NISMO – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed | Donut Media

NISMO – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed | Donut Media

(revving) – Nissan. We’ve talked a lot about
them on Up To Speed. The Skyline, the Z, the Silvia,
those are some of the most There is no way that these legends could get any better, right? Wrong! Because inside Nissan is a
humble little tuning company dead set on building the This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on NISMO. (eight bit music) It’s 1984. Guys on Wall Street are
listening to Jump by Van Halen, doing lines of cocaine and
then seeing Beverly Hills Cop. – [Narrator] Meanwhile. – Over in Japan, Nissan
wants to consolidate it’s two motor sport divisions into unit. There was the responsible for supporting private teams, and Nissan’s which dealt with the factory teams. It didn’t make no sense to
split them up like that. They had to come together. Fusion Ha! This melded combination
of the two factories would be given a new name, or NISMO for short. The man Nissan chose to
lead this new division was a dude by the name of (man clears throat) Yes? Why him? Well, back in he piloted a Datsun 210 rally car on around the perimeter of the
scariest nation on Earth. No, I’m talking about – Yo, where them kangaroos at? – This was Datsun’s first
ever motor sport event and their cars came in shocking everyone. Fast-forward to 1985 and NISMO is winning pretty
much right out of the gate. Their is winning endurance events in Japan while NISMO’s rally program is
tearing it up all over Asia, just like me on my gap year. Glug, glug, glug, glug. Konnichiwa, konnichiwa, glug
glug, glug glug glug glug. Seiki, I still think about
you almost once a week. (grunting) NISMO modified a Fairlady
Z to be rally ready and even developed a wide
body S-Chassis called the Nissan and NISMO would continue endurance and rally competition, but the car that really
put NISMO on the map was the same car that
put this show on the map. This is everything you need to
know about the Nissan Skyline in less than 10 minutes. – Who is that guy? – The NISMO got their hands on the R32 and started tuning it up for the track and let me tell you, that tuning they did, it was outstanding. Nissan’s goal with the R32 was to dominate Japanese Group A Racing,
and dominate it did. From 1990 to 1993, the NISMO R32 won all They even went abroad
and won massive races like the 24 hours of the
Nürburgring, and 24 Hours of Spa. I tell ya, I could go for 24
hours at the spa right now. The NISMO R32 earning the greatest nickname ever. It was a true beast from The East. To celebrate the car’s dominance and to comply with homologation rules, NISMO produced a road legal
version of their Group A car called the Skyline GTR NISMO Edition. I’ve driven one, it’s awesome. In NISMO took their prototype racer to the
24 hours of Daytona. They just wanted to see if they could win. They were just some hardworking
boys from all over Japan with a humble little
race car that happened to completely dominate the race! The R91C was so fast, it did which was a new track record. NISMO’s victory was the first ever win by an all-Japanese team at Daytona. NISMO’s racing exploits
sent a message to the world. – You underestimate my power. – Through the nineties, NISMO continued their
Skyline campaign with the even taking their car to the Le Mans, which is basically the
biggest race in the world. To commemorate their efforts, they made another special
edition Skyline, the 400R. (revving) This special R33 had it’s bored and stroked out
making 400 horsepower. The tuned up engine and aerodynamic tweaks gave the 400R a top speed
of 186 miles an hour. I don’t care who you are, that’s fast. But NISMO wasn’t all about building the most sophisticated
race cars out there, they did some stuff
for the little guy too. In they launched the which let racers with small budgets race tricked out economy
cars in single make races. The K11 March might not have
been the fastest car out there, but if you get a bunch
of ’em on the track, the racing is just as intense
and fun to watch as Group A. meant three things, the
looming threat of Y2K, the Grammy-award winning
hit Smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, and the arrival of the (revving) The and if you don’t think NISMO had plans for that car too, well, ♪ You’ve got another thing coming ♪ NISMO’s entry for the would turn out to be one of the most iconic Japanese race cars ever. The yellow paint topped
with a giant Pennzoil logo made for a pretty sweet looking race car. Unfortunately for NISMO, their competition
stepped their game up too and the R34 wouldn’t score a dub until the forth race of the season. Luckily, their driver was so consistent that he was able to
grab the driver’s title two years in a row in that car. This Skyline was unique from other GTRs in that it was rear wheel drive since all wheel drive was outlawed in the racing league’s rules. You might recognize this car from it’s numerous appearances
in the Gran Turismo series. You can’t use that car Lars,
it’s fricking cheating. NISMO also released the the It borrowed it’s engine from
Nissan’s GT500 race car, each one build by hand. True to the spirit of NISMO, it was basically a race car that you could drive on the street. Nissan didn’t plan on making
any money with this car, only 20 Z-Tune’s were ever built. They just wanted to commemorate
20 years of NISMO tuning. (sad violin music) That’s really sweet, you guys. With the Skyline GTR
production at it’s end in NISMO needed a new platform
to base their race car off of. Luckily, Nissan had revived the which NISMO saw and immediately decided. – That’ll do. – NISMO took the 350Z and modified the hell out of the bodywork, installing huge front and rear ducts that served to improve
aerodynamics and brake cooling. The whole car was built on
top of a bespoke tube chassis draped in carbon fiber. The twin turbo VQ30 made an
estimated 470 horsepower, enough to secure the championship
in the car’s debut season, as well as the next. (skidding) Alongside their race car,
NISMO also released the a car designed with the sole purpose of having the longest name ever. The S-Tune was the 350Z outfitted with the usual NISMO flair of
custom body work and wheels but that wasn’t all, It also had an upgraded cam and valve with a specially-tuned ECU. It also had bigger Brembo brakes and an adjustable rear wing. This was a NISMO your dad could buy if he didn’t abandon your family
consistently over and over for your entire life, only coming back for long
enough to give you hope and then crush your dreams again and again and again
and again and again. So NISMO kept racing the
Z for a few more years but they didn’t win as much and then went back to using the GTR when the new one debuted in The new Super GT won the
championship it’s debut season, just like the Z car did,
and then after that, it didn’t win as much,
just like the Z car did. I could get more specific but honestly it feels like I’ve been
talking about the GTR all day. – Yeah, I noticed that. – In Nissan introduced NISMO versions of it’s more mainstream models, which meant cars like the Juke NISMO. This might seem strange coming from a brand focused on racing and you’re right, but apparently it worked because next to the NISMO GTR and 370Z, there are now NISMO versions
of the March compact, Note passenger car, the Sentra, Serena minivan and even the Leaf. I mean these NISMO guys will
literally tune anything. NISMO embodies everything right
with Japanese auto culture. Their incessant search for speed elevated the brand from
niche in-house tuner to world-wide praise. The NISMO name is one of the few left that can truthfully say and that’s (bleep) cool. – Cool, cool. (audience laughs) – Subscribe to Donut so you never miss an
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episode of Science Garage on horsepower versus torque. I fricking love you! (burps)

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