‘No’: Dutch prime minister awkwardly interrupts President Trump

‘No’: Dutch prime minister awkwardly interrupts President Trump

We are very close to making some very good
trade deals – fair trade deals, I don’t want to say good, I want to say fair – fair
trade deals for our taxpayers, and for our workers and our farmers. A lot of good things
are happening. I think the EU, we’re going to be meeting with them fairly soon, they
want to see if they can work something out and that will be good. If we do work it out,
that will be positive, and if we don’t, it’ll be positive also, because… No. Well, just think about those
cars that pour in here. It’s not positive.
We have to work something out.

100 thoughts on “‘No’: Dutch prime minister awkwardly interrupts President Trump

  1. I wonder if one day Trump will look back and realize he had no business in politics at all? Probably not…

  2. Grrrr stupid DRUMPF! Cheeto man is bad for the whole world! You can see he's full of it because he's ORANGE!

  3. I’m sorry how was that awkward, everyone always trying to make the POTUS look like a goof when he’s the best president of the US since Kennedy

  4. If they don’t work something out, Willem Alexander will come and force the president to work something out!

  5. Awkward Trump was nodding Rutte's way so much, he was practically begging him to intervene. Exclamation didn't seem awkward at all, quite opposite – it smoothed things out nicely. I bet Trump secretly appreciated it a lot.

  6. Trump is dividing and destroying Western Civilization from within in a way China and Russia could not do in 30 years from outside.

  7. Once again the draft dodger in the Whitehouse shows his complete incompetence when it comes to…..well just about everything

  8. One question for you Americans:
    If we meet it will be positive, if we don't its gonna also be positive. What does that mean?
    A fare deal is actually a good deal. In that sense the words are the same. So why does he choose one definition and not the other?

  9. By Trump saying either way is positive all he means is that is better to reject a bad deal for the US than take it because they would be better off than if they had accepted a bad deal

  10. Damn standing next to the person who could literally destroy his country and says that. I don’t know how the prime minister expects to get back home cause the size of those balls would weigh any plane or boat down.

  11. He interrupted him and then got talled over by trump and looked away from trump and toward the ground. Very submissive behavior and not alpha after the plont where he interjected.

  12. The difference between someone who actually cares about his country
    and an orange guy 🙂

    dont feel triggered trumpanzees

  13. He needs to not win his next election, the US has been close friends with the Dutch longer than we have with anyone else. The Dutch would be foolish to mess up that relationship because they let someone who can't keep their mouth shut while cameras are rolling continue to be in charge of their well being

  14. Trump is strange. So both things are positive. Lets use a different situation:
    If we gonna stay peaceful, that is positive.
    But if not, and we go full nuclear, that is also positive!

  15. Some people appear to think they are immune to recession! What is happening in schools?! Why all these Americans think it’s good if trade agreements were not made! I guess Trump does have his country in his pocket! No one knows anything over there! 😮🤨.. I guess Americans schooling system sucks badly or people refuse to learn and understand politics.

  16. Its better to have straight forward conversation rather than awkwardly accepting things that doesnt actually happens.

  17. I think a more apt headline would be "Dutch Prime Minster expertly handles President Trump"…because that was smooth. I often liken Trump to an unruly toddler. Firmly and calmly stating "NO" really is the only appropriate response.

  18. Why awkward?? Trump was babbling nonsense again and PM Rutte corrected the assumption Wrongly made ….. I find it refreshing

  19. Actually Rutte is the Awkward, Rude & Ignorant, just said not to have his 2 minutes of fame.

  20. PM Rutte has to pay the total Dutch NATO contribution instead of paying the corrupt anti-democratic EU Brussels club which intentions are to collapse all European Nation States.

  21. When you’re Dutch and you read the comments and it is only talking about weed red light district and Amsterdam (the rest of the Dutch am I a joke to you)

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