Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 23, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 23, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. I love the graphic at 4:16 with the animated mid-90s Honda Accord!! I myself am the proud owner of a 2013 Honda Accord and if the airbag doesn't go off it'll be a blessing LOL!!

  2. Richard I'd start becoming a little more benevolent if I where you like 50 % of the companies profit to pay for the opioid misery you've thrust upon us.

  3. 65 % of perdue pharma profit should go to all the misery produced by the pushing they did. Richard Stackler is the pusher..the pusherman.

  4. They should pay health bills of those struggling cause they are hooked. The horrible effect on families, friends and society.😩

  5. Propaganda…Fact- more people die from alcohol related deaths in USA than opiate related deaths…Why no MSM mention of the alcohol epidemic? The GOV. wants to take pain meds away from old people so they'll die sooner & the GOV won't have to give them back the retirement SS money they took from their paychecks their whole working life. Once you can no longer work and pay taxes the GOV wants you dead.

  6. Who ever thought putting HEROIN in a pain killer was a good idea 💡in the first place ?? $$$$ !! Who ever approved the drug should face criminal charges as well !! They are the MAIN CAUSE of the opioid epidemic in the country

  7. Go home Biden, we don’t need repeats. We don’t need a losing candidate to run, or a candidate that previously served near the highest level, that’s obviously not what America wants. Go home. There are plenty of excellent candidates that can win, that are more genuine and in tune with today’s / tomorrow’s America.

  8. Good Luck, unfortunately he doesn't have the capability of managing that kind of money. The mere fact that he shows his face on TV said he truly doesn't understand the vast change that this will make to his lifestyle. If he doesn't have the right people around him he will die young and broke.

  9. my airbags in a 2006 BMW xi did not go off at all in an accident that totaled the car and BMW did not do anything … car also had tons of electrical probs

  10. I hope Manuel remembers to tithe the amount G-d helped him obtain to share the Good News about Yesua/Jesus Messiah, Christ.

  11. The things you could do with a dollar? A dollar by itself not so much but multiple dollars could change lives. About 350 million Americans. About 150 million working. If each worker would donate just one dollar a week that would be 150 million dollars. Times 52 weeks a year and you get 7 billion dollars. Even if only half decided to give. That would still be 3.5 billion. Oh the possibilities! Just some food for thought.

  12. Family separation of migrants was the most stupidest idea. I don't know who's idea that was, but it was very stupid. Now you have to match up the parents with the child and if the child don't speak English, you have a big problem.

  13. My Honda's airbags were replaced last year…. With newer Takata airbags… So, from what I've read, I have about five more years until they become unstable….smdh

  14. So we have another talking head hired to step in line to Trump's illegal tendencies. Too bad.
    We deserve better. 25% of my wage is taken every week and I DESERVE better than this.

  15. "You don't need a body count to take proactive measure". Isn't that exactly what Boeing did with their 737 Max?

  16. That guy lat Zeals or whatever jewelry store. must have been really hard up to want to sleep with that sorry lady I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole not to lose everything… you are not a looker I find your allegation BS

  17. This kind of move is done for one reason… to draw attention away from the manufacturers of the drugs. DON'T BE FOOLED! The makers knew they were making more then could be administered reasonably. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  18. No wonder why the race was left out of the description of the police shooting of the red car. No mention of "black teens". Why? The cops are black. What a coincidence.

  19. Don't forget you whites caused the death of innocents in your country more rich White's not only in the USA & CAN that's all

  20. If they had been black street dealers they would have gotten life in prison. Rich white men get a get out of jail card.

  21. He said he wasn't asked to do anything illegal by the President? Didn't you guys report for several weeks he was asked to do something ILLEGAL by the President? Ah it's ok just more fake news.

  22. $20 million? That's it? That's nothing to these companies and notice it's some low level distribution CEO. No big wigs from any big companies will go to jail. They have to much money to buy influence and political power.

  23. People who want to damage the Constitution, remove our borders, and
    insult the president are not Americans. Not sure they are human. They
    must hate America. They must hate freedom.

  24. People who want to damage the Constitution, remove our borders, and
    insult the president are not Americans. Not sure they are human. They
    must hate America. They must hate freedom.

  25. I crashed a Sonata 70 miles and hr no airbag should I sue lol. broke two ribs. Didn't have health insurance suffered for almost a year while it healed think I should sue.

  26. where are these poles and and how can you prove these poles because I don't believe it for a second nobody I know would vote for Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders you're selling crap

  27. It's far from a one off. Follow the invoices. Some small town pharmacies / clinics that can prescribe and sell, are dealing opioids at a rate a 4 times the local population.

