News Now Stream 07/10/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 07/10/19 (FNN)

asen era we he two re he thisp foyou know w do ding t a . An we’ prettmuch gna sit at that for the rt of the week going into the weekend not everyone might pay share long sat run news welcome back thank you Mike couple of days off. Did little hiking up in Zion national or choose. Above the Arizona border are hoping to Utah so beautiful ah a I’m bely ev sore. u knowt’s fuy whethos mberoppe up t scrn day ator casng Kea I sa.ok a ok athathenre. Reallyeah you gbadoon one twve is e beste c do. We are t dl that’srue I w herfor e one twty I kn. we donn ha oneu mno telle ghteenn thishis ar all entual the rime is gog come a matr of ft without the cash. Or witut that gigantic plastic. Is it to you so anyway there’s just a little bit of news going on todayhile we arload up here today and we a eecti a liteit ler inhehow. Seetara ca off- This i all out. s ah yh hisecen cls from rit now mea a theay u to Cck Sumt raingemoct ithe nate d manther omanyther in the use o. NoIhinkt’s ver interesting that –e i hoing a news conferenc Becae tmey rareor any gernmt official to hd a news conference t annoceg e to me this sounds like ans tempto se his job — And to answer as many questio as he can in this regard now it’s also I mean so. possibility is maybeoeshe withhe unkelyeis rignaon highl Butore lely that he will take questions — Ttry. To clear the cloud you know thatr m for many many days in an efrt ttry to save a Th oth oneould be at -e th. You kw hek ansays I’mavin a news On ttalkbout you kw th latest lor stists or Th wou behat uld be. Righ n wha dyou nt to ar autis hisandlg o the ole tuatk The controversy srounding the very lightentence and t ple dealnd sort of wre tngs go from heryes. So we will we have in tt fo you r u inull of its star on time is right thiwas a in abt ninetyh But t’s al tk he — The mocrats ad is a n poll. Isut tod showing jus who Noenat he is makg a goo n att ok so is i tme this is ite fainatinmigh becae yd ere’a lo owhat hpene reasonthat ivery pitiv.t hpenssd Or nativc p sont therewenty us caidatesnd there loong for a single. You know Iean if yn e err of twenty four hr ws channels andhey’re loing fornything ty can to ta about syou knewhat ming out of the debate as well as call Harris had done. That — Between that and the posn out ithat- Herumbers would –efm inhose in tho first few ds Thin have nd of ttle dow the dusb wee getti rea for t next debateth d the could be yoknow a movehe numrs buthe botmnumber ol line is e leav heln to inn a we’s Comptelyeld ono theead. That s estlish- Th stroerumbe the tablhed cing t of th deba shis in week Ielie ithe sthe back — ll goingack in. June -Sheas only out 7% so this e e t the strongnd about 15% rong eugh to puher in theumber two pitionut the interesting thing about this Emmerson poll Mike is that for thmostart. Thhe swa page. Isappening to meernie nders –nd Ion’t tnk ‘s because oany thi that he’s done wng it’s ju that he havg a rl hardime peopleven on s campgnfe is though. Theyere gog to t a reat what ey saw inwenty sieen wh he wa reall rging ireallyhowing HillarClinn h ney wl I tnk a l of Fao fa with e harmin. alit like that yesnd allf the big partaybexcep forilla inton. Ca for Bl Clion. All ofhe bigames l of t nameshat arout the. e al eithe ithei in wint stake a btle or ofeelike wt am dois kdar. Whe I hadou know all of the — In Californiaspeclly ey Those mbers is have a budget. And in policst’s e it’s ver a gd si when your best da theay you aounce right well honestly yeah. th latest pol lite b of in ippa thr or foupoin. at’s almt withinhe mgin of eor. itl beefinelyn b atan the d ofhis f . We’ll see how they fe yea- One pt batehough With Ro is alwell he reprentati know Rhen ts . e week. wronin.owereoingo go Really debated howow could Let’be hontellike. ere are numbe of pele who arrunnin right now mos lily mean t os of th The’s a lot ovanity runners are there. Younow what. I guess the way the rules are worknow you c’t blahe media all well he nts tyou kn ild aitf a tional followin mbe ce ouwith a ok Four yes fm now he ca sition himlf ia strongoy. aeon for like s weeks. Six Ner ma a dt on e poing you knowls thatess than 1% surand you ow y. yoguysbouthe ft ttto maybet’s Indis veryig ogreesh a ourA yeah.e joius o thr deal mh ifaca d a lotf vors. u know especially within the rty e ve motated. Yoknow you’ve got peoe to dge here whoonties to wellike g So breingews outfalt Lakeity whee talking aut the mackenzie. Okayand –his is st a sad ofeeks there where- She wassehag found dead and now we’re gettin- Mo update onhe iestigation liening here ve on ws now. folling facts asresent b are arg. . noteceivenyommunition had om his dghterackenz Lou ac sincehe retnedo Sa for ckenzi showe. recordsdCit f. That s exchaedx l lar idenfied as I wilthe study. Inhe ear morni hours of and nineteemackenzis lt text to t . Salt Le City pice dettives ben tsearch f mackenzie and discr n h e a left fm Saltake City Iernatialirport to hah park northalt La Live recor indatedhat mackene w t hatcbarkedt appximate Two fiy niM ll pho recor for bot at hch par durinthis and m Additial phone recorndicate tt her phonas powerfftwo fifty ne AM forensic analys of e fm cord shows thaareou eas phe w back a his resence redence locat at fivforty sen nort Tenth wesn Sal Lake unty Utah at appximatelyhree o ven A.. Jewenty x two ousand execed a seah warra on RG ‘s hom tectiv that dcovere what appeared tbe areshly dug site bind a G.ase gara. Duringhen Poli locat a hum bone. Charred m. . A cell one and other charges person items rtherme. Aceh hom.ydjacen to Instigats lated charr ackabric. evidtiary luetems of A tesngf the muscur ssue rurned profile. Consisnt whe beloing