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ow hpening rlly rht now- Weave Chrtopherayhe FBI dictor h ispeang to e Senate Judd r w we’ll have that and then we’ll have full highlights. What president trump and just wrapped up it was in our in twenty minute speech that he did in Washington DC will have all the latest for you but let’s get to some of these top? Stories rig now welcome everyone here to news now rose migration Ron noon. And we get aunde goonhis really today and tomrow is going to be a big one I like to point out a lot of people ithe newsroom were ofte. We had a hip hop dancing in. Just a f momentsgo that we just . It was just like anoth spring game right no issues with — Stopped. And we’re gonnaeed it with everys Becaeomorrow eryone ll get a ecio goa happntenna impe we e gointo sta evenarlier. On thisy tomorrow special covere in the morning right here onox ten extra. The Muller testimony now think about this run. Forhe last two and a half yearse’ve been hearing about this mala rept ghtt’s st been hammer from both sides of t ais. And now wre finally going to t him to eak in front of Congss he’srong for about twelve minutes for that one news conference. He was hoping that was all it teof the tlve nute was aut I’done I seey grd Rectanye’s ing tgo I helinehis ou thimorngs was we were not aware going into it ahead of tim. guidan from the dartment t justice s highly anticipated tesmony I not sure why he did that he’s already outlinedt is certainly not going to talk about anything . The thg abo it is you’ve got rioumembs othe house Bond by the way there might be ar two in the mix the somhere ah we’ gon gethereive nute wh sllernd eve one of them is going to want to as t kinds of questions. That. Can lead to the outcome there their whole. So f Replica it is — Or you know finding out once again the error andre youtickin thathe presintconusion Didotommit riving right — For mocrss tryi to fi a y I hed my they’ll there’ beeng e of t thingI heard. Washey wod c qutionying to gehim t Unit State n t presint becaus yog stdingepartmt of justice idelin so yo canndict ttingreside. Crinallyharged h if a citize h ds uld ty be cing cminal Who kws I mn who knows if any ony ‘ ing to ploy aull on ke for u belo timboxing fsope dopec you knowi abt the? Right. To hanaround thee a an trygo justind ofhe deflec – Bs very aptt ansring quesons the way hwantso answer ta Washgton hs beeneforei in ybody youould csiderne of theny r . I reay don’ I thi is gog to bquite flappae tomrow anI wou b mean all the networ aro trto fin thatne heaine ther wl be if hepened upo much tw avues- Foreople. Th’s te tha is tr and yell aot og the hoe becau they subena himot a this is. alreynd I was tng abommh is thether d Ron I tught u kw befohis hring the bgest nam hearis that Befo that does James cl me that wou s Hlarylintone rit yes right athisoint at doeit matr w have.or that wle. Ouof Benazi-o yeah it’s inhat cegoryhere’so doubt highl- . In ousinesit juspays t skeptal o if the are so ship ere se shockg headlis to- at wld be real rprise t I gus anytng’s psible. withou guy Aleen ext I li h overa gamelan cause er on fox. Ten a u knowheyt ople pple w wanto literay sit fod Thenhey’lle oths are lik ll givme good hhlightere ve me od highlht tre wi be ha on at nexdoor over oto . ‘s almoslike aox an tual chanl andou don’t need e cable. Rh nferen. Shld deptment. Weeed. Oncovera witho any cle ah soe’ll he been covered inhat aspectverybo let ju move arounhere what now.mi up in the fds rig We he somSenate Democrats lar not sure what — Wha eir –all is foroday but ‘ll brg thatee a ltle t later re as well. Thiss intestingon looat th just pped uhere for u. This is on thelock zo mom he’s goio be speaking i he cal polic on — AndWhat community effts snow this be. Siy police oicers at all rlly them a just fl on tauingio de escale thealk aw fro thsituatn a it’ reay their ing mt the tryio do tir job and so wl to . . Yeahe sha see Iean he shou he is h does nt to Stil the acting mayor New reonsibitylly as pt of hk So we’ seef he goingt f . Toight he on ns now and whic igoR cause is is. A docratienator dng a ws orn t SenatGOP t take up eleion serity. So they’re talking about that Twty tnty and I thinkibl everodycrod one elecon surityormon yes we do jto ke it all on e alst mes y wonr.t know I meant tenolo you know I meane th alst every dayou’r reporting son cked ery ery sine couy in You knowmpenrable I sureount st. hope that’s the case right — Definitely and I want to bring that we run a little bit later we are going to show full president trump remarks — In Waingt DC at this rlly the student — Conntiothathey had. Are you going to be like to explain to will like oneifteen this afternoon the speeches plicts so long. So long so long but the was a g moment that came o of earl o u th onehisas t newhat. rely went aeree okay butet The representative to leave her- So that was a really a new one let’s listen to this one right here on news now. Just this morning this tell leap to leap. From Michigan right it’s a great state green we want. There’s no way she stands for the values of the people of Michigan. Watch here this morning. She’s vicioushe’s like a crazed lunatic she’s screaming this before she got into Congress who elected her she’s screaming like a a total lunati. At one of our rallies it’s like I’m giving a little rally. And she says screw mean and this was this is not the same person folks when you look at that. And this is what we’re up against you have some of that now. The Democrats I guess are forced to embrace her and I call it a see plus. Three as soon. Today — See is a bargain because she’s not image is no market look. I mean I love will will go into it at some point I’ll tell you all about a see I got morning — See. Later we’ll show you those comments ifull what he had to sal but once again. Th is ally been well the last week and a half an hou Is — Going on tse aacks yeahe’sm Mik. spit t pushback that came out th Calinaally. connues- To to talk about the school odd. Looksike he’s com up with a new nickname for right right but e r Minnesota — Becsee sa he sagrsithhe congresswoman’s aertion there that she’soing to be t present’w- a hale mkerhat Mnesoo il ever done and tyon’t go a long way towd heing him win thetate that traditionally does go blue. Wel wt and e othat and show y a t ll remks as we threef e economy Show you right nowp sixty pots theren the gen and is is ally enings week going on f a lotf compies got Amazon cing up on Thuray lot. Ju what eir guidae is gog to be as wl as h they did st quaer nowhey’re alys fasnating. To watch th’s for sure in the market is an the comnies reay do nd to come t. The you know investi in th ock mart if u’re in ur four oh e K. owhatever a workin o o rnings earkets ce wpped around b thi set spch fro t fed chairman. Or thi world eve toward ban world onthis mning that I thoht wasortt . a repoing with a forhe fir time since the Korn War. Foreig airplanes violated its Russn planes.’re talking about And thayscrambl thr fiterets and actuay opene re. Did not hit or kck downy of ose a Russian aircraft – But d fire warning sts — You know. ne to ke an eyehat’s foawe sure not. e e denyin thatheyid anything like tt bu t prey wel know f dent everything. Sogard it really is. We’lsee at t oth. Topics comabou forhe mket oughut yh yore rht a the d ofhe h buness. They got to come through yeah ah yh a rig so fol whene co bachs now we’ll bng you somof those — President trump remark. beuse he I mean he presents bringing up students okay I mean everybody’s just pretty much gets ithe xs ther as well I have thatnd much re Comingp here on news now coming up in just a bit I jt wan amr art arthat- Ju wentff an ambe n Arona on their aer ale. Isn the pcess of bng activad in Azonahe fe contnshe vtim in vicle formion The spec iare hadord. and weiing outundr andl. rty poun theare okin for Coy san r d yo voi L wasast se onto July.ix twey nineen she s aeged aucte bher thty felonyarra for e FoHarl on Jy twentseco twen ninee mae suldeengt. And ate ma bonhe g als namis ty ty maye. Treling in a two thousd on goldut rgin licse pla. Won T. ag one six thr so just atntio onc we getome re information of course. I will bring tha to your right here on news now but thank you so much for joining us here today obvusly a big big d as fa a news coverages concerned l’s sho you t rketsight n six five points there in the gr. And will ntinueo foll atfor you he as well t right w le promedt for you –uild the blse CEO predentia candidate for twey twenty is speaking nowet’sistennto a no.eit ohis coentsight I ank th for a the bl [iudib] Newsinaudibl Is Asian. ts is set empowers and strengthens working people and thesasyere ur re in theth growg ale a yo wningore morelectis diffence I wano lo arod e roook you neighrs arnd alog.m re eh otr Somethgadical sometng . A bi of peoe. Thidea of shrin in r laws. Threal rightor peoe who make ts . g th we dot see iin thi countr tods g people insad othen the si of th 1nd big coorations. He doenot ha to behaa . Peopre waing foreople e demaingomethi diffent we’ not falli for the ol. a billf rigs for wking abou a bilof rigs for t twty fir centu not ceptinwhat we us to t butemandih. . f sodarityn thisoom. But wcannot f. Thk tt tse on pitol ll. I remeere r thnew nafta. becae it took aw a milon jobs a g e Thold ntaeads a lotf familiesoine olnow thate Ju counitiefallinapart d now publicsre briing foard a w now. Too nyemocrats arworkinwith tm on sohat Deal af and nd for t. g corpations and t multi whathains and we ed tfight for ti pele fir that I’mot alloweto orn anbe as onene strg Intests everyere if thas f work. not in o i t sendt back don’tant anher no. We d’t wantod . It a neway. So lete tellou why. If . Becae in thends the se of rkingeoplehisast dayen Stppedway ti and te You ow som decad or me to crte all that ll. And wh we se. thicouny whaweion As Americans cvinc. The are feder gernmen rking ainst them. heel and we sepeople staard of lg sign up the Arica we all For we allere told abo erican dre. Where we wi work rd? i we wk hardnd we wl take and e next genationill do So is timeor sometngy. We kwn [indible] country.peop buildhis Wenow thworkin peopl Strong maktw f we downhere sha of thatell. This ia. Everkind oaudien. Where the cnty at we shou be insting i eryday peoplwe shoulbe investg ir e shld be vestinin e thing tt peop neeto wayso getround all tetrucatio fs ings tt we belie we shld be invtu ta abot. Youlwaysear the naysers sayi n’t afrd tha ere’not ough mey That thinks the timate trhhere’slenty money i is wor. Anthere’plentyf mone in is coury i jt i the So wn you sometng different. Andt t I al want say. Toll you mocratout the. Th is abt theeart a soul the DocratiParty so. Becaus forn Our rty’s lossaysawell. sotimes icomes the iue working . Weeedo be theartyf workinpeoplenl is a ry cleare c’te the pay’s ef the . made t Democtic Party wasdy meant washe tenncy niversarten yes. The nimum waggot ireases in then. o Anhat fire that t of t Waseven dollarsnd twent ve cen. Anthat wn’t a vy minil waitedecat . a How ia minim wag? hr to He can rememru t s noof t worldhat aept part.he to say the own Beuse haven always had on Demoats were in char is a it’s off to Las to change the rules of the game. news numbe herwith us here on polls show lined up f l sh you sef priden trp’s comnts there. From Washingn DC that hjust wrapped up it was like marathonpeech we tking about a one likan hour in. enty minutes so we’ll show you some of the biggest highlights for tomorrowll as a reminder- for morrow Wednesday feial show starng up onox ten extrahirtyn e ght here. So you can see the Mulr teimonia live will show you first hearing and then the second hearing there’s gon be two arings wit only about thirty tforty ve mine break buwill cer iall for yo ghteren ns now giving in that — Cae ns expernce rit here o f ten extra so plse jn me ‘s gng to beout a gat morni to start up and ll haveull covage for you. make so much aga for joing us here today and probably torrow morning a have bd then watch t tesmonyhere as wel g t wrped up. His speecho tuing poi y says student conference there in DC . I’m excited to be here today with thousands of those proud young American pages you agree people. The entire administration thank you to everyone that turning point you essays team student action stomach what a great. Realize this is more of you than there is of them they just haven’t figured that out [inaudible] I understand [inaudible] Some day. This still trying to figure out what the hell happened. To our nation’s capital from cities and towns across America. You’ve given up the big part of your summer which many young people are not willing to do that we understand that too but what you’re doing is fun. And it’s important so important. You’ve paid and paved your own way to get here and in some cases it wasn’t easy. And you’ve done it. For all of us you’ve done it for one simple reason. You are loyal to our nation your devoted to your fellow citizens. And you will always [inaudible] America first [inaudible] Thank. Great for and when he’s a young friend he’s a pretty young guy Charlie Kirk I said. He’s a young. One number I won’t say but he’s of these younger than even look. But I want to thank you all these incredible guy his spirit is love of this country’s done an amazing job. He’s done something that is just incredible for somebody really of his age. A you need tremendous talent to do what he’s done. Building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created turning for U. S. A. and I wanna thank you really Charlie incredible. The only leaders here today. Unlikeanything in the history of our nation there’s never been anything like this. And the fake news is even talk about it because correct. There