he ask), becoz he is a real daimond. But one condition- 1.ammai manchidi iyundali πŸ˜‰.

  4. maa anna aithe vadiki pelli aina na frnd gurinchi aduguthuntadu…what aa brothers….chellalani edipinchadanike pudatharu…

  5. Naku oka chelli vundiii… Valla frd vachindiii … Kaani muslim ammaie. Top to bottom packup
    .voice superb


  6. 14 years back na life lo same story jarigindi. 2 years taravata maa marriage iyyindi. Nice to revive our memories. Thanks to the team

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