Ninja hates whamen. Social media hates Alex Jones. and KSI hates PewDiePie. I’m Poppy Harlow and you’re watching Pew News Good evening. I’m Poppy Harlow a lot of stuff to talk about today. So let’s jus RAAAA! Ninja explains his choice not to stream with female gamers. Maybe he just respects them too much I find it infuriating. I know I’m not supposed to give my opinion I’m just Poppy Harlow, but you have any other youtuber like uhh PFFFT PewDiePie that respects women so much and he hardly gets any credit for it and then here you have ninja MMMM NO NO NO I don’t approve of it. I find this very interesting because there was a lot of different opinions around this, not just between anyone, but also between youtubers and streamers and I especially find it interesting because as always, Everyone is a moron but me, Poppy Harlow. RAAAA! First of all, agreeing with an interview to Polygon Who would have thought that was a bad idea? That’s where this started. Ninja made a very offhand remark saying: “I don’t play with female streamers. Because I want to avoid all the gossip that comes with that.” Now anyone that’s a public figure understands what he mean. But a lot of people also make pretty reasonable claims against this statement saying: “I understand but he could still play with them and not care about the rumors. Both act professionally, and get professional results” Someone else saying: “Who cares if a bunch of Nimrods online think you’re cheating on your wife or something because you had a friendly exchange with a female gamer during stream?” In any other job, this is true. But on the Internet, what you don’t understand, is the people are insane. Especially when it comes to relationship. People are crazy. So while it’s reasonable to criticize Ninja for doing this, saying: “Well, can he just brush it off?” Are you gonna ignore it? For example, Dodger, another YouTuber streamer who commented about this saying: “When Sam and I got together some of my viewers harassed not only him,” “but his mother and sisters.” “Someone hired a private investigator to find evidence he was cheating.” “Someone else found porn star look-alikes and sent me videos of them.” “It received countless of emails about what a scumbag he was and how he shouldn’t be with me.” If people have something to say about your relationship online, they will say it. …and maybe Ninja doesn’t care. Maybe it’s his wife that doesn’t like it. Who knows? And even if they both don’t care, it’s certainly not a fun thing to deal with these sort of things. And I’ve seen it myself of other YouTuber couples; a relationship becoming more complicated because other people had things to say about it online. “Oh, well, why is he with this person? He should be with her. They are way too cuter together. Look at this.” You know, it’s easy for me to say this But I think what Ninja should have said is: “There’s a problem with me streaming online with all the females because all these rumors and gossip come along with it and I already have enough stuff to deal with that I can’t even be bothered to put myself and my wife through that so I avoid playing with other female streamers.” Because that’s what already a lot of streamers do. I know for a fact that youtubers and streamers don’t collaborate or play with other females Because they know it will just be a bunch of drama and, yes with it and it’s just not worth it. This is really the ugly truth of the internet, and the only thing Ninja is guilty of here is to explain it and putting it out there. Besides people calling Ninja sexist because of this, there was a lot of people that were very entitled because of this being having reactions such as quoting him: “I’ll gladly use my platform, the biggest platform of all of Twitch to boost other male streamers.” Like that was given to him for free or something like that. Such a dumb comment. “Sorry girls, who already aren’t anywhere to be found in the top 100 Twitch streams..” “I can’t play with you lest idle rumor destroys my marriage. Nah, he’s scum.” He can play with whoever he wants No one is entitled to play with Ninja no matter who you are Such a stupid remark and I saw a lot of people comment like this, and I think also it’s a lie. That’s the reason why a lot of people are upset. Polygon, this was clearly such an offhand remark. This wasn’t Ninja making a statement being like: “This is why!” They even have to fill in his quote with these brackets saying like: “Gossip, he’s talking about gossip.” They really just wanted to start drama and this is literally all that it is. Then my own personal thoughts, relationships and friendships. When you’re a public figure, It’s almost like you live two lives. I’mnottalkingaboutmyownrelationshipmyrelationshipwithMarziaisgreatshutup. I know people online. There are youtubers that pretend like they’re they’ll make it seem like they’re friends online But in reality, they might not like each other at all! In reality, they never see each other but it’s more convenient. For other people in line to think they are friends because it’s just easier to deal with it that way. They don’t want to deal with all the drama that comes out because of it. It’s the same reason why a lot of times relationship that everyone thought saw as this perfect example of a good relationship. They break up out of nowhere and everyone is just shocked being like: “How did this happen? They were perfect couple goals.” It’s almost like they pretend their relationship is a certain way to get it approved online because this is easier that way Imagine being judged by hundreds and thousands of people about your private, personal relationship. I’m POPPPY HARLOO!!! Now you understand the internet and Youtubers a little better. You’re welcome! Alex Jones fan we need to talk about the Alex Jones Bay I didn’t want to talk about it because at first I didn’t know much about it And I knew it was just going to make things more complicated with me whether the video is Demonetized or create more media drama or alright? I wasn’t wrong for having this idea because H3H3 got a strike while talking about Alex Jones in a live stream their live stream got shut