was a he gets to deal the kids because it’s true. You know they can find fault with anything but they never. They never talk about that because we want you know they’ve been some pretty good moments and they won New Hampshire or they one state someplace. They didn’t. Win the whole ballgame menu so what we want and you could see we could feel it we know who is going to happen because it’s a movement about. Reclaiming your future rebuilding your country and restoring your destiny and renewing the values that are the true source of American great tests we lost those values that we getting them back rapidly we’re getting a back grab Italy [inaudible] Just backstage. A gentleman very. Rich gentleman in this case. Came up sitting on one of these drugs I assume yeah. There is. His sister. Thank you for saving our countr. And I I still. Thank you very much. Surely a security of any idea how many people say that I gave the commencement address at the airforce academy recently. I was here before. The sister we like to shake the hands of all the contents as to how many are there. One thousand one hundred I said. Yes I’m talking. I see. Yes they do do all of them yeah they do but they didn’t say is a start and then the Peter out and they go back because it’s a stuff. It was really hot the sun was beaming down. And I’m just one hand some of these guys a great athlete sinc. Some of the women danced and women in the class that were the hands were very strong okay. And the rules check in and you know they’re a little nervous maybe the meeting the president’s chicken strongly boss. For but you know we think in one thousand one hundred and stenciling course saluting shaking turning spending become. At all different directions. Agreed fighter pilot. But I sit up there for the whole thing is to do is no way. That other presidents have done that he said no no they do it but they leave after about fifty or sixty people I see what you tell me that but I’m glad I did. The same thing. I do the same thing and bliss the year before great place just because if you. Two thousand eleven had Annapolis and there’s really something great but so many of these young. Incredible people they like you. So many of these young incredible people that sure thank you for saving America Sir thank you for saving America Sir thank you for saving our countr. So many of them. It’s very her she’s just as for the field and you know what. Somebody had to do what I did is that plus we have a deep state we are bad people we have six people. I watched just this morning this leads to leap. From Michigan. It’s a great state. We want. There’s no way she stands for the values of the people of Michigan. This morning she’sicious she’s like a crazed lunatic she’s screaming this before she got into Congress who. She’s screaming like a total lunatic. Since like I’m giving a little rally. And she says screw me and this was this is not the same person folks. And this is what we’re up against you have some of that now. The Democrats ideas are forced to embrace her and I called a sleeveless. Three today — Season — She’s not. She’s not. I mean I will go into a distant to the old at a or C.. C.. See. You know what’s going on with that party having to brace them and your other. Friend from an incredible stage crash. A stated I’m gonna win Minnesota you know. Because of her. I almost one lesson we came with the just about a point. That’s a very because ministers of very hard work for Republican when we almost one and one more. One more time I said I’m telling you win win Minnesota you know so I was going to win Minnesota. North Carolina Bill Clinton.e- He was telling everybody you better be careful. He told people from what I hear. He says the one you don’t want to run against history. And it was just what — No that’s good we want or against. Actually knew him pretty well we get along very well to decide to run for office. We actually. But it would listen to him. But he was the only one with the instinct the rest in half. So he came back and he said you know use doing very well in Michigan you could have a problem they said. Don’t worry about Michigan we haven’t lost. But he came back. He was it was cast or something. But he said he hears that I’m doing well in Wisconsin they say forget it. Looking can win Wisconsin. And then we one Wisconsin. This is the certain old time affection because I I had a very good relationship with them before doing this you know it’s a little harder for him to have a good relationship. Please do you don’t want to run against trump don’t against trump there was no no that’s okay we like. You will not. He will not. Okay this is. A liar. He will not win he will. Present the anger was unbelievable. He’s right he was a liar do you [inaudible] Washington favors that I thought was good but they’re really not get when you analyze this almost too many of them that are. The war with building a lot of wash [inaudible] Areas with. Walls that are falling down walls a research face shape would tried to renovate as much as we can. And we have a provision we can renovate but we can’t build new so we’re taking all these years and generally speaking we have an old will this falling down it’s just a better location for wall. That’s when they had it there in the first place is supposed to near the Tempe you know typically that would be too so these walls are hold. The crumbling. To use their falling down. So we returned up. Bill brand new foundations for brand new beautiful footings and take a wall that’s two or three feet high mostly laying on the ground some of it only for cars you know just cars from coming of course just a metal spike. Three would take about a minute. And we put in deep foundation seven feet deep that we put in thirty foot bollards. And the loaded up with concrete because inside you know like I like doing that one of the resisted but you could also actually inside this day we hav. Both we steel and we of we save for later the only thing they can do is she’s buildings still Wallace. The folks you know. And you do have to have a vision is very important you know it’s you can just have a a black we have to have vision it’s much better for the security that the vision. So where were building the wall so. They come out with think Donald Trump is built. Almost no loss. What allied this? Building. Building fifty miles here fifty miles there fifty in the right locations because they used to be will for that we had a secon. In some cases if they’re good enough for us because we can do for a lot less money. But generally some of these walls are worthless I mean literally you just drive right over metal in down on their sid. They give me no credit. But if you register with us a while has renovated a little less and even a renovation let’s face it that’s a brand new wall it’s all brand walls. It just shows you how