toackeiersoltems Whil exeting thh d repoed thaon Junighrs w venteeh T thousd and comi fm a fe in ouJeez quote backya. The ighbortated that this fias locedehind Ieez gagen a pe. Cored by white doorn the sa area detectis found at thfreshl dug sit. Thneighbs – A neibor als served IGA pouri gasine on the fe ring t execuon of th arch wrant. where a ssequen srchvehicle reveal a stf u side t trunk w aed gasoli tax c rther vestigion revled at IGA had pchased similar gas cs apprimately nine on Jun venteehTwo thsand a niteen o July thi. Twthe Subsuent alysis. Ofllergiell phone records placed RG clphone near Logan nyon on June twenty five two thot nineen law enformentsd and sear for mkenzie’semains. Afr a lengt seah areaf soil under arove of trs Unr the sletectis DNAesting othe bod retned charr. behier bac bys themiend and dr firs golde ft sid of Doctor o and sri Mllen eck wh thetahffice Perfmed aautopsy o mackenzi. Doory made McAll check dermined tt mackzie Blunt force traa to e left sidef fir go sultin in sigficant inacrani hemorrhagin whi wod have been fatal. Doctor Mllet the move Mllen ccks priminar deterne t matter of debt to be homicide filehe charg that Ie mentiod tyouo notet thisime. Th — That did therecedi fas whiould ge ushe chars.of filg of these The presption of innocce that isr e defeant athis timeis alsoant ttake aecond this moment. Duo sharwith y -That — Amy om our cnselinunit and Spoke with — Duxe fily Greg Ando info them the chargi decis. An wead a good discuion and difficuiscussn b I requt to us t media.ould ain rer Anto ourommunity. Two please. On. As their famyoes through this ge. They further asked me to express on their behalf [inaudible] The generosity. Thenerosy th. So manstrangs and iends e supptnd therayers. Th IT helhem throughhis ry difcult time ere ar genuily. Andoved b. [inaible]g of ve And mpassi. d theyanted meo exprsly ank evyone o haseached outo themn thatapacit? That ccludeshe dat chars at ts tim willake so very miteduestions. Plea in rards. To motiv y iaf whatappene the y you. outlehe bis of tday i to idencehate haveor the fing of chges. I dersta theres a gve issu andhat Iould sof This conties to an ongoinghing. tivenvestition the wo thate are engaged in as publicrosecurs and fro that work is for en aive a en g ad at is momt a speak. Aso anyssue ofotivation and tho issueshose isss moveorwardn a criminontinue to Eachther a how lon.a. Ase stated t proble cause stementhat the is eason to belied a dicated. A communicationhat occud beeen two parties. An thathat the was a w have devow f t An w cerinly a iicated enfoement whee was a s herell phe turnff again if u ge cht. Yes. So what kw ithat fst phone. Our r phe wasoweredff at apoximaty t fiftyine AM. Anwas never pow backn Is tt we he file does then bseq. de sfar is e counne crinal homicidaggravat Count two aggrated kiapping. Khai e confmedhat th hav bee in fa when fid at ts timees my agaie a ll com forwa — A thi out t basic funmental the evidenary pnts andactual reques preditati and oatute content ttateme b t ME To t left side tha iatal.a. That saks foitselfes. Anyonelse . Did not mposedf the bo. Again — What wouldimply say at ts time ts contues to be an on going active investatioe e comment on anhing like televion where allfor certain erythi is wraed up an we’reone andnd and everyby’s t r a case ch as is or the last twentfour yrs what ve ticeds tha. In aaseike thou are cotantly workingur persevance oud r respsibili as publ precutorsnd lawnforcent doesot. Fo f otheork th needs tbe don. And theres wk tha is ing do and w will ntinue to gage ithatn fact it not uncomm e up to trl. In somereasikehis andt thatllie has me that a commitnt a there arether aectshat we arstill ntinue to delop. contue tengage in ee investigative pross. I I I all will say is because stement know.onsisnt wm That — Into – To factually what has been put out in the public is bannedhat there was a a drop off that ocrred at apprimatel at t fiftyine Ande know tha fromhe neighbors t- the the following day andhat’s the st specic cause I nna get this point ye ma’am. at doeax sorof the subject tter othose p? In gener I all Iill sahis time the t sue whethis srted outas a missg . d ckenzi. Thobjecte was to fill in of what those taxertaine e tablish Is the contact but mean mackenzie. Andhe defdant in thi mter d allhe subquent vestigations tha led up to helpre s Im not going tat thi time eculatr commtn the of tse tax — And but wha what is iortant is a contact and they a digal time a through the iestigativehed effoses do you know why the original investigators tn and was Cryi email went to it as ca I thi that ‘s imptant to notoa biry disnction. Rember h thisrganicly developed . a s s amable and so — Athat initial. Poinave alts adus ma decisis buto lethe te bli unfolou the ighteturne back tofehe misn. Califoia t thet is faio sortf s thatomehow t Theyad tsort of dot in a to b able truleertainded things outy paf the vestigate ocess — at theengagen We belie that e was lleds. little b more filthe monta king and a one of e key rt ofhe bodat hisouse. aygain — we we goi lking abouthe spefics ich Ihink wl become car as we mod But but bed on e proble beuse th — Th wve lai We know whe he ended up ter a death from hatc partnd we n also see whe the body wa ny.overed which was in Logan Challeesiven t locatns and gis . compx homide tre are le any offi would — In counter. And tfa enforcemt is thas — Coendabl a they’ve done eat j and ty contue to case are sethe presution o nocenc is there theurden of proof is up us and o job i And feelery coortablcan. with t chat made d a we wl contue tbe mmitte to at procution a go forrd y jt to clarify o thina y evince tsugges tha esewo have coactrior. Shwent msing. Agn. the ior htory or anythin