down now YouTube said this was made an error, but it happened So why am I doing it now? That’s a great question I’m interested about this whole thing the more I read about it. Not necessarily Alex Jones himself, but the whole climate around it So what happened? Well Facebook Apple YouTube and Spotify banned Alex Jones And for those of you who are not familiar with Alex Jones, I can’t really describe him either because I don’t watch his content I only really know Alex from memes and they’re really funny videos Now despite him being a very goofy character, I understand why he’s controversial I understand that He’s impacted people in a negative way and if people don’t like him I think they have every reason not to this is not me defending Alex. But with Facebook Apple YouTube in Spotify banning him Ironically, I don’t think this is a big conspiracy I think these websites didn’t or … companies didn’t want Alex on them for a long time and now they got sort of a Ripple effect way to get rid of him in an easy and quick way it started with Apple removing his podcast and then YouTube and Facebook joined along and Spotify as well while for a lot of people who might be obvious Why he got removed for people that don’t know Alex Jones and the reasoning being so vague how do you break four different Community Guidelines on four different website at the same time now a lot of Articles to explain to people why Alex Jones is bad They bring up his comments around 9/11 and Sandy Hook But a spokesperson noted that none of these violations that spurred today’s removal were related to this YouTube saying that all users agreed to comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when they sign up to use YouTube that was it that was all they said so Alex went to stream on Twitter’s periscope as soon as where this happened and a lot of people had very strange reaction in my opinion – why isn’t Twitter banning Alex Jones as well. Why Twitter is tolerating Alex Jones according to the right-wing four theories? Well, it’s pretty clear I mean, they said it we didn’t suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday We know that’s hard for many but the reason is simple he hasn’t violated our rules We’ll enforce it if he does but a lot of people’s reaction to this is while you need to change the rules you’re being cowards You need to get rid of him We need to get rid of Alex Jones people saying you and your platform is a dangerous joke This is double standards people calling him a coward Saying you need better rules just like Twitter said themselves unless alex preaches ideas that goes against Twitter’s Community guidelines or rules then he shouldn’t be banned from Twitter I find it almost dumbfounding how people disagree with this centenary this statement I’ve seen the argument saying well, these are private companies Apple Spotify YouTube and whatever they have the right to ban Whoever they want. They can set their own rules. They should just make up rules to get rid of Alex Jones It seems pretty fair, right? They’re their playground their rules. I also kind of disagree I think that social media has grown so big That it’s become an extension of your voice that if you’re not On social media and you are taken off of social media in a way that isn’t really specified why Then it can be seen as a way of censorship So I think Twitter did the right thing for being careful and banning him for not having a specific reason Maybe I’m too young. Not that young maybe I’m too naive but if You don’t like someone or something you speak up against it. You don’t shut them out. You don’t remove them Alex to me is someone you laugh at It’s something you don’t take seriously, and I know that can be seen as an angle again for some people I think Alex Jones is a Hydra if you cut him off Someone else was just take his place and we have more reason to be angry about it and created an even more divisive political situation with the person that says The government is turning the frogs gay. Is that really when it’s necessary? That’s my opinion about it Finally ksi hates PewDiePie. What did he say? Let’s watch. Pewdiepie recently chipped him So you heard what he said about you guys being scumbags and accused you have both been in just for the money What do you think about that? Is that true? Well, I mean he Has no ground to talk at all he is probably but now he is the person that ruined a lot of people’s lives on YouTube with his comments and his All and she said summative But yeah Yeah, he didn’t help with that Okay. All right. Here’s the thing I called him and Logan scumbags for being purely money driven with this whole event thinking about it That’s fine. Like what’s wrong with that? I think KSI is clearly motivated by this fight He’s clearly into fighting and I find it entertaining. Yes It’s completely meaningless but it’s fun to follow so I can’t really hate on that and I think it was a dumb comment for me to make I feel like this whole Metro asking like Felix said this bad thing about you His response was just purely like well, I guess I respond with something bad back. Like it didn’t even correlate to what I said There’s always been a long drama between me and ksi and I don’t even know why like it seem like he doesn’t care I don’t really care either and everyone would send me this video like oh, did you see what he said? Oh my god What is your response? I’m just like I don’t care. I’m sure we would get along fine. Like I’d have a beer with him What do you say ksi? Smash like on this video if you agree to end this drama once and for all can we bring peace? Finally and and show an example of hope for the world What do you say? That was it for me? I’m poppy Harlow. Hope you guys enjoy watching pew news I don’t know why I make these this seems like it makes my life more complicated But if you enjoy pew news and want to support it I very much appreciate a great way to do that is to hit the join button It’s a great way to support me or buy the merch I design it. You’ll look cool wearing it And you support me it’s a win-win situation Everybody that’s it for me. See you tomorrow with another video. Goodbye