dishonest as rich you’ll be seeing this. We believe in religious. The right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms . Are in the process of trying to take your arms away here you have the second amendment. They will do damage to the second amendment the likes of which nobody even thought of that’s where they’re coming from just remember I said it. Hopefully they never get the chance and that’s why. The election coming up I always says is the most important election twenty sixteen most important election that we’ve ever had. And he was certainly tt bestest [inaudible] It was [inaudible] Leave. The most important election because our country was going wrong it was going wrong. And when you see all the incredible numbers coming up and all the success that we’re having and all the fact that were respected all over the world we have a really good. And is going to be the prime minister of the U. K. now force [inaudible] Please. This in Britain from the Colombian companies people saying that that’s a good take. Me over there. They want. Forces good is going to do a good job. I think Nigel some place in the store. Nigel for his you someplace I saw him I said what is he doing here is a little. But I’m I know he’s going to work well with Boris signatures some tremendous things [inaudible] But we believe in the American dream and not a socialist nightmare that these people are trying to put on our shoulders. We strongly nation’s most strong borders. And we’re building a strong border against so much you have no idea. Every time I announced as an example a section of wall I did all I could lawsuits these to m. It was just me congressman. I get sued by Nancy Pelosi we won that suit can you believe it I want. We have Susan the border we had one judge it was two in the ninth circuit you know what that means right. They soon in a circuit which is sort of like an automatic victory. Hello we did win one last week in the ninth circuit nobody can even believe it can you. Still as of today this is so important there those are stance the most of what I was a war. And peace and security that’s the most of what but they say the most important thing. A president can do is the selection of Supreme Court justices [inaudible] Four six we already we have to some of the a long time and they haven’t had. They haven’t had many and they haven’t had any in some cases so we have to already. And the great and the good but you know what people don’t talk about it. I’m just signed the one hundred and twenty fourth. Federal district judge federal judges. Two hundred and forty seven taken that a hundred and forty seven because normally when you become president. You go in and you say do any judges to appoint. The role because it’s such an important thing. Because you know these district judges they’re the ones who do the trials I mean this is big stuff. And then you have court of appeals judges then you have the Supreme Court judges so we have to in the Supreme Court we have many. Appeals court judges many that we’ve appointed to e courts are a whole different thing. a hundred and forty seven noto including the two Supreme Court justices. Now percentage wise I blow everybody away except one person one person on the beach you know the one person is — George Washington he’s got a 100%. Georgia. From industrious. And after. Six more years it’ll go to a level that. Because he’s the 1100% was the first. But I and many more the George Washington remember that. George Washington didn’t put into many but he and certainly the highest percentage you’ll never that will be a record will never be broken. We believe that every young American she love our country on or history and always respect watch a great American flag. Heritage away from me like that is a terrible. Isn’t that terrible and then you see the picture president Obama with the same exact flag out but still take it down why did need to get down. It’s really very unfair what they do they try and demean and be little. And theye very good at it the better that than they are politics better than that and they are policy look at the policy that one open borders which means crime. Which means drugs. Drugs in human trafficking in which is a phenomena that you would think is. Thousands of years old and that would have been their prime. No the prime is now because of the internet women. Mostly women are being trafficked [inaudible] And they we in this country all over the world it’s never been like this before one of the joul call who happens to be back there I believe. One of the little those cameras in a terrible or good or whatever. They told the truth. They started off very high in Iran and their credibility is so low you wouldn’t believe it. But that’s okay but it would be nice if they think of it think of it. What what would be what would be if we had? An honest may I don’t wanna media this for me here. And it is one of the US media. So we have our best poll numbers today that we’ve ever had can you imagine how good upon the with all the things that we’ve done how good our numbers would be if we get just a fair media. Because ey can take . Disavowing that they likely would you just about that no thank you. These are the values that United everyone in this room. These are the values that inspire hundreds of thousands of turning point USA members. And more than one thousand four hundred college and high school campuses in all fifty states it’s incredible what’s been done with turning point in the job Charlie and everybody I met. All of the people backstage just a little while ago these are people that love our country it’s amazing what they’ve done the job they’ve done. And in a pretty short period of time. And are selling Charlie soon I id it before remember. You are not in the minority [inaudible] Most people. Are with you there’s a young woman to their store. And she has conservative values. And the pageant which used to compete against my badge I did much better but that’s okay. I had to miss universe’s is a different company. A shoulders I feed when you run for office I sold I am G. great company. You know when you wore a very nice deal. Too but when you run for office ning a beauty pageant inot the greatest idea do we only the Miss Universe and miss USA and miss teen USA by the way. Was not. Was not exactly a good withay be running for president. So — We sold it to I am G. but what day and what they did to this young lady was terrible and because said she was on fox and friends this morning wearing a make America great again hat. Easy to use. Unlimited possibility it’s true better than I think ever before. We have the hottest economy on the planet. I was elected. We’ve created more than six million new jobs more than. Seven who’s been lifted off of food stamps to give the please age sixteen to nineteen has reached the lowest rate. In over half [inaudible] Arranged. For Hispanic Americans Asian. Wages are rising the growing fascist for blue collar workers isn’t that great [inaudible] People. People who seen eir ges rise by more than 10% that’s a lot quickly due. Revival is incredible and it’s incredible news to everyone graduating from college — Joining the workforce this is the best time in the history of our country for young people like yourself to join. The work force because Americans thriving America’s booming in America is winning again and wiing like never before it’s never been winning right. Through a lot of hard work. I will tell you if our opponent if my opponent. One instead of having record stock markets and record employment numbers you would have been in my opinion. A major recession if not a depression you would have gone down like a rock look what happened right after the election the stock market was like a rocket ship becaus of enthusiasm. People wanted. To have a swim SME it’s us it’s all of us as a moment is usinaudie] The maet. A cord nber ojobilling can mpetend wingainstes anne itheorld. ruins traealshat ragedisin dadeo our counif faors weere seing mpanies out oourountry eat coanieshey we to Cna gngo so my othen us gng g The als we made. With aebit steae . s d sixtthousa you wou say has a posy thound he id it’impossle. Siy thousand facries pnts mpanie. Destrod dtroyed ty want fferen way ey wer gen no inntives to say here some of the dumbest legislation ever passed nafta. The world the World Trade Organization has been a horrible China.for us that’s at That and the fact that our former presidents did nothing about the fact that China was making hundreds of billions of dollars a year. And I guess they didn’t see it. I mean. Twenty five years they didn’t see it but we see it and right now they’re paying us billions and billions of dollars folks. They want. They want to make a deal and we will see whether we make a deal will say — Will say but are farmers are being helped I said to our secretary of agriculture so the bridges. You know because the China very smart I don’t blame them look I’m not blaming them I blame our past leaders. For allowing it to happen I’m not blaming China we should [inaudible] Leaders. Most of the but I should study producer Sonny they’re targeting us instead. Actually took a chance. In the morning register. I went. To this is I will love you I love I well so does doing pretty well and I want [inaudible] To the papers. And that was into trouble that’s right. of the product almost everything they stopped buying from farmers because they knew that was my strength. The whole middle of the country’s read you saw that and that. Was. It was so good. Rather see the second time and I cod become a little bit later I like it. But you see what the whole centers rule bright red meeting Republican full read. And this is little ages are. Are blue. And was so they targeted. The red. Nobody shoulJaein is ser buy oduct andssentily the ally cse it . So whi is a dlars d teoristsromhina ty nev ves ten nts an I saido theyroduce graygricultu so just tught i washe bigges year ad wi Chinaow muc mey did Get ck to u he gs backo me nex. Si Iixteenillionollars. I stilri. Wi takixteenillion dollarout of r g ght n stock are hting t ssion higight now on port tt Uelegation is arise right now is a reall rippi. n t itor you right he hi ws w toughou the next hour but sll have a lot to get to you. For your rht he so let’s get to it hi everyoneike pw s t w. Back out taittle bit more o presentrump was speing Inashiton DC at thi turning haa lo to say almost ace h marathon session take a look at here. The Democrats I guess are forced to embrace her and I call it a see plus [inaudible] Three see [inaudible] See. Not today — Sees a bargain because she’s not alleges no bucket look. I mean make the greatest equipment in the world. We’re I hate to mention this word but we’re renewing and renovating our nuclear arsenal hole like never before I knew hopefully. We hope. We hope. That we never have to use it that’s what I said. We hope. We have. horrible to me the most horrible alternative that can happen is that. But we have nuclear. The likes of which has nobody’s ever had like we have. And all pray that we never have to use. Our agenda is pro worker and pro family. Were making child care more affordable expanding access to vocational education so important — America’s workers. And secured commitments to provide more than nine million apprenticeships in job opportunities for industries all over the country we’re helping people get jobs were helping — Walmart and so many companies a one out all out they were all out and they’re working and working with. A person you may he hea of perhaps not Ivanka trump Sheila. She loves it more than anything that’s what she loves because users were providing so many jobs. And their tining people and near the government generally tend when you go into these big companies. The caterpillars and all of these you get a soon to be trained by the people that do it the complexity. Of the aerospace — Lockheed Martin has been great Boeing is been great to so many. And they can train much better than the government the government really who would know where to begin so the training we have close to ten million very shortly and Ivanka released on an incredible job on that. I might as well give her credit is the media will never give her credit so just. Give a credit but it’s true if and you know what if she didn’t do a good job I don’t know that I’d say that t would be talking about and that I can tell you I would be. I just. Probably just fluff over it. She’s an incredible job there’s truly never been a better time to be young and American there’s future is the bride is. A new poll only he could hear this this whole witch hunt that’s going to show talk about a person. The Russian witch hunt. Okay first so it’s very bad for a country makes it very hard to deal with Russia. And we should be able to era nuclear power. They have a big country and we should be able to deal with them without having this artificial stuff. But think of it only 11% in a new poll favor. The starting of this is ridiculous impeachment hearings that are going on you hear about it. So I said this morning I said I wrote it out I said list because I’m watching. It goes on for years and years no collusion no obstruction or star good enough let’s go more forty million dollars interview five hundred people they had nothing. I can find something to get anybody in this audience. Give me [inaudible] Forty million. Give me unlimited. Unlimited interviews unlimited interviewed five hundred people. Listen to is two thousand five hundred so **** they did everything they collusion no collusion. They have no collusion. I have an article. To the right to do whatever I want as president. I don’t even talk about that [inaudible] Because