New poll shows 4-way fight for top spot in Iowa

New poll shows 4-way fight for top spot in Iowa

100 thoughts on “New poll shows 4-way fight for top spot in Iowa

  1. So Bernie is not healthy enough.. Joe seems like mind not all there..Warren doesent know what she is.. And butt man LOLOLOLOL …. NO .TY. .. CNN trash..

  2. Bernie has the biggest crowds, the most Progressive endorsements, the most individual donors in history and the biggest fundraising numbers, BUT HOW ABOUT THAT FOURTH PLACE MAYOR PETE? CNN=Establishment!

  3. Amazing to me Dems actually favor Pete over Tulsi, (Pete no foreign policy, empty suit, white guy, boring, no leadership, cliche ideas, frat guy, christian)
    Tulsi=Superior debater, minority, woman, superioir policies, the best at foreign policy, the best speaker, the best leader

  4. CNN is a domestic terrorist Corporate National Democrats Organization crony great manipulator of the truth. What they do is get paid to lie period

  5. The gay guy is probably the most viable. Biden is too corrupt. Bernie has his support but would never make it in the general. Warren is a fake.

  6. I don't care and I'm not superior I don't believe in the word but you're sorry I've heard it one time to many besides average is better.

  7. Warren, Biden and Sanders (WBS) are the equivalent of WWII tanks. They are the past. Love and gratitude for your contribution. We must move on. Yang, Williamson and Gabbard (YWG) are SEAL TEAM. They are the now. It's 2 different mind sets. WBS is old, stale, stuck in scarcity and victimhood, slow as sludge, would regress us to the past and seek to control us. YWG is young, innovative, fresh, believing in abundance and unlimitedness, and inviting us to actually experience freedom. FORWARD with Yang, Williamson and Gabbard.

  8. They rise and they fall… except Bernie he is steadily ignored but ever steady.
    Guess they don't want to talk about the CNN poll that has Bernie in the lead lol. They did 4 stories about the poll but none had the headline about Sanders winning. The very best headline: "Buttigeoga…(i tried) in fourth, but a strong fourth."

  9. We seen this before, dont repeat history people. yall picked Hillary instead of bernie and we lost the last time, dont pick a corporate Democrat, we will lose again. #bernie2020 #bernieorbust

  10. Why doesn't any news station address the White Elephant in the room? It is Joe Briben's blackmail of Ukraine that caused the democrat House to be in their impeachment adventure. It was the former VICE President Joe Briben that blackmailed the former President of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was investigating Creepy Joe's cocaine head, jailbird,kicked out of the Navy son Hunted Briben. Joe Briben openly bragged about this international blackmail on television. Joe Briben is the blackmailer and thereby performing illegal activity in Deep State behavior. It was extremely intelligent for President Trump not to release funding to Ukraine until their government was vetted to be above board and not like it was with Creepy Joe Briben. President Donald John Trump is not getting Ukraine to fire any prosecutor for any purpose. President Trump only sought assistance from the new President of Ukraine in investigating international criminal activity confessed to by Creepy Joe Briben. I am shocked that none of the democrat candidates have not addressed the hands and lips on behavior that Creepy Joe Briben does with little girls

  11. Biden and Buttigieg aren't even close to winning in the Iowa Caucus and the panelists choose to talk about them over Bernie Sanders.

  12. Question! I may sound ignorant! Does this poll mean anything? Can this disqualify Yang from fighting for presidential election soon?

  13. I guess the dem party didn't learn a thing from 2016. Trump was elected because they forced who they wanted, Hillary, over the people's choice, Bernie, with a superdelegate scam. We don't want middle of the road politics as usual Biden.

  14. Then how is it that @BernieSanders is beating Trump in Iowa in the General Election but not in the Primary??? #eyerolls #BernieBeatsTrump

  15. I am voting for Bernie. I trust Bernie Sanders. And, I know Warren did NOT support the only progressive running in 2016 for president. That means she can be bought and she was bought to stay quiet back then.

    I am voting for Bernie because I know Bernie is working for working and middle class people.

    I also know that Bernie is more than a candidate. He is the head of a movement and if he's elected he will continue to fight for what he believes and take what he says to the streets.

  16. Lol so in Iowa Warren is the frontrunner but in NH Bernie and Warren are in 2nd place wtf?

    Bernie 2020 or bust baby!