purpes that are he toda contted a curve andhere w mmunicion tha occurd betweethe twpartie. Yes- But ctae r clock meenghatappene — And thereasontactetween thtwo paies yes. Again — A I don want to spulate about that. enfoement are dng their d digence and makinure tha connue to wo this ce overesis ca is fafrom been filed the thehe the nex ste- Handeneral that canappen soon as twey fourours but thinkosteasonays obably gonna be between morrow and Friy. That’shat wre lt th’s theood tt’s a crt to bri tht . It dsn’the las rht.nd. Betwn. Thkneeeplacent fire d the fe niny t th was that the neighbor talks abt tha buthatas constent with e tt infoation w sharewith law enfoement of thSt our prlem beuse stement search warnt.xecutg a whil executingot seahand warran. Rember. You have tundersnd seentially ior an investationoveg tonderstd who e contts e — Is it andhen who wou me to mebodyut may a peon ointere theyou have as a suspects ere sobody fore y movedo the dision of makga timate filinhose charges as th’s athose inrmatioas bei proceed ey exeted a srch warra wereown tre talki that ey had a conveation — With abou whaher oervatis were pertaih ] But there w a lotf thre andhe by ger becae statent whi is th. tuse guy t cell phoneecords thousandnd nineen beeeno two thirM possle crinal cas. arted Certaiy tt dae d that thehad — Intified ntact inial contact w made and ts bein made the spectnd inveigatioyes.ged in eir And jt tmake abso. If. They dthatogethe. That’somethe m sorrsay thaagain s. The maappe. Yes ase stat in our proble because statement that there and both of em outo hatc par Okring tt ti. All rig tha youery ch r your time way and right now tl appeals court has a decision on well they have their own words on wha t president. Has the say and what he c’t do blocking got attorney mark Lambert here’ tnk y so ch for coming on thanks. All right so wt in the federal appeals court s. So in a not sho with the quart is president trump because he’s using his Twitter account publicly can’t ban critics so someone has a different point of view than the president. He can’t block them from his Twitter handle because th might lead to the first amendment. All right and so howoes thi will ts go across the board or is it jtike.s in Congress On a one person basis right now for the president so the court was really careful to say this as Twter aount. What ty did they ae account their arguments me b thet he was ung h account As a prite citizen and the courto tsase with respecto the prident he’s cleay usg hi Twter. As aublic forum where thei exchae of idea people respding bTwitr and and that’s generating thousan if no huneds of thousands of respses he s Over sixty milonwitr llowers so thi is aublic forum ad so apogize to thpresidt in th caseith reect oer public officials I think it’s going to come down to how were they using social media. thsingtrivaly iit public or just priva Fact thg tt h nothi to th tir pitical offic d I thin thawill act. What the outcome is in the courts as much I woke want this get ithey’re going to dot on a person by perso bis campus get taxing is far as? A lot of a lot of work as far as going basis by basis so just by saying it’s on a case by case basis doesn’t mean you have to go through every. So the court is sitting down some general princles so one of the general principles of the second circuit court of appeals. On set forth is that if an account is being used as a public forum then it is sject to the first amendment so I would. Say that the courtn the cond thsecondircuitourtf appeal at le. Ifou havanothe plic ficial who ung and their soci mic puoses. It is nna beent me to e fe eak thfree sech Okay and tn – Forhe ner reall gets the b nsatt halsa causee uses tt real Donal Trump. Bibases biglaimo — If is — he wust gy n you dn’t puno policy out or so I tnk if he has a private account with sees a private Facebook accountant that real is went vacatn.iends. d tsere how mig thi my of tt nure thapure wasgrandcldrg ide thaanythi you c But ain we have to s wha e cour as thcourt wt de verclear tt with And eir pvate accous were t ruli on that to me I uld thkhe morwe get into the world Yo see I thi inhe first endmt prottions are less strong that’s my opinion but we have to see what the courts you and for the courts now the also looking at a see the Democrat that’s getting a always a lot of publicity as well. Right so we shouldn’t be. This is not a Democrat when looking issue this is not. But it doesn’t apply to a senator or to America I think it this is about public officials in using social media for public purposes to have an exchange of ideas at a public forum. And then I think what the court is saying is it applies to you if you’re that person so it’s not specific to the president it’s not specific to the office. It’s not specific to the party is one if there is somebody that is tweeng o harassing on can he just block that person and say you know I don’t wanna see there or do you just put them on mute. So I think there are differences and so we’re talking right now in this case about people who are critical of the president from a policy still. So in that area including that some big to the first amendment if you have someone who is is expressing violent conduct or foul conduct. On a social media account and then a question is it really free speech is not something to the first amendment protections I think that’s a different situation than we’re dealing with here. There was never an argument at least to my understanding vanced in the case involving the president and the people were saying fans of things instead they were saying critical things of t presint pressi aiffere pointf view freeeech.uinteentialtre Yend boy it juseems like – thith sial med and