  1. Why wouldn’t people question ninja streaming with guys, like what if he’s cheating on his wife with a guy. Cough* cough*

  2. I'm just a nobody and a woman. I have people who try to cause problems with my relationship, so I can completely understand Ninja's decision. And I support it.

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    Ninja hates everyone not just wamen

  4. Women just can't stop complaining. More and more women will be excluded from things because of the #MeToo movement.

  5. If he doesn't wanna play with them leave him alone and fuck off smh , people these days are such entitled idiots

  6. There's like this couple in my country and when they first got together literally everyone called the girlfriend a gold digger in the first video they made together because she was shy in the video.

  7. That's why I like you brah, you see the world for what it trully is. You can read between lines and the hole text. Keep up your opinions I'll always hear them up.

  8. Ninja revealed in one of his videos that the reason why he doesn’t play with female gamers is because he doesn’t want to reach out to another woman and his wife to think he’s cheating

  9. like i am a girl and i can kind of agree to ninja bc girls gossip about the smallest things and me personaly i am friends with dudes and my friends are tomboys. like no offence girls its just kind of true

  10. Alex got banned because he's a Republican I'm not one of his fans I just don't like censorship of ideas

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    Also YouTube: "Lets put ads for us on Pewds channel"

  12. KSI really is just a shitty person. He is just a pure asshole. He tries to jump on the antisemitism bandwagon but he can't even pronounce it. Lol u can tell hes the kind of guy who hits women just by how he treats them

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    It was a valiant war but india reproduced 6x more than the population worldwide so they had more reinforcements

  14. Alex Jones is a radio show host and a far-right conspiracy theorist. You tube and all those other companies are far-left and want to control what we hear, so they banned him because he speaks the truth. And the whole gay frog thing , you have to listen to the entire show to understand what he meant.

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