  17. The Corporate media makes my blood boil. It is is so infuriating. Now that Biden has dropped down (like all the real progressives had predicted months ago!! comes to show who actually knows about politics), they're gonna try to hammer us with Buttigieg. I had said a few months ago, that Buttigieg was the Plan B of the Establishment, & we are seeing this happen right now. Chris Cillizza by the way is an insult to journalism: ranked Bernie 4th, when the guy is climbing in all the polls (leading in New Hampshire, in a tie in California, in a tie in Iowa, leading in Nevada, beats Trump in Texas), had 26,000 people at his rally in Queens, endorsements from AOC, Omar,Talib, raised $25million from only SMALL donations (not from big money interests like Buttigieg does). All that just in the past month. If people still don't see &/or believe what's going on here, what can I say? Now the entire Establishment is getting scared, & Pelosi is coming out threatening Sandesr & Warren. If they don't invite us progressives IN this time around, I will never ever vote democrat again! And I hope the Sanders, even Warren team, get together to build a new party which will stick it up to the corporate elite

  18. The Poll on the CNN site has Bernie over 22% and Warren at 19% wow just wow CNN is lying they cant even fix the site to reflect the lie.

  19. Bernie that old loser has been in office half a century and has done nothing. Except line his pockets. His daughter also stole money from bankrupt Burlington College thru her mom Jane Sanders. Carina runs Wood Working School in Vermont real high tech you learn how to making 1800.00 candle holders. Lol. David Driscoll the son ran a nonprofit think tank with Jane he was paid 100k for a think tank WTF man? They had to close it last year due to conflict of interest in the Sanders camapign. They knew it was wrong they are scammers. The whole family on the take over Bernies name and fame. Bernie Sanders Making America Vermont Again 1845 style. Churn butter and making cheese tapping Maple syrup. Bunch of Hillbillies will not make your life better. Lololololol


  21. How CNN would like to display polls.

    1 : Warren
    ERROR 404 ##%&*##& ERROR 404
    3 : Biden
    4 : Pete

    What Bernie blackout?! I don't know MSM I don't know?! Just another example of why you fail!!

  22. Just watch the desperation of those two. "Well… I guess Biden is done right… snap.. So Buttigieg now? remember the guys on 4th place will be the guys on 1st place.. somehow.!"

  23. President Trump is the best president the United states has ever had period
    President Trump in a landslide in 2020,period

    President Trump promises made promises kept keep America great and keep America first and build the wall
    Killed ISIS leader

  24. Hey, Bernie will win the primary!
    His messaging on Medicare for all will seize victory.
    He has the young voters on his side.
    The young Americans are better citizens than old ones who are still living in the 1800s with primitive thinking.

  25. Bidens unsteadiness?
    The entire cast of Dim-Tard misfits are mentally unstable to the core.
    Cannot wait for the debates next fall, the Don will wipe his backside with any of these loons.

  26. 1.Democrats PANIC as FBI CHARGES
    Lawmaker & Daughter, Something Strange Happening in Maryland?

    2. FBI CHARGES Democrat Mayor After
    'FIRST WAVE OF ARRESTS' for Corruption Investigation in Ohio

    3. Corrupt Democrat Sheriff SENTENCED
    to 5 YEARS in PRISON

    PUNISHMENT, Wanda Greene SENTENCED to 7 Years. Horrific
    abuse of office': Wanda Greene gets 7 years for wide-ranging corruption

    5. Top State Democrat ARRESTED as
    Trump Attorney ROUNDS UP Corrupt Politicians in Chicago

    6. Democrat Official FREAKS OUT After

    7. FBI RAIDS City Club as Obama Ally
    & Top State Democrat Under Investigation

    8. Something Strange About Obama
    Foundation's New Foreign Donors

    9. FBI Arrests Corrupt Democrat
    Georgia County Commissioner

    10, CRYING Democrat Superintendent
    SENT TO PRISON Over Scheme that Cost Taxpayers $125 Million

    11. Rising Democrat Star ARRESTED,
    State Democrats SHOCKED

    12. DEMOCRAT  Mississippi Mayor ARRESTED, Faces 100 YEARS

    13. Illinois DEMOCRAT Rep. Luis Arroyo from Chicago West Side
    Arrested on Federal Bribery Charge to Illinois State Senator. 10/28/2019

  27. They don't even mention Bernie and first thing they say after announcing Warren is leading: "but take a look behind" pff CNN shove that corporate money in your ass

  28. Every time mainstream media says “top tier” I think about how they ignored Ron Paul back in 2012 or so. He was getting standing ovations from Republicans for promising to get us out of war. And they buried him

  29. Billionaires who own CNN…" We must pretend Bernie doesn't exist! We pay you to make sure ONLY CORPORATE DEMOCRATES WIN. Bernie will make sure the working class Americans will have their hard earned tax money used to make their lives better.