youot a lk at theots wha chalngeshat laers anwell aolutee dges. Technology that’movingo qukly it’ is how es the lk sta up th i becse it’s is hape o . l mediis ndifferthan otr media f pt i soci mia is subct to e first endh dia. Right right now all right well thank you so much for breaking it all of them are we really appreciated and boy able we’ll jt maybe whoe wanthe bla next. Than you thankou so muc ‘ll beack more news n up xt eryon we he the news we havee toush rwar right hereorcontinue ah –ews now tnks souch r joining us I’m your host Mike page welcome to news nown x ten extra we always do preciate you joing us he daye’re gna gout Los Angeles right now. Where officials are holding a community meeting not talking about the earthquakes that happen on Trsday and Friday d what resents c expt Let’listenight he on ns now [indh Dember. Weave eall. ehis O seven eig and en i. Haens Th we we [audibl is Ha in nd-hen e six Fourhe sysm is whin abt More rources a the suationhou. Whene had seven int Resours froae stem. Weully fctiona-ithi threhourinau] u For th. In theiddle Usha on thoe Wery [indibldible] And a aut aundredinr d redrs. Oufirst der ofusines [inaudle] We he In lin. ichre ao thee. And round e fracres. Anon tnd detmined ey were se. Hower Th is tho lin. To tee hundr Rouz howerobablyon. asssmes -We mayave – Please — Showed tre was litt bia An hever we doave so- I have en on e jtice. to [audibl. r reabily gi you aumber to eht hdredeven [inaible O threeemembe . Heive thsand tn on ur proper. An wwillo- Housline naudib] Ifinauble]pecon [inauble] Yo. Ifouras is rrentlon in usto ease. Lee the ilding [inauble] Or giv ua call call — 911ich i] that u guys canet informion easo Ane’llet bacto sooas Foand we ar[inaudie]f rib. You ll us d we’ll there naudib] We all-n thisommuni here. Inhe cterinaudie] And a pleasente . mean tre. Toake few re [iudible ere – Unt the wer [inaudle] The ters [indibl The tion [indib] The rvices [indible]e] Reurces sted oour cial mia. I ed some ecial eds. Even iyou mo the [indible] will. Wean do r them . Ma questns as can. As many we n [inauble] The please a wle f some you. can g. sistance cenrs in is naudib] Resour [indible] This i Fot L e Thsdaynd Fdayenn Of lt wk soany oyou us herhi news now as we had thate hour on ly f somof tho rthquake. ofny bigews mes we’ll dayn bring it tyou here onews now do . he mketsight — ght reell nothe mkets rht here ts isy d elev degre Toy dferent kind ofumbers — One twty twop inhe greight ght n andill te just a willave anoer hour wit via.n fox tenxtraight he we are a waiti a momt now a cast ami pressurto coa Ovnd atain plea dl tha bring th to yo in fu when at hapns also fl present trump rs y righhere with us and I’m your he ank u suchor jning us here todayy . Itnight net’s go wh present tru -peakg — Maki hemarn n ncin American kidney health this is presiden trump just. Earlr this morning in siown li enjoy it’muchnk you tter. I’d raer s rig t tay we’ takg oundbrking actioo brin Ameransufferi from kidy diseasis. e a cretar Rober Wkie who’s he tha you Rert ank yo yo Eric.Eric Caragain ank Thk you. Nice tsee yo. soutstanng tenuchn mos incredle jobnd bowler. Thankslso tsenato Todd ung whis tou. e yog grt senar d reprentatis Mhael Buess datt As pt of r commmentoy tha youor ensung gde r evy Ameran. My admistratn is alrea bale mor dease.tes to opioenton l and ugng the addictnpidemis c t wre makg trendous stdes I thi you’rprobab aringbout i wle talkg about veryo u . ugh siation ‘re wking wh Coness t chilood canceres for d we lached campan t d. HIVids epidemic toughou Americ. year likely sho numbe of Totay uer conolnd if yo agoeople wld havsaid. ere’no posble y high. He’s en hae to lesavinurese passss right to y o prd of where peoe that e terminll . e sothing in our pipine and body hhe peline likhe ited Stes ofmericashe greate. Tect Andedical researce can t them. Poe it’seally pe strght to trl of thname but it’s me inste of gog to ia instea of gor wherever the may go onhe where to goo plac you’ve ner hea of him ty dot haveoney. go home wi no ho and ty die. that fivyears f but ‘sgy Theyigned piece opaperlooking g. th we ve it to m and you have ni. e result are we’ve h some pele? Oneoung womann particar sot sults peoplhat we pectin to dia are ving It’seen a trendous ing th thresults t only ist a woerful tng in rms of owingow certaiedicine o a posble cure wke . Incribleesults se’re ver proud oe fourere’s me comicatedty th you tnk to t it. Lo of peopleidn’t nt to ha it bute got i and is just seto owith toy’s aione’re otheore naonalriorit.aking crucd And tt’s tt kidn dease. In. 20017-20 sevteen kieyisease was the nine e Unit Stateodeath the throhout Ameca and thoseho ffer fm kidy disse Is sintens theime i sookend a s. ormous tt you end. And ierests- Like a ll time j f s e worktselfre speaking Alex he said theork itlf is so inten tworkills peoe literay . r the patits their led ones andor thempactedll tho impacty k. Iean tsay were figing by yo side and wre determid to gou the bt tatment anhere ithe wld. Ande a a lot of prress we’reith e wa execive order ting vit steps to f kidn avaableransplts. You will sy well makg lifeetter.nessme thin that’happengd tmendousror f ughly o hundr thousd Americsreurg . Ever day tenf our fello tizens die waiti man many peoplet Wel do everying wcan t creasehe supply a will b le to that very sutantiay. kidns and gettimerica of tse weighess sohey ca lead a ful andealthynd hayife tt’s thbest answer of al at’s w my ord suppos the seless indivuals who done kieys by grantg them lostages.n donatns sh as Pele heo say have ner gott enoug credi what ey do is sb ey have ver er gotnough the rul of governg Morgan –t sg Of o the oanrocureme ornizatis a going to ha avaible kidne.nsure becaeften