Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 11, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 11, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. I always thought certificate programs were for college graduates who wanted to gain certification for a specific field, not for people with no degree?

  2. Why is there no coverage of the young Christian woman (or women?) that are still being held hostage by Boko-Harum in Nigeria?
    Have they and the thousands of Christians being killed and/or held hostage with their homes being burned to the ground been forgotten by the Major News Outlets?

  3. CATCH 22. Should we let them illegally stay or send them back to the war-ridden world from whence they came?

  4. To bad, You are not a citizen! If you cant apply legally to be a citizen, they you will be deported!! Its legal!

  5. NOTICE TO ILLEGAL ALIENS WITH WARRANTS OF DEPORTATION PENDING! Avoid the stress. Avoid the fear. Surrender. Or just leave, and present yourself at the nearest US consulate or embassy outside the US as proof of departure.

  6. Seems like the news tonight was all about greedy Americans cheating greedy Americans… except for that crazy alligator.

  7. I have never understood why, colleges, ( Public) and ( Private), don't do more to help those who truly want to improve their lives by obtaining a degree, certificate and or trainings as a skilled worker. Not everyone can afford and or want to be in a higher learner institution for four to six years. It would help society, the economy and the person(s) who are making inroads to become 'productive citizens, if these 'schools who are certified, and not for profit and raising the rates for poorer students, to develop plans to meet their needs.
    Develop a program which would address the issues for those who may not meet the requirements for those seeking a BA or MA.
    Develop a payment plan for those who are seeking certificates and or licenses for a skilled labor
    Provide a pathway to admission if the person is a 'dropout' or does not have the GPA high enough for 'regular admission'
    Provide a program for those who complete their certificate or license a program to prepare for job interviews , completing applications online and written, set up interviews at least (6) with no guarantee of employment
    Provide a program which will set up a career building path to obtain a BA in the near future.
    * All these monies coming from a loan program or federal grant, would go to a reliable – five start institution and these poor people would not be getting ripped off and be in heavy debt.

  8. Deregulation? Hahahahaha. Right this very minute you've got hotel corporations charging nightly 'resort fees' over and above their nightly room rates. WTF is a 'resort fee?' Exactly what value do you get for it? And why is it separate from the room rate if you have to pay it to get the room? It's not a government tax, it's just a private add-on by the hotel company. And if they're not hitting you with a resort fee, it's a 'city destination fee?' Seriously? They're charging me for a room in Chicago, but then they're adding on a nightly city destination fee because the room is in Chicago? Isn't that just…more money for the same room? Who do they think they are, doctors, or drug companies? But yeah, not only do these corporations not need oversight and regulation, we need to get rid of the oversight and regulation we already have in place!

  9. Hmmm flooding, early storm weather, sudden turbulence this severe, and the increase of these events maybe has something to do with hmmmm something? Lol fake news, flat earth, praise Jesus!

  10. Trump is saying to let the American people know; however, from what has been reported he and the repubs want to know know who lives where for voting purposes, for more Repub votes.
    When has trump cared about what the American people want to know, he only uses those words when he wants something!

  11. The Koch Brothers, the Department to Commerce and the reciprocal health care of Medicare b(r)ought to US by the Tory Party and Labour Party of the Uk

  12. The drugs companies charge too much. They need to reduce it. Over the counter medicines still cost a lot. It is time to reduce now.

  13. All kinds of bad news tonight!
    From Dopey,
    taking bribes,
    from big pharma,
    To " college's, that should pay, ALL of the student loans off, but won't
    To Ford, producing cars, that are extremely flawed!
    To Marriott hotels, with hidden fees!
    These are all sad, reckless,
    shame and SHAMS!

  14. Man… I’d love to have an emergency landing in Hawaii. But as always… NOTHING INTERESTING EVER HAPPENS TO ME

  15. Unbelievable! So he (President Trump) totally drops his promise to lower prescription medications costs!? Aka selling out to BIG pharma lobbyists? I’m 30k in debt to the medical establishment from surviving an active shooter & the bullet still lodged in my back. And that’s just the appointments and tests. Many tests are mandatory to receive medications. Then there’s the $150.00/mo (insurance) + $15.00/mo (state insurance) + copay deductions on medications out of a $1200.00 monthly income.

  16. more turbulent flights as …. Nibiru progressively encroaches…compressing the atmosphere…geomagnetic as well as geothermal effects being exerted upon the earth

  17. If they are here legally they have nothing to fear the country have the right to know who is here illegally and claiming the benefits they are not entitled too.

  18. So Epstein wants to arrange his own jailing. Sounds like El Chapo did in Mexico or Escobar in Columbia.
    Let me enjoy it all in comfort

  19. Getting tired of the virtue signaling from folks who consciously chose to come here illegally and decided to make families, yet refused to take the steps to become a citizen after years of having nothing but the opportunity to become such… it highlights their lack of concern regarding the matter, until someone decides to enforce the law.