  30. Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders

    Republicans like their chances of keeping the Senate in 2020. But there’s one thing they think would all but seal the deal: Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee.

    Some GOP incumbents are practically cheering him on, confident there’s no way a self-described democratic socialist could win a general election against President Donald Trump and that he’d drag other Democrats on the ballot with him.

    This why him and Elizabeth Warren are up there. They choosing the easiest candidates to beat.

  31. I've been following each and everyone of the candidates…their rallies, conferences, interviews, town halls, debates…..and with no disrespect intended to the rest of the candidates, my Top favourite is Pete Buttigieg………I call him the Intellectual Genius of the new generation of presidential candidates….for many reasons….exceptional intelligence !!!!…., impressive talents and qualities….!

  32. You guys are fulla shit cnn. Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! Bernie 2020, read your top comments you morons, nobody is smelling the shit your trying to sell anymore regarding polls after last time

  33. This is why Joes donations are drying up ??
    Joe Biden  is caught shaking down Ukraine using a Quid Pro Quo ?
    Hunter had no experience in the natural gas industry or Ukraine but his father  violated 
    The Foreign  currupt  practice act  15 USC 78dd-1
    It is illegal for a US  person to coerce or influence through Bribery or Extortion a foreign nation into taking action that might financially benefit that person his family or business ?
    Bribery 18 USC 201 (b) who ever corruptly gives ,offers or promises any thing of value to a public official to influence an official act is guilty of  bribery 
    Gratuties act -18 USC 201 
    Giving ,offering or promising any thing of value to a public official in exchange for any official act is in violation of the gratuities statue 
    Hobbs act extortion 18 USC 1951 
    A threat to a foreign official in order to obtain an official benefit affecting  interstate of foreign commerce would constitute extortion under the Hobbs act 
    Lindsey Graham ought  to investigate and start an  official criminal  investigation open here against  The Biden crime family ??
    Looks like some of the media  is  putting it all together  while the others are hiding  it and Obama knew of this ??? Is your station  talking about this ???

  34. CNN is purposely misinforming the American people….Bernie Sanders is actually LEADING in Iowa , New Hampshire, he is tied at #1 in Nevada and California.
    In the last Emerson National poll he is at 25% and Biden at 27%, …. Bernie is SURGING and the media is doing everything they can to cheat us from this great man.
    Every time a see CNN/MSNBC spread false news it encourages me to donate more to Bernie, he is our only hope!
    The Revolution has started and we are going to crush the competition.
    #MediaBlackOut #Bernie2020

  35. Bernie 2020, sorry Buttigieg and Biden step out of the way. Embrace real change and something for the people. Media Care For All.

  36. Amy Robach had a story years ago about Epstein and Clinton and other's going to the private island with a witness. Abc didn't want to run it cause of outside influence. Investigate CNN!

  37. This is just another example of BIAS reporting .i know this has been happening to him for a long while and itts not going to stop .but the main takeaway from this is the BIG PICTURE.if CORPORATE MSM mainstream media is continually allowed to operate as usual .we will be saddled with CORRUPT and COMPROMISED entrenched career politicians .and we will have the likes of HILLARY CLINTON and DONALD choose from .IT MUST STOP .corporate mainstream media must be held accountable

  38. I believe, the DNC is pushing for Biden to be the nominee, like they pushed Crooked Hillary over Sanders, in 2016. The Democratic Party are a crooked bunch. I'd rather see the groping of Biden than to see the perverted lifestyle of Buttigieg, if I must choose. Fortunately, I'd rather Keep America Great. So, I'm voting for Trump/Pence 2020.

  39. Trump 2020 ! Fu$$&)k the left ! Pelosi gave her impeachment speech she talked about protecting the constitution and are rights ! But she wants to take guns away I could have swore second amendment was there for a reason go let your kids have story time with a tranny while your at it isn’t that your party way lol

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