tes thejust — Mat in te there are ces where ey have to be tre immediely ty hi st I’mhey dot mak it in Thatt getsheren Willstablit i r idenfyingotenti kidneyor trapl. Thresult wl be me a fasterranspln o help patients a by inntivizgheupply kiey. I ha to ad an esmatedentizing senteen ousanddditiol Americs coe thin tt’s going to haene that.ld ev be hier thane Indditio up to even thousandore d v . Lo and ler ever yr andhat nber codht beuite at o work. Becaus tnsplan cos mh less i The timate is tkidney. trsplant a theost iar ways ouroliciesill save upny four intwo bilon doars aear for pients faliesnd taxyers tt’s an stepso impre kidnedisease treatm. e reimbseedicar pviders trtatientarli verynose and portt thwordarli Allo forome ce s e ra of transpnts Cruclly o newyl sure ttore pient from t comrt otheiown d so dratic lg oveueeforms a Sometimemazes me thait.ethg thae neverot dn i vernmeut n we’ getng And and tter bieve i. Ritow oy 12%f paents diasis recve cart home. My exete at a treduceosts imove t quality of life for nati pientll acrs o nally thisxecuti order such an ie orde encouges pvate terpriso partr wit gornme tachiencredie Wee gng to ioriti kieypmt of an aificlly transfoee re wh ur aroup overy tes aut t urgcy ofo a I’like tstar by troding new Jae mep andell us abo tir one year os ] Goodorni eveonend tha u Mr predent forelcong welcing u. r artss ouson hadendne year ago wah siificanamage bot his kidneys. spe two mthsnd thea He takes numers micinesgh a sinm receiv m. oodries andore doors visitshan I. Huonill go tnailenie dialis uilh e trsplant We are heful whin t nex Thiss a diase has a wl have to dr fe montithout a bodraw and ltip micineswice aay Our fily is hopefhat day’sxecuti oer will raewaress Dridneare innotion inco n d pvide muchetteare a trtmen forudso a the Amican livg wi kidney seas. yo cmitmenyou ha made day timpre tivesf eryo affted. By kney deasencludi our Thk yoand bter on that’ anyou’reonna bgood By theimet com I thking aboutightow I rely bievetl baby anan oained miste w was aficte witkidney dease. r more tn aecade. Nancy pleas cos your story it’s some story. Good morng as he said myame mister riredurse dain And in odialisas tizensducatiente a doorat in indtrial ornizaonal pcholog Mostf laI am e d cod Itand o.d n sorday Ient the emeency rmnd byonda I d diysisatie. dauteraidom y can be hkedp ta me mes week I’m goi to gi you kidne. We wtor wkp. Andhey founut. at Ilso haa brea canr So Iasnialv ars Ieceivehemo and raation. had twait tee yrs befe when trane ate of Delare y have it tee yea. yes and I’m lving.eht dialis iot mn tnd ofhe your life itnto I didot p ster psident tnkou for fofocung o thesessue and I’glad tsee iny lifeme th some oit wl come t fruition. Dole sto thas ha wor.c. ncy it w harit was hd I u juay tt the the gimef what shead tdo storo roug incdible eat ge entyive Tusia block was blinidedu upeisease c you paseome And ll t story. degr in ew perrmance. a The world was at fingeips. I way t th unirsity New Mico. Littleid . y . o thound sixy worould chan. The tolsrojecthree oy li. Wod chge. Fr mohs ler I was diagnedithupus d a yrfter tha I w Onune thirtnth t thousand an eig I wok uin the hoital tached ta dialis macne. Whatas hapning tme? Wh I liv? Or whaI di was in thioment at I knew was ihe fig. Of my fe As jrneyhroughialysi care into own hds.ta my That Ioundhat treatme mod As Ieflect bk. for m. I nowealize thay heal ca provirsailed . Athe begning os I am optimisticay heful. at theolicie beingroposed will hd Navigate the ral car stem. Wi lessonfusi andore seinauble] ank u. the ute buyou ayedell. You’reoodr With tay’srder m ministtions taki one mo vitaltep prucers of acons tdelive great healthreor ta ople. Weaunche a bolnitiate t drughat’s a b tng aion Very big momts cingp Ireorking d thk over t next week and Alend evebody thi we havsomes mingpery srtly Th will sethi very ecia Lastear we w tirstrop in pscn ovortyix yrs. Weexpandi affdabl ofmerin wkers tillis associionealt pnt h imbursent arrgement. Somef the os exnsiv tha wt you he todayr I sha year o t ago. And we will aays pe g c . e Reblicanarty wl. tien who fe syst fro eorki with Congrs to sturpris medic bilng blin sided by medica bil t rvic thatheyever agrd to iadvanc. Theyo homeo get bill that’some my w wh to do d we he stopped tt and and at thatas a tremeous prlem a conties to til pple fi o what e new syem iss t door theest pce we’re servic quali ohealthare fore youurchas car somethg that e to d. an tt is sometng tt soarenc peoplehin. a althca. thg weignethe ll aonthanormou ago And t g AnI asse you’reonnaave anseem iI’mone probably with a c. That a bhingransrencyrce. itigger an most people understa one of the bier thin th. Fr theedicalnd heah ce andpnt. we creingillis of w sigficaly bs eac one with a mnso help filir healcare. willot rt until Aricans ve t heahcare sysm tha theyeedndm th. Amica fst America patients Than you vyuch foreing re I jt tone Ihink some AnAlex a sany of tem — peopleenatoro- o ha o the thisou’ve workedo har oy ve speci the kidne has a ry ecial pce ithe art. It an inedible thi — ople tt hao go ts peoplehat havla o hardlivehey he to wk so its it ifree tcourts just you lks for bei Ayers rlly Fantan g dney hlth iour cntry I just wantn w dney deaseill now sned isistori execuverder th is first secon a third step — But we’reonna ce up witha peod o five ars i t ars I tnk mos peoplven inhis ro expts in th ro Wot even lieve from at ar tre a Signs inotenal out there e Thank you very much for being here and let’s signed the executg . Th Givehis [inaudible] One investors . to give a ns confence on t ry a late wit. in h role bk in the thup sta als thousands. On abstain but when we come back here on news now if it that is not happening will take it out to