News outlets call last week’s U.S.-China trade deal ‘a win for China’

News outlets call last week’s U.S.-China trade deal ‘a win for China’

last week the US and China reached a
phase one trade deal with Beijing agreeing to buy more American
agricultural goods and Washington’s saying it won’t raise tariffs on China
major news outlets however say it was a win for China our Yoon Jong min tells us
why would US President Donald Trump scrapping his plant tariff increases on
Chinese goods and calling a truth to dare trade war The Wall Street Journal
says it was China who emerged victorious from last week’s trade talks in
Washington according to the paper the truth opens an opportunity for China to
avoid concessions it doesn’t want to make forcing president Trump’s hand with
his reelection ballooning The Wall Street Journal pointed out that China
hasn’t confirmed yet whether it will buy up to fifty billion dollars of US farm
products as announced by Trump Bloomberg said the deal is far smaller in scope
than what President Trump had expected is that the Chinese purchases of US farm
goods is the biggest win for Trump but this was first offered by China more
than two years ago it also pointed the commitments on intellectual property and
currency were unspecified citing an expert Bloomberg also said the deal
hardly resolves the sources of the friction between the two countries other
major news outlets including AP were also rather critical about the trade
deal insisting a lot of issues remain despite the trade truth the US and China
agreed on Friday to the first phase of a trade deal with China agreeing to buy US
agricultural goods worth 40 to 50 billion u.s. dollars and America agreed
not to raise tariffs on some Chinese goods to 30 percent from the current 25
percent you doman arirang news

7 thoughts on “News outlets call last week’s U.S.-China trade deal ‘a win for China’

  1. So, China makes concessions buying $50bn in agricultural products, US doesn't raise tariffs and that's a win for China? 🤔

    Sooooo much inovation in China… Yet it all comes crumbling down without "essential US technology".
    What this has done is exposed the how FRAGILE China's economy is and how much it relies on the US to grow.
    You're not the leader of 5G if you're dependant on US for crucial parts to build your networks.
    Your Great and proud high tech companies CANNOT survive a US blacklist and tremble in fear of the thought of being delisted from US stock exchanges knowing it means R.I.P. China dream.

    When phase 1 deal was announced I immediately remember this Forbes article from last month by Panos Mourdoukoutas stating that growing economic interdependence had given China the “false impression” that it had reached power parity with the US.

    Words so clearly true.

  2. US-China Deal = China buy US foods, US don't tariff China.

    Buy my products or I squeeze your sales. If this is a win to China I do not imagine what would be a defeat.

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