they did a repor and there was no obstrucon after looking at it. A great Attorney General read i. He’s a total professional he said. Iso obstruction so they referenced no obstruction city of no collusion no obstruction and yet it goes on and they think this is helping them I personally think is rning a lot of people think it’s very bad. For them but it just goes on but I wrote something out this morning on a thing called Twitter whether we like it or not. It is a good way of getting the word out. Research to fight again. How many times to do may have years? Actually. It started practically from the time I came down on the escalator. They said you know he’s got good numbers we better start looking at him right away. Maybe he’s dealing with a far and capture say what are you talking about. This is so rotors at this. One I said on Twitter. Well let’s see. We have the best economy in history. And he used to be it’s the economy stupid right if he can ever nothing else. It’s economists to sell. We have the best economy in history the best employment numbers in history. The most people working almost a hundred and sixty million in the history of our country most people okay that’s a big number. Three of the best economy. Best unemployment numbers most people working [inaudible] For one Thursday. We have the highest stock market in the history of our country. And a t of y with ur oh onK.. Thricheople peopl. Peopleith frs . We he t besttockarket i We jt g the bgest taxnd regulaony . mande fm obamarehich w e wors [indible] We ts site. The si itheorldpprovd Alask theoldar nody could it fn . Theyaid we cat do iwe got anr weave the besnd newestilitar. t totay reblt. I inrited. Two a a halt totay deptedromhese ridicuus endle wars Soe have the bt new . Mitaryn histy. Losenymoreo you. You hear so [inr oicer so at o of thbig ings tt’s workg shat if a rson h twaitor thr sicknd then ming bk and th were rminal. They couldave bee re waing so ng secon oice youo out. If youave to wao guide you sea doct we pay thbill ok actuay the lea impornt ing iwe savmoneyhat’s thleast importt thinin that ce t we d sav money but we also have a very happy VA they love it. Those are just of uses a so we have all of this the best economy best market best military. VA best everything. And much much more. And then I see in this statement this morning. G.. To impeach the president. I mean you figure these people have gone totally crazy. Is the was bilng stement rit it’s the enomytupid was at one but it’s about you know what’s that everything about the economy it’s not everything. A lot of other things but you know we have to lookt the top of every single thing that we d. When you think our military and you look at and let me tell you something I didn’t put? We are respected as a country again they wrists. Because other countries. A soft so badly and some of the worst offenders are our so called allies. European Union is Warsaw sort of trade in China okay nobody would think that you know a lot of us come from European Union we come from. Europe by grandparents and great grandparents. CZ goes then nice except. They kill us the European Union it was formed in order to beat us economically. And yet we protect them with NATO so. They rip us off foreign trade and we protect them with military but is the problem with the protection they’re not paying their bills. So the United States I got a hundred billion dollars more in the last two years a hundred billion. I get them to pay I see. Nobody else is [inaudible] This. This with every. President Obama would go make them into a nice you know. To me that’s so nice. For B. which there was no doubt a wonderful speech I said no I fell asleep that has [inaudible] I don’t [inaudible] If. He never got crowds like we get that I can tell. So they were. So we’re close to a 100% of NAT. So here’s the story. They were both cell phone trade them trade barriers of make it impossible. For certain groups like farmers and others to go and they rip us on trade and then we protect him and they rip us on that too and they don’t pay their bills. Other than that it’s a wonderful day. So we getting it straightened out folks were getting it straightened out. Somebody said — President Obama [inaudible] Germany. The Donald Trump well he should be [inaudible] He should. Because Germany is the biggest. 31we’re paying four point 3% of a much bigger GDP. Germany is or pad to supposed o And I say Hey on the lot.le] Get a pay envelope please pay [inaudible] President trump. Zero the muse an homage. If I start getting good poll numbers over there I’m not doing my job okay. Have a great relationship with son but some. Even in this year of unprecedented prosperity and peace. The timeless traditions and values that make the American dream possible are under attack. No one has ever seen before. These people have lost all control. And even the Democrats and they left but now they getting dragged into a radical left. Position I can’t imagine his doing that. But they’re being. They’re being drained radical left with these. People that I believe honestly I believe they hate. Our country okay. I believe they hate our it is true what I watched his mania to leave screaming and shouting and this was before she was like hundreds person can you believe it. But screaming and shouting out of control. And then you see they have now another club which is even wors. This is representing us this is not what we want representing us I don’t think and I think is why we’re gonna have a tremendous victory in . Twenty twenty in a one I have one of the others. I guess this is Cortez here I said I’m not going Freedom Sir. Her name is such. And the guy couldn’t figure out her second it was so fun and being interviewed by wanted. Her name is Alexandra. Where is your [inaudible] Okay. He never got it he never found distance. Okay. Just call of Cortez because I don’t have time to call a by the whole name is. To he’s called or country people garbage. She said garbage. Worsened deplorable remember deplorable yes you do. The deplorable so she actually said a word that was where she said deplorable so what was the second we go ahead. Paul says. He said be redeemable [inaudible] She said — She said. She said I said for that a redeemable is is really a bad well I was the one you never know in politics right. This is. You say a word. Can you got. One wrong word. You can make twenty great speeches brilliant disease great the greatest all writer. The great is your hard times. He’s a good. One set the trap. We represent you . Then you got it’s it’s an incredible kind of a profession to have a server. That’s why they’re scared you know they go around the petrified to provide that they go to install fifteen people lose an election. By calling out [inaudible] These. For people the school I’d. Because we don’t know like when they talk about evil