California where a couple was forced to give up their newborn ins after the wrong eryos were impnted in a hu IVF. Mix uphis i the lawit it.ning ne’re gnaring To a ns no. e lot of Yeahnotheroupl.yo. Outles t high ints of eeasee are misconcty ceer. Its a sryn which audience Theyere beg impnted with their ns at turned to be bryos om strangers went to thNew Yo coupl. Whemplant wit bot the emyo foroneynd sho. When chi learn therever? They wte . A lel batt ensd. And Iean a ow wy founatTo bri their s home From New YorTo thextreme mis. t wronhere it’just pin staggeng. So please review the news release in the link to complaints. I don’t bme y f you estion abo certa point d we’d be hay to awer th ter wo that.i I wou like say Te ndles aarge nber ocases inlving lt and stroye embryo. Anyet in this case. I ha ever en.egrious. is earlne of the worst fertility center tragedies. In US history. Thfact shotn goal and then The up. And ose of t otherwo couple ‘s totly ineusable. Ana show entrued. Wi the dream of having a As wls with their most sensitivend importa pperty. Thr embrs Ineturn. Shot a the oer defennts olated thatrus. In the worst ws iminable. I ve audnce swed a lotf credit f. It’s a great thing to do. And they deserve our support statentlease ld your qutionsntil a three spkers. Fish the remks and with on a gd morning everyone.o I’m n g . abou the oeal myamilyt suered. Gog to y tdo mbest to talk about this becse it i just neverver haens agn We a herf whatharges. Without o knowlge. Imanted arembryo to Anotr coup’smbry.nthe rld. woma. Iny warm nally aever elain tus what hpener emyos leavi that poibility th my chil. Anothechild of mine. w n’t kn about. What ds th mean to? e abilio carry own chi. Myaby bo. be wi. Momesf his fe to rse hi. To jusd. t . Stngers embo inty warm leavinus b . Enies thate livwith t hard mbe born to seone ee. I dond . Th is th most impornt thi our le ey suldave done erythin makeure ts didn’appe And whene srted to len ofey did. thappenihey li to us. It is so cn ings wher deserveignityhe tru and I’m strong perso but hav en hurby thexperiees in way thatr ngle d. hopehat no one everas t fferhroughhat myamily s been through. And Iope chdees h dersta what is. Flying think rpy fore even. More families are her. The end of my state. I ow aoas a f thing ke say I think just to get ito h . n wa. When didou fir learn? Yo son hadearnedwear. I n’t ow thexact de b Eaer.the Thuday fore Theyhey ld uto go d and shs. Thiy anname. see if. wereold. ahe nexdaye Th he wasur sonow we ve a son. Marcthirtyirst. In theirst pce. They s eyall mend thesaid the thC. O. all o chi fertity Shealled me d sheaid that yourusband come in.ouhen Soe can a D teson you And sheouldn’tell m anhing ee and asked her over and over aga. Beuse you kw that’s my that myodn you’re violating my DNA without evenou know telling me what’s going on and she wouldn’tay anything and Iold r after So f ten ns alerhe endg. right lkse are ingut li right now f the lor secrary Ae e ght now ve on ws nowatin. Yorkrosecuons goin New Theyroughthese crges bed on n eve ve sn who is now a And is is very vy good thg s actsre descable New York osecutn offs impornt opptunity. To re flyring absta justi . Two thsand eht the maj prosecion likthis. ocene A orida and ju theistric attory of lmby Beach unt. The arged u sam wita lesserffense l . Heould he avoed prin altogeer. Bue atrney’s offen Miam came iolved. Have sn got ultimu. a uld ruire jail te and t just riol chges d thatas theeek helpteens nt to ilohat Tis havchangend coverag this se has certaly change. Since th artic. Fas are iortant andax part matt matte staed as a ate By t US atrney’sfficet? t thousd six grandury nven by t state Attney thistricattorn of Palm ach cnty. Reviewhe evincend recom. e resued in no il timat all regisation i sexua fender [inaible]utiono the ctim The ate aorney’ offe And a rn hithe foowinglowe ataif morninginaudie] offi waseady to t abain walk free jail me notng osecuts in formeffice foundhisol acceptle d theyecamnvolve our ficeecaminvolv Assi t thousd eighudle] ticleecount psentedhe ultimam regiration and rtituon. For roll. . thout the wkf ou Just that ste chargd have w many tod questn t rms ofhe ultatum at’salle theon prosecion reement thheseases areompl. chilen when ey iolve Two ousandix I’v shared with tsey . An aidavitiled bthe caer precutor app sk kicks.elated tthe She tksbout t chaes fad. She tks abouthe vicms Refung to stify.matiz. exerat that ick. aually abou theirdentits beines vealed. Thacts tt th hadacedor horrible Peop to kn about. dheoes o write at quo. Peop alleghat as thi. As trosecurho hanedicted. the instigatn v ese coention oveookhe Her scriptnf thes facts areorrobH . Hi affidit Ielso shed today. Thsands of precutoraround thnation [indible] Th week. Are wghing. Guiltyleas p. u rk. A reire psecur to as at dirtly that arante thatleaion Task wther rsts goi to ialow do yoweigh ose o if gngo tria is vwed as theoles Put ve seebehindars. Insure h rea Prove vtims whhe mea seekestituon. d proct t publiy puttin them on a r In ts case. People haveaid was . y thfact. Th this mter srted a a state vesn state gra jury broht. That sglei] . A ste offial aowed atain toelf suender it’s unusu for federse osecut. To inteene ia state maer. recely difrent setf fac. Dierent don want anye t but ‘ve se otherases. For ste procutors l folks. Go wit ste she the heads thisase. The feral offe intvenes forehe pleaasaken a id sp. Becaus if th ple itaken e statlevel u’reonna fe sious feral ises. day we kn a lorebout wictim’ traummpac their ttimony d th toos impoant Our jues areoro Undetandin tt trom impacd And tayurudgeso not allow victi v fense torney. I heiewed e vict tervie. They’r harto wch. Becaus r . The meand won o my offic. Want t. I nted