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Non-Techies || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Jahnu, could you turn on the hotspot?
I ran out of data. Done. But I can’t see any singals.
– You can’t? – What did you even turn on? My bad! I turned on my wifi.
– I asked you to turn on the hotspot. By hotspot you mean personal hotspot, right?
– You’ll find it in the settings. Where? I can only see sound and other options.
– Search in the settings. I’m searching.
– By search I meant run a search in the bar. Oh, right! I’m sure even Columbus wasn’t this excited
after discovering America. This deserves to be made
into a story. When did you arrive?
– Two days ago. I’ll be leaving in a week. I wanted to surprise you so I didn’t tell you.
– Screw you! Anyways, how is US and all? I bought this for you for you 1 million subscribers.
– Really? Thanks! What is this?
– A smart watch. – What does it do? It tracks your phone activity and all.
It looks like a watch but notifies you of all updates. It doesn’t need to be charged.
– Where is the display? – Here. Don’t bother explain this to here.
She doesn’t even know what a hotspot is. This is cool.
I’ll gift it to my girlfriend. Instead of this, you could’ve bought me
Victoria Secret’s perfume or some lotion or something instead of these.
– Now I know what I should get you. Are you here for vacations? Had I known you’re here,
I’d have gifted the watch to you. New laptop?
– Yep! Bought it there for Thanks Giving. People in US go for Macs, right?
Why buy a Windows? I don’t like Apple’s UI.
Also, I play a lot of games. What are the specifications?
– i7 processor, 7th generation. It has Nvidia graphic card. 16GB RAM it has.
The screen turns 360 degress. This screen alone can be used
as a tablet. And then there is my laptop with a 4GB RAM
and an i3 processor. Even the smallest games don’t work. Get me a laptop for me too the next time.
– Sure. I will. Jahnu, you heard that? He’s getting me latop.
– Yeah, I heard him. What are you using?
– I’m using Windows 7. Games like Spider Soltaire run real smooth.
– What an advanced laptop you’ve got! Just don’t over burden
your laptop, that is it. Noobs! I’ll have coffee! One can’t stay
away from coffee for long. A full cup of coffee
is a little too much for me. I’d rather have half. Want some coffee? No?
How about you, bro? I wish someone took this cup.
Bro, you want some coffee? Here, you can have this.
– Why is this only half empty? I’ve allergy for milk.
So, I can only drink half. What is he doing? Adding some more coffee?
He’ll overflow it. What? Pressing that button stops it? Had I known that button acts as start and stop
I wouldn’t have had to drink so many full cups. Ajju, why do the top and the bottom
of my photos get cropped when I upload it on Instagram? Some people upload their full photos
with white borders. How do I do that? You’ve to use another app for that.
– Another app? You’ve to use it to white border your photos.
Now I know all your photos look so off without fitting the size.
– Download that app for me. Technologically uneducated people.
– Sign me in into that app as well. Noobs! Payback time! You see that?
– Let’s play another round! You lost again. Shall I make it a hat-trick?
– I dare you to. What did you do there?
– A trick. Why can’t I do that?
– Because you can’t. That’s an hat-trick! If you know the game’s rules,
you win some and lose some. But if you know cheat codes,
you’ll always win. What are you doing, mom?
– Setting the oven’s timer to 10 minutes. I’ve become too tech-savvy lately.
I’m cooking rice in the oven. Tech-savvy, my foot! You don’t have to press it 20 times.
Rather, press that button once on the top. Oh, right!
I can see a button here! I never knew this.
Anyways, I’m more comfortable pressing it 20 times. I wouldn’t need to many buttons. What are you doing?
– My phone is running out of storage space. So, I’m deleting my messages and call logs.
– Oh, wow! I hope it is working. I’m deleting photos too, but I want to keep memories.
– Most of the space gets used by app caches and data. To clear them all, you’ve to download an app.
– What do you mean by cash? Bro, few clothes are to be washed.
– I’m not washing them. I was only asking if I can use the washing machine.
– Yeah, go ahead. – Then come on. Why?
– I don’t know how to use it. All options will be right there.
It is all self explanatory. I should add water using a bucket or something?
– No. Water would flow into it. Would the machine add detergent by itself too?
– How lazy are you? You’ve to add the detergent.
– I see. Would the spinner..
– Cut it! I’m coming. – I told you you had to. Ma’am, this has inverter technology
and you’ll have a warranty of 10 years! Also, you’ll have all the dials in here
like vacation mode etc. Also the dials are feather touch.
You also have power cooling. To turn on this mode, you should just press
and hold this button for 15 seconds. All clear? Any doubts?
– Not at all. – Then I’ll take your leave. Sis, did any guy come over
to demonstrate the fridge’s working? What did he demonstrate?
– Basic stuff. He just opened and closed the door
and told me about the warranty and stuff. He also said something about vacation mode.
Maybe that means I should plan a vacation soon. Hey, guys! Don’t we face these situations
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