Jews we are like when they say horrible things about Israel they say. They say. People are opposed to is you know when they can express what their opposition but when they say it with venom hatred and and language that nobody would use nobody would use — It’s incredible and then you don’t have the Democrats fighting for Israel and they end up passing things that have nothing to do with what the original problem was you so that. So. I don’t know what they’re going to do. I don’t know they have a big problem because they have others in these. Four I could name another twenty right now without looking at the note I could name another twenty that I think are in many ways worse. They’re worse than not in this group. But they worse in this group and then Democrats and some point we will be naming them if you don’t mind because we want to get [inaudible] We have. As conservatives we’re grateful for the great heritage that we have the heritage of being an American so important to all of us we know that America is the most Justin. Virtuous Republic ever conceivably we fight for other countries. I was with the country’s two weeks ago. And we had the G.. Twenty and I’m talking to different people who do you fight for just our country who you fight for Jessica Judy you. Five and we fight for all these countries. At a cost us a fortune. And some of the country’s a really wealthy by the way I’ve got all of them say they have to now pay for the military okay if you don’t mind. Countries that are so wealthy. Some of nothing but cash. Nobody ever asks. Why are you paying us for this one you reimbursing us for the course but we now ask those questions? On the strange. the streets anymore than factm yes it was very introduction. It’s very interesting there are noSA tankers here. They’re all from China from Japan and China get 65% of their oil from the straits right — Japan gets 25% of the country’s get a lot. And this is just the let me as you just is really stupid question. We hardly use it will get a 10% only because we sort of feel an obligation to do we are needed we have. We become an exporter can you believe it word exporter now we don’t need. To we’re the ones for many many decades we’re the ones that police that we never get reimbursed we published in for all these other countries. And I said awhile ago I said — Way we policing for China. Very rich for Japan very rich for all these other and were policing also for countries some of whom were very friendly with like Saudi Arabia and others UP. Others still but why are we doing it with that. K. what do we have our ships there. And we’re putting our ships in the site. And we did issue they’rehey’re grown the other day you know it’s funny for religious people they live. You can see laying right down to the bottom of that beautiful bed of water. They say they never shut down a drone. And then they say about we have captured sevenen Americans personal thoughts fstly identical to see — A true Sir totally false okay. Totally false. But they make up stories I just say for religious people they lie a lot. We know the story. Is t story of defeating evil we protect so many people. In some cases we shouldn’t have been doing it. It’s right over coming wrong and its freedom smashing tyranny. Can use other pages to throw off [inaudible] An empire. One is independence to settle the wild west ended slavery. Security civil rights push the boundaries of science vanquish the **** brought communism to its knees. And put a man on the moon. Many. And we will be the first. Your Marche with. Played a very beautiful. We wish. To despite the glory and grandeur of our nation the radical left hasothing but contempt. For Americans heritage and I’m talking about the radical left among us I’m not talking about the radical left. That are. Looking over a failed countries like. Venezuela and others I’m talking about the radical left among us. of shame.our history as source Or traditions and our victories as relics to be replace our values as obstacles to be remot. Our citizens asubjects to be controlled in America as a menace. To be constrained that’s what they say. That’s what they say. The agenda of the radical left is one of division discord. And demolition you know when I see her running and rant against screaming like a total lunatic. This is what we’re dealing with. Okay you can never have. A country with values like that just to look at it there is no reasoning the language years is. I mean she was throwing a certain F. bomb right do we know the F. she was throwing that ou. About the presidency and about the president — As it’s just such a sad thing to see how how low have we done. The far left. As one fundamental objective and that’s the objective of power the power to control you. The power to control your family and the power to destroy the foundations of our great Republic. But we will not. Let them it will never happen. It will never happen in there right now destroying themselves and they go on after everything day doing things that nobody can believe — The people that I’m looking they said who’s your toughest opponent I said so far I dream about. I dream about these people that I’m looking at there is a Winston Churchill in the midst. There is nobody. That we look at but you have to be very careful. Socialism is not as easy to beat as you thank when you’re wealthy and you doing record stocks so you have four oh one K.’s in you have all of the things that you have an everybody’s doing well. And somebody comes along say we give you free everything everything’s gonna be free. By the way we’re raising taxes 275% but they don’t mean that because you can’t nearly page 95% and that will pay for either won’t even come close. And it was just part of president trump’s marathons speech earlier today in Washington DC and the turning point you as a student. Conference we have it clipped off for you in full on our fox ten Phoenix you to page. Because about an hour and twenty minutes was will be back more news now. Up next earer tod are – Azona setor a comtted cina thfloo let’sisten isssrom terpri tay to delir my iden speec as the senio Unitedtae . I w swonto this diinguisd by jus overix monthsgo. I incrediy hored and huled tjoinnly dozen others who o a Sena. ght inhenited ates I am. Gratite to the ople oy thisuty. trted meith who ld theenateeat fmwor ofeades senato verd o tradion of puing cntrynd above rty. mainpeeche soon aftebeing Iaited sthat I c use the x mont tdemonsate to Aronans and aions more tn words Extly how I iendo serv Theris onahat I uld d ings dferely tn othe Washiton Casee a l of chs in t ty ere isntenseressur fro al sideso spen time a energy on y d sal figh.ets andvery pern worlo linep on eier se get It’sarderhough is ignorg the chsr d coitionsnd gethings ne. 