Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 04, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 04, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. To the kid who lost both of his parents just now at the age of 5…. when you grow up, I fully expect you to…

    Become Batman.

  2. Stop asking why, because :”If my people,which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” You see people it is so simple, please stop asking why and just comply. (2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV)

  3. They claimed the El Paso shooter was targeting specific people, yet this white girl dies from gun shots? So who exactly was he suppose to be targeting? If his manifesto was anti-immigration centered?

  4. I SAY PRESIDENT PLEASE CHECK IN WITH NORTH CAROLINA cause that where Wal-Mart begin and went nation wide federally disguised😳😳😳😳

  5. I tell you what's going on… anybody can buy tons of guns anywhere! Everybody is ignoring Almighty God's laws. Love your neighbors, love your enemies! This country has become a country of fear, hatred, stress & no love for Almighty God & Lord Jesus! We are living in the end of days. . people read the Bible it's all there in writing…..too much drugs, too much drug cartels, too much drug dealers, to much addictions! Total kaoss just as Jesus predicted before this second coming.. Amen! Stop blaming the president it's not his fault… democratic party are the ones destroying this country, not President Trump! A nation devided in 2 by hate will destroy itself! Jesus own words! Praise Jesus 🙏! Praise Almighty God 🙏!

  6. I find it interesting that your report goes into depth about how the el paso texas shooter was a right wing extremist… but you completely ignore how the ohio shooter was left wing… hmmmm

  7. I don’t understand how someone can have so much hate for anyone. My heart aches for all the people who where killed and for their families.

  8. the El Paso shooter has brown eyes. he is not white. his last name? not white. i think he is using hate crime as an excuse. just to be famous. i think that's why he gave himself up. he wanted to relish in this.

  9. POTUS Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist. He is responsible for El Paso and Ohio. He is an American Osama bin Laden. He must pay for his speeches tweets and videos promoting hate and violence. Now march on DC and remove him from office.

  10. Ken Burns did a documentary on prohibition… and it showed the reason why they stop people from drinking alcohol in the United States because it was damaging to the people in this country!!! Is this time long time for Congress come up with something, something is better than nothing!!! They must start somewhere to make these gun killings to come to an end because, the people of this country has the right to live!!!

  11. As a Marine, I went to combat to defend my country against terrorism and evil; seeing this happen at home makes me questions what we are doing here to prevent this type of tragedys. God help us all!

  12. I wish all of the victims to "Rest In Peace", and their families, I wish hope in their healing and closure of this unspeakable tragedy.

  13. Thank God for the quick response of Law Enforcement,please don't hate people of any race and please don't hate Cops

  14. I HATE when they try to spin these things & say, "The death toll could've been so much higher"… ONE LIFE IS TOO MANY!

  15. Are drugs legal?……. Do criminals and those who want drugs buy them legally? NO! If someone wants to go on shooting rampage they will find a way through the black market to obtain what they want. To be gullible enough to believe that disarming law abiding Americans will end the violence you are all sadly mistaken. To attempt anything like that would lead to civil war and the death of hundreds of thousands.

  16. Every Walmart I've ever been to sold guns & ammo. I dont understand why someone didnt head back to sporting goods?

  17. These mass shootings are horrible. What is also horrible is this intro, “ Mass shootings in America, 24 hours of tragedy “. I really like Lester Holt, these networks go into a frenzy after horrible incidents like this. I feel it’s very wrong. Other people’s suffering = network ratings. I guess that’s the name of the game though, the news offers more opinions than actual news. I feel it’s morally wrong playing on people’s emotions and profiting from it. The media is largely responsible for the division in this country. But this isn’t Fox News ,so that in itself is somewhat redeemable.

  18. Everyone, including THE PRESIDENT, needs to STOP the inflammatory rhetoric! This is giving extremists and the mentally ill a triggering point to commit horrific acts.The divisions in this country are going to tear us apart and destroy us if we do not start mending our animosity and hatred towards each other! I know we are better than this!

  19. Why is everybody in shock about this mass shoothings when our leader in the white house incites hate and racism, we Americans should kind of expect what is going to happen when our hater in chief is himself a hater and a racist, he does not set the example, maybe he would do something to stop this mass shootings if his family members were victims of a mass shooting. He is blood guilty.