    When it comes to "higher education" approach such with a "buyer beware" mentality… before you enroll in any program, look at the real employment numbers/job placement coming from said program and college. All forms of higher education are For Profit, be they Private or State funded… higher education was the new business frontier a more than a decade ago and every aspect of it is profit based, many programs and institutions often straddling a fine line of illegitimacy.

  20. Sandbags over the manholes is genius. They float with high water and you can fall in while trying to leave and wind up down stream with no way to save yourself.

  21. Billions upon billions of dollars are spent on illegal immigrants with full benefits on the working backs the US man and woman. I'm a Democrat and I won't ever vote for another Democratic leader ever again! I'm very thankful for each and everyone of you who voted in our president! He has my vote! The Democratic party it's not what it used to be! The Democratic party is made up of many groups and two major ones are socialism and communism and I choose neither!

  22. I hope they get each and every one of these illegal criminals out of our country the faster the better! It's an invasion on her soul to the Democrats will not fix the Asylum loopholes. with all these immigrants coming over the Border our country is going to be very unsafe future! They will bring all their ways and crying right along with them! While they continue to take jobs away from the US. citizen

  23. University of Washington lied to me in 2007, saying they would help me get a paralegal job after I finished their paralegal certificate program. I finished at the top of my class but couldn’t find any job in a legal office, not even as a receptionist. When I tried to get an appointment with UW’s career counselor, I was told they wouldn’t help me because my program was ineligible for that assistance.

  24. Don’t ever stay in a Marriott. Their cruise ship deliberately left at least 50 people who weren’t Marriott customers standing on the dock in St Thomas USVI as Hurricane Maria bore down on the island. The ship wasn’t even half full. The people were left trapped with nowhere to go.

  25. From South Florida… are the people who don’t stock up on water and non-perishables way ahead of this time of year just not mindful of the calendar or that they’re simply not from this part of the country? Who doesn’t take care of this stuff WAY in advance?

  26. I want the citizen question answered so I will hand write it in for my household. I suggest others do the same.

  27. Ford turning out to be another 👉🏿(Chrysler Dodge Plymouth) then they cry if you buy foreign SMH !!

  28. This is what happened when the son of Satan (45) takes the throne, the Rich has the mastery over all their subjects to milk the public as often as they like !!

  29. Maybe we can pick a canadate that proposes, "too bring the world together and save the planet."-Bernie Sanders

  30. The "GOD" of the Israelites judgment is upon this place, like never before, take 📝 notes and see 👀 YHWH IS OUR POWER ✊🏿 !!!!!!! 🌪🔥💥💣❎

  31. I don't get how ICE is putting all the people already here in "detention centers" if the U.S. doesn't even have adequate space for the people seeking asylum. (And everyone knows prisons here are crowded too)

  32. There are some people that have a public life, perceive some advantage in dying their hair, thinking it increases their ‘box office’ by appearing younger than they are, even though in this age of the internet, research is just a click away, actors and politicians are big self-promoters, appearance deceit can be understandable from their point of reference. Which leads me to journalists, what amount of hair dye, used in self-promotion can entice someone to watch them on television reading the news to us? During the Rachel Maddow Show, NBC, the parent of MSNBC twice ran a promo praising Lester Holt, now here’s a quote, “The most trusted TV news anchor in America”, what? that can’t be true, during his NBC Nightly news broadcast, this sixty-year-old, showed just how much trust we should place in him, him that dyes his hair…the only trust being generated is he will be appearing in his next broadcast well dressed in hair dye…and if its ‘box office’ is his reasoning, how about the validity of some of his news reports, raising fudging or hedging a real possibility…or, what’s next, will he have to show a little ankle for more ‘box office’ too…

  33. "It will not stop us from collecting the needed information…" 'so we can gerrymander the districts around non voting persons and manipulate the electoral college in favor of republicans once again.'

    Sure, count the immigrants, but end the electoral college so the data cannot be used against democracy.

  34. Bail….$77 million? No..keep the perv locked up. That's a drop in the bucket. Plus…he already has skated on the first charges.

  35. If they want to easily find countless illegal immigrants, they should turn up at all construction sites. Here in Florida, there are so many of them present. They should also arrest the people who hire them.

  36. According to Trump and his minions, climate change isn't happening….. seems like the weather disagrees!

  37. If the illegal criminals are afraid, maybe they shouldn't have broken the law. It's about time !!! Thank You Trump !!!

  38. Try losing weight, stop getting pregnant, brush your hair, maybe you'll get hired. Next time go to a real college, not a storefront.

  39. Nothing will ever be like Hurricane Katrina again. Now people in Louisiana, New Orleans are prepared now!🙏


  41. Is donald legal in this country
    He'll no he should have his crooked as in chains
    For Real
    When is some one going to stand up to this clown that destroying this nation?

  42. Any other car is Edge the Ford Edge also has transmission problems I have one of them and it's sitting in front of my house

  43. What I bought my Edge over two years maybe three and I've had problems ever since what it does I'll be at a red light and a go to put the accelerator and it would jump and not only that it will bang and then it will work and then it won't work but now sitting in my front of my house dead

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