  28. don't split up the family's send them all back is one damnit it's ridiculous and this whole being born here makes you a citizen thing has to end you shouldn't be a citizen unless your parents are citizens the whole world is taking advantage of us haviland China there are industries set up so they can come over here have their kids on our dime and then fly back to China and get their citizenship there so they have two citizenships hear and in China that is ridiculous

  29. pure GENOCIDE!! 10 Years isn't enuf time for that Bi*osch… He has MURDERED 1000's of people by proxy…And affected more people than that…How is he any different from Hitler killing off people… or a Vicious serial killer running rampid…U never know be whos gonna be next. This epidemic is REAL …Let's Rise up…stand Tall against the DEMONIC ENTITIES that work against HUMANITY. Like the saying goes…A HOE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY..💰💲💰💲💰💲💰= the 😈

  30. At least people were getting relief, no comparison to all the people that lost their homes in 09, did you see any of those CEO's on the news like this?

  31. So … that $ 20 Million dollar fine will go to payback customers right??? Or will all that money go towards lawyers and court costs and other fees?

  32. About time they go after these drug companies. The are nothing but drug pimps. More doctors need to be held accountable too! Companies that put statins should be next – those drugs do more harm than good – they are in it for the money only not our health.

  33. Let me get this straight. Trump started separating children from their parents and the number of people applying for asylum goes up. Trump, you're fired.

  34. Why do you make a distinction between street dealers and a man in a suit? You already know this man is a fall guy – like freeway rick was a fall guy for contra Iran scandal

  35. The Mueller report firmly established that the Trump campaign, while not colluding with the Russians, was more than happy to receive the help and now we're supposed to trust that this administration will seek to stop foreign influences in our elections that will only help his campaign?

  36. Nellis Air Force Base is abducting women and children and holding them hostage until their demands are met. While the abductee is under mind control.

  37. and a lot of legitimate drs. are having trouble writing pain meds due to the dea, and pharmacys violating hippa laws and conducting warrant less searches of your entire pharmaceutical history

  38. Am I the only one growing weary of what sounds like an attempt to sensationalize an event in World politics that has occurred since the beginning of our country where either we have tried to effect an influence on a political election or other countries have tried to affect our political elections?

  39. Wow that guy carrying that backpack you could tell it was heavy by the way he was walking that looked so suspicious!!

  40. Go ahead and run for President, Uncle Joe Biden. I am going to enjoy watching Trump rip you to shreads. You have no chance of winning. Neither do any of the other Democrats

  41. So all of the opioid crisis was caused by one CEO and one company, then if that's the case the head of the FDA should be locked up too, they just need a scapegoat but in reality the government and all of big pharma and the american medical association are just as guilty in this . They all took their cut just like every other drug dealer.

  42. It's about FREAKING TIME !!!
    Big Pharma is making a KILLING !!!
    GREED is KILLING us ALL and the PLANET !!!!

  43. It’s all about greed. Money money money, how much the heck money do you need to live, what is this obsession with power and money. Are there any good old days, where people gave to their neighbor in need? Now they give to the young, their drugs, so they can become richer. You can’t spend that kind of money in your lifetime, so who is really the sick person on drugs called money. Is money the drug for the sickness called GREED?

  44. pharmaceutical guy is in some seriously hot s** profiteer off some sort of pain killer drug called opiates abused his luxurious position to get buy to make a great and buckhow devastated America is to find out this guy was one of the problems that we are trying to combat this is a serious crime you sit and wonder and think why my daughter my son Aunt uncle it's like that and the situation is horrible and it looks like he attacked the mid states of the United States bringing even more problems

  45. Biden is a pervert… the media talked about the women that complained about the inappropriate touching but photographs and video evidence prove he has a bigger problem touching children inappropriately… facts are facts… but our two-tier justice system won't hold him accountable unless WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT..!!

  46. You miss stated the facts and FACTS MATTER… the Mueller report said the Russians attempted to interfere with our Presidential election but FAILED to have any documented influence… you keep stating that the Russians interfered to favor Trump and hurt Hillary but the FACTS show Hillary lost due to her ACTIONS, CORRUPTION and comments… PERIOD..!!

  47. The Russians are coming The Russians are coming Do these news stations really think anybody believes this endless nonsense

  48. Dude, the license plate the caller said on the 911 call matched the license plate of their car! WTF?! Get out of here with that protest the police SH*T!

  49. Yep nothing about the crimes commited by Hillary, Obama emails or Hillarys fake dossier she paid for to stop President TRUMP. YEP staying away from that news , but their viewers are well conditioned to BELIEVE their extremly biased reporting.

  50. Or own doctor got my (ex)husband and I hooked on percs. We each received 120 of the 10's per month. She knew I only took two a day, sometimes 4, and my husband took the rest.

    My migraines miraculously went away after stopping her "treatment" regiment. He tried Suboxone, twice, to help with his addiction, but ended up getting off and just dealing with it all by himself. He said the Suboxone was worse.

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