Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 24, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 24, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 24, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Hopefully 6-7 Tornado's will slam into the Greatest deception in racing and Blow it all into Ohio. That would be some great breaking news and so exiting God knows oh yes he does God knows & Jesus is coming.
    That dude is so handsome he would have had 100s of females lined up his whole life wanting to make little babies with him. what was he thinking? right females?

  2. That evil murderer must be killed for killing 2 innocent people. Trump is committed treason and he should be sentenced to death. Women making money from rich people by accusing diggers, women love someone's money, why? Because they can't be rich 😭😭

  3. How can you be covering up, when you declassify the evidence? LMAO democrats are delusional. Time they step away from their legal pharmaceutical drugs.

  4. Though I am only an ordinary old woman belonging to a small village but I advice all people to repent and pray our God Jesus 2nd comingis near .you just need to have fearof God. Then everything will be all our lord Jesus Christ will protect your country.all the best and will pray for you all.

  5. Nobody cares if Pelosi is distorted in an unethical way because she is a hack and shouldve stepped down after it was clear she could not lead her party. Nadler and Schiff are vying for power and actively distorting our American morality and what we should be standing for. …Divided we fall…

  6. Don't feel so bad Theresa May. Nobody can bring these people together. Same type of morass the US finds itself in.

  7. How can anybody ever believe anything mainstream media says. Are Americans willing to sacrifice there sons and daughters on lies.

  8. Remember weapons of mass desrtuction, now it's more lies to start a war in iran, how do we know what they say is true

  9. They can charge him with two counts of murder and kidnapping but, what about everything else he did to her? I know they can't give him anymore time . I think they should have made an example out of him. He had the audacity to "cry" in court and say he was sorry. He wasn't sorry when he shot her parents to death for trying to protect her. He wasn't sorry for rapping and torturing this little girl. He was sorry for himself. They should've given him the death penalty. That way he can't do it to anyone else and he can't commit suicide to get out of his sentence.

  10. I find it to be TERRIFICALLY IRONIC, that these SAME DOCTORS who took an OATH, to "NEVER DO HARM TO HUMAN LIFE", would now stand up and declare that they WILL MURDER UNBORN CHILDREN in the face of Governor's New Laws against abortion past 6 to 8 weeks gestation. That is how I KNOW that abortion is indeed an AGENDA of the LEFTISTS, SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS, DEMOCRATS, AND SATANISTS. Lumped together, OR, each apart from each other, you cannot tell a difference between any combination of them and their "titles". Evil is still EVIL.

  11. What if the baby has a horrible medical condition(spina bifida?
    Down syndrome? ) they have to it now then?

  12. Screw Saudi Arabia and the murdering wahabi's. A disgusting country who have supported terrorism since the late 1940's. I will root for any country that brings down the disgusting two faced Saudi's.

  13. “Fascinating,” the millionaire, fully insured Kate Snow says about a life-saving drug. “Disgusting, horrible, inhumane,” I would say. How can this lady continue and smile after “reporting” on such awful “news?” Well that’s show biz!

  14. There is going to be a rise on the after morning pill! And there will be a lot of women dying; for trying to abort in secret! They won't be able to know where or who they can trust with their secret!😎

  15. This will prompt people and clinics to go underground. Illegal abortions were ubiquitous in the 60's; the old politicians must remember…

  16. Too many wall street junkies in the medical industry "$2 million for one drug ridiculous". The fact that life-saving drugs cost any money is futile no one asks to be sick and whatever happened to the mission I thought folks who went into the medical industry, did it because they wanted to save lives but I guess not, well the Earth is going to fry anyways so they will suffer right along with us. We humans put so many needless hurdles on life and then we wonder why the world is falling apart

  17. Why on earth do you have to have that banner across the bottom of the screen on? Your blocking one third of the picture with it. We KNOW it's breaking news!!!

  18. Men are going to legislate themselves right out of politics….Women pay attention ,vote and run for office…….protesting doesn't work….Men losing power will.

  19. 5:50 you know what's going to happen? Women will travel out of state to abort. Sometimes over the counter pregnancy test don't work. If the woman doesn't have symptoms. She won't know until 2-3mnth mark 😐 I think politicians have no business controlling a woman's body and decisions. It's very communistic.

  20. In my mind I think alternative medicine is just as powerful as a 2 million dollar drug. Many alternative physicians or herbalist have died mysteriously over years because they've discovered cures, or healing properties that would bring big pharma to it's knees 🤔 it's just not broadcast on TV.

  21. those rich climbers are disgusting. it makes a mockery of mountain climbing. and it's destroying the mountains. just because you can afford to do something, doesn't mean we have to let you. close mt. everest down to all but expert climbers. don't allow tourist climbers!!!!!!

  22. same with novartis. just because you CAN charge millions of dollars for a medicine, doesn't mean we should let you. has the world gone amoral?

  23. Trump is running the Heathen World crazy, he will destroy them all and I mean them all . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. In regards to the medias take on the NP video…1)most people can recognize “slow motion”. And 2)If you are going to watch one video to make your decision on who to vote for, please don’t vote!!

  25. Gone are those days you could rob a bank to buy that life saving medicine for your child. Banks don't even keep much in the vault

  26. I am not a multi-millionaire but I will donate $10,000 to Jayme cross and I hope others will join me she needs to be comfortable now.

