Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 13, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 13, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Stop having kids Mr Navy guy. You can not afford to feed them. Stop being in the Navy Mr. Navy guy, You don't make enough there to take care of your family. Or learn to budget for christ sakes. BAH in San Diego is $2500 a month! on top of WHAT YOU AGREED TO WORK FOR. I can not fathom how you go on the news and cry about it.

  2. Well you guys followed the wrong leadership. When you try to make it in America it must be the American way not the FAIL CORRUPT Latin American way. Don't you realize that?
    I'm an immigrant we had to pay taxes with joy wath an opportunity !
    And we are now free but they will turn us into wath they are if we don't stop them.
    It's sad that they went the wrong way now they have consequences for their actions.
    So don't let them manipulate you.
    It's all an act they knew it was going to happen and they used it as a weapon.

  3. Water + dirt ≠ levee
    Water + dirt = mud
    When will the US figure out that piles of dirt are not enough to stop flooding?

  4. Someone actually following the law and they say impeach. Our country is screwed. Idiots. I broke the law two times. I been in jail two times. I deserved it. So do they. And people want our government to break the law. Dummies.

  5. Typical drama and lies and partial truths. Your telling me a human walks 9 miles an hr ? Right out of the gate looking like a prostitute. Lmao

  6. I liked what Pence had to say regarding ICE…virtually the same words Himmler said to Eichmann concerning his 'Special Action' grouping and transporting 'Undesirables'

  7. Why wouldn't the DOD adjust servicemen and women's pay based on their location (considering the DOD controls where the families must live)?? That makes no sense at all. The government must take care of its service people.

  8. When Sandy hit NYC, the sea water level on the streets in Coney Island Brooklyn was just under 5ft deep.

  9. I hope 'ICE' is as BRUTAL AS POSSIBLE rounding-up all the 'Undesirables' in cities…perhaps then people will rise-up and start USING THEIR GUNS to good purpose America has fought many Wars to 'preserve Liberty and Justice' not only for Americans but other Nations as well…and once against each other…I think it's time to 'fight back'against  'ICE 'Brown-Shirts' and their insane 'Master'…don't allow 'Nazi thugs' to overthrow the rule of Law in this Country

  10. So the RICH celebs want the illegals in the USA, okay….so celebs let these illegals live with you!! None of them opened up their home to them! But their constantly on tv complaining….!

  11. It was more important to the Republicans running this country to SLASH taxes on Millionaires, Billionaires and Corporations then to pay our own military a living wage.

  12. I’ll never understand why people wait till the last minute to get water and food. I’m in south Florida and we have this all taken care of months before the season. Water, food, toilet paper and bullets.

  13. Take care of Military first. Take care of Americans first. Not people who break into the country and jump ahead of everyone else.

  14. When I was an E5 with 4 kids we qualified for food stamps but the county denied us. The subsidized grocery is called the Commissary. They say it's tax free, but they tack on a 6% surcharge. That's a tax.

  15. Zero coverage of the Antifa lunatic who firebombed the ICE facility. Nothing on YouTube from CNN either. I guess terror attacks on US soil aren't news worthy when it doesnt fit your narrative.

  16. Military families hurt while hands are raised to give " Illegal" guest's, vistors, whatev, everything they need.

  17. All I can say is I spent 23 yrs in the military and military families receive their pay, $ rent, $ for food, free medical and cheap dental. Also quality for WIC if needed

  18. If the illegal aliens don't like the facilities the American people can afford them, they should go home. We don't need their abuse.

  19. The DEMS are causing this by enticing them w free stuff. And yet we want to give welfare and free healthcare to migrants. This is why we need to end these endless wars.

  20. There are going to be towns that will gradually become uninhabitable due to rising seas and more violent storms. My heart breaks for the people whose families have lived in these towns for generations but we will never be able to dominate nature. Our coastlines are changing.

  21. This is abominable; military families should be subsidized with FREE housing, clothes high quality education and FOOD.

  22. J Lo had to cancel her show at Madison Square Garden and Broadway shows canceled performances due to this blackout. Midtown is so dependent on its grid!

  23. Six kids….i was afraid to have one at thirty thousand a year. I guess I don't understand. If it's the Bible telling them to have a bunch of kids. Remember it was written when only one in ten attempts of raising a child were successful. So,it's ok for me to just decide to start having 6 kids. Regardless of my income. Somehow I don't understand. ?

  24. Military pay is a lot more than when I retired in 2005. My rent was $1,000 a month. Add the utilities including cable and WiFi. I was out of pocket for rent and utilities. I bought $1,000 a month in food. I raised four kids. I had a car payment of $450 a month. I was a enlisted E-6. I lived in Mississippi where the cost of living pay is the lowest in the nation. I don’t have any pity. I never once complained. Wait to have children. Tell the husband to use his other brain, the one that thinks.

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHA..Pence couldnt be more impressed..he is the vice president to a fuktard and that impresses him. Im sure seeing a five incher would also impress that piece of crap narcissist. I bet he was thinking if their parents all had abortions this problem wouldn't exist….Funny how opinions changes as the person's color changes.

  26. In other words, this country is no better than any other country out there. Got it. But hey! "Thoughts and Prayers!!!"

  27. Earthquake super storms name berry there's people testing secret weapons, if you can change the weather you can control the world win all wars.