  20. With no #EqualSharedParenting kids barred one #Parent from their lives, now they bar people and this happens

  21. Is it guns, or is there something wrong in America under our “System!?” ➡️Ask questions that know one else will ask.

  22. I’d have to say that it is almost guaranteed that somebody somewhere will present a withering bulletstorm show of force to keep the flags down past Thursday and confident smiles on the faces of Beta O’Rourke and Lester Holt. Any Takers?

  23. I don't care for candidates that are so desperate that they're willing to cloud such an important issue to get themselves elected. It's not just unfair to Trump. It is a sinister disservice to the victims.

  24. This fake president stood up at the podium in his rallies and begged for cheering and attention. He seeked it in the worst possible way spreading hatred every time he opens his mouth.
    The plot of all these innocent people are on his shoulders. The broken hearts and broken Minds that will never be repaired are on the shoulders of this fake president. He spread hatred as if it was love and ignorant people bought it signed off on it.

  25. I'm sorry to say this… but some of the deceased voted trump… and its become a free reign for mass shootings. do the math….

  26. Sorry I got to say it was on my mind it's always white men doing this type of stuff and I'm not being racist I'd love to see satistics.

  27. H A T E
    what stirs an individual to think taking lives can answer problems?
    L O V E
    pays attention, grows and will evolve past these senseless acts.
    We have to unite more of our people 1st. 🤔🤔🤔??

  28. Juliet Joslin, extinct fixed soul of the ancient world, is parading around as the jilted Amy Knorr, as if the actual Soulmate of Julian Casablancas. The "Qyurryus" video by the Voidz was created with subconsciousness as is poetry, and with higher level involvement. The Russian underworld as per Polita Barnes wanted to perceive that the video was about Juliet Joslin and Julian Casablancas coming to grips with losing Juliet Joslin because of Patricia of Budapest and her pole dance routine. The pole dance routine feigned by Patricia of Budapest was invented by Amy Knorr's bloodline ancestor Bast and reinvented by Amy Knorr's bloodline ancestor Kuan Yin and uses Amy Knorr's own ideas. Patricia of Budapest feigns Briacelli Gucci, the bloodline ancestor of Amy Knorr a la Sussana Hoffs. This is part of an elaborate plot to block Amy Knorr out of public perception. Lisa Bullock lies to all family members of how Amy Knorr is doing. Juliet Joslin lies, claiming that Amy Knorr has harassed her since the marriage to Julian Casablancas. Polita Barnes lies about Amy Knorr, claiming that she is on hospice care.

    Amy Knorr is mentally excellent and is doing better than she was two years ago.

    I, Amy Knorr, never attempted contact with Julian Casablancas prior to January 2018.

    The underworld is using this dynamic with Julian Casablancas to control Amy Knorr. The motive is to silence information.

  29. My Hispanic people let's not forget the San isidro McDonald's massacre of 1984 in San Diego many Hispanics just like this one lost there life including children and babies horrible

  30. Please don't Fking ever blame Trump as a scapegoat because the people who make the shooters crazyvangry are you stupid Fking left wing idiots!

  31. Welcome to Trump's new America!

    Just Making America Great Again…


    Trump needs to crack down on these white nationalists.

    There's no way these mass shootings would be tolerated, if these shooters were black!

  32. The Tombstone AZ gunfight at the O.K. corral in 1881 lasted 30 seconds and resulted in 3 dead. This mass shooting also lasted 30 seconds in Dayton but had automatic weapons and a high death count.

  33. It’s not tragic if it is obviously expected to happen! Some people just live for drama in their lives…and it’s really no good investigating why and what’s the motive, when the reason is staring you in the face. Plenty more rivers of USA tears to come for sure still…

  34. If your tired of mass shootings then allow people to arm and defend themselves and others. Don’t try taking away our god given rights because it’s not going to happen without a fight.

  35. This COUNTRY is ridiculous. Look at us. We're A MESS! We are our own WORST ENEMY! White nationalist are the new terrorists!!! Wake up America

  36. Why were there so many eyewitness reporting multiple shooters and multiple location only to get those testimonials scrubbed from the news? Something smells fishy here.

  37. Don’t give him the death penalty. Throw him in solitary for life so he can endure a fraction of the suffering and anguish he inflicted on others. I’ll gladly fund it.

  38. These ppl who do this is disturbed and thier parents should of gotten them help as a child and adult u can't tell me thier wasn't signs my heart goes out to the families of the victims only

  39. I hope these states have bigger balls than my state and put these mass killers to death. Also I understand that the police had a quick response and saved lives but that does not change the fact that ppl died and families have been broken by this tragedy that should have never happened in the first place.

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