  27. It’s easy to see why the drug is so expensive. It’s economics, the drug is for a rare disease so it’s probably not mass produced and the cost of research for the drug is being spread over a few thousand instead of a few million. Asthma medication is cheap because it’s mass produced and the cost for research is spread over a wide demographic rather than a small one.

  28. These DEMOCRATES are deeply evil. They are embodiment of evil. Pelosi continues to digress caused by years of alcohol abuse. Her speech is slurred.

  29. This law is gone to make females fall on something this is Not Right wow or make females move crazy!!!

  30. BOTH of the first two FAKED VIDEOS ARE SMUDGED. The THIRD VIDEO is obviously VOICED OVER (not the correct voice, and the lips don't match the audio). That's how you can tell the difference – the MegaPixel rating is not HD.

  31. Ahhh , , , The failed Mueller Russian Collusion Hoax.
    Glad our President is going to prosecute those responsible.
    NBC News is as guilty in this hoax as Comey, McCabe, Strzok.
    Hope the FTC reviews NBC's licence to broadcast publically.
    ~ NBC News ; You are a disgrace to American Journalism.

  32. 7:10 This is direct evedence. PROVOCATIONS OF USA to Iran. Shame for American government. 8:00 When will this show be over? Don't you understand? Russia DID NOT interfere in elections. It doesn't need this.

  33. Abortion illegal…Is it your body you can do with,,its a child not a choice…other than that is homicide period…..have the child and give it up to loving would be parents!

  34. Glad to hear abortion is being banned. A womans rights are protected. She made the choice to engage in an act that creates a child. Now she has the responsability to protect that child, not murder it. Women dont want equality. They want total freedom to do whatever they want without responsability or consequence. Women have clearly demonstrated what they will do when given unbriddled freedom of choice. Women clearly need a logical thinking man to make choices for them or they will continue to murder children. Over 58 million murders since 1971. And society thinks men are dangerous. What?

  35. Seriously never thought I'd see the day of a line of ppl waiting hour's to reach the summit of Everest! Very weird!

  36. No drug or treatment should cost that much. It’s ridiculous that to pay for your child to live, you have to go bankrupt.

  37. Abortion is murder and so is sending young men to their death in war, as is not saving those who are not millionaires

  38. The anti-abortionists talk about preserving Gods Will until He stops your heart. Then they all want CPR. If they truly honored Gods Will, non-breathing newborns & those with fatal heart arrythmias would cease to live. The hypocrisy is stunning!

  39. Well you the media has been lying and spin doctoring… so… I think we should stop listening you bullshitters all together!

  40. The video altering story… I've been warning people of this emerging technology for decades. That now anyone can create an image or video of you or anyone doing things they never did. And that such videos and images can trick people into believing you are guilty… Trust me… This will get more sinister as this gets perfected.

  41. What's ridiculous is a 440 page redacted report came out and the house of representatives is denied access to freedom of the press for their individual questions resulting from an in depth investigation into foreign interference in local and national elections and potential improper conduct by the president of the USA of allowing investigations to naturally happen. A report identifies people with quotes and possibly verdicts but it doesn't give the elected legislature due process into finding the president suitable for office including but not limited to hiring and putting people in positions of power who had to removed not just because they were investigated but also because they've disobeyed LAW. The executive branch enforces the law sir they are known to be prosecutors for the states and the nation Against any Enemy foreign And or Domestic sir! Congress writes the laws to be enforced and the justices decide on legality not executives your AG isn't a judge sir.

  42. Ladies, mail in your pads and tampons to the Atlanta State House. You can ask them to investigate your first trimester miscarriages.

  43. I'm really sorry to all you people that lost things and lives and your homes but one thing I'm more sorry about is you guys are going to rebuild right back in the same place

  44. you know how this news is negative negative negative negative all you motherfukers do is report negative negative how about something positive and happy for once

  45. Extreme weather events are increasing in intensity due to climate change. This is an undeniable FACT. Those of you who vote Republican are supporting the de facto do-nothing stance on this world-wide problem. If you believe this is nothing but a Chinese hoax, then you are as crazy as our reckless president.

  46. "I believe you can make a decision in 2 months". A woman doesn't necessarily know she is pregnant for several weeks, you fool.

  47. Бедная Америка! Попросите и Путин вам поможет! Примите православие и торнадо больше вас непобеспокоит! Сильные скрепы скрепляют нацию!

  48. Abortion bans? The Constitution has the word "choice" 8 EIGHT times. Check it yourself. We do have "choice" for SURE.

  49. I listened to Pelosi speak live, she was slurring her speech and looked and sounded like she had a stroke.

  50. The u.s. has 42 military bases surrounding Iran . How much of a threat would that be if Iran built 42 military bases around the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY ? Why do these people lie by omission to us ?

  51. We need to as a worldwide society to build a six lane highway to the top of mount Everest. I've been saying this for years now and noone listens. How many more have got to die, before we solve this problem?

  52. In prison, they don't take kindly to crimes involving children, this dude will be murdered inside a week.

  53. A traffic jam on mt Everest. I looked at that picture of the people standing in that line and thought : wow that Apple store is really busy !

  54. Hey folks, this like other issues are best settled by moving out of states without your brand of hate. Vote with your dollars, cause we know they can't fix anything without waste. Sometimes that waste is lives

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