  28. Militarty wives either need to get a job or learn to close their legs. I couldnt afford four kids when I was in the military but smart enough to figure that out by myself. If they choose to have four kids and the wife doesnt want to work than its their problem. I cant afford a million dollar you want to do a new story on that? Set your limits. Have two kids that you can support. They cant reposess your kids if you cant afford them.

  29. Amazon IS the scam!!!! Go watch Last Week Tonight with Jonh Oliver, the Amazon episode for more information. How is it that NBC is willing to give Amazon free advertising, and isn't exposing the real truth about how Amazon treats their warehouse workers????? I smell a rat!!!!

  30. I remember when meteorologist Janice Huff was the weather lady Janice Wages here in Columbus Georgia! Good to see her still at it! Prayers for everyone in the gulf.

  31. This so called President, is concentrated on Ice Raids and belittling people of color, but no words of the storm in Louisiana, that's NO PRESIDENTIAL PEOPLE, NOW YOU VOTE FOR HIM, AND WHEN CRAP HITS THE FAN WHERE YOU LIVE, JUST SAY IT'S OKAY, RIGHT!!!

  32. Without a doubt there will be no one , outside the US, that doesn't have massive hate fot this hateful country.

  33. During the government shut-down, I was proud my community provided support to the local U.S. Coastguard families, who went without pay for weeks.  Servicemen and servicewomen deserve better treatment and pay.

  34. illegals equals illegal many law breaker's who defend and help illegals.shameful.hav u no shame !!!

  35. Come on Louisianan get smarter get your politicians to start get big Corp to start paying their taxes instead you have the worst schools police and worst the federal govt can't keep bailing you guys out. Sorry undocumented people you get caught out you go. I may hate ICE, because they have no oversight. but your here illegally you get caught goodbye. You took a chance and lost.

  36. If you are an illegal you have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER. You have no right to protest or complain about anything. If you don't like the treatment you are receiving here in the US, ….GO HOME! TAKE YOUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY WITH YOU! THIS IS COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!

  37. in usa you can express your different ideas with your goverment in media.but if you are a chinese,do you think you can do that? 100% impossible.

  38. They continue to attack NO and surrounding areas because they were supposed to be international free trade zones. Like… move out people. China's moving in here. Kinda like Flint Mi. Well they must have underestimated the spirit and free will of the people of Louisana. White hats have now entered the weather wars. God Bless!

  39. There are NOT any RAIDS!! They are collecting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that a Judge has Ordered Deported!!! STOP FEEDING the FRENZY and Creating more TROUBLE!!!!

  40. Military families go to bed hungry while the left wants to bring in and give illegals free health care and a boatload of other goodies. Makes perfect sense.

  41. morgan's got a pretty smug cheerful smile reminding us the real problem is what happens after all the rain accumulates in creeks + streams + then meets in the river behind him

  42. two faced pence…… how come he never declared his sexuality…..he is a sweet boy but two faced like j edgar hoover

  43. trump wouldn't even keep our military families fed…gop shame…..350 million for trumps golf trips…..

  44. You could lounge on the steps and jump in the canals half naked since the 70 so whats the difference now that's why they go to Venice

  45. Vatican mystery only leaves more questions than it answers ! Yeah like where are the two German Princesses who were supposed to be buried in that grave ? ¯(°_o)/¯

  46. This country will be dealt with by the Devine hand of the MOST HIGH YAH! Name a period or time an empire was corrupt and the MOST HIGH YAH didn't destroy it. Don't you white people get it I'm sure you do but satan in you makes you not help it to be anything other than evil as a people. What a burden on this planet

  47. Why are our tax dollars funding trumps 4th of july party rally when our military personal living below poverty levels?

  48. So active military families are at poverty levels but let's build a wall because that is way more important…

  49. The military is socialism , communism life style . We have 900 bases in 200 countries we can not afford financially , morally or ethically . While there are 3,000 cities in america with worse lead levels in the drinking water than Flint , Michigan , we wage nine illegal wars /genocide on third world nations for zionism , not America . Teach this in your schools . The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION are corporation property since the " act of 1871 " bankruptsy after the civil war . Stop war ? Stop going to war . These are mercenaries for their personal benefit , not our freedom . Guard our borders , defend the americans from enemies foreign and domestic . 44,000 drone bombs last year alone is evil and these are the trigger pullers for global corporations and illegal expansion onto Palestinian land . Body language speaks louder than lip music . 5 years is the longest time between wars for America . Our soldiers are the bullies in the world as the genocide in Iraq proves . Where is the remorse ? Where are the reparations as promised . Total rubble forcing immigration , destroying cultures globally . Evil Doers ? Where is the real investigation of BLDG.#7 , and the money trail followed ? Media is responsible . Your silence is your consent .

  50. Homeless Americans don't have anyone fighting for them, but immigrants decide to crawl over borders invade the Country have rights..Wow!!

  51. But the Orange Fuhrer says there is no Climate Change?
    But.. This is a real story from 2019!
    Trump Administration Suppresses Its Own Findings About Catastrophic Climate Change

    Yet again, the White House is blocking warnings about major environmental damage

    The White House prevented State Department officials from submitting testimony to Congress that warns of climate change catastrophe.

    The Washington Post reported on Saturday that after reviewing the written testimony, White House officials tried to remove references to the government’s own scientific findings on global warming. The prepared statement included references to catastrophic damage due climate change. “Absent extensive mitigating factors or events, we see few plausible future scenarios where significant—possibly catastrophic—harm does not arise from the compounded effects of climate change,” the testimony warned

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