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Th H. awa prodingim wh suitabupp. Li many veran. Ceainummers issolati got worse wo . fami b heas unaeo work e to hisisabily. strgled witthe crtor RC. Hi disility aealad bee pendinor s wiout anresoluon. Anhe didtet theelp he sergnt sumr’srote aettern to h famil Inhis leer he id. I amot getng b. I not gng to t bett. he wt on tsay.ime gs ond willoso am lefwith bically nhing. tryo end thwar to bet peace. To. d stic it t.ty. those who Anas desve betr. Not only I betr off ad t the wld is bettewithou in it actu finalission.o my serve.getnderummer’ To Amicans returngome fr turnor suprt.e somewre to I am coitted to suk . Sergnt sumr’s daandll of ou veters. Acss tappropriatmental heth care arching forummer story will sod too miliar. Ttoo ma mitary filies. Perhap less comn. y as pents b serant suers ward ihinginaudie] After. In ts houoday. AnI am sonored. To haen here I sre the son sry ward a Jeanere destated byhe losof the son. And nody woui withheir fth.part. Toeal But it. ward Dean cehe wor brely shari. Seeant Danl som a sto. And thmisr missn to ensu ttergean summer storyrings to ght. erica’deadlit. Fothe tnty verans weose to suidey da. gene to velop d passntoe la. Danielomers classied vetens who sved in ct. assifiapacit reived behavi healtn apopriatcare setti. An nowt’s time ttake t xt innativetaff. T ovide theupport oervice memberan. e noalways aware o t source availle tthem critic whehose svice mbers eounterhallenge duringctivt ter saratiofrom t litary work over e pasteverale mohs wit the dartmen of miliry a nwork osupporforfens oo may Introdu t birtisan Danl Somer netrk of spoa Anered b my frien and lleagu on e Vetera Affas cmitt. Republan sator T tl u r legiation reqres eh new seice f Of h or henetwor of support defee andhe redross. of Providnformt befits a servis availab to milar. d e dertmentf defee can betr prepar . a iends to beer uerstan litaryife. Tnotice when serviceembers are ineed and member g the rht kinof assistce . l o e . Amon star vetans andervice membs. d a gehanger forhe men an women whoisk tirives prote our fedoms cause isolaon lds to tredy wk cgressm Stt Pets of Ciforni d coanion lislati in e United Statu incled our nwork osuppor Inhe natnal defen bil ssed bboth the Sate. An hou over e pastew weeks. I’proud this compliment have much re to fromctiveerviceo vetenn status tad n ? o care f themsves Weust ensur tha erance have netwo of suppo inreceivg co ple to helphem thriv. An proer whenhey rern to cilian le. I ske dectly wh t a seo r t . g closely th himo get done we coinue ts work urge myolleags to ine and Togeer w c helnsure tt. turn.ans have netwks to To sohey ner heo face thchalleng on thistory The iluref the eightts. Chssy tprovidhe suprt e Ariza veten needt. And thresult natial headles.t the And was pson food fht to whicmemberof Coness [inaudle] To. . g . t me on a ily or ev hourl sis. Aboulegislation ke our Buthis ithe ki of wo at matrs. It matrs tsergea summes t d it tterso vetens acrosshe sta. s And matters tea. Anthat’sxactly why. As the is oyr I n’t spend my ti focusg on are . e last tweshe latt and sa and t petolitic silyoesn’tove th needl. Foeverydeople like is summer. As s a to sve wh Rublica chairm Johnnsaa senars tdemonsatevery work tard coon andwha cae th far thanks inarto suppor fm sn f Chaian Jamnd offndtt. Howevein thi effor.ankinmembera. I soly misd t leadehip of theorms So my of myolleags in is bo me to kn andove sator John McCaiy heism. in t Senat.or h yearsf leadship Ba home Arizo. Senato John McCaa heor whae rresentn last sech in thisery chambvice. apesy servicto Arina and said stake servi here is the most lifeant job Ie had my I am satefulo the peopl Arizo for t privige. Of servi here and t portunies that gives mo play a s. lo. Ventgour poticalpponen om doihat they wt i it e mostnspiringork. The’s grter sisfactn i specti our dferenc. Bu notetting them prevents agements tton’t reqre at thendn e Agreents madin goofaith ove lis and ptects e Americ peop. ? to sve in is bodtunity is nator Mainalked whais Whenhe Sene work the w?ossib. He sod for everythg wstand foas Arinans. Stanng u f what’ rigevin. evenf you s. serng UConn gater tha e sout taugh us to ways aume compmise insteadf sellg divisi. A lastccess senat McCn’s s to sp lt yr’s annl defensbill . s . Incles our Diel Somer twork suppo [inaudible] I hope For ch imptant worprop. at wasenator Main’s exple lhtinghe way d witthe tst of e peoe polical ges. igringc. d focus on uholdinArizon lues. Toet thingdone. Fo And r the untryhat Iove ster psident. I yield thfloor. And know thebsence oa quorum. The clerk will call the roll naudib] Strongander tbe very. Busy d becse we’ave – Mullerestia ve thaFaurndive thir Ariza te a n yore n going twant. Toyo miss tt b tget un the od forearis –e’reoing to sw yo r m r dio speing on t eve the Mlerestiny -SO a poce officou d’t knosoberin ry youe gonna co homyou don’knowf the lt timeou say b yor siifican otherr yr chdren ithe la timeou see hi d everime mebodyallsn battle we t hor but aot of pele fal in theine o duty do Phyls tk abou forgn andtid unti. domesthra rld rlly abt it t FBI — Do youave ents in ghanistan. Buwe do ve a f yes. terrist threa in Ahaniste ve thebeenxtinguhed to the meland. the Americ homelan — We are ncernedbout develmentsn Afghantal l a re at he f the cmittee th’re me al qda fol tn they we be ne elen ISIS K isne mor All oes dices andheren ghanisn as Ipeak – go bacinto aect ho would it affect ur abity to I wod use e wordevastang — And a otr wellnough wo know Use lot ofyperbo wat the FB — I aayhat’s difrent lotf thatoney wldo–ff a straig to rsoo e be serelyamperet definely devastingretty curate To fteen ahoritibouto expire cant that So – Uer the USA freom a ere are rlly thr ovisiohat ar pticulay relevao tht toxpire – I we don’t coective a he- T fit a perps t most recos provision whie we use rtin- Unrourt servisi to llect a kin of biness cords –anyf whic would no b avaable uer natiol serityetters f examp So thas some l curity wkingustenory h to orate it wod affe our counrtei o n profouly anncreasgly wouldffect our cer missioprofou. me in there couplof the wohy so. You’reopingor re of t commieeill ceainlyt ese arendispeable tools And think s toake se tte d’t los e abilit tuse tse too keep Amerins saf there all. Couro statent the twenttwenty eltion prove the eleion secury from yous toave thmoneyn the statuty authid ll i– Forarleecords to the F our primary fuss on then sepate electn infstructe piechate we haveignifintesourc voted to e foren infence pee ithe prident’ budge- isurrent up – Bore t ngress asor addional theranyawhat weeed toesours to s chge it uld helpou – withe we c alway use me foreign iluence pleas.theols i e If y just givthat wh me- e Chineor thehinese up tohen itomes-o counr intellence d . Soister chaman I wou say th theres no cntry tt inteigencehreat to is countr rig. And I sayg a lot tts saying aot y . 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