thelp. Thatshy we inrvene of my oice did.rocutors Th insistehe go jail. And puthet r at seemsctio absolely deserva str inveigatio in herrf And shoule prosutedn anytate whiche commted a ime Ifhere a oth statesn whic she cmi e ratr staidecond ing wellhouldonsir the as d so I absutely wcome this w Yo procutit is the soluly right tng tdo. How uld yodescbe youtis. relaonship ? e ne o tycle he th steais cnginty relatiship with e has I thinkeryublicl –t’s outse delear that tt. I’ve gotis suprte sterdanhe ova office I I keeeadingbout pticles -e spd andrulvane.onip wh me Ande cled me is mnint yf if psedhat ou lationip i exclent too an that y aicleso the ntra are in hisordo It’s I’m he on fendin this Tomjovich ns. Secrety a lot of oa tchinghis ne confence includg sem whsay ty were teenars when Jereypstein sexuay assauld the ey sayheyent tyou okingor helnd didn’ hear back frs tolate [inaible]hempology . And inhe dumentshat I’ve I’veddress t issue of viim noticatioas well e career procutorn this Had a dficult decisn to ma d she dn’t ma it alone. She men h Andheade inonsultion wi the oice Had unusu prosion. Evhough is was state ca. Thvictim wouldavehe portunit to ceive reitution. Extingshhe ruired tpay r themo hire lawye To brg case ainst m. A se iwhich u woul have to plead. Noontest. Anprovidthem wh restition. Anthe ccerned and the are the rdr . Thatuote s did nant t are wi the vtims at t offeas attpting toecureor the thebility Becaehe is awarehat ifheo obtn . disclod. An the notiatis fell thugh. Use ts to qution tl woul. hypoeticalns wernot at of sence aorney’ ready ask one o t victi Now llebout whe t abougettinmoney.l you And when the aw of aignoly aer theream agement.not cply wi thecat that d thegreent wasppead at varus lee juice dertment d she detls in is affidat. corrorated bthe F.. I. K w shand he? th havseen mht n compl. And weou. And hado weig Thissuef howuch sclose ainst the iue owith w We wano winrl. arment arial. makehe And sohen she winally whetimoas wasinallylear. the reemen salksbouth how shade ey . w tt was a Fday afteron at? Fo fifte and tt she Thathe sta had sedul the plea foh And e talbout howver t eken she madeveryffort t [inaible]cms athatime Viates oineinauble] scri [indible] Apoach. prosution.cis a. Abt comi from [indible] Thprosecion. My proems caed ingleaseet me om the Intested jt tgo to ial.. And sfice t ial. Anoof if Iould inll of giv you a nute b if I cou Whenhis case i a five prided a lter? That outli somof e linef this. In Jy of twohousd seve met a theaidhese a tfic ur pois thayou wi have to d. In sta court. An if nowe wilprocee deral. They wervery serious tt ty wod proed ferally that does n mee nfiden. In theinal outme andne of th tou questns inhese Whats t valuef secur With regtratio versurolling thdice. An I knohat in t thousd ninete lt thousa eighthings y look But is was theudgment prosetors wit densf years of exk thisas n.lette you’l see A singl pernaking those t [iudible scribeFor thducks. Charge a and d th youe Saying y knowith tt — It it’ever alam du. It see theeemsike yo th afterhe casin whiou ld. Possibity a federal dictnt over eeads shing get themo to This is agnst t ehty eit like doe stanrdsy negotiating Stronglynd r at bas on th evidee and no just opiniut I’v ared. Ther wasalue to geing iltylea andaving m breakft. Lookod At my cfirmionearing was aed a silar qstion onof the o of thissues moreranspancy toy.ct lot victs.bvious that es y watchhesi Fe that thias not suffientut cl ese viims we trautized can’t begino undetand. What theh d theyook at this and ty say buwc yosay at yay loobacknd at I canay iat theime And provide indidualsnvolve. This w [audibl T. the oice. The is val ta short guty ple. Becauslettin him wal lg wh the ste aorney was rey to goorward. Yeseen pend fromloombebn absote. handng of it’back iwour thousa eigx trficking I wted to k aboutour rr f . Throh the ge and hr divisif US cs inclingex traffking andg hourivisioissued a n licy thegency — It’s been talko for lowing the agenccedy I to vtuallyemovetselfrom -r Coinuing tcertify these piecesy o otheagenci how canou thathow also tt thats if you rean at it es. Ar wagin ourdminisator afr she s conrmedame in d she view the picies. Ansheut in ace quiremt. That eht crinal psecuto f divionsttention andhat’s crimal psecutoo bewe wa consulted. Whenev somne says at e e victs of tfficki. The actrosece e precutor say thiss n a case tha e e e r . Ye Ias vyaref to t attoeys negottedhe reemen. Second I poi oute livn aie brkfast meengs ahe te yo d’t ope an ofce at sen o’clk in t morni. Just thavee itver bakfast. prosutiongreeme to inude t meet l me let meo thi had I’d cl the a I’ll gi I wand tgive you anng opportity. . t n yourffice. Wo sely yocould cure a wi. In thisase but t very Is tgivehe vicms an R. oprtunit. To wehn and brok feral l byot doi do u thin that you’re thking wouldave been dieren had you. Foow theaw a consuedhe madeery clr.y at theimeictimo- . statent thawas subseently sued bwhat icalledhe fice o legalounselhich i Poliakinghe chi legal arm ofhe d. Th tse sittionsithon prosecion a. R Becae the C. B. R. A. acrdingo depament picy do not aach. Unl t ces actlly brght now undstandhat eudgead aiffereiew. An I undstand tthe notomply wi thee’ view wt Constentith t n.ithat a Now l malso poie s ended. ThCVR A.nd Coness amended itxpliciy. Tsay thaton osecion agreentould be in fac coa od thi as said I a tranarencypect a lotorertion hr. we d hadore tnsparey peaps thicase wld hav Hi I’ve id outhe reans. victs bere?he detls tthehyhere t ApSteeplaid- But t partme ojustic bn vy presentialdminisations geralo multie attoeys is tt thereaso viation theaw. One wod you m also u your na in anuicklyith I’m Kan Colls for N. uld youake the sa Becaefficu [inauble]semt toda.

