Naval Exercises – 1 || Current Affairs || UPSC || SSC || 2018, 2019

Naval Exercises – 1 || Current Affairs || UPSC || SSC || 2018, 2019

Hello Friends, How are you?. Hope you had a great weekend. So now its time to get back to work and study once again So as promised we have brought to you this video about the naval exercices This would be part 1 of these naval exercises In the previous 3 videos we have discussed all about the military exercises so if you haven’t watched that video yet please do go back and watch that but in this video we shall continue with the naval exercises or this is the first video of the naval exercises and we shall bring further naval exercises if there are any. So let’s continue with the Part 1 So these are the list of the naval exercises which we would cover in this episode First one is Paschim Lehar Second one is MiLAN 2018 & 2019 Third one is Sagar Kavach Fourth one is SAHYOG HYEOBLYEOG The second word is HYEOBLYEOG The fifth exercise is MALABAR 2018 Now the PASCHIM LEHARor XPL18

One thought on “Naval Exercises – 1 || Current Affairs || UPSC || SSC || 2018, 2019

  1. The 1st video on Naval exercises. This video covers info about following Naval exercises:

    1. Paschim Lehar
    2. MILAN (2018 & 2019)
    3. Sagar Kavach
    4. Sahyog HYEOBLYEOG
    5. MALABAR 2018
    Thanks for watching. 🙂

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