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  1. Here's the problem: It's not abuse. It's the LAW. People are well more than taken of when they pass ILLEGALLY. Come in hundreds of thousands when we are prepared for only thousands: who is supplying? It's a good thing you are passing illegally into AMERICA because any other country you would be jailed, beaten or killed. Be thankful.


  3. ((Breaking News)) The Holland tunnel was temporarily closed this morning because the Oscar Mayer weinermobile mistook it for Don Lemon's aΓ—Γ—hole and got stuck

  4. So much hate the people that lie in front of the panel with a straight face they are all fkers all anti American

  5. The parents should keep their children with them. I would never allow my children to be sent off with other people they may or may not know.

  6. Tell the Demobrats to take care of them. They have plenty of money. You're right lady they are bringing in diseases.

  7. How about this panel who are babbling should pay for the INVADERS and go back with them! Thank you ICE!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. Why wasn't anything done or said about Obummer actually putting them in cages? Explain because I want to know.

  9. Idk about any of these illegal immigrants.

    Kick them all out and completely close our borders.

    We're all filled up.

  10. DemoCracks working Very hard everyday to Destroy USA Citizens β˜ οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ˜ οΈ
    ILEGAL'S come first β˜ οΈπŸ—½β˜ οΈ

  11. People have become weak minded, why because the criminal elite is writing laws to prevent freedom of speech and freedom of thought, why because they fear the masses finding out about their plots and crimes against the societies they claim to serve. Your Water polluted, four Food contaminated with chemicals to attack the body and the mind, and your physical abilities to walk, think, and express your self without violence. You can only believe what you are told to believe even though what they say is a total lies, and deception.

  12. They claim others hate Black people, and its their Laws that protect Racist Police officers from going to jail for crimes against Black people, Millions in prison for crimes they have nothing to do with, because they are Black, if the Men are in Prison they cant breed another generation of Blacks, so they are in Prison based on race. Today its the Muslims that are under attack, they don't like the way they dress, Boris Johnson calls them Pillar Box, why, the way they dress harms nobody. They hate Black people because of their Colour, Naughty children is always causing trouble. Why do they hate people they want their LAND and COUNTRY for themselves, example, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, SouthAfrica, Palestine, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and anywhere they can lay their false claims to, Egypt will come into play in the future, they want the Land of the countries of the people of Colour or None European people, theft and robbery and White Supremacist, Nazism and Fascism and Zionism all a triplet of evil and wickedness.

  13. Don’t think I have ever seen such a monumental editing cock up as what this channel achieves with consumate ease πŸ€”πŸ˜–πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

  14. you come here illegally as an illegal immigrant in your b** because things get mixed up because there's five hundred thousand of you trying to break down our borders I don't feel sorry for you sir I'm sorry come in here the proper way and it wouldn't happen with it

  15. like I said feel sorry for him but they shouldn't have came here they're illegal immigrants you're going to have Mix-Ups I don't feel sorry for that part of it you should have came here the proper way and this wouldn't have happened now that it has hopefully we can get your son's back and then